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Re: WWE 2006 by Renegade™

RYU Review for Renegade SummerSlam:

Sunday Night Heat was good and great way to hype the PPV more.

Batista & Bobby Lashley vs Booker T, Finlay & Regal: A Good opening match with good length aswell. This match had a realistic feel to it as it would happen in reality also, the match went on good and glad to see Batista and Lashley picking up the win with nice finish to the match.

Matt Hardy Interview: Not really a good one and Matt looked out of character and the words that were used during the interview didn't looked good so not a good Matt Hardy interview.

Hardcore Championship Match
Bar Room Brawl-Rhino vs Raven: Glad to see this was not just any hardocre match but it was a bar room brawl which we get to see very few times. The match was a great one with lots of action and with good length too. The match had some great intensity aswell and it looked very unpredictable and i was looking forward for Rhino to get the win but didn't happen but the match was great with nice ending. Was surprised to see Hardcore Holly a smackdown superstar won the hardcore title from Raven who just busted his A*** to retain his title but got screwed by Holly. Nice call.

United States Championship Match
Matt Hardy vs Muhammad Hassan (c) w/Davairi: First of all im glad to see Hassan is the US Champion in your btb which many few of the bookers use him well. Good match with nice moves being performed by both the superstars, the match was realistic aswell and good to see Jeff coming out and helped his brother and didn't saw this coming as Matt won the US Title, hell no but as for the rivalry this was good and a good match. Good aftermatch aswell with Jeff coming out again and celebrating with his brother. Good moment.

Cade-Jindrak Interview: Good interview with Cade being in character aswell as Jindrak and good way to hype their match.

New Age Outlaws vs Cade & Jindrak: Was NAOutlaws mocking the orignal DX or they in your btb do that always. The match was good and again looked realistic and very good ending to the match aswell, good to see Cade and Jindrak retain the titles and for sure this feud will go on and im thinking this feud will be over in your next ppv.

Holly segment: Good segment and didn't see this coming good call again i guess and Raven again won the hardcore title. Hope Holly gets his title back.

Randy Orton segment: Good little backstage segment and Orton looked in character, would have been great if you had decribed his arrogence and cockiness but anyway the segment was good and another good hype for his match.

Ken Kenney vs Randy Orton: Ver good match with good back and forth action. The match was well written and nice moves performed by both the superstars, good to see Kennedy as a face in your btb and some close covers were made aswell which made the match look more interesting and unpredictable, nice finish in the ending and good win for Orton.

Booker segment: Good and little funny segment, hope you could do something good with Finlay and Booker and glad to see Booker using the Sucka word.. Good segment.

AJ Styles vs Charlie Haas: Solid match, very exciting contest between these two, didn't liked the ending that much because after having such a great match a winner would have been great to see but good aftermatch.

Raven segment: I think its too much but was surprise to see Coach pinned Raven to become the new hardcore champion, hope you dont have any more of these in this ppv. Didnt like Coach winning.

America's Most Wanted vs MNM: Good match with good tag team action, some good moves were performed during the match and i was looking for MNM to retain thier titles and didn't like the Melina part where she does the Debra stuff and that was not real she never do that kind of stuff to distract the referee but good ending to the match with AMW winning the Tag Titles.

HBK-Vince segment: Good intensity segment and looking forward to what Vince meant and what Vince want from HHH and both of them looked in character which was good to see.

Stone Cold Steve Austin vs John Cena: Good video package shown between these two and glad to see this match is a NO DQ match.
Great match with great intensity shown by the two guys and some good spots in the match but what the heck, John Cena is no Bret Hart and you made Austin look weak by just fading out to STFU, bad booking there mate but throughout the match was great till the ending if it had been ended in a double knock out that would have been more good and the feud would have been raging on.

Angle-Benoit segment: Good segment with both in character and good hype to their match aswell.

Undertaker vs Goldberg: Great video package shown. The build up has been great. Great match, loved it and very good spots in the match. My favourite was the Spear into the barricades and you made the match a bit unrealistic where Taker just sat up form he Spear and hten just nails the Chokeslam to Goldberg. So you saved the Double Countout for this match which was great to see. I liked the impact of Goldberg Spearing the referee. I know where this feud will be heading and i know exactly how will you end this feud but very good match and good to see Undertaker destroyed Goldberg, made me laugh when you wrote Goldberg bark at the referee.

HHH vs HBK: Great match with nice moves being performed by those the superstars and good lengthy match with a surprising ending, didnt knew DX was in this btb and didn't knew Vince has his M.Corporation also who will involve in the match but good ending and didn't got it why HBK SCM Vince who was helping him to beat HHH. Anyway great match with good tactics being called in this match. Good to see HBK is heel this time in this feud with HHH otherwise i wouldn't be interested in this match because it has happened a lot before also.

Coach-Holly: Man enough with this 24/7 harcore rules, its getting boring now because you had done this like 5 times which is not good a three times is good but not much then that so glad to see Holly left SummerSlam as the Harcore Champion.

Kurt Angle vs Chris Benoit vs Chris Jericho vs Brock Lesnar: Solid match. loved it had to be the MOTN so far. Some Great spots in this match and loved the match from starting till the end, very very unpredictable for a sec i thought Benoit will win then Brock then Jericho but ANgle won which was great to see and my bet was on Angle aswell so glad to see Angle retains the title after a great match. Good aftermatch aswell, will love to see if a Benoit vs Angle feud takes place and they both have another classic match and a great rivalry.

The Rock, Mick Foley, Sting, RVD & Scott Hall vs Edge, Christian, Shelton, Monty Brown & Chris Masters: Another Solid match. Didn't like team Bischoff that much but Team Foley looks strong and great, surprise to see Hall as a face in Foley team. The match was great well written and didn't expect some superstars to eliminate early. The eliminations occured perfectly and was surprise to see Rock and Christian left alone in the ending as i was looking for Edge to be the last man from his team but it was predictable that Bischoff will do some inteference to prevent Rock from winning the match but great to see Kane coming back and clearing the ring with nice finish too and a great win for The Rock. Good aftermatch aswell and this is the second best MOTN.

Overall: A Solid PPV with good bookings and the some matches had great build up. I enjoyed this PPV very match, it was realistic too and didn't noticed that much spelling mistakes.
Only few Titles change'd hands which was good to see and i got really bored with the Harcore 24/7 angle you were doing. I rate this PPV 95/100.



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