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Re: WWE 2006 by Renegade™

~ Sunday Night Heat did its job well by hyping the huge upcoming event.

WWE SummerSlam -– Review
~ You really should have done an opening video package by hyping the event more.

Match 1
2 vs 3 Handicap Tag Match
Batista & Bobby Lashley
Vs Booker T, Finlay & Regal

~ This looked more of a brawl rather than a wrestling contest. Wasn’t really expecting the powers of the numbers taking down powerhouses for the most of the time, but I guess that’s alright. Also, the match was rushed at almost every part, where you could have done fairly well in terms of writing and describing the movements of wrestlers. Hopefully this feud ends up here tonight because I really don’t wanna see there feud again. It’s boring, to be honest with you.
Rating: 6/10

~ Matt was really out of character in this promo. Looked really bland. And also it was very short from my liking. But anyway, it did what it wanted to. I mean, it really hyped his match with Hassan later on.
Rating: 6/10

Match 2
Hardcore Championship Match
Bar Room Brawl
Rhino vs Raven (c)

~ Wow, truly a great battle. Rhino and Raven did it all to make it a great hardcore type of match. However, the length really hurt this match. Also there wasn’t anything about wrestling. It was all about hardcore. And I love Hardcore! Lol. I wanted to see more from these two men though. Great sick shots and bumps during the match-up, and in the end, the right man, Raven retains his Hardcore Championship.
Rating: 7/10

~ Hardcore takes the title right off Raven looses it. Didn’t expect this one, so it’s cool.

~ A bit of surprise there in Heyman and Goldber’s promo. And this also hyped Goldber’s match with ‘Taker later tonight, so that’s cool. Oh yeah, ‘Taker will definitely appear! Length was… meh.
Rating: 6/10

Match 3
United States Championship Match
Matt Hardy vs Muhammad Hassan (c) w/Davairi

~ Well, this was a decent match wrestling wise. However, the length was again the main-problem, but seeing that you gotta keep everything in the timeslot given to you, that’s alright. Also, I thought that I’d tell you that some wrestling moves were named not right. Wheel Kick? I think it is called the Spinning Wheel Kick. Also, it is not Guillotine. I guess that’s called Guillotine Leg Drop. Oh, and also, Matt’s Leg Drop from the top turnbuckle is called Down Fall. And yeah, Jeff’s coming during the match-up was good, actually it excited me. But he did nothing, just chased Matt. If I’d done that, I would have make Jeff coming in the end to turn the tables and costing the victory for Hassan. Oh, and I also saw you rushing things at some time, which you need to cut down.
Rating: 6/10

~ A decent segment from Jindrak and Cade, backstage, which hyped their match with New Age Outlaws later on. I don’t know if it was in character or not, because I have hardly seen them doing any promos, or stuff like that. So I’ll give you a decent rating here.
Rating: 8/10

Match 4
World Tag Team Titles Match
New Age Outlaws vs Cade & Jindrak (c)

~ Felt ‘meh’ about the booking of this match. But anyway, this contest was all about basic wrestling. Was not a classic match, but entertained me throughout the match. In the ending, Cade and Jindrak get the win and retain there titles. Not really a good contest. And yes, you also rushed at things in this match too. I say, don’t rush on them. Just be descriptive. I think that you should end up the team of New Age Outlaws because they aren’t entertaining for me anymore. Maybe think of other better tag teams? La Resistance, Dudleys, or any team better in mind? I am saying this because your tag team division has really gone stale, and you gotta improve on this division. Yay, bring some life on to the tag team division!
Rating: 5/10

~ Wow, Raven gets back the Hardcore Championship. Loved this one.

~ Orton started off the promo great. But at the end, it got shaky and major off. Also, length is your main-problem in promos. If you would have given some length, it would have been better from this one.
Rating: 6/10

Match 5
Ken Kennedy vs Randy Orton

~ A’ight, this match… I am really looking forward to. Let’s see what you’ve got here. Uhm, match started with a slow pace but then it really picked up, which I liked. However, you again rushed in terms of writing and explaining the movements of wrestlers, which I didn’t like. Orton and Kennedy should have made this a great match, but that rushing thing and just 9 minutes for them, that ain’t good. Orton leaving with a victory was a bit surprise for me. Also, I sense that Orton is going to get a push from now on. I don’t know what you’ll do with Kennedy though. I think that you should make Kennedy feud with a legend, maybe Flair, to get a victory, and then Kennedy will be recognized again because Orton winning over Kennedy really killed Kennedy’s character. But whatever you want, it was jus my idea.
Rating: 6/10

