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Re: WWE: The Network Era

WWE Monday Night Raw
April 7th 2014
Lafayette, Louisina

The first edition of Monday Night Raw following WrestleMania opens up with a highlight video of the entire show in question. Once that video comes to an end another video plays highlighting Vince McMahon's huge announcement regarding the brand extension before the new raw intro plays highlighting all of the superstars on the brand from the WWE World Heavyweight Champion Randy Orton, Tag Team Champions The Usos, United States Champion Dean Ambrose, Antonio Cesaro, Emma, Summer Rae and many more. As this video comes to an end the cameras then cut to ringside for this first Raw post the draft. Sitting down behind the commentary table are Raw's new commentary team of JBL and Josh Matthews who put over that this is a new era of Monday Night Raw before they also start to hype up the show especially the debut later on tonight for Alexander Rusev.

Just then Randy Orton's theme plays from the titantron as the crowd erupts into boos. Slowly walking out from the back wearing a black t-shirt over his ring gear is the WWE World Heavyweight Champion Randy Orton. With his titles draped over his shoulder the confident champion walks down to the ring as JBL and Josh Matthews remind us of just how Randy Orton retained his title at Wrestle Mania with a punt kick to Batista after Batista had hit Bryan with a spinebuster. Climbing into the ring Orton then walks over to the ropes and raises his titles high in the air.

The crowd boos loudly as Orton keeps his titles raised in the air before he places them back on his shoulder and grabs a microphone.

Randy: Once again I stand before you all as your WWE World Heavyweight Champion and still as your face of the WWE and wrestling as a whole. But still I am not getting the respect I deserve. The respect that I deserve for once again defending my championship this time against Daniel Bryan and Batista. And once again might I add I have walked into Wrestle Mania as a champion and walked out the exact same way. So I am not asking for your respect. I am demanding it. Because you can all scream Yes, Yes, Yes all you want. But at the end of the day it does not hide the fact that I am simply better then Daniel Bryan. And that is never going to change. Because I am well on to my way of being inducted into the hall of fame. Whilst Daniel Bryan is well on his way to recognize just how big of a one hit wonder he really is!

The crowd boos loudly as Orton smirks. A loud No chant then echos from the crowd as Orton continues to smirk.

Just then Daniel Bryan's theme plays out from the titantron and almost immediately the arena is consumed by Yes chants. Daniel Bryan then comes out from the back chanting Yes with the crowd joining in at every chance. In the ring Randy Orton does not look pleased as Daniel Bryan climbs up onto the apron before he is passed a microphone. With the crowd continuing to chant yes Daniel Bryan then climbs into the ring.

Bryan: A one hit wonder Randy? is that what you think I am. Because when you think about it what does that say about you. Because this one hit wonder has made you tap out countless times.

The crowd explodes into cheers as Bryan continues

Daniel: See Randy. I know deep down I can beat you. I've done it before and all I need is one more chance to do it again. No triple threats. No handicap matches. Just me against you one last time. What do you say?

The crowd chants Yes as Orton smirks

Randy: What do I say? That is a tough one. How about NO!

Before either man can continue they are cut off by Dean Amrbose's entrance music. Slowly making his way out from the back wearing a pair of dark jeans and a hooded jacket the current US Champion makes his way down to the ring before he climbs up onto the apron. Keeping his eyes on both men Dean Ambrose then climbs into the ring before he gets a microphone.

Dean: My entire life I have had to deal with the crazy and the insane. But I can safely say I have never met anyone as delusional as you Daniel Bryan. Why should you be the man to get the next shot at Randy Orton and not me? You lost as Wrestlemania where as I actually won. And that is why I deserve a chance to compete for the World Championship.

The crowd cheers as Antonio Cesaro's theme then plays out from the titantron. Dean Ambrose is clearly annoyed as he turns to face the ramp and Antonio Cesaro confidently walks out from the back with a microphone in hand. Making his way down to the ring Antonio Cesaro then climbs up onto the ring apron before he enters the ring.

Cesaro: Dean. I would not go around boasting about your win at win at Wrestle Mania. After all we all saw you steal the win from Roman Reigns after he speared Seth Rollins. A cheap victory like that does nothing to earn you a step up to the world championship. Where as a win like mine where I defeated Jack Swagger. Earns you the right to call out the champion.

As Dean Ambrose and Cesaro stare down in the ring Roman Reigns' theme plays from the titantron. The crowd in attendance cheers loudly as Roman Reigns walks out onto the stage with a microphone in hand.

Reigns: Dean. Cesaro is right. You stole that win from me at Wrestlemania. So if anyone should be out here demanding a shot based on their performance at Wrestle Mania it should be me. And I dare anyone one of you stand in my way.

