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Re: WWE 2006 by Renegade™

WWE: RAW - 08/21/06
~ What a great way to kick off the show with Mr. Rated R Superstar in the ring, whining, and yelling to everybody! And then Rock simply shuts him down. Now, both men were really in character. You said that you were not feeling good while writing this show, but I say that this opening promo was gold. Everything flowed perfectly and I loved this one! Edge and Lita destroying Rock was also good. Nice way to start a feud between them.

~ AJ Styles picks up the victory, so he’s the new number one contender to Haas’ title. And once again he gets a chance to shine at the title. And me thinks that this time AJ will get what he wants – IC Title.

~ Amazing promo. Yah, you heard it. It was f’n awesome! Christian was spot on. And I love his sayings, he was superb with the mic. You are really very good with Christian promos. After it, you got Shelton, who was also gold. And then RVD, who was just decent. Good match announced later on, and it would be interesting to see where it goes from then.

~ Headbangers coming and accepting Cade and Jindrak’s challenge for a match was really a surprise to me, although it’ll be a one time appearance. Cade and Jindrak beat Headbangers and prove that no one can’t beat them… Oh, no! They’ve yet to be Dudleys! Yah, I’d love this feud! Good concept of beginning this one.

~ Scott Hall retiring. Cool, it’d be good for your thread for getting fresh superstars on the RAW. It was a good way to retire him though. Good promo there. Liked it.

~ McMahon and Triple H cut a really well, lengthy promo. However, your promos are now looking too lengthy, which ain’t good. But apart from that, this promo was good. McMahon seemed right on the spot, with him bashing Triple H and questioning him to loose, etc. McMahon vs. Triple H for next week will be really very interesting and full of excitement. Test vs. Triple H for tonight? I hope that HBK returns. But let’s see.

~ Squash of the night! Aftermath, Cena was good on the mic asking a competition from someone! And the he even FU’s Maria! Finally someone stops Cena and it’s Kane! I remember Kane was injured after his match with Sting. So finally he’s back! Well done mate. Your show so far has impressed me.

~ Edge getting out of the arena? Not working. Actually I’d have liked to see Lita asking this. But anyway, Lita vs. Mickie next will be fine, I hope Lita beats Mickie.

~ Good tag team match here, in which RVD and Shelton were not on the same page, and Christian and Tomko take the advantage by a victory. So RVD vs. Shelton is about to arise? Yah! It’d be awesome!

~ Wow! I’d be seeing Friday Night SmackDown! Rhino’s coming for Hardcore!

~ Well, McMahon tries everything to have Test beat Triple H, but in the end Triple H wins and gets some momentum heading into next week to face McMahon! Pretty good show. However, you need another competitor for Triple ‘s title.

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