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Re: WWE 2006 by Renegade™

Summerslam Review- ORRY420

Sunday Night Heat:
This was a great edition of Heat; it served it's purpose well in hyping Summerslam and at the same time produced some quality matches. Off to a very good start, let's hope it continues!

Before I get begin, I just want to say that you probally should have included an opening video to give Summerslam that "big event" feel. Also, the commentry at the start was probally a little too much, and why did you choose to go 150= 1 minute? Anyway, onto the opening match.....

Kings Court vs. Batista and Bobby Lashley: This was an interesting choice for the opener. Personally I would have gone with the WWE Tag Team Championship bout, but that's just my opinion. As expected after a fierce brawl type match, the faces come out on top and hopefully put an end to this feud. I would like to see the Court break up in the near future, and both Regal and Finlay recieve singles runs. Solid start mate.

Matt Hardy Promo: Maybe it's becuse I'm a Hardy mark, but I really enjoyed this promo from V1. Hardy sounded focused and determined heading into his huge Championship Match, and with the corwd behind him I can't honestly picture him losing.

Rhino vs. Raven: This was a brutal, hardcore encounter, which was exactly what it needed to be! After some sick shots and hard bumps, Raven manages to retain his Title, Rhyno was my preferred option, and end what turned out to be an enjoyable match. Hopefully we haven't seen the lat of these two going at it........Wow, Hardcore Holly's shock appearance was both unexpected and pleasing. Holly's the new champ, but he's on Smackdown?

Goldberg/Heyman Segment: Goldberg sems tense about his match with Taker later on, and unfortunately for Bill, I have a feeling he's going to get his ass kicked bigtime!

Muhammad Hassan vs. Matt Hardy: This was a terrific match, and a great way to continue this very enjoyable feud. Hassan attempts to cheat his way to victory, but a returning Jeff Hardy wants none of it, and prevents Hassan from stealing another win. This gives Matt the momentum he needs to eventually come back and win the match. Awesome result, and the embrace from the Hardyz after the match was a nice touch. Matt Hardy as US Champion is awesome!

Cade and Jindrack Promo: This was a good promo from the Tag Team Champions, Both Cade and Jindrack were in character, and it served its purpose in succesfully hyping their match later on. I have a feeling the Champs will retain their Titles, but this match should probally main evented Heat.

Cade and Jindrack vs. New Age Outlaws: This was a pretty bland contest, as expected, and will no doubt end up being the dud on the card. After some basic tag team wrestling, the Champions retain their Titles, and hopefully put an end to this rather lack luster feud. Nice job writing a more than acceptable match between two teams who are not know for their in ring work.

Raven vs. Hardcore Holly????: In what will no doubt be the shortest match tonight, Raven nails Holly from behind and wins back the Hardciore Champinship. Im digging this!

Randy Orton Promo: This promo was a bit of a hit and miss. It served it's purpose in hyping the next match, but Orton was out of character and sounded very shakey.

Randy Orton vs. Ken Kennedy: This was a match that I was very much looking forward to, and I'm pleased to say it delivered. Kennedy and Orton started things out slowly, until the pace eventuallty pick upped. In the end Orton nails and RKO for the victory, and can now move on to the main event scene. What's next for Kennedy? Maybe a feud with Hardy over the US Title?

Kings Court Segment: Wow, as I hoped for during my review of the opening match, the Court did indeed brake up, but it came sooner than I expected. Great stuff here, now it will be very interesting to see where all three men go!

Charlie Hass vs. AJ Styles: This, was a very, very good match! Styles and Hass are both terrific workers and it was displayed very well in this great Intercontinental Championship bout. After some nice technical wrestling, which flowed very well IMO, Hass was able to retain his Title in controversial circumstances when he got himself disqualified. This can only be a godd thing becuase it almost guarentees this feud will continue! Nice work mate, great match.

Coach vs. Raven????: LMAO the Coach wins the Title for the second time in history (I think he won it once earlier in your thread, but it might have been more). This is turning out to be one of the high points of the show. Awesome work mate.

