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Re: WWE 2006 by Renegade™

Handicap match starts the show, and this should be a solid match, but doesn’t strike me as an opener due to the talent involved. Guessing that this is the feud ender, as that would make sense, but anyway…Batista and Lashley’s power was the key thing in this match really, as they start by dominating the Court, before Lashley gets worked on, and there was some nice work done on him, but it would be expected with Finley and Regal. Batista gets the hot tag, and it is soon over, with him Batista bombing regal to get the win, and to move back up the card. Okay opener, which was short enough to get you into the show. Wasn’t the best match ever, but it did the job of putting Batista and Lashley over, and allowing them to move up the card

Okay promo from Hardy, but honestly, nothing too special in this. Still have him winning the title though

Bar room brawl is next, and this is probably going to be a comedy style match, but still with enough brutality in it to keep the feud alive and to make it look a good match. Raven jumps rhino to start the match, so clearly no time is going to be wasted in this one, and it will be all action. Nice spots such as the bar stool being used as a weapon were used, which was good to see, as the environment should play a part in how the match goes down. 8 ball was nice to see as well, and a good near fall with the rhino driver. Raven nails Rhyno with the chalkboard, and then tackles him through a shelf to get the win, and keep the championship. Okay match, which was totally spotty, but a good enough match which would keep you entertained

Nice to see the 24/7 rule being used, and Holly stealing the belt. Guessing that this will run through the night, which is always a good angle to have, and it keeps you involved

Goldberg is ready to face Taker, and I cant see Taker not showing for this match. Going to be an all out brawl when the match happens, and good to see Goldberg actually looking as if he is wanting the match, but still being very scared at the same time

Hardy vs. Hassan is next, and it was a solid match, but to be honest, seemed very formulaic, and never really got going until the end of the match, when Jeff came down to help Matt get the win. He takes the chair off Hassan, and then he takes Daivari away, allowing matt to have Hassan to himself. Hardy hits the twist of fate, and then gets the pinfall, and we have a new champion. Definitely not the best match that you have ever written, and honestly, nothing happened until the end, but I know that you don’t like Hassan, so that explains the lacklusture booking of him. Hardy is the new champion, and I guess he has a decent reign coming

Solid promo from Cade and Jindrak, hyping their tag match, which should be a solid contest. Card does look to be a bit full though at the moment, and it will be interesting to see how you keep the variety in the matches going.

Again, the tag match was an okay match, but nothing in the beginning of the match really stood out as being memorable, and was pretty formulaic, but I suppose this is all that these guys can do. Again, the match was reasonably short, but you wouldn’t want it to go too long, and as it got into the finish of the match, the match did pick up a bit, but finished too soon. Gunn comes in, and straight away hits his finisher, which is broken up, but then is hit from behind with the belt, and C&J retain the titles. Nice finish there, but I guess it means that the feud will continue now, which isn’t really what I want, as this feud has dragged a bit, and hasn’t produced the good matches to allow for it to happen.

Raven steals the hardcore title back, in what was a nice fun segment, but this wont be the end of it tonight, and I see more title changes happening

Orton promo was very short, but sets up his match with kennedy which should be a good match, as both men are good enough in the ring, and should have the ability to put a good match together. Expecting this to be the longest match of the night so far, where they have all been a bit short for a ppv

Nice start to the match, and good to see Orton get his rear chinlock in, but it happening in the opening minute or so isn’t a good sign for the rest of the match, as the resthold is used far too soon. Some okay work from Orton, but it doesn’t last too long before Kennedy gets back in with the tornado ddt, which tells me that this match is again going to be short. Rollups don’t get the job done, and then Kennedy goes for the green bay plunge, but Orton counters into the RKO, and gets the 3 count. Good win there for Orton, which is going to help him move up the card again after the clean win, but doesn’t do too much for Kennedy, who is probably going to stay in the midcard a but more. As for the match… okay, but needed to be longer to achieve anything. The ending was a bit flat as well, and probably one of the disappointments of the night… nothing has caught fire so to speak tonight, but I’m hoping the second half picks up, as it does have the better matches on paper

The Court break up it seems, and I guess we could see a brief feud between Booker and Finley, or it could just be to get them away from each other. Finley looks to be a face, or on second thoughts… he may just be staying as a heel… guess we’ll have to see

