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Re: WWE 2006 by Renegadeô

Summerslam Review.

Batista & Lashley v Booker, Regal & Finlay.
This match was an all out brawl, and definitely an interesting choice to start the show with, Iíd be interested to know why you chose it actually. I quite enjoyed this match, and no surprise to see the faces come out on top. Hopefully this brings the end of the feud however.

Hardy hypes his match with Hassan, but I did think that he was a little out of character. None the less it got his match over.

Rhyno v Raven.
This match was great! I loved it from start to finish. It had me right from where Raven covers Rhino right at the start. This one was totally hardcore. Wrestling moves got thrown out the window in this one, as hardcore ruled. It was just fierce, Iíve read it a couple of times, I loved it! Lol. I wouldíve prefereed Rhyno to get the win, but Raven deserved it! My only criticism is that it couldíve gone a bit longer.

Hardcore Holly gets the Title after the match taking advantage of the 24/7 rule, definitely didnít see that coming, which is a good thing, but Hollyís on Smackdown?

Goldberg is shit scared of Taker, and clearly doesnít want a piece of this match. Heís clearly going to get his ass kicked tonight.

Hardy v Hassan
I was hoping for more from this match, wrestling wise it was quite good but I did hope it would go a tad longer, Jeff costs Hassan the title, probably prolonging the feud. Glad to see Hardy get the title though.

I enjoyed the promo from the Tag champs, put over the match well and both men were both in character nicely.

Cade and Jindrack v NAO
Canít say I was a big fan of this one at all. Mainly because I hate both teams, but oh well. I dare say the feud will continue though.

Lol. Raven gets his title back, how cool. Hope this continues!

Kennedy v Orton
Orton defeats Kennedy? Wholy crap. I didnít expect that. It was very short after the slow start, but towards the end it really got quicker which was cool, you could literally see the pick up in pace. Youíre obviously going to give Orton a push, well I hope you are, because Kennedyís just been crushed.

Lol Kings court breaks up. Fair enough, makes sense too me. No more feud for them, yay!

AJ v Haas.
GREAT MATCH! Fast paced, flowed wonderfully. AJ wins by DQ, which pretty much guarantees the feud for continues. Match of the night thus far, eclipsing the hardcore match! Awesome stuff man! Loved it!

Lol. Coach wins the hardcore title now? Hahaha wtf

Cool segment with Torrie/Carlito/Haas. Hoping to see this turn into a triple threat feud for the title.

I have to admit, until about 4 weeks ago I wasnít a fan of AMW, and I donít like MNM at all, but this match was great. I loved Melinaís role in stopping the refís count when it looked of, it was a great match, with plenty of near falls.

Intense promo with HBK and Vince, but I have to say it was a bit unrealistic as HBK seemed out of character.

Cena v Austin
This one told a story, you really got the impression that Cena and Austin do not like each other at all, no shock to see all the brawling in it, but I was surprised to see such a decent amount of wrestling in here. I enjoyed this match and I donít enjoy many Cena matches at all.

Quick promo between Angle and Benoit. I loved it, both men showing each other the respect they deserve!

Taker v Goldberg.
An all out brawl as expected. I have to admit I didnít like the ending, but it definitely continues the feud, probably with a NO DQ type match, was this one had a very hardcore type feel about it. I have to say that this one was a bit of a let down, but I expect to see the feud recover. I must admit that I loved some of the spots in this one though!

HBK v Hunter
Didnít expect the start. HBK doesnít give the finger because of the whole religion thing, but ah well, although it was unrealistic, it was cool because I didnít see it coming! I did enjoy this match, it definitely had the length too it, plenty of near falls, increasing the suspense. I loved how you pointed out the pop from the crowd for the SCM to Vince. Surprising match at the end, as I somehow expected Shawn to win.

Holly gets the hardcore title again. Thatís awesome. Loving the hardcore title part of the show!

Fatal Fourway
Great match! New match of the night! I thought it wouldíve gone a little bit longer, and I was surprised to see Angle retain, half of me expected Benoit to get the win, none the less it was great.

Main Event
Another great match. Busting the 40 minute barrier. Simple brilliant. You eliminated the right people at the right times imo. I was a little disappointed to see Edge go so early, but oh well. The ending was HUGE! Great way to end it! I was half expecting Christian to pick up the win, but still, an ending like that was brilliant. This was the sort of match that I would happily pay money to see, it was great. I pictured it all in my head with ease. Totally brilliant. To be honest the only major thing I didnít like was that you eliminated 4 guys in about 8 minutes, but I admit it definitely added too the match.

The main event was absolutely brilliant. I could picture it all. Brilliant. I canít say it often enough. Definitely looking forward to your next match.
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