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RAW - 19th April, 2004, Atlanta

RAW: 19/04/04: Atlanta:
Raw Video plays
JR: We welcome all our fans to another Monday night RAW, tonight we are live from Atlanta Georgia, with a major main event, as Triple H challenges his team mate Randy Orton for the Heavyweight Championship of the World.
King: JR, like you say that ones gonna be a slobber knocker!
JR: Well not only is the world title on the line, but we also have three other championships up for grabs, and were kicking things off with the World Tag team championships!!

1st Match: World Tag Team Championships Match:
Garrison Cade & Mark Jindrak vs. Sean O’ Haire & Chuck Palumbo
Finish: After a great tag team contest, Palumbo gets a hot tag and takes on both Cade and Jindrak. He hit’s the jungle kick on Jindrak, which is followed by the seanton bomb. The referee doesn’t make the count as O’Haire is the illegal man. Cade takes advantage as the referee orders Sean out of the ring by hitting Palumbo with the title belt for thw three count. The champs retain and quickly go to the back as O’Haire checks on Palumbo.

Terri interviews Kane backstage. She asks him his thoughts on the rumour about Undertaker going to call him out tonight. Kane says Taker better call him out because if Undertaker doesn’t then he will call him out instead. HBK interrupts. He reminds Kane that HBK isn’t going to forget what happened last week, and he better remember not to hunt what he cant kill.
Edge, Christian and Trish arrive


2nd Match:
Steven Richards w/ Victoria vs. Booker T w/ Goldust
Finish: During the match, Goldust and Victoria have a humorous confrontation, leading Goldust to chase her backstage. The match becomes an even affair with Richards giving a good account of himself. Stevens looks set to cheat to win, until for an unknown reason, Teddy Long and Co. run to the ring. Long distracts the referee as O.J and Mack double team Richards. Booker gets the win and then looks at Long and Co. He looks pissed off as he realises they helped him to victory.

Matt and Lita talk backstage. He wishes her luck for her match later vs. Jazz.
Evolutions music hits. All four members make their way to the ring with Orton just lagging behind posing just like last week. He is caught by Flair who then lectures him and orders him to walk in front. HHH takes the mic. He talks about tonight’s main event. He then talks on a one to one basis with Orton. He then says to Orton that maybe in a couple of years time, he will be world champion, but now is not the right time. Orton disagrees. He says he will prove to HHH that he is ready to be a world champion by pinning him tonight. HHH then says that Randy will follow the orders that he has been given, and he will lay down for him tonight. Orton then goes face to face will HHH. He tells him that if he wants the title, he will have to beat him for it. With that, Orton leaves the ring as Evolution are irate.


We return with Coach interviewing the Brotherhood. He announces himself as their official backstage reporter. He asks why they helped Booker T earlier. Long says that Book is a black man living in whiteys world, and that they can help him fulfil his dream of being world champ if he returns to his own world.
Flair, Batista and HHH discuss the situation with Orton. Flair says he will go and talk sense to him.

3rd Match: Hardcore Championship:
Matt Morgan vs. Matt Hardy
Finish: Hardy gives as good as he can but is eventually overpowered by Morgan and he finishes Hardy with a Powerbomb off the top of a ladder in four minutes.

We then go to highlights of last weeks events involving Test and Steiner attacking Sting. This leads to an interview with Test and Steiner. They talk about making Stings WWE stay a very short one.
Booker T is then seen talking to Goldust. They wonder what Long and Co. are up to.
Brotherhood are about to make their way to the ring when Foley tells them that nobody is allowed ringside for the Lita - Jazz match up next. Brotherhood irate.


4th Match: Women’s Championship:
Lita vs. Jazz
Finish: In a fairly average match Lita makes the ropes from the STF. She then hit’s a desperation twist of fate followed by a moonsault for victory.

Dudleyz talk backstage with Maven.
Ric Flair talks with Orton. They talk about tonights match, and eventually Flair persuades Orton to lay down for HHH and let him regain the title.
Edge, Christian and Trish walk to the ring. They immediately call out Y2J. Y2J enters. They have a short verbal altercation, before Jericho runs to the ring and takes on all three. He locks in the walls on Trish before Edge and Christian hit him with a conchairto. Y2J is left a bloody mess as the trio walk out triumphantly.


We return with Jericho being placed on an ambulance as he is waved off by Edge, Christian and Trish.
Flair talks to HHH. He says that he has made Orton see sense.

5th Match:
Test, Steiner and Rhyno vs Dudley Boyz and Maven
Finish: Test hit’s the boot on D’Von but the cover attempt is stopped by Bubba who pulls the referee out of the ring. Test is irate and argues with Bubba. Meanwhile, Sting has ran to the ring and KO’s Test with a steel chair. Steiner then tries to get involved but he too is hit by Sting. Maven makes the cover on Test and the unaware referee makes the three count. Sting celebrates at the top of the ramp.

An irate Mick Foley walks in on the celebrating trio of Edge, Christian and Trish. He tells them that next week the I.C title will be on the line in a steel cage match, Christian vs Jericho.
The Brotherhood approach Booker T. They offer him the chance to join them. A shocked Book just stares a hole through Long. They tell him to think about it and to give them answer next week.
Terri catches up with Sting. He challenges either Test or Steiner to a match next week.

6th Match:
Tommy Dreamer vs Val Venis
Finish: In a five minute nothing match, Val Venis uses a lead pipe on Dreamer when the referee is distracted by Molly to pick up a win.

We cut to Randy Orton in his own dressing room staring at the Heavyweight Title, as JR and King discuss what he may be thinking.


The commercial break ends when we hear Undertakers music hit the arena. He makes the slow, sombre journey to the ring. He then takes the mic and talks about his brother Kane. He talks about how they must end their bitter feud once and for all. Kanes music hits. He goes face to face with Undertaker. He says if Taker wants to end the feud then why not next week on RAW. Undertaker accepts. HBK then surprisingly enters. He has a war of words with Kane and then Undertaker. He says he has business with him too, reminds Taker that he was Tombstoned by him on top of the cell at Backlash. Kane then takes HBK by surprise and chucks him out of the ring. Officials enter, but are unable to break up the fight. HBK gets back in and hits Kane with sweet chin music. Undertaker then hit’s a chokeslam on HBK. Taker stands tall in the middle of the ring as the other two are laid out.

We cut to the Evolution dressing room as HHH jokes around with Flair and Batista. An official then tells him his match is up.


We return with Mick Foley talking to Terri. He announces that HBK will be the special guest referee next week when Undertaker takes on Kane.

Main Event: World Heavyweight Championship Match:
Randy Orton vs Triple H
Overview: HHH makes his way to the ring, followed by Orton. HHH rests on the top turnbuckle, and claps Orton. The bell rings. HHH smiles while Orton looks unhappy. HHH signals for Orton to lie down. Orton reluctantly does. HHH then readies himself to make the cover. He then goes to the outside and takes the belt. He goes back inside and poses with the belt. He then bends down toward Orton, and is cradled by Orton. He gets the three to retain the title. Orton quickly takes the belt and runs out of the building. HHH goes mad in the ring and tears up the ringside area. He evn pedigrees a cameraman. The show goes off air with HHH yelling, “You’re dead Randy! You’re dead!!!”
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