Now this should be a great match, as both Haas and AJ can go in the ring, and I hope this is given time to develop. Haas starts to getting heat from the crowd which is good to see, and he seems to have gotten over as a heel well. Some good wrestling at the start of the match, before Haas gets out of the ring, knowing that he cannot hang with Haas. This looks like there will be some length to this match, which is always good to know. Haas is trying to keep AJ down, but the high flying of him is working well, and the two styles are combining well at the moment in this match. Vertical exploder off the top rope isn’t enough to get the win for Haas, and neither is a mid air powerbomb, which is a big shock. Pele kick changes the momentum, and AJ is on the way to getting back into the match now. Haas though locks in the Haas of Pain, only for AJ to get the ropes, which must be really getting to him, and it shows, as he blatantly low blows AJ to get himself DQ’ed. Never like to see a DQ on a ppv, but it makes perfect sense here, as it is the way to continue the feud, with Haas knowing that he cannot beat AJ. This was by far the best match of the night so far, and without the DQ would have been even better. Expecting a rematch at Unforgiven, which does give the great match that this was shaping up to be

Coach wins the hardcore title, but there is no way that he is leaving here with the title, and he will lose it near the end of the show

Carlito and Torrie look to be hooking up then, which should be interesting to see how that develops, as Haas comes in and insults him. Maybe a triple threat over the belt though, but somehow, I don’t see Carlito just letting this lie

This should be a good match, and could challenge for the MOTN, and MNM start the match well, and do some good work on the team of AMW, with Melina getting involved as well. Does feel a bit rushed though, which means this is going to be short like the first few matches. Some good work on Harris, with MNM not allowing him to get the tag, and liked the catatonic turned into the facebuster driver, which was a good counter to have. Storm gets the hot tag, and they hit the death sentence, but Melina gets on the apron to stop it, but Mercury gets another death sentence, and AMW are the new tag champs. Good match here, but I feel that there is more to come between these teams, as something about this match was missing. Bit of a squash down the finish as well, with MNM not getting in any offence, but a good win for AMW here

HBK is gunning for the title, but only for himself, and wants nothing to do with Vince. Will be interesting to see what happens to him if he doesn’t win the belt tonight, and whether Vince will actually fire the guy

Cena vs. Austin next, and this is a must win match for Cena, but I expect this to be a brutal contest. Also, interested to see how you write this match, and how it compares to the same match I did at Mania. Of course, I had Austin playing the heel which makes it a bit different, but still should be the same kind of match. Very early on we go to the outside, which you had to expect, as this isn’t going to the best in ring match, but the weapons can make it a great contest. Surprisingly enough though, Cena seems to be ignoring the no dq element of this match, and is actually trying to wrestle Austin, which doesn’t seem to fit the feud, but is intriguing to say the least. Austin fights back, but Cena starts the 5 moves of doom, only to be hit with the Stunner, but Austin cannot capitalise. FU to the outside was good to see, and then Cena gets the chain and starts to beat Austin with that, which has turned the match up well. Austin starts to fight back, but Cena gets the STFU in, and Austin has to pass out through the pain of it, which gives Cena the win. Good match between them here, but the bets thing about the match was that Cena ends up looking like a star from it, as for the most part, he dominated Austin, and in the ending was a colossus, and I guess he has to be going back towards the title now after this.

Benoit and Angle are on the same page for the moment it looks like, and the fatal 4 way should be a great match with the 4 men in it

Taker vs. Goldberg is next, and I don’t expect this to be much of a wrestling match, and to be honest, having a result to this would surprise me, as it wouldn’t do anything for either man if they lost. Taker starts off on fire, nailing the vaulting splash to Goldberg, and it looks as if Taker has brought a big effort with him tonight in an attempt to make this a good match, and to be honest, there is more wrestling in the match then I expected. Loving the spear through the barricade, and it looks like they are trying to destroy each other at the moment, but Taker kicks out, and then he sits up, which pisses off Goldberg. Taker keeps sitting up, and it looks as if Goldberg doesn’t have it in him to beat the guy tonight, which is what you would expect. Goldberg then spears the referee, which allows Taker to nail the chokeslam, and then without the referee, the massive brawl to begin. Goldberg gets the chair, and he starts to wail with it on Taker, but it doesn’t work, and Taker throws him through the stage, and stands tall as it ends in a double countout. Good brawl here, but I think that these two good produce a better wrestling match if you wanted to. The feud definitely isn’t over just yet, and wont be for a while, as both men will want vengeance on the other

HBK doesn’t seem to want to get involved in the match at the beginning, and keeps stalling HHH, so this match is going to go long as well, and adds some interesting psychology to the match. Some good work from both men, as HBK gains control of the match, and he wears down HHH, but to be honest, I expected a bit more from this match at this stage. HBK only gets 2 with the elbow, and goes for the SCM, but HHH blocks it, and then takes down HHH as we go towards the end of the match. HBK then locks in the figure four, but HHH manages to reverse the pain, and then takes control of the match, as the champion is starting to motor. HHH nails the pedigree, but Vince pulls the referee out of the ring, and then the goons come to help HBK win the title. They drag HBK over HHH, but he kicks out. DX then come down and they chase off the goons, and then HBK takes out Vince with the SCM, only to be nailed with the pedigree, and HHH keeps the title. Solid match between them here, but more could have been done with them I thought, but the feud will rumble on between them I guess now, and I guess Vince will throw in a different guy to try and win the title (cena???)