Written in my face then plays from the titantron to a huge pop from the crowd. Just then joining Roman Reigns on the stage with a microphone in hand as well is Sheamus.

Sheamus: You really believe that do you fella? You think that making an idle threat like that is going to intimidate me. Because let me tell you something if you stand here and dare people to stand in your way Roman. I will be at the front of the line.

Reigns and Sheamus then stare down on the stage when

Brad Maddox's theme plays from the titantron. Slowly walking out onto the stage between Reigns and Sheamus, The Raw GM does not look happy.

Brad: Everyone calm down now. You are hijacking what is supposed to be the debut of Brad Maddox's monday night raw. But instead of giving this show what it needs which is a good dosage of me I have had to deal with who is the next man to face Randy Orton all day. I mean come on Miz and Christian have both been pestering me backstage and now all of you guys are out here bickering. But being the great general manager that I am I will solve this issue as to who the number one contender is soon. But for now what I am going to do to give myself some rest from this headache is book a blockbuster main event for tonight. As it will be Daniel Bryan, Roman Reigns, Sheamus and Antonio Cesaro taking on Christian, The Miz, Dean Ambrose and Randy Orton.

The crowd explodes into cheers as Brad Maddox then makes his way backstage whilst from all the men standing by you see different expressions from delight (Bryan) to indifference (Ambrose) to horror (Orton).


Match One: The Usos vs The Rhodes Dynasty

The first match of the evening was a non title match as Tag Team Champions The Usos battled The Rhodes Dynasty in a battle of brothers. But what had to be noted even from the start of the match was whilst the Usos where on the same page. There seemed to be a little bit of tension between Goldust and Cody Rhodes. As the match went on Rhodes and Goldust looked to put their issues aside as they took the fight to the champions with Rhodes especially looking impressive scoring a close near fall on Jey with a muscle buster. But slowly the Usos made their come back and managed to capitalize on a mis-communication as Jimmy Uso ducked a clothesline from Goldust who wound up laying out Rhodes. Before Goldust turned round into a superkick by Jimmy who then covered him for the win.

Justin: And the winners of the match Jimmy and Jey Uso.

The crowd cheers as the Usos celebrate their win before they are handed their titles. The usos then walk backstage as a disappointed Cody Rhodes climbs back into the ring. Goldust takes a knee and asks Cody for a hand to get up but Cody just stares at him. Slowly Cody relents and helps his brother up before he walks out of the ring.


Backstage in his office a visibly annoyed Brad Maddox can be seen standing by as JTG stands across from him.

Maddox: Look. JTG once again. I am not putting you in the main event.

JTG: Why not. You must be trippin not to include me.

Maddox: Let's be honest JTG you have not exactly won any matches lately. So how can I put you in there?

JTG: Come on man gimme a shot.

Maddox: Look JTG I would love to speak to you more about your future but honestly I got a meeting scheduled.

Just then the office door opens and in walks a man with short red hair and a red beard. Wearing a suit jacket over a brown shirt and a pair of suit trousers. The man is quickly greeted with a handshake by Brad Maddox.

Brad: Sami Zayn. Welcome to Monday Night Raw.

Sami: Thank you for bringing me here Brad.

Brad: Don't mention it Sami. Because you are exactly the kind of talent that I want to promote on my Monday Night Raw.

JTG: Hang on a second. You got time to meet this guy but not me.

Maddox; Well he is the newest member of the roster so yes.

JTG: But he's some green rookie.

Sami: Who are you calling a rookie.

JTG looks over at Zayn.

JTG: You heard me greenhorn. Now get stepping as me and bossman here got important business to deal with.

Sami: Oh really and what business is that?

JTG: None of ya business that's what.

Maddox: Enough. Look JTG you've clearly took exception to Sami here and Sami I wanted to talk to you about you stepping in the ring next week. So how about with this in mind next week we see JTG vs Sami Zayn.

JTG smirks arrogantly whilst Sami Zayn simply nods his head.


Renee Young can be seen standing backstage at the Raw interview set when she is joined by Damien Sandow.

Renee: Erm Damien you was not the person I am supposed to be interviewing.

Sandow smirks.

Damien: Yes I know. But with what I am about to announce is of the grandest importance. And you should feel honored that I am choosing to share it with you.

Renee sighs.

Renee: So what news is this?

Damien: That I the intellectual savior of the masses have elected to take on an apprentice to educate and inspire with his teachings.

Renee: Who is it?

Damien: Allow me to introduce to you my apprentice. Curt Hawkins.

