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Re: Worst Mafia Game Ever Game Thread

I think I might be ending an hour early but I actually gave you guys more time.

Day 1

Everyone played horrible. They acted like morons for most of the day and made a bunch of stupid threads throughout the section and did everything other than try. I donít think the play could have been any worse. Even when poor Gambit said he would die if there was a no lynch nobody believed him. Iíve hosted games before and it is always better for town to lynch on Day 1. But they didnít do that and they even doubted Gambitís claim. How could he ever lie about dying if there is a no lynch? That would be horrible. But they didnít listen to him and as a result he was so angry at the no lynch he killed himself.

Town felt pretty stupid when they saw him die. Then they went and looked at his bodyÖ.

Spoiler for Gambitís Role:

The Guy That Hates No Lynches. Mafia Aligned
You hate no lynches more than anything. You would rather die than have a no lynch. Unfortunately you are also mafia this game. If a day ends in a no lynch you will die.

Also if you die on Day 1 you can be the Scum Coach and continue posting in the thread and the the scum QT,and any other QTs that you have or get access to. Itís not that I really want to put this role in my game it just seems like a dick move to have you die on Day 1 for not doing anything wrong and not even be able to rep back in.

Horrible play leads to a dead scum. Itís truly the worst game ever.

It is Now Night 1.

Actions as quickly as possible. I would like to be able to post Night before I go to bed tonight.
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