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Re: WWE 2006 by Renegade™

Breaking Da F**king Walls


Heat was a good hype for the show and was pretty long too.

2 on 3 Tag Match - This match started of very realistic with Finlay testing for strength and then kicking him in the midscetion. I thought when they went out the ring you could of got the faces to attack them and bring Finlay back in the ring instead of Finlay going in himself. I think it would of been a bit better if Finlay and Regal used there wrestling ability in this match instead of trying to brwal with Lashley and Batista. I think the matches between these are coming a bit repetitive and I think we should see different fueds with these wrestlers. Batista and Lashley get the win after a Batista Bomb on Regal, I liked the ending with Lashley speraing Finlay so he didn't hit Batista with the Shaleleigh.

I liked this promo by Matt Hardy, I know he isn't very good on the mic but I liked how it hyped up the match and he seemed mostly in character in this promo. Hardy vs Hassan should be a good match

Bar Room Brawl - This match doesn't interest me much as it looks like it will just be a weopons brawl between the two which doesn't interest me much. Match starts of with a pin by Raven and then we get into the wrestling with the use of some weapons at the start. Reading about superplexes on the front counter was pretty interesting to read. Raven dominates at the start of this match until Rhino finnaly statrs to get some offence in when he gives Raven a headbutt. I think you used the weapons to much in this match but I loved the Rhino Driver through the table and I thought that would be it but Raven kicks out . Then Raven wins after running at Rhino and hitting him through a wooden bar shelf I think you could of done a better ending than that IMO. Then Holly wins the title so Raven winning doesn't mean anything? I LOVE IT! It keeps all the readers of your show now in suspense for any Hardcore Title changes because of the 24/7 Rule.

Length of this promo wasn't to flash and Heyman looked very weak in the promo. Goldbergs intesity was very good in this promo. I cant wait for this match as it looks to be a good match with the contrast in styles between Taker and Goldberg.

Hassan vs Hardy - I have been waiting for this match and I am wondering what kind of role Daivari will have in this match. Hassan choking Hardy was very realistic and I also enjoyed it. I don't get why you were calling Matt Hardy "V1" and then Hardy again I think you should of kept to one name and done that for the whole match. Hassan gets a lot of attack in but Hardys "I WILL NOT DIE" attitude comes in and is kicking out of a lot of moves here, Hassan had 4 good pins in a row but still cant get Hardy. I liked how Jeff Hardy came down to the ring and helped Matt get the win, I just hope Hassan gets a rematch or is put in a fued with a top Smackdown wrestler.

Avereage promo here by Jindrack and Cade here nothing really ,good as it seems that they were a bit out of character and you could of made it a bit more interesting

World Tag Team Titles Match - I am not a big fan of this match because both of them dont interest me in the slightest way. The New Age outlaws dominate the start of the match and go for a few pins but dont get it. Okay ending nothing special to end it Cade cheats to win it for his team and I hope this is the end of the fued. The match wasn't too bad but I think that neither of these teams can put on a good wrestling match and one if not both of these teams need to go IMO.

A very quick match here and Raven gets his Hardcore title back, I like the 24/7 rule so far, its keeps people more interested in the PPV

The Orton Promo was an average promo, it hypes up for the main event but was a bit short and was a bit of at some points.

Orton vs Kennedy - I would love to see this match in real life so i was eager to see how you would book this match because it good be a great match or it could be a shaky one. I am suprised Orton won this match and maybe that little hype he said is going to happen, I mean the part about him going back to the top. I laugh at the end of the match when Orton hits him with a R-K-O and then he asks the ref for a good count.

The Kings Court is now gone, I cant wait to see what fueds Finlay and Regal get in now and maybe on of them might turn face?

Styles vs Haas - This was a great match and was MOTN so far, it was great to read two high flyers wrestling each other in a well writen match. But you didn't just right high flying stuff between the two, some how you managed to do some good technical wrestling in it as well. The finish isn't as good as people would like it to be but it furthers the fued between the two. After the match was good to as Styles will probably get revenge for this when the two meet again.

Coach wins the Hardcore title whats up with that, I think you might be over using this 24/7 rule. The Promo between Torrie, Carlito and Haas was very realistic and I liked the confrontation between Hass and Carlito.

WWE Tag Team Championships Match - Another good match here, AMW were getting a lot of cheers form the crowd and the match was well written. Melina stopping the count was a pretty good think to do to make the match go longer but not to lose any credibilty in the match. AMW finnaly come Tag Team Champions and I cant wait to see what they do as Tag Team Champions and who they fued with (maybe MNM again?)

Best Promo of the night Shawn Micheals and Vince were both very much in character and helped make this promo more realistic and was a good build up for the match.

Austin vs Cena - This match wasn't about wrestling it was about a story between the two wrestlers and it really showed. It was more a brawl then wrestling but it was still enjoyable to read every word of it. Down the end of the match Cena's Intensity pushed up a level and even more when he got Stone Cold in the STFU. I cant believe Stone Cold passed out to the STFU that doesn't sound like Stone Cold maybe it would of been better to make him submit, thats only my opinion.

Great sign of respect there by Angle and Beniot, I cant wait to see what the two can do in the fatal four way match.