A suited up Curt Hawkins then walks onto the set before he and Sandow shake hands.

Damien: And he will give you all a glimpse of my teachings next week.


Match Two: Alexander Rusev w/Lana vs Justin Gabriel

After months of hype following his debut at the Royal Rumble. It was finally time that the fans got to see just how good Alexander Rusev was in singles competition. His opponent was former tag team champion Justin Gabriel and judging by how serious Gabriel was in his entrance you could tell he was taking this match extremely seriously. But unfortunately a change in mind set was not enough for Gabriel as right from the bat he was overwhelmed by the unique offense and the power of Rusev who threw him into the corner with ease before he bombarded the midsection of Justin with vicious knee strikes. The ref looked to call for a break but before he could do so Rusev hoisted Gabriel up in the air before slamming him down onto the canvas for a sambo esque suplex. Clearly winded by the move Gabriel staggered to his feet holding his med section only to then be blasted with a vicious spinning heel kick by Rusev. Completely defenseless Gabriel was then locked in the Accolade by Rusev which quickly rendered him unconscious for a devastatingly impressive debut.

Justin: And the winner of the match Alexander Rusev

Clearly not done even after the bell Rusev keeps hold of the submission on Gabriel until Lana finally orders him to let go. Standing over Gabriel Rusev then raises both arms in the air as the crowd boos.


The cameras then cut to backstage where a loud argument can be seen in the process of happening as Aksana, Emma, Naomi, Summer Rae and Natalya are all standing by.

Aksana: If anyone should be number one contender for the divas title it is me.

Naomi: Since when have you won a match? I should be the next challenger.

Natalya: None of you have been here as long as I have. I deserve the next shot.

Summer: You've had plenty of chances I haven't had one. I should get the shot.

Emma: I beat you Summer and I have not had a shot either so I should get the shot.

As the divas continue their arguing they only come to a stop when Bad News Barrett walks up to them.

Barrett: Ladies. I'm afraid I've got some bad news! There is no Divas title on Raw. Which means you have stood here arguing and looking stupid for nothing.

With that a grinning Barrett walks off down the hall as the women continue arguing


Match Three: William Regal vs Xavier Woods w/R-truth

The third match of the evening saw veteran William Regal take on upstart Xavier Woods in a true clash of styles and experience. In the early stages the young Woods dazzled the fans in attendance with his high impact move set but ever the crafty veteran Regal was able to make a comeback after holding onto the ropes to block a DDT. From here the veteran wisely grounded Woods and punished him with various submission holds and strikes. The crowd started to rally behind Woods who after countering a suplex by dropping behind Regal looked set to make a comeback including nailing his trademark rolling clothesline. But a failed leaping STO attempt allowed Regal to blast him with a knee trembler for the win.

Justin: And the winner of the match William Regal.

The crowd gives off a mixed response as Regal gets his arm raised in the air. As Regal begins to celebrate his win R-Truth starts to check on Woods.


Heath Slater's theme plays out from the titantron as the crowd erupts into boos. Slowly the one man band then walks out from the back dressed in his ring gear. With a confident smile on his face Heath Slater then rolls into the ring before he grabs himself a microphone.

Heath: Ladies and Gentleman. My name is Heath Slater. And I am the one man band.

The crowd boos as Slater continues to smile.

Heath: And I know you have all been worried about what is going to happen now that 3MB has been split up. But I want all of you to know. You don't have to worry about me. Because think about all the other notable bands that have split up. The Jackson Five, Nsync, Black Sabbath and Wings. When those groups split up one man left them all and went on to have great success as a solo artist. And just like those groups. Now that 3MB has split. Heath Slater is ready to cement his place as a top star and be top of the charts.

Despite the boos increasing from the crowd Slater continues to smile.

Heath: And that will begin tonight. Because right now I am issuing an open challenge to anyone in the back who wants to take me on. That's right any man in the back who wants to prove himself against a real main eventer come on down.

Just then to Slater's surprise and a huge pop from the crowd. Evan Bourne's theme plays from the titantron. Making his return after being out for nearly two years is Evan Bourne. Bourne charges down to the ring as a referee can be seen climbing through the ropes.


Match Four: Heath Slater vs Evan Bourne

After issuing his open challenge it was clear by his reaction that Heath Slater was clearly surprised that his opponent was Evan Bourne of all people. The early stages of this match showed that despite his absence Bourne has not missed a step as he flew all over the ring hitting Slater with some dazzling moves much to the delight of the crowd in attendance. Just as it looked like Bourne might end this early as he climbed up the ropes and motioned for Air Bourne. Slater wisely rolled out onto the apron. This caused Bourne to jump down and look to pull Heath back in the ring only to be hot shotted across the top rope. This was a turning point for Slater who was able to get back into the match and score a close near fall following a neck breaker. But clearly the longer he was in control the more over confident Slater grew and an attempt on a DDT allowed Bourne to spin out and crack Slater with a spin kick putting him down on the canvas before he finished the match with Air Bourne for the win.

