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RAW: 29/03/04: Nashville

Video runs of last weeks events, including, the announcement of HIAC at Backlash, Kane - HBK showdown and highlights of TLC ending with Kane screwing Michaels.
Raw video
And we open RAW, JR and King welcome us to Nashville for RAW and remind us tonight a WWE legend will return.

1st Match: Women’s Championship:
Lita vs. Jazz w/ T. Long
Finish: Lita hit’s a DDT on Jazz and baseball slides Long into the chest. She goes up top for the Moonsault only to be knocked off by Victoria leading to a DQ. She takes a chair into the ring and levels Lita, Jazz and Teddy Long before Rodney Mack runs in and nails Victoria with a German Suplex. This leads Steven Richards to attack Mack with a Singapore cane. He then plans to hit Lita only to be stopped by Matt Hardy. He hit’s the Twist of fate on Richards and signals Lita to hit the moonsault on him. Lita hit’s the move and they celebrate to the top of the ramp.

We then cut to Kane entering Foleys office. He demands a match tonight. Foley first gives Kane a warning not to ruin another main event and then makes Kane vs. Jericho later.
Al Snow, Rhyno, Matt Morgan and Tommy Dreamer sign up for Hardcore at Backlash. Brooklyn Brawler pushes through and also signs up. The four superstars then laugh at his entry and tell him to reconsider. He looks at them sternly and walks away.


2nd Match :
Booker T w/ Goldust vs. Test w/ Steiner
( As the four make their way to the ring, JR informs us that at Backlash it will be Test & Steiner vs. Booker & Goldust)
Finish: Steiner tries to distract the referee so Test can use a steel pipe. Test is then thwarted by Goldust who takes the pipe just as he is ready to swing. Goldust then hit’s a low blow setting up Booker to knock off Steiner and hit the Scissor Kick for the win. Afterwards they both do a version of the spin-a-roonie to the fans delight.

A “Hell in a Cell” moment plays on the tron - HHH defeating Cactus Jack ending his career, February 2000.
Highlights are then shown of TLC last week. Afterwards we cut to JR and King who inform us that all the superstars involved in the match last week will not be in action tonight but we will hear from all later.
Mick Foley is then seen preparing for the returning legend later. Coach then enters looking for an interview. Foley announces that this signing will blow Smackdown away and will put all of RAW on their toes.

3rd Match : Hardcore Rules:
Tommy Dreamer & Al Snow vs. Matt Morgan & Rhyno
Finish: Morgan dismantles Snow and Dreamer. Rhyno then makes a blind tag, picking up the victory. This infuriates Morgan who then takes a trash can. He knocks Rhyno down with the lid. He then proceeds to place the can on Rhynos head and plants him with a twirling power bomb. He leaves the scene with all the other three KO’d.


We return with Theodore Long giving instructions to his group. Foley interrupts and makes Matt Hardy vs. Orlando Jordan later. He also announces a triple threat match at Backlash for the Women’s Championship; Lita vs. Jazz vs. Victoria.
Evolution arrive to the arena
RVD interview from earlier in the day. Says if people thought TLC was brutal, expect HIAC to be 10 times worse, and he expects to leave with more cuts and bruises but also the World Heavyweight Title.
Maven and Jackie Gayda talk. Inter gender match up next.
Christian and Trish interview. Make fun of Y2J.

3rd Match:
Steven Richards & Victoria vs. Maven & Jackie Gayda
Finish: Theodore Long and company make their way to ringside during the match, distracting Richards and Victoria. Eventually, Maven pins Richards with the victory roll. Afterwards Long and co. wear out Richards and Victoria leaving them in the middle of the ring.

Evolution settle in dressing room. Talk about wanting to be the first to see the so called legend.


We return with an interview with the new tag team champions, Cade and Jindrak. They talk about finally getting some respect in the WWE and will now go on to prove they are the most dominant tag team on RAW and the WWE.
Another “Hell in a Cell moment” airs. Undertaker vs. Michaels - October 97
Kane interview. He tells all the entrants of HIAC to watch him destroy Jericho tonight, because this is a warning of what they can expect at Backlash, he singles out Undertaker and Michaels especially.

4th Match:
Chris Jericho vs. Kane with Christian and Trish doing colour commentary
Finish: Throughout match Christian and Trish make fun of Y2J’s manhood on commentary. Eventually Y2J locks in Walls of Jericho. Christian runs to the ring, pulling out the referee. An irate Jericho grabs Christian by the hair to the apron. Christian then pulls Jericho’s head to bounce off the ropes and right into Kane’s choke slam. Christian and Trish quickly run away. Kane then calls for a mic. He calls out Undertaker to face him right now. Taker enters to his music amid enormous cheers from the crowd. He goes face to face with Kane. Get right into a fight. Both men go punch for punch and battle all around ringside, busting each other open. Kane ends up on top with a Tombstone onto steel steps. He then walks to the ramp where he makes his trademark arm movement to signal fire from each corner. Once this is ignited, Taker sits up and Kane’s smile turns to shock.


We return with Lita thanking Matt for all his help recently and offers to accompany him tonight. He accepts.
Dudleyz interview. Give the youngsters a round of applause on their win last week, but will use their rematch clause at Backlash.
Val Venis and Maven are seen entering Hardcore list for PPV.
Jericho looks backstage for Christian. Set up by Trish as Christian takes out Y2J with a chair shot and a solo conchairto.

5th Match:
Matt Hardy w/ Lita vs. Orlando Jordan w/ T.Long and Co.
Finish: Matt hit’s the Twist of fate only for Mack to hit Hardy, causing a blatant DQ. 4 on 2 attack. Jazz holds women’s belt while the rest walk around the ring.

Evolution are seen talking again. They talk about HIAC plus the Legend. Flair says whoever he is he cannot be deemed a legend until he meets the Ric Flair seal of approval.
HBK interview from home. Says Kane has unleashed a real monster at Backlash, HBK!! Talks about how determined he is to walk out of HIAC as champion.
JR and King preview Backlash so far, and talk about tonight’s events.


Mick Foley’s music hits through the arena as the crowd pops big time for the GM. He takes the mic and proceeds to make his big announcement. He reads a long list about the legend and just as he is about to introduce him, Evolutions music hits. Foley is rather pissed off. Evolution say they want to greet this so called legend to RAW personally. Stings music then hits. The crowd goes wild big time for this. Camera cuts to Flair who is absolutely shocked and irate. He goes mad around the ring as Sting appears. Sting gets to the ring and is just about to speak when Flair attacks him. Evolution attack Sting. Foley tries to help Sting but is beaten by the numbers. Eventually Sting and Foley turn the tables and take down all of Evolution. Sting then sets up each member for a Stinger Splash in each corner and then locks in a Scorpion deathlock on Flair. We end the show with Evolution running to safety, grabbing Flair from the ring, as Foley and Sting celebrate in the ring.

There’s another edition of RAW. Hope you guys enjoyed the show. Please I’d love to read your ratings as usual. Until next time, bye.
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