Undertaker vs Goldberg - Nice Video package before the match it really gave an insight on what has happened between the two which started up the fued. This match had some good spots in it which I thought was needed because a full on wrestling match between the two big man might of got a little boring. A DRAW! I can't believe this match was a draw I really thought there would be a clean winner in this match. I really hope these two have another match because I am eager to see who would come out on top between the two.

Triple H vs Shawn Micheals - The Video packages are very good and I think you should of done them for more matches. A solid match between the two wrestlers but all matches will be good with two of WWE biggest stars HHH and HBK especially when they have the history them two have. Other wrestlers come out to help HBK but HHH looks to be fighting the three of them and then the members of Degenaration X come out to help them. I liked that part of the match and it really kept me interested in the match. HHH retains the title but I don't think this is the end of the fued.

Harcore Holly wins the title again, on the same night! I wondering if the title will be smackdown only now or if it will be on bothn raw and smackdown?

World Heavyweight Championship: Fatal 4 Way Match - The first of the double Main Event starts and I have been waiting for this match. It starts of nicely with Lesnar saying words to the other three, then the other three ganging up on him. Not many spots in this macth just a clean wrestling match and with these four wrestlers you were able to this. This main event seemed a little short and should of been a bit longer than the other matches but shorter than the War Games. Angle makes Jericho tap for the win, this was well written match but good of been longer

War Games - Alright is time for the biggest match on this PPV, The War Games and I am very interested to see who comes out on top in this match. Hall and Edge started of and that really suprised me seeing as I dont think there styles would work together but it was interesting to read the two agaist each other. Scott Hall is elimanated first and I say this coming as he isn't the best in ring wrestler and starting from the start he wasn't going to last long. Masters out next to a Rock Bottom and Edge is still in, I can see him lasting a long amount of time. Christian comes into the ring and just about straight away eliminates Mick Foley/Cactus Jack with a sick unprettier onto the thumtacks, nice spot here to eliminate the hardcire legend because IMO I think a nbormal finisher woildn't of been realistic but that spot was. Sting is the last on to enter and then eliminates Edge after Edge was there from the very beggining. RVD is next to get elimated from the POUUUNCE and I am glad Monty Brown got somebody out before tapping out to the scorpian deathlock. Shelton then eliminates Sting that was suprising and the Arabian Face Buster was a good spot for Sting to get out to. Tomko is helping Christian out a lot which is good and Christians backstabs Shelton Benjamin and gives him the unprettier, then The Rock pins him and that leaves us with Christian and The Rock. Then Kane returns but I dont think that "GUESS WHO'S BAAAACK?" bit was needed there I think that he should of just came inot the ring instead. Kane returns as a face and takes out Christian which helps The Rock get the pinfall and Foleys team ends up winning.

Great PPV man only a few things were of the mark in this PPV (a few promos and some of the match lengths) but other than them few things it was a top PPV


Opening Promo - I enjoyed this Promo "The Rated R Superstar" was really in character and maybe got cut of a little quick IMO. The Rock was a little shaky in this promo but it was still a good promo between the two. Edge takes out The Rock and is leaves him in the ring was a good way to end the great promo.

Battle Royal - Thia battle royal had too many entrants in it for my liling and it could of been more decriptive in it instead of who go eliminated and who by. A.J picks up the victory and it's a Styles/Haas fued again which I dont mind because there match at summerslam was pretty good, so keeping this fued going wasn't a bad idea.

Christian/Foley/RVD/Benjamin Promo - This promo was very good form Christian Cgae, you catch the character really well in this promo and it really served a purpose. The RVD and Benjamin vs Christian and Tomko should be a good match IMO.

Headbangers vs Cade & Jindrak - I like how you added some legends to this match just for a once of, it is very realistic as in real life WWE did it for Ron Simmons at Survivor Series. Obvious Cade & Jindrack wee going to retain and I hope these two can get in to a half decent fued because at the moment they are not interesting me.

Hall Promo - Hall has now left WWE but it's probably not the last we will see of him. Even though a lot of people will like this I didn't think he was that bad and I wont be dissapointed if he returns.

DX Promo - Nice promo here, nothing special just a little quick promo between Triple H and Vince McMahon. I cant wait to see Vince vs Triple H but I bet you a million bucks that 1 or more wrestlers interfere in the match next week. Test vs Triple H doesn't interest me that much but lets see how it does.

Cena vs Maven - Cena gets a very quick victory over Maven, maybe it could be called a squash I dont know. The aftermath of this match was very good and Cena goes on a rampage before Kane comes out and stops him. I hope Kane will have a big role in this fued after what happened at Summerslam.

RVD & Shelton vs Christian & Tomko - It was interesting to see the attidude the wrestlers were showing in this match and I found it pretty good. This match was a better length then the previous on RAW. Christian & Tomko pick up the win after a disagreement between RVD & Shelton which ends up costing them the match.

Rhino Promo - I was wondering what was going to happen to the Hardcore belt after Summerslam and I guess it will be a cross brand for the moment and Rhino is going to get it back from Smackdown

Test vs Triple H - Vince tries everyting to make Test win this match but Triple H is that damn good and seems to win the match and I will be very eager to see what happens next week between Triple H and Vince in there little match.

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