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Worst Mafia Game Ever Game Thread

r u guys ready for the worst mafia game ever? I'm pretty excited about it. Let's start off with some rules.

1. Don't copy and paste your role PMs, you have to paraphrase them.
2. That's it. Honestly I don't care what else you do. Communication Outside The Game Thread Is Allowed. Seriously go for it. I would appreciate it though if you send me any PMs you send and link me to any QTs you use but no penalty for not doing it.
3. I guess I need one more rule.... I don't know don't get banned.

It Is Now Day 1 With 22 Alive it Takes 12 to Lynch

Alive Players:

1. Red Viper Bodyguard. Killed Night 3
2. BEST FOR BUSINESS Night Lyncher. Killed Night 2
3. CamillePunk
4. Gambit Scum Coach Killed Himself Day 1
5. Phenom
6. Washington Irving Miller. Killed Night 3
7. 2-Pants Exploded during Night 4
8. Christo Lynched Day 4
9. The True Believer/Sweenz Spy Killed Night 5
10. Cm Styles
11. Klee/That Guy Stalker Killed Night 5
12. Hit-Girl Died Night 4
13. JunkheadX Doctor Lynched Day 2
14. Mikey Damage
15. Lawls Lynched Day 5
17. IMPULSE Poisoner. Killed Night 1
18. Cotmas Stalker Lynched Day 6
19. Frakkles Mod JOAT. Killed Night 1
20. Rop3
21. Alim
22. cesaro ROCKS Inventor Killed Night 6

I'll give you guys 36 hours for Day 1.

Day 1: http://www.wrestlingforum.com/33083137-post431.html

Night 1: http://www.wrestlingforum.com/33112234-post736.html

Day 2: http://www.wrestlingforum.com/33122569-post803.html

Night 2: http://www.wrestlingforum.com/33156321-post859.html

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