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Re: Presenting: Paul Heyman's Evolution Pro Wrestling.


5th December 2006:

Paul Heyman is called into a meeting with Vince McMahon and Stephanie McMahon-Levesque and is subsequently released from the WWE following the disappointing ECW: December to Dismember PPV.

8th December 2006:

Paul Heyman is having a quiet cup of coffee in downtown New York, when a fan approaches him and asks for an Autograph and a photo.

Heyman and the fan get to talking about Old ECW days, as Heyman was obviously impressed with the fans knowledge of the business.

Eventually they start talking about Heyman’s release and the fan asks whether Heyman had considered starting a new fed or not, Heyman says he has, but he knows that he doesn’t have the financials or the management skills to start a new organisation, the fan then points out that surely Heyman must know other people who can assist with the financials and management, just like they did in the old ECW days. The fan told Heyman that he just needs to get people to trust him.

With that thought, Heyman quickly leaves after wishing the fan good day and thanking him for the chat.

9th December 2006:

Heyman makes a few phone calls to certain people, expressing his ideas, some of which don’t want a bar of it, and others who are interested immediately.

12th December 2006:

Heyman makes more calls to the interested people from the earlier calls, arranging for them to meet on the 14th of December at Heyman’s home.

14th December 2006:

Heyman is awaiting the arrival of his guests to his home for the meeting.
He hears a knock at the door..

Heyman: Ted, welcome, it’s good to see you.

Ted: Likewise, it’s been too long.

Heyman: Far too long indeed. If we can agree to this new business venture, we won’t have to go without seeing each other for very long time.

Heyman pours a drink for Ted and himself.

Ted: Indeed Paul. Here’s to new beginnings.

Heyman:I’ll toast to that.

Ted: So when are the other guests arriving?

Heyman: To be honest with you, I only really expect another 1, maybe 2 people to arrive.

With that said, there is another knock on the door.

Heyman: There’s another one.

Heyman opens the door with a grin on his face.

Heyman: Marc, my old friend, welcome!

Marc: It’s good to see you Paulie.

Heyman: Ted, you’ve met Marc Lamonica, haven’t you?

Ted: Of course I have.

Marc: The Million Dollar Man, Ted DiBiase. You are someone I definitely did not expect to see here today.

Ted: Expect the unexpected Marc, but I must say, your appearance was also unexpected. I assume you wouldn’t want TNA to find out what you’re up to today?

Marc: Definitely n..

Heyman: (cutting in) Which brings me to this, what is said in this room today, stays in this room. No one can know.

With that said, another knock is on the door.

Heyman: About time you showed your face. I expected you to be first here.

3rd Guest: I over slept. Big night last night, man.

Marc: Do you realise this is the first time we’ve been in the same room since last year’s One Night Stand?

3rd Guest : I do. It’s been too long…and Ted, I haven’t seen you since Wrestlemania.

Ted: My appearance on Wrestlemania was an absolute joke, yours however, was all class.

3rd Guest: Thanks Ted, it means a lot…Bubba, what about you? What about TNA???

Marc: I could ask you the same question, Rob. What about WWE?

Rob: That doesn’t matter at the moment, Bubba. We’re not here to talk about that, man.

Heyman: Exactly right, lets get down to this; all of you have a seat. Mr DiBiase, Mr Lamonica, Mr Szatowski, as you are all aware, I have a proposition for the 3 of you. You all know I got sacked from the WWE a few days ago; well I’m devising a plan that will bring the WWE down. I have the vision of starting up an entirely new company.

All I want to discuss today is getting you 3 on board with the venture and then we will go from there. Now, obviously the main issue is funding. Over the past few years during my employment with WWE, I have saved some money and I also have some investments around the place that I can sell off, but that won’t give me all I need to start.

So I’m going to come straight out to the 3 of you. Ted, I know you’re very well off financially, and a well-minded business man, I’m hoping that you will lay it out, and become a partner in my new company.

Ted:You forget that you’re not the only man here, who has been recently made redundant by Vince McMahon and you forget you’re not the only man here with a passion for the business. Say no more, I’m in.