Charlie Hass/Carlito Segment: Good little segment here from both men, and it looks as if we might see a Triple Threat Match developing out of this with AJ Styles involved. What an awesome match that would be!

MNM vs. AMW: In another very solid match up, there's been plenty of these tonight, AMW succesfully achieve their goal and win the WWE Tag Team Championships for the first time! This was a good match because MNM basically dominated the entire encounter, until AMW finally gained momentum at the conclusion of the match. Nice work once again.

Vince McMahon/HBK Segment: Decent segment here between two of the better workers of the mic in the WWE. Michaels seems focused and ready heading into his huge WWE Championship Match tonight, hopefully the Heart Break Kid can pull it off.

John Cena vs. Stone Cold Steve Austin: This was a very emotional match, wrestled under fierce conditions. The hatred that Austin and Cena share for each other was expressed well in this match, and as a result the conetst turned out to be a memorable one. SOme decent wrestling combined with the expected high impact brawling was a great mixture here, and the finish was great with SCSA passing out to the STFU!

Chris Benoit vs. Kurt Angle: Both guys seem to be on the same page tonight, and the respect they share for each other is obvious in this segment. I expect everyone to gang up on Lesnar tonight, including Jericho.

Undertaker vs. Goldberg: As expected this was nothing more than a fist fight between two of the most dominant figures in professional wrestling history. Goldberg gave it his all in this match in an attempt to kill the Legend of the Undertaker, but the Deadman would not die, sitting up after almost every omve of Goldberg's. The Spear through the barricade was one of the high points of the contest, and in the end both men get counted out, which is a great way to continue their feud.

Triple H vs. Shawn Michaels: This was a solid match between two of the biggest rivals of all time. After some solid wrestling early on, the inteferance begins later in the match, as all hell breaks loose. Sweet Chin Music to McMahonn was awesome, and it looks as if HBK may join DX in the coming weeks. Eventually thanks to a little help from his team mates, Triple H retain shis title, and now I can't wait to see where this whole situation goes from here!

Hardcore Holly vs. Coach????: In another awesome segment, Holly wins the belt for the second time in the night, and succesfully leaves the arena with the Championship. What will go down now considering the Champ is a Smackdown! superstar?

Fatal 4 Way: As expected this is without a doubt match of the night so far, as Samckdown's foru biggest stars get it on! As I predicted Jericho, Benoit and Angle ganged up on Lesnar early on, as they still aren't pleased that he was added to the match. This match was a very exciting, riveting contest, and my favourite spot was definately that awesome German Suplex combo! In the end after some amazing technical wrestling, Angle eventually manages to retain his title. Hopefully we see a rematch, and hopefully it lasts a little longer, because after this match I was dieing for more!

War Games- Team Foley vs. Team Bischoff: This is the match I have been looking forward to all night, and I know it will live up to it's hype. It's good to see this match has been written under the standard 200 words=1 minute rule, as it adds to the depth of the contest. First to go is Scott Hall, then Chris Masters will is definately the right choice, as both men were the duds in the match. BTW I predict Christian is the sole survivor in this one, after the way he's been built up over the past couple of weeks. Next out is Foley, followed by Edge, then Van dam at 22 minutes, and by the looks of things this match will break the half hour mark with ease. My man Christian is still going storng, but now I have a feeling Team Foley might win this? I'm cobfused. Brown leaves the match, which was the right choice, although he probally shouldn't have survived longer than Edge. Sting is next out, followed by Shelton at 35 minutes, and this will break 40 minutes with ease. By the way Benjamin had a very impressive run in this one, a push is not to far away for sure. We are now down to the two big guns, Christian and The Rock. What! Bichoff's crony';s hit the scene, cou;d they cost Foley his job? KANE!!!! Kane returns and destroys everyone, enabling Rocky to pin Christian and win the match!

Overall: The main event was truely unforgettable, and an amazing way to end a very solid PPV. Great work man, I can't wait to read the fallout! 83/100= 83%!

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