~ Wow, I am really very happy that Booker will be no longer with Finlay and Regal. Good job. I can cut points for length, but it doesn’t matters here because this basically should have been a short promo and to the point, like it was.
Rating: 10/10

Match 6
Intercontinental Championship Match
AJ Styles vs Charlie Haas (c)

~ Now, this was the match of the night so far. Wrestling wise, it was great. It had everything. Just few moves were missing out, but that doesn’t matters at all because Haas and AJ put up a great fight. Flow of the match was really good and there was excitement factor too. However, the things were rushed again, which I didn’t like, again. And also, at the ending, I found one major unrealistic thing, and that was that right after AJ nails the Spinning Crescent Kick to Haas. Haas kicks out. Okay, that’s fine. But right after kicking out, he gets up? That’s unrealistic my friend. There was a bit controversy in the end, which I liked. Haas cheats and retains the title, but AJ wins via DQ. So I am sensing this feud will continue. Fine.
Rating: 8/10

~ Lol, Coach wins the Hardcore Title! Man, this Hardcore Championship should be brought back in the real WWE - I love this.

~ A small, but funny promo with Carlito and Torrie Wilson backstage. Haas comes out of nowhere and we see an interesting confrontation between Carlito and Haas. A triple threat feud for the Intercontinental Championship? Yeah, and dat… dat will be cool.
Rating: 8/10

Match 7
WWE Tag Team Championships Match
America's Most Wanted vs MNM (c)

~ It was a great match to be honest with you. But once again you rushed at the things, which I did not like. But that doesn’t matters because the match, however, was simply fantastic. Melina was also used nicely. MNM mostly damaged AMW overall in the match and did all the hard work, but at the last, AMW turn the table and out of nowhere, win the tag team titles, that shocks. Also, I found one error in move, and that was Enziguri. Its called Enzuiguiri. Thought I’d tell you.
Rating: 8/10

~ A very intense looking promo here. But just to tell you, you didn’t caught Shawn Michaels’ character. Remember, he doesn’t says words like ‘bastard’ or anything like that in these days because he has became religious. So you did not done well in catching Shawn. But Vince was looking intense and in all, he was looking good.
Rating: 8/10

Match 8
Singles Match; No Disqualifications
Stone Cold Steve Austin vs John Cena

~ Well, it was actually a good wrestling contest with a bit of brawl thrown at it. Cena and Austin were used greatly throughout the match and I enjoyed the match thoroughly. But once again you rushed in terms of writing and explaining the movements, etc. And also there wasn’t much about ‘No Disqualifications’. I didn’t see anyone doing illegal things (in normal matches.) Maybe one or two, but in No DQ matches, you could have done more. Oh, just to tell you that Cena used to call it Protoplex (Jumping release fisherman suplex) when he was wrestling under the name of The Prototype but now it is called Freestyle. I think that Austin used the Stunner too early in that match. Was not needed at that time, I guess. Cena’s FU to Austin to the outside was a sick move, really.
Rating: 8/10

~ A good sportsmanship shown by Benoit and Angle at the backstage, which I loved. But the promo was again too short.
Rating: 9/10

Match 9
Singles Match
Undertaker vs Goldberg

~ This match was more like a brawl. Undertaker did his job well throughout the match. Well, Goldberg was just fine. I loved the spear through the barricade, that was awesome. Undertaker really sat up so many times after being attacked from Goldberg with some high power moves. I really can’t see Undertaker getting up right after that Goldberg spear. That was unrealistic. And right after the spear, ‘Taker chokeslams Golderb!? Way too much unrealistic. Kills some points from the rating. I just can’t understand how a wrestler comes up quickly after getting nailed with a powerful move. I wrote that again because I once again saw, but only this time Goldberg getting up after Chokeslam, and then Guillotine Leg Drop. And right after it, ‘Taker goes to bring in chair and sets it, but Goldberg gets up and picks them and rams them 10 times to ‘Taker!? Unrealistic. And in the end, that double count doesn’t really interest me. Two matches in a night, not reaching result is a bad thing in my opinion. And also it was much like a Hardcore type of match. Didn’t really look a normal match, and the match above this one looked like a normal one.
Rating: 6/10

~ Glad that you are hyping Unforgiven. But the promo could have been better and lengthier.
Rating: 7/10