Heyman: Bubba Ray, I know you’re contracted with TNA, but I also know you’ve always had the intention to be part of your own company one day, this is your opportunity. I know there is an issue with TNA, but your contract will expire in a year, and nothing is stopping you from making the investment and reaping the benefits. You know I will be forever thankful for your management abilities during the old ECW, and I would be honoured if you would fill the same role with me again. I know you’re very smart with your money and I know you’ve got a lot saved away, Marc, this is the perfect investment. You just need to trust me.

Marc: As good as it sounds Paul, I will have to look into the repercussions if TNA were to find out what I was up too.

Heyman: I understand totally, Marc.

Marc: Excellent, you will have my answer as soon as possible.

Heyman: And ROB VAN DAM I know you’re..

Rob: (cutting in) I’m in. I’ve got 6 months left in the E. I’m in. I’ll invest everything possible to get this up and going as soon as possible!

Heyman: Well that was easy. So I have 2 yes’ and 1 maybe. I can live with that. I will be in contact with you both when I look further into how much funding will be required to get us started. I will obviously leave it up to you guys how each of you is involved.

Ted: Paul. I’m going to say it straight. You’re in charge. We’ll add the funding, but you’re going to run the show. I don’t want to be used much on-air, if at all, I would like to be involved in the booking, but other than that I have no requirements, I just don’t want my money to go to waste.

Rob: Until I get out of the E, I want to keep it as quiet as I can that I’m involved with this so I don’t get involved in a law suit.

Marc: If I go ahead, I will most definitely handle the money management. No questions. However, I want one thing guaranteed from the outset. I want Devon in as soon as I come in, our contracts expire at the same time, I don’t want the main event to be dominated by Triple H, Batista and John Cena clones and most of all, I will be in the same boat as Rob, it will be all under the table 'till I'm out of TNA.

Heyman: Done, done and done. Short and sweet gentleman. Thank you for your time. You won’t be regretting it.

Heyman shows DiBiase, Bubba Ray Dudley and RVD to the door and then lets out a big sigh of relief, with a small smile of success.

OOC: There you have it, there's the start, more of the back story will be up in time.

15th December.

Heyman makes contact with Joey Styles via phone.

Joey: Hello Paul.

Heyman: Joey, this has to be short. There’s going to be a rebirth. This time a real one. New name. Same passion as ECW.

Joey: What about money?

Heyman: Sorted. I have 3 backers who are willing to support this.

Joey: Who!?

Heyman: Never mind. We’re having a meeting in 3 days, at my place. Make sure you’re there my friend.

Joey: You can guarantee it.

18th December 2006

Joey Styles arrives at Paul Heyman’s house earlier than requested.

Heyman: Joey, you’re early, you better hope that Vince doesn’t find out what you’re up too!

Styles: Vince can kiss my ass.

Heyman: Oh my god, tell me you did not just say that Joey Styles!!!!

Styles: *laughing* Paul Heyman, always the smartass.

Then another knock at the door, and it’s Marc Lamonica and Rob Szatowski.

Heyman: Gentleman, come in.

Ted DiBiase then arrives behind them.

Styles: Rob Van Dam, Bubba Dudley and Ted DiBiase…I’m already interested. Let’s get to this Paul.

Heyman: Well Joey, you’re the only one that needs to be filled in, and I will do that when we’re finished here.

Styles: They already know what this is about?

Heyman: Yes they do. Is that a problem?

Styles: Ah. No. Definitely not, Paul.

Heyman: Okay, so. How do we approach this? Do we try for TV time from the get go or will we work towards it?

Styles: Shouldn’t we worry about funding first?

Heyman: Non-issue. You are looking at the 3 backers I told you about.

Styles: Right, and why do 2 of them work for opposition companies?

Heyman: All will be explained Joey!

Rob: I say we go for TV time Paul. You’ve got enough pull in the industry to make it happen.

Ted: I agree.

Marc: I was thinking the other night, that we should do what TNA does while we’re getting established, we should just do our shows from one location, it would save on fee’s in that regard if we can sign a long term contract.

Heyman: Brilliant idea. Where would be the ideal location? Philly?

Rob: I can’t believe you have to ask, the Ballroom is obviously the answer!

Styles: Exactly, the fan base is there as well, as soon as people find out who’s running the show, they will come!

Heyman: So we’re running out of the ballroom and we’re going for TV time, done.

Styles: What about talent?