Holly gets the title back off the Coach, and I guess that that will be it for the night now, with no more title changes. Hardcore title on Smackdown will be interesting, and gives some different people stuff to do

Fatal 4 way starts off well, and this should be a pure wrestling match, as none of the last 3 have been, and the main event wont be, and it starts off well. The power of Lesnar though helps him a lot, and he moves through all 3 men, only for Jericho to go back on the attack on him. Loving the double german suplex spot, which kicks starts this match properly, and now it is starting to get really good, as both men kick out of Angle’s cover. Lesnar and Angle put together a good couple of minutes between them, before Lesnar misses the shooting star press, which is overused really at the moment. Should only be used in rare occasions, and I suppose a title match would count, but it seemed to be used not as a finisher, but just another move. Jericho has it won with the lionsault, only for the headbutt of Benoit to break the count. Benoit goes for the crossface, but Jericho rolls through, only for Angle to break the count. Lots of near falls are good to see here, as the action and the pace is never going to drop, and I’m thinking we may see Angle/Lesnar and Jericho/Benoit after this, regardless of who wins the belt. Angle gets the foot on the ropes from the F5, but Benoit and Jericho put the stereo submissions on Lesnar, taking him out of the match is would appear. Benoit is then rolled out of the ring (weak way to get rid of him), before Angle gets Jericho to tap to the ankle lock. Good match, but did at times feel a bit rushed, and the ending could have been less rushed I felt. Still… possibly match of the night so far, which shows that this show has been slightly disappointing.

Edge and Hall open the War Games match, which is interesting, and see get some good action between them, but clearly no fall as Masters comes out next to give the heel team the advantage. Guessing the time between when it was only Edge and Hall, and between the entrants wasn’t meant to be the same, as there was a good few minutes at least of difference between them. Heels have the advantage, as Foley comes out to the ring, putting himself in the match early, and we get some good stuff with the weapons, but no elimination yet. Shelton comes in, and after a few minutes, Hall is speared after the dragon whip, and Hall is gone from the match. 3 on 1 isnt good for Foley, but tells a nice story, with him having to overcome these odds to get back into the match. RVD though comes to the rescue, and we get a very spotty few minutes, with RVD going through his repertoire of moves, and leaving everyone down by the time the next man enters, and that is Monty Brown. Barbed wire now comes into the match, and RVD goes coast to coast on Edge, and that has to be it for him. Rock though comes in to try and even this up and takes out Brown, and then pins Masters with the Rock Bottom, as it is levelled up at 3 each in the ring. Brown drops Foley into the thumbtacks though, and that has to be enough for him, as Christian comes to the ring, and he is the wild card in this match, as no-one knows what he is going to do, but he starts by eliminating Foley with the unprettier onto the tacks, and that should take Foley out of being GM for a few weeks, as there is no way that he could recover from that so quickly. Sting is the last man in, but Tomko takes him down to start with, giving the heels the advantage. Sting though recovers enough to roll up Edge and get him out of the match, which is a bit of a surprise, as I expect him to go further in the match. RVD then gets pounced, and he is out of the match, and it is 3 vs. 2 against Rock and Sting, and it isn’t looking good for them to fight back in the match. Brown taps to the sharpshooter, which wasn’t expected, but levels the match up, and it looks as if we are going all the way in this one. Rock is then handcuffed, as Sting is beaten down, and then Christian finishes him off with the Arabian facebuster, and now it is 1 on 1. Tomko beats down Rock, as Christian turns on Shelton, and lets the Rock eliminate him, and I’m guessing this means that Christian wants to do this himself. People’s elbow would be enough, but the lower card jobbers come out, and start to beat down the Rock, making sure he cannot get the win… only for Kane to return and make the save for Foley, and this is huge for Kane, and he is to be back as a main eventer now. Rock hits the Rock Bottom to CC, and Team Foley gets the win, to end what was a good match, with was very brutal at times. CC will bitch about the ending, but that will be good to see, and interesting to see where people like the Rock go after this

I'll try and get some comments up on Raw at some point, but i am a long way behind at the moment, so i may miss this show and pick up the reviewing off the next show
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