Match 10
WWE Championship Match
Triple H (c) vs Shawn Michaels

~ Match begins with a shaky start because I don’t expect HBK to show his index finger to Triple H. Yah, as you know that he has now became more religious. It was highly entertaining match-up. Match’s pace was really show, untill the end, where the interference’s happened, and the match’s pace picked up really well. I really don’t know why you are rushing at the matches everytime. Why can’t you describe every single moment clearly? Uhmm, I’ll move on… HBK nailing the Sweet Chin Music Vince was a great touch. I am guessing HBK is just a tweener in this feud, not a major heel. But anyway, DX helps up Triple H to retain the title. And in the upcoming weeks, it’d be interesting to see what it leads to HBK. Maybe McMahon fires him? Or maybe we see HBK joining Triple H and the party? Or maybe HBK turns face alone and feuds with Vince? You’ve got so many options there. Let’s see what you do there.
Rating: 8/10

~ Interesting to see, now, Hardcore Holly getting the Hardcore Championship.

Match 11
World Heavyweight Championship
Fatal 4 Way Match
Kurt Angle (c) vs Chris Benoit vs Chris Jericho vs Brock Lesnar

~ Should have done a promo before this match to further hype this match though. Anyway, the match starts really great with everyone gunning towards Brock and taking him out. Now, this match was really very exciting, and with the four best players from SmackDown!, what more could you expect. Wrestling wise, it was fantastic. Loved the german suplex spot in the middle of the match. And in the end, Angle retains his World Heavyweight Championship. Great match. But once again I saw you rushing in writing. Also, I wanted to see more from them (more in Length, I mean.)
Rating: 9/10

Match 12
Main Event
War Games Match
Team Foley vs Team Bischoff
The Rock, Mick Foley, Sting, RVD & Scott Hall
Edge, Christian, Shelton, Monty Brown & Chris Masters

~ Now for the main-event, I’ll do a little commentary type review. Good way to start off the match with both opponents disrespecting each other earlier. Edge and Hall start off the action nicely. And when Hall was looking to adding more offense to Edge, the another entrant, Masters comes down to further the match. Masters and Edge really dominate Hall until Mick Foley comes down for the save. Oh, no! I thought that Foley would save Hall, but he also gets his ass kicked by Edge and Masters, who have now got another partner in there corner, Shelton! Wow, Hall gets eliminated by Edge, and now only Foley is the only men left in his team, but still Foley dominates over Team Bischoff. Rob Van Dam now comes up and adds good offense towards Edge and Shelton. A’ight, Monty’s in! I thought that Monty would really add some damage to Rob Van Dam and Foley, but guess what, I was wrong. Foley hitting everyone with the barbed wire bat was superb. And then that Holy Shit moment from RVD was also superb. But then the tables turn as Masters, Monty and Shelton look to dominate on RVD. But here comes the People’s Champ to save his team-mates! And there goes Masters, thanks to The Rock Bottom! Thumbtacks! Ouch, those thumbtacks gotta hurt Foley! Christian’s now finally in. Double Mandiclaw!? That was cool. Damn, that Unprettier on the thumbtacks! That was great move. Foley needs to go to the hospital. And yay, indeed, as Foley is now out! Was really expecting Foley to remain there because it is actually his team, but his members might help him. Sting now comes in, but Tomko takes him out-cold with a big-boot! Okay, now the real brawl starts, and there goes Edge, thanks to Team Foley’s members. Shelton kicking out from the People’s Elbow impressed me. And I am glad that you are giving a good run to Shelton in this match. RVD’s gone, thanks to Monty! Now it’s 3-2. Right after three minutes, Monty also gets eliminated. The contest once again becomes even. And the next few minutes of the match were really awesome with Christian handcuffing Rock, and Shelton nailing some beautiful sick spots to Sting. And there goes Sting. So now the odds are against Rock, but I have a feeling that Rock would do it for Foley. Tomko now interferes and things become worse for Rock. Oh my gawd! Shelton misses the steel chair shot and hits Tomko instead, and Christian watches, who then Unprettiers Shelton! Rock comes up and screws the things even more for Bischoff, as Shelton is now eliminated. Damn, that Bischoff! Oh no, Kane comes back! Yeah! And Kane helps The Rock to gain the victory! I think that Kane should have returned as a heel, because that would have been perfect. But anyway, great match, with huge excitement factor present in it. Everything was perfect in the match, but just flow hurt a little bit.
Rating: 9.5/10

Overall Score
  • ~In matches, you get 87.5 out of 120 = 72.9% = C.
  • ~In promos, you get 68 out of 90 = 75.5% = C.
  • ~ And in total, you get 154.5 out of 210 = 73.5% = C. Man, I must say that the main-event was amazing. But every other match was rushed, and that might be the real problem. Hopefully you'll improve on next time. Now, review No Way Out.

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