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Re: WWE 2006 by Renegade™

Raw Review

Great Promo to start the show with Edge very much in character to begin with, but as the Rock coming out really made it take off. Very good start to the show, both guys were both kept in character extremely well, the ending makes me think we’re either going to see Edge v Rock tonight or it’s the start of a feud. I have to say that the only unrealistic part was Edge saying shit early on, not something that would happen on TV, but other than that it was good.

AJ wins the battle royal for another match with Haas. I’m surprised you even had the battle royal in the first place, because after their match at Summerslam, they had plenty of reason for the feud to continue. Good to see AJ win, and I liked how you pointed out how focused he was going into the Battle Royal. I gotta say I was disappointed to see Kane in this one, after Summerslam I was expecting bigger and better things for him tonight.

Another good promo, backstage this time with Foley, Christian, Tomko, RVD and Shelton. All of them were in character nicely, and we’ve got a tag team match tonight. Odds are Shelton is going to double cross Van Dam and I’m sure we’ll see more of Foley tonight.

THE HEADBANGERS! Lol. Good on you for having opponents that no one actually expected! Cade and Jindrack go over, no surprise at all. The champions did look a little bit weak though imo, but I can let that slide, because at least they won, establishing their heel status more so as well.

Woah. The Dudleys, cool. Looking forward to seeing where that’s going.

Well Scott Hall retires, didn’t see that coming, but I’m sure it’s not the last we’ve seen of him.

Another great promo. They’ve all been tops so far tonight. Hunter coming out bragging in typical DX fashion, only for McMahon to come out too. I thought Vince was slightly out of character at the start, but by the end of it, all was good. Another good promo and we’ve got Test v HHH for the Main Event and Vince v HHH next week. Guess we’re not seeing Rock v Edge.

Maven jobs to Cena just to get him in a match. And then Cena cuts a promo voicing his displeasure at exactly that. Very good promo from Cena here. FU on Maria during the break and then KANE comes out of the save, well just when I thought we’d seen all we were going to from Kane tonight, but still I expected bigger and better from Kane.

Edge and Lita have a typical whinge backstage to Foley, and looks like we’ve got Lita – Mickie next week.

Time for the Tag Match, Christian goes over Shelton. No complaints here, and not shocked at all to see the disagreement between Shelton and RVD up top, costing them the win.

Foley again, this is becoming regular. Rhyno is going to SD on Friday to get his title back, cool, part of me thinks that he won’t get it back, and another part of me thinks this could be the start of a Raw v SD feud.

Main Event: Test dominates the champion until Vince gets up on the apron and costs Test the win. Smart booking here, gets everyone interested for next week.

Good show mate, good follow up for Summerslam, the only thing I was disappointed about, as I already said was Kane’s involvement. I was expecting more from him. A whole ONE spelling mistake, lol, so no problems on that front at all. I was particularly impressed with your promos, they were all very good from my end. Well done mate.

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