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Re: Presenting: Paul Heyman's Evolution Pro Wrestling.

20th January 2007

Heyman makes an announcement that he will not be publicly announcing ANY of the members of his roster for the opening show! He tells the fans to trust him with this and tune in, because they won’t be disappointed with who they see!

29th January

Heyman, DiBiase, Szatowski, Lamonica and Styles have their final meeting before the first show.

Heyman: Gentlemen. We are set. We have wrestlers scheduled for our first 4 shows, we have them all tied up on Contracts, some exclusive some not. We have sponsorships from several major companies and Joey has insisted on contributing funding to the organisation as well.

Styles: We’re definitely going to make a huge impact on the industry, I still think we should’ve announced our major signings before we air, but time will tell.

Ted: It’s an experiment Joey, we know we’re going to have a full house at the ballroom and if it fails we can recover. We have 20 talented wrestlers tied up at the moment, and in 6 months time we will have Rob, and we will also get Sabu, Bubba, Devon, and more than likely Tommy Dreamer.

Heyman: Tommy has expressed no desire to have an in-ring role, he said he would be happier with a behind the scenes roll and a small on-screen role.

Ted: All will be sorted when Tommy comes on board.

Marc: One thing is certain gentlemen, we are definitely going to shake up the industry like never before and we are going to piss a lot of people off, particularly one Vince McMahon and one Dixie Carter.

Styles: I fail to see the problem.

Rob: Vince is always pissed off anyway.

Heyman: Pissing people off is not our goal gentlemen. We need to make an impact. CW have shown a lot of faith in us here, we can’t let them down. They’re not happy with how Smackdown is going for them, so if we out rate Smackdown, hopefully we can get 2 hours. Smackdown is our main enemy for the moment, we want to be better than Smackdown and make the CW happy! We can’t be concerned with pissing people off gentlemen, we have to be concerned with pleasing the fans, pleasing our employees, and most of all pleasing the network.

Ted: Fair call, Paul

Heyman: Now gentleman, I must bid you farewell, because I need to catch some sleep, the next few days are set to be big ones!

OOC: Preview for the first show will be up tomorrow.

The first show will hopefully be up Wednesday or Thursday at the latest.
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