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Re: Official ROH DVD Help Thread


Nigel McGuinness vs. John Walters - I loved this match. Nigel comes off as a total superstar returning from NOAH, and the crowd eats everything up. Something that cannot be stated enough is that Gabe knows what match to open shows with. Matches like this, Evans-Davey, Dragon-Evans, Daniels-Claudio, they may not be the best on the show, but their styles always get the crowd into it big time. In this case, the nearfalls had the crowd in a frenzy, and major props to Nigel for making John, who is looking like a one-shot deal, look like a million bucks. In all honesty, if that truly was "Do or Die", I'm not sure what else Walters could have done. ***1/4

Daizee Haze vs. Mercedes Martinez - Not much to say here outside of what has already been said. There impressive, but it was too short to mean anything. In the long run, the seemingly meaningless Lacey angle was so much more important than the match. **

Chris Hero vs. Christopher Daniels - Hero and Claudio are such great heels. I really think that if Gabe has to have another heel champion, Hero should be the man, not Rave. We had a dominating heel for 15 months in Dragon, and I don't think badass Jimmy Rave would look good compared to that, chickenshit Hero would be gold, especially if you can get the fans behind a major babyface to chase, like maybe Daniels or Davey. Either way, this match is pretty good and was a good display of the juniors team of SyDaniels vs. the large, technical champions. ***

Claudio Castagnoli vs. Matt Sydal - Definatly the better match of the two, these guys just clicked. The lack of Daniels and Hero at ringside made it easier for these two to just go, and go they did. I really dug the underdog Sydal vs. dominating Claudio vibe here, very cool. Sydal also showed off some cool, lucha based stuff that you don't see a lot of in ROH. I'm definatly pumped to see the 11/25 tag. ***1/2

The Briscoes and Steve Corino vs. Homicide, Samoa Joe, and BJ Whitmer - Not as good as I remember live, but maybe I enjoyed it more because I could listen to Corino the whole time there. The hatred between him and Cide really comes off here, I love it. The opening brawl is intense, but when it gets in the ring, its definatly solid, but I can't feel that intensity. Still worth going out of your way to see, very comparable to the Reborn Completion tag, although not quite that good. ***3/4

Colt Cabana vs. Jimmy Rave - Again, a short match that was more about furthering the Rave angle than about having a good match. Sad, because these two could probably have a great match given time. **1/4

Bryan Danielson vs. Delirious - WOW! So much better than I remember. It starts a little slow, but they really kick it into gear around the point Delirious hits a dive, and its great from then. I'd rank it above the 100th show match, below the Ring of Homicide match. Its important to note that while it was not as good as that match, Delirious really comes off here like he can easily hang with Danielson, wheras then he came off like some lucky punk who fell into a title shot and got some offense. ****

Davey Richards and KENTA vs. Austin Aries and Roderick Strong - What a match. Another match that really builds, and from the point KENTA comes in and turns the stiffness up to 11, its gold. These guys go all out and Davey really comes out looking good. I disagree with the other reviewers here, the crowd really is in to it and come off as extremely lively. The finishing combo on Davey is absolutly diesel, by the way. No doubt one of the top 10 ROH matches of the year, in my view. ****1/2

I'd say this dvd definatly lands itself on my high reccomendation level, of shows you really should own if you follow ROH. Since a lot have asked lately, heres the shows I feel you should get from 2006.

Hell Freezes Over
The Milestone Series
In Your Face
Death before Dishonor IV
Fight of the Century
Glory By Honor V: Night Two
Honor Reclaims Boston

I'll be back tommorow with a review of Bitter End, most likely.
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