Justin: And the winner of the match Evan Bourne.

The crowd in attendance explodes into cheers as Evan Bourne jumps to his feet in the ring. Bourne then begins to celebrate as a dejected Slater rolls to the floor.


Backstage in the hallway of the arena a man in a dark suit can be seen walking round handing out business cards before he turns to the camera. Sporting a black ponytail and black beard the man smiles as he looks directly into the camera.

?: Bonjour. My name is Sylvester Lefort. And I am what you people may call an entrepreneur. A monay making entrepreneur. Who is all about success. Success for me and most importantly. Success for my ever growing bank account. Because not just in the WWE but in life in general. Monay is what makes this world go round. Monay is what makes things happen. And that is why I have come to the WWE and more specifically Monday Night Raw. To find myself a talent more then capable of being successful and more then capable of being profitable. Which is why over the next few weeks I shall be scouting every man, woman and tag team on this roster to find out who can make me monay.


Main Event: Randy Orton/Christian/Dean Ambrose/The Miz vs Sheamus/Antonio Cesaro/Daniel Bryan/Roman Reigns

Finally it was time for the main event and what a main event it was featuring eight of Raw's biggest stars in a tag team match. As you can imagine there was some clear dissension in the ranks of both teams especially in the opening stages on Team Orton when Randy tried to order Dean Ambrose to start things off only to have Dean leave the ring with Christian and Miz following suit. This mean Orton had to start out with Wrestlemania opponent Daniel Bryan who as to be expected was extremely hyped up for this match. The opening stages of this match saw Bryan in control with the crowd firmly on his side until Bryan was cheap shotted by Miz. This allowed Orton to tag out to Christian who began to beat down Bryan before scoring a near fall following a DDT. Christian then tagged out to Miz but at the same time Bryan was able to tag out to Sheamus. Sheamus entered the ring and took the fight right to the Miz and began battering him with his barrage of forearms against the ropes when Dean Ambrose tagged in. As the match continued it became clear that the heel side was doing everything they could to insure Roman Reigns never got in the ring. But unfortunately for Orton he was the one in the ring when Reigns finally got the tag. Entering the ring with a full head of steam Reigns began to beat down Orton before he drilled the Christian with a Super Man punch as he entered the ring. On the outside Bryan began brawling with Amrbose up the ramp as Sheamus slammed the Miz face first against the announces table. But just as Roman Reigns has Orton set up for the spear he is tripped up and pulled out of the ring by a mystery man who came through the crowd.

Justin: And the winners of the match as a result of a disqualification Sheamus, Antonio Cesaro, Daniel Bryan and Roman Reigns.

Reigns climbs to his feet outside of the ring and stares down with the man who is wearing a dark blue jean jacket and a pair of black camo pants. But before Reigns can blast him he is chop blocked from behind by a dark haired man dressed in a scruffy dark suit. Reigns drops to a knee and these two men then toss him head first into the steel steps. Sheamus goes to charge round and help his partner when another two men hop the rail behind him and take him down on the floor. These two men are a lot bigger and they waste no time in beating down Sheamus before they drag him to his feet. Under the man in the Blue Jacket's orders these two beasts then level Sheamus with a Leg Sweep/flying european uppercut combination. Miz slowly climbs to his feet and definitely has no clue what is going on when the four men turn their attentions on him and start beating him down. The scruffy man in the suit then flings Miz face first into the ring post laying him out. Bryan, Cesaro, Ambrose, Christian and Orton all then stand in the ring waiting for these men when suddenly a dark haired women enters the ring behind them and low blows Orton. Cesaro, Bryan, Ambrose and Christian all look unsure of what is happening as the four men then climb up onto the apron before they enter the ring. The leader of the group then steps towards Cesaro and the other three and can be heard saying they have no interest in harming them. Allowing an equally confused Bryan, Cesaro, Ambrose and Christian to leave the ring. The five members of this mystery group circle Randy Orton as slowly climbs to his feet. Before Orton even gets a chance to fight back this group pounces on him and beats him down with punches and kicks. With Orton laid out in the ring and The Miz, Sheamus and Reigns laid out on the outside of the ring. This group of five then leave the ring and make their way through the crowd as the show comes to a close.

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