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Re: WWE 2006 by Renegade™

Renegade's Raw Review:

Ok, starting the show off with Edge and Rock came out and interrupted him far too quickly. I think the promo was rushed, had it went a little longer it would have been better but it started the night well.

Wow, a long Battle Royal. Too long, especially considering it's for the Intercontinental title. I couldn't see it being scattered out for that amount of time, that's about 20-30 minutes of time!

Good segment though Christian kinda broke character towards the end, we have a nice tag match tonight. Guessing maybe a RVD/Christian/Shelton match could be nearing in the future.

Wow, it's the Headbangers. Haven't seen them in a while and they will give Cade and Jindrak a good win tonight over a team I guess. But um, Dudley's fighting next, I think those titles are calling them.

Yes, moment of the thread, moment of the year, Scott Hall has left! Well for us readers it's the moment! But um, something tells me Hall returns whether it be WrestleMania for one night or not.

Good and simple promo, and we have two matches made out of it, one for tonight and the other for next week. Vince will win next week, a member of the Corporation will cheat to help him win.

Quick win there for Cena, and the aftermath of the segment makes me think we see Cena/Kane have a feud. Hopefully just a singles match come Unforgiven, then they can have a gimmick match later.

Wow, a Women's Match? Renegade's Thread? No Way! But in all seriousness, Lita is going to take that title most likely it does seem. It doesn't mean anything because it's never defended though.

Hmmm, interesting to see who is going to be feuding here, either way one man might get left out and he might feud with someone else. Guess we;ll see who that happens to be on next week's Raw.

Too short of a promo to mean anything really and hopefully this was our last dose of Foley for tonight.Three times is more than enough but um, something tells me Rhino heading over there will cause chaos.

Well, Mr. McMahon's little plan for tonight didn't work well did it? But um, yeah Hunter wins tonight which means all but Mr. McMahon winning next week. Something tells me McMahon will want a titlt shot too!
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