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Re: WWE 2006 by Renegade™

Thanks FD for the review. Here is the SD! recap. Reviews aren't expected, a paragrpah or two is fine as always...

WWE SmackDown!
RCA Dome
Indianapolis; Indiana

A video of all the SmackDown! brand matches from Summerslam is shown before we cut to the regular opening routine

*Opening Video*


We open the show with Paul Heyman hitting the ring to heat from the fans. Heyman gets on the mic and starts to talk about what went down on Sunday night. He says that he impressed by the way SmackDown! showcased themselves in a superior way compared to RAW which brings a pop from the crowd. Heyman then moves onto making some matches for tonight, and starts off by saying SmackDown! will have it's first Hardcore title match in over 4 years as Hardcore Holly will take on Jeff Hardy which the crowd loves. Heyman now moves onto the World Heavyweight Title picture. Heyman says that unfortunately Brock Lesnar did not win the title at Summerslam, and Heyman has been warned by top officials in the WWE that booking instant title shots for Lesnar in the future will result in bad consequences, so Heyman says that we're going to have a Tournament taking place over the next few weeks to determine the man who will face Kurt Angle at No Mercy in 8 weeks time. Heyman points to the titantron, revealing the brackets which look like this

Batista vs Randy Orton
Chris Benoit vs Brock Lesnar
Undertaker vs Chris Jericho
Booker T vs Bobby Lashley

Heyman says that tonight we will have two of the matches, with the other two on next week. Then the week after that the two semi-final matches will take place, and the following week the final will take place. Heyman is about to leave when he suddenly stops and says that Kurt Angle will be in action as he takes on Mark Henry tonight. Heyman laughs as we go to a commercial


We return and have our first match of the night as new WWE Tag Team Champions, America's Most Wanted are in action against Nunzio & Vito aka the FBI in a non title match. In a pretty good match, the FBI try and work on Chris Harris, much like MNM did at Summerslam, but Harris counters a Sicilian Slice attempt by Nuznio into a flapjack and tags in James Storm who cleans house, then goes for the Eight Second Ride on Nuznio, but a figure trips Storm, and Nunzio uses this with a cover, grabbing a handfull of the tights and holding onto the ropes for a surprise win! Nunzion & Vito celebrate on the outside and we see that the figure wasCHUCK PALUMBO!Palumbo celebrates with Nunzio & Vito, as AMW are telling the ref what happened

Backstage now and Matt Hardy is interviewed on becoming the new United States champion. Hardy says it's the best feeling he's had since the Hardyz re-united and he intends to make it last, no matter what the competition is. He says that in his title rematch with Hassan later tonight, he's gonna do what he did at Summerslam again and show everyone and especially Muhammad Hassan & Daivari, that Matt Hardy Will...Not...Die!

We switch backstage and see Booker T walking with Sharmell and then see a split vision with Bobby Lashley also walking through the halls, with their match coming up next!


In a very good matchup Booker & Lashley take it to each other, with the match lasting past the 10 minute mark as Booker takes control working on Lashley's left shoulder which is in bandages after the beating it took at Summerslam, but no matter if it's a Arm Wrench & Hook Kick combo, a Jumping Calf Kick or even the Book End, Lashley kicks out. Lashley uses his power and mounts a comeback, getting a Spear in but Booker gets a foot on the bottom rope. Lashley goes for a Dominator but his shoulder gives way and Booker goes for the Scissors Kick, but Lashley moves back and this time powers up Booker on his right shoulder and nails the Dominator to pick up the win and advance

Backstage, Kurt Angle is shown warming up for his match with Mark Henry later tonight

We now witness the first Hardcore title match on SmackDown! for over 4 years as Hardcore Holly takes on Jeff Hardy in a very entertaining contest. Road signs, trash cans and lids and a kendo stick are all used, and Holly even sprays Hardy with a fire extinguisher at one stage of the match. Holly brings a table into play and sets it up in the corner, looking to put Hardy through it with a Alabamaslam, but Hardy uses the swinging momentum of the move to nail a Sunset Flip Powerbomb to Holly! Jeff now goes upstairs looking for the Swanton Bomb, but Holly rolls out of the way! Holly now brings Hardy up and blasts him with a trash can and looks to finish him off, but the crowd comes to their feet as Holly turns around and is MET BY A GORE, DRIVING HIM THROUGH THE TABLE IN THE CORNER! We instantly see that it's RHINO!Rhino has referee Chad Patton with him and Patton makes the count for a 1...2...3 and Rhino takes the title and bolts out through the crowd as security rush down the ramp after him

We go to a break with Cole & Tazz discussing Rhino showing up, and what Heyman will do about this


Muhammad Hassan hits the ring and cuts a long, typical Hassan promo talking about being hated for being an Arab American and then being cheapened out of his US Title by injust actions. Hassan continues going on, insulting the crowd before insulting Matt Hardy which finally brings out the US Champ and their match begins

In a good match, similar to the one at Summerslam, Hardy manages to beat Hassan again foiling Hassan's plan as Daivari tries to get involved in the match but Hardy takes him out with a Side Effect out on the floor. Hassan takes the opportunity to try and defeat Hardy with the Camel Clutch, but Hardy counters it with a jawbreaker and then nails the Twist Of Fate for the win

Backstage Booker T is dissapointed with his loss when he bumps into Finlay & Regal, his former associates. Finlay stirs the pot a bit by asking Booker about his loss, before Booker responds with some harsh words to both Finlay & Regal, Finlay then walks away as Booker says "I'm done with you two for good!" and walks in the other direction

[COLOR="Blue]Angle manages to beat Mark Henry in just over 5 minutes, showing a relentless pursuit, working on Mark Henry's legs for the matchup, and although Henry showcases his power, Angle is always in control and makes Henry tap out to the Ankle Lock in a very sound performance from the champion[/COLOR]

We now switch to Paul Heyman's office where a bunch of security is present. Heyman says he wants to know how Rhino managed to get into the building tonight, and when no answer is given, Heyman is obviously upset and dismisses security telling them to be on the lookout just incase any more RAW superstars are in the building. Then as security leaves, Heyman smiles as if he's got an idea as the camera fades out


Now Batista gives an interview moments before his match with Randy Orton. Batista says he's been dormant for the last few months, but it's time to unleash the animal again

In a fair main event, Batista does manage to beat Randy Orton with a Batista Bomb after Orton had worked on Batista's lower back for most of the match, trying to deny Batista the chance to hit a Batista Bomb, the first time he tried it his back gave way and Orton almost stole it with a rollup. However, Orton went for an RKO and Batista side stepped from it, then drilled Orton with the Spinebuster, before picking him up and planting him with a Batista Bomb for the win. Batista celebrated as SmackDown! came to a close


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