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RAW: 5/04/04: Little Rock

We open to the sight of Hell in a Cell hanging above the ring, with the ominous music and spotlight.
Opening music

J.R and King welcome us to this weeks Raw, six days away from Backlash and HIAC. The picture goes back to HIAC as JR informs us that the Cell is here by request of the Undertaker, who will make a statement later on tonight.

1st Match:
Goldust w/Booker T vs. Test w/Scott Steiner
(During the entrances we are again reminded of the Tag match between the two teams at Backlash)
Finish: Test goes for the boot only to hit Steiner who is standing on the apron. Goldust takes advantage of the situation by hitting his reverse DDT for the win. Goldust and Booker celebrate only to be stopped by Test and Steiner wielding Steel chairs. After this assault, Test and Steiner mock Booker and Goldust with their own version of the Spin-a-roonie.


We return with a “Hell in a Cell moment” - Triple H vs. Jericho, May 2002
A video then plays showing the history of the Hardcore title.
Rhyno interview. In a somewhat psychotic manner, Rhyno talks about maiming 14 other inferior men at Backlash and be crowned as new Hardcore Champion.
A limo then pulls up and Evolution arrive. All four men look incredibly angry, JR speculates that this may be because of what happened last week with Sting.

2nd Match:
Maven & Jackie Gayda vs. Val Venis (Now heel) & Molly Holly
( During entrances, JR informs us why this match has come together. We are shown clips from Heat where Maven and Jackie both won singles matches against Val and Molly. Therefore they were challenged tonight to a mixed tag match. Also JR reminds us that Maven and Val have entered the Hardcore Invitational at Backlash.)
Finish: After a fairly average match, Val and Maven take the fight to the outside leaving Molly and Jackie in the ring. Val then hits Maven with the ring bell, without the referee noticing. Val then distracts Jackie long enough for Molly to hit the Molly go round for the win.

The camera then quickly cuts to a Chris Jericho interview. He talks about Christian and Trish. He explains how this rivalry has become about much more than the I.C title. He says about how betrayed he feels by both his best friend and his true love, he then says that he sees Trish in a totally new light, and she deserves the CLB, and at Backlash , if she gets involved he will have no reservations about kicking her ass.
The Evolution music hits, and the foursome make their way to the ring. As they walk, JR reminds us again of what happened last week with Sting. He also tells us that Batista has entered the Hardcore Invitational at Backlash. HHH, with the microphone in hand looks to the cell above the ring, he then talks about the Cell,
HHH: (To the crowd) “It’s scary isn’t it? Just think about it, 15 tons of steel, six men, and only one championship. Randy, do you realise what you are going to put your body through in six days at Backlash. (Orton confidently nods, and then looks at the cell). Six men all vying for one gold, one gold they can’t win and I can’t lose. You see they won’t have the advantage of a team mate, they won’t have the advantage of a partner to help them when they might need them, I do. I have the legend killer on my side, the man who’s only goal is to see me, Triple H win the World Heavyweight Championship, I have Randy Orton. ( Crowd boo’s as Randy looks unimpressed by HHH comments). You see, you people don’t get it. No matter how much or loud you cheer your heroes, they will not win. This cell is too much for average men, this cell is too much for your heroes. Michaels, R V D, or even the Undertaker. You know it, I know it, hell, even they know it. With a two on one advantage, I am unstoppable, and you better believe it when I say that I will walk out of Hell in a Cell with the Heavyweight title, because I am the Game, and I am that damn good!”
He then hands the mic over to Flair who talks about Sting. He says Sting could only be referred to as a legend because he has stepped into the ring with the ultimate legend, Ric Flair.
Foleys music plays. He then announces to Flair that he has just signed a No Disqualification match at Backlash in a clash of the legends match between Ric Flair and Sting.


3rd Match:
Christian, Cade and Jindrak vs. Dudley Boyz and Chris Jericho
( During entrances we are reminded of the Tag title match at Backlash as well as the I.C title match)
Finish: After a high paced solid 10 minute match, The match breaks down into a brawl. The Dudleyz take Cade and Jindrak to the outside while Jericho puts the walls onto Christian. Trish distracts the referee, while Christian taps, Jericho eventually breaks the hold and throws Trish into the ring. Christian saves her with a shot to Jericho’s back. She quickly gets out as Christian goes for the unprettier
Only for Jericho to reverse into a school boy for the win. A shocked Christian quickly grabs the IC belt and swings for Y2J. Jericho ducks and Christian hits Trish. Y2J then hit’s the bulldog and lionsault on Christian. Meanwhile the Dudleyz have 3D both C & J on the outside. As Jericho celebrates in the ring Trish tries to crawl out of the ring only to be stopped by Jericho. He grabs her by the hair and calls for the tables. He then throws her into the Dudleyz who give Trish the 3D trough the table. All three celebrate with the belts.

We then cut backstage to see Sting arriving at the arena. He is welcomed by a string of stars including, Tommy Dreamer, Al Snow, O’Haire, Palumbo, RVD, Matt Hardy, Lita, and HBK.

