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Smackdown: 01/04/04: Salt Lake City:

Smackdown video and music plays.
Michael Cole and Tazz introduce us to Smackdown. They go through matches already announced for tonight; U.S Title match between Gunn and Kanyon, Tag #1 Contenders match- Rikishi & Scotty vs. Big Show & A-Train and also Angle & Chavo vs. Lance Storm & Hurricane.

Bret’s music hits and we see the GM to a mixed reaction from the crowd.
He takes a microphone and tells the audience that he has a few points to make. Firstly, tonight Eddy Guerrero will have a WWE title rematch due to interference last week. He warns that if anyone gets involved will be automatically fired. He then says that Vince McMahon has guaranteed that Stone Cold will not be able to enter the arena tonight or ever again. Goldberg’s music hits. He comes face to face with Bret as the crowd chant his name. He demands a match tonight. Bret accepts. Says as he sounds desperate for a match, it will be a 2 on 1 match vs. Basham’s and it will be right now!! Bashams music hits and they sprint to the ring to take on Goldberg.

1st Match: Handicap Match:
Goldberg vs. Basham Brothers w/Shaniqua
Finish: Goldberg squashes the Bashams and Shaniqua in less than 4 minutes. He finishes by hitting a triple spear and then finishing with a Jackhammer on Doug. Afterwards, he signals to the crowd that he wants the title and points to the entrance shouting that Brock is next. Suddenly, Lesnar comes from the crowd and hits Goldberg with the belt to the back of the head. He then stands over Goldberg celebrating with the title.


We return as Chavo and Kurt stand by for an interview with Josh Matthews. They talk about Eddy and eventually Chavo challenges Eddy to face him in a Cage match next week. Hurricane then flies in. He warns Chavo and Kurt not to underestimate him and Citizen Storm tonight. He then gets involved in a hilarious war of words with Kurt Angle, ending with Hurricane mocking Angle’s 3 I’s and proclaiming, “What’s up with dat”.
The Rock arrives in his Limo surrounded by bodyguards.

2nd Match:
Billy Kidman vs. Shannon Moore
Finish: Kidman, throughout the match tries to get over as a heel, playing to the crowd and cheating in the ring. In the end, After missing a shooting star Kidman struggles to get to his feet, Moore rolls him up, only to be reversed as Kidman holds the ropes for victory. Afterwards he takes a mic and congratulates Shannon on a great performance. They shake, but Billy then hit’s a low blow and a Kid Krusher. He pounds on Shannon some more, until Rey makes the save. Kidman backs out and tells Rey not tonight.

Interview with Eddy Guerrero. He talks about everything he has battled through to get to this point, the WWE Title. Says after last week, he is hungrier than ever and knows he can beat Lesnar - and says he will tonight. He then is asked about Chavo. He accepts his challenge and will face him in a cage next week.


APA talk in their office. Unhappy with TWGTT remarks about them last week.
Sable talks to security, says that tonight they must make sure that no one interferes in the main event and that if someone does get by them, their lives will not be worth living.
Show and Train talk backstage before making their way to the ring.

3rd Match: #1 Contenders match for the Tag titles next week.
Big Show & A-Train vs. Rikishi & Scotty
Finish: After a fairly even match Show and Train take the upper hand by working on Scotty. Eventually he makes the tag and cleans house. However, the size and power of Show and Train prove to much as they finish Scotty with a double power bomb and Rikishi with a double choke slam for the win.

We then join The Rock in his locker room. Matthews asks for an interview, to which the rock asks “Who in the blue hell are you?”. As Josh begins to reply, Rock interrupts with “It doesn’t matter what your name is!” He kicks him out of the room for being a geek. He takes the mic and then says he has a message for Cena. He begins to make fun as Cena walks in behind him, Rock continues, not knowing that and just as he is about to finish he is cut off by John. Cena then makes fun of the rock and says 1999 called and it wants its catchphrases back. This infuriates the Rock even further. He spits at Cena and quickly runs behind his Bodyguards who force Cena out. The two continue to exchange words as the camera cuts off.

Bret then appears on the ramp and tells everyone that tonight, he has added Cena and Rock to the tag match later between, Chavo, Kurt and Storm and Hurricane. He then, gives a blown up introduction for La Resistance. They come to the ring and begin by talking in French. This angers the crowd who boo and call them assholes. They continue until…glass shatters and Austin enters in his pick up truck. He enters the ring and immediately stuns all three members of La Resistance. The crowd goes wild and the arena bellows with Austin chants. Bret then enters with three security guards and ask them to arrest the trespasser. He then stuns all three guards and even Bret. Austin then takes out a crate of beer. He drinks some, throws some to the crowd and then drenches Bret.


We return with highlights of earlier with SCSA and Bret. Tazz and Cole speculate what Austin may do next. They then talk about the U.S title up next and show clips of Kanyons recent performances talking about him being on a roll.

4th Match: U.S Championship:
Billy Gunn vs. Kanyon
Finish: After a close match Kanyon moves out of the Fame Asser and then delivers a Grand Kanyon for the clean victory and is crowned new US champ.

Storm and Hurricane talk backstage about teaming up for the first time since the invasion. They are passed by an ecstatic Kanyon who celebrates with the US title.
Bret Hart is shown on the phone talking to Vince about Austin.
Rey Mysterio interview. He says he will defend title against Kidman next week.

5th Match:
Kurt Angle, Chavo Guerrero and The Rock vs. Hurricane, Storm and John Cena.
Finish: To finish a great faced paced match, Hurricane makes a long awaited hot tag to Cena who takes down the opposition and as the other four pair off we are left with Cena and The Rock in the ring. Cena sets up Rock for the FU only to be reversed as Rock pushes him into the ropes and a Kurt Angle chair shot from the outside knocks Cena into a Rock Bottom as Rock gets the three count for the win.

La Resistance complain to Bret about Austin. Bret irate also.
Lesnar interview. He talks about being the greatest Champion ever, and does not need anyone’s help to defeat anyone. Talks about beating Goldberg man to man and will do the same with Eddy tonight.


Main Event: WWE Championship Match :
Brock Lesnar vs. Eddy Guerrero
Finish: The two men go through another twenty minute technical epic, which swings back and forth. Toward the climax, Eddy even kicks out of an F5 and Brock from a Frog Splash. Then Eddy kicks out of another F5 which shocks Brock and the whole entire audience. Brock then shields the referee from seeing a low blow to Eddy and hit’s a third F5 to pick up a tainted victory. We go off air with Brock clutching the belt just like last week as Cole claims the champion is a lucky, lucky man.

Well guys there’s another Smackdown. As always all your views, opinions and ratings are valued. Also from next week I will be posting RAW on Mondays and Smackdown on tuesdays. Backlash will be posted either on Wednesday or Thursday, but i'll know for definate after Raw. Thanks again guys and i look forward to hearing your views.

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