Heyman: Well there are plenty of big name free agents running around. There are plenty of indy wrestlers out there looking to make it big. There are plenty of disgruntled wrestlers out there currently tied up and there are plenty of ways to get out of a contract, Joey.

Styles: Booking committee?

Ted: You’re looking at it.

Heyman: So, I think that’ll just about do it for us. I’ll put some feelers out there, and I’ll speak to some contacts at the ballroom. As soon as I can sort something with a TV station and can sort something with the Ballroom, I’ll be in touch.

Ted: Don’t you think these people and mainly the fans are going to want to know what we have to offer them?

Heyman: They’ll just have to trust me. And they will.

19th December

Heyman hooks up something with the ballroom with the greatest of ease. He also looks into potential sponsors for the company to bring extra income.
Later that night he also attends a TNA house show, which starts a spout of rumours in the wrestling community about Heyman’s impending arrival in TNA.

20th December

Heyman gets on the Bubba the Love Sponge Show.

Bubba: Tonight we are joined by the evil genius himself, Paul Heyman!

Heyman: Evening Bubba.

Bubba: So Paul, lets cut straight to the chase, what’s the go man, what happened with the WWE?

Heyman: No time for small talk huh? Basically, the final nail in the coffin was the ECW: December to dismember Pay per view. It was shit, and even though I had hardly any say what happened on the show, Vince and Stephanie said it was entirely my fault that the show was crap.

Bubba: That’s abit rough, so you’re saying that you had nothing to do with the booking at the PPV?

Heyman: Did you see CM Punk walk out the ECW Champion?

Bubba: Nope.

Heyman: Well there’s your circumstantial evidence that I wasn’t booking. If it was up to me, I would’ve made the kid the champion straight away. He can wrestle, he can talk and he got a bigger pop than DX at Survivor Series.

Bubba: So you’re a punk fan?

Heyman: Definitely. So much so that you could say he’s on my hitlist.

Bubba: Hitlist?

Heyman: That’s right. I’m looking into the possibility of starting a new promotion from scratch.

Bubba: WOW! Big news..

Heyman: Don’t get too excited yet, I’m still weighing up a few other options and checking financials…

Bubba: What about funding?

Heyman: Not an issue. I know the right people.

Bubba: Well let’s hear it Paul, who else is on your hitlist? Would I be right in the assumption that RVD & Sabu would be at the top?

Heyman: Definitely. I’m not gonna lie. They’re very close personal friends of mine, the only issue is RVD is under contract with WWE for another 6 months or so, and Sabu is tied up until around July next year, so that presents a problem.

Bubba: How do you know they’d even leave the E?

Heyman: Trust me. They’ll leave. Without a doubt. You have to trust me, that something everyone is going to have to do in the coming weeks and months.

Bubba: Who else then Paul?

Heyman: No more names Bubba, I think you’re just getting ahead of yourself abit here. I will say that I have been watching indy promotions regularly and there is an array of talent out there I would like to showcase on a more national basis, I will also say there are some fairly lucrative free agents out there at the moment and that certain contracts have certain clauses in them.

Bubba: Interesting. I think it would be an understatement to say that if you decide to go ahead with this venture Paul, it will garner a whole heap of interest from the wrestling community.

Heyman: I can only hope so, people just need to trust me. Now, lets talk about something else.

Bubba: Okay, you’re thoughts on TNA’s VKM angle?

Heyman: I watch TNA regularly, and I think it’s a load of crap. It comes over as two bitter old men that are pissed off that they aren’t part of DX anymore. Their acceptance of the challenge from the Hardyz and threats to Vince were not even given a second glance. I think this angle would’ve come across better if it were 2 guys, who were never actually apart of the Degeneration X fraction in the past, were trying to stop it.

Bubba: Interesting. Kurt Angle, your thoughts on his jump to TNA?

Heyman: He got out early off the sinking ship that is ECW the new bread unleashed. And trust me, he won’t be the only one.

Bubba: You’re asking for a lot of trust aren’t you?

Heyman: Sure am.

Bubba: Why should people trust you Paul? The fans, the wrestlers, the networks?

Heyman: Because I’m Paul Heyman.

Bubba: er. Okay. Anyway Paul, I think we’ll leave it there, thanks for the chat.

Heyman: No, Thank YOU Bubba.

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