4th Match: Hardcore Rules:
Rhyno vs. Spike Dudley
(During entrances we are reminded that both are entered for the Hardcore match at Backlash)
Finish: A dominant Rhyno finishes Spike within four minutes with a gore through a table. He celebrates around the ring, a signals to the crowd that he will win the title at Backlash. Then Tommy Dreamer comes through the crowd with a Singapore cane levelling Rhyno. He is then followed by Orlando Jordan and Rodney Mack who double team Dreamer. Palumbo and O’Haire then take out O.J and Mack with trashcans. Matt Morgan then runs to the ring and takes down both with a steel chair. Al Snow tries to take on Morgan but is overpowered. Val then hits Morgan with a wooden crate to no effect. He too is dominated by Morgan. Matt Morgan stands triumphantly in the ring and surveys the carnage.


We return with highlights of Matt Morgan decimating nearly all the competition for the Invitational at Backlash. JR and King hype the monster and declare it will take more than one man to stop Morgan at Backlash.
Then we go to an interview with Sting. He talks about being back in the big time and thanks the fans for their support. He then talks about his match with Ric Flair at Backlash.
Evolution then react to Stings comments, with Flair promising Stings stay with the WWE will be a short one.
Matt Hardy calls in on Lita to see if she is ready for tonight’s match. He then asks her if she would like to go out after on a date. She accepts. Steven Richards and Victoria come in and make fun by play acting them. Matt and Lita stare at them oddly and walk out.
Kane interview. He talks about the pain and suffering that he will dish out at Backlash in his quest to become Champion. He says nothing will stop him especially his brother or Shawn Michaels.

5th Match: Triple Threat Inter gender tag match:
Matt Hardy and Lita vs. Rodney Mack and Jazz vs. Richards and Victoria
( During entrances we are reminded of the Triple threat match at Backlash for the women’s title. Plus, each lady will have someone in their corner. Matt w/Lita, Richards w/Victoria, Long w/Jazz.)
Finish: The match breaks down into a brawl, and with only Jazz and Lita in the ring, Teddy Long assists Jazz with the title belt. He distracts the referee for Jazz to nail Lita with the belt and score the victory. They quickly escape up the ramp with Mack as Matt helps Lita to her feet. Richards and Victoria then sneak attack both Matt and Lita leaving them laying.

HBK and RVD pass each other backstage. They talk about TLC two weeks ago and then talk about HIAC.
Coach catches up with Theodore Long and company to get an interview. Teddy tells Coach that Whitey can’t hold them down any longer because at Backlash Baby girl will be crowned Women’s champ and to back the Mack or the new improved O.J to take the Hardcore Title.


We return with JR and King previewing Backlash; Booker T & Goldust vs. Test & Steiner, Sting vs. Ric Flair, Womens title between, Lita w/Matt, Victoria w/Steven, and Jazz w/T.Long. Also, the tag titles match, Cade & Jindrak vs. Dudley Boyz, Christian vs. Jericho for the Intercontinental Title, the return of the Hardcore Championship in a 15 man 15 minute Iron Man Match, ( Participants: Matt Morgan, Al Snow, Maven, Val Venis, Chuck Palumbo, Sean O’Haire, Batista, Tommy Dreamer, Orlando Jordan, Rodney Mack, Spike Dudley, Rhyno, Brooklyn Brawler, Kamala and Doink the Clown.) And the Main event, Hell in a Cell for the World Heavyweight Championship. They talk in detail about the main event and then show a special Hell in a Cell video, including the biggest bumps and most brutal moments.

Suddenly, the arena goes into complete darkness, and the eerie Undertaker music plays into the arena. A spotlight stays on the HIAC as it lowers. The Undertaker slowly makes his way to the ring. Once he does the cell has completely lowered. He takes a microphone. He walks around the ring and talks about how the Cell holds fond memories for him. He talks about what he has done in the past, and explains what he will do at Backlash and the type of injuries he will inflict inside and possibly outside the Cell. Kane’s music then interrupts. He makes his way to the Cell and has a Stare down with his brother. He tells Undertaker its time for him to move over and let Kane take the Cell as his playground. HBK then enters. He reminds both that he has been in the Cell before and that this time he will not run from anyone no matter how big or scary they may be. RVD. He says that were Kane and Taker will look to cause pain he will be looking to take the title. Gets into a war of words with HBK. Come to blows. Kane and Taker also fight. HHH and Orton sneak down and watch as the other four go into battle. They enter the cell a couple of minutes later with a sledgehammer and knock-out both HBK and RVD. Kane meanwhile Chokeslams Taker and is met afterwards with a sledgehammer shot. HHH and Orton stand tall until Taker sits up. HHH and Orton turn round and are shocked to see the deadman on his feet. He hit’s a double clothesline, and then choke slams Orton, he then delivers a Tombstone to HHH. Taker stands tall as we go off the air.

Please guys I would really appreciate your ratings as there has been little lately. I will post Smackdown on Tuesday and Backlash by Wednesday.
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