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Smackdown: 24/03/04 Philadelphia

We start with the Smackdown opening video


Michael Cole and Tazz then proceed to welcome us to the first official Smackdown under Bret Hart. They remind us of tonights main event, Brock Lesnar defending the WWE Title against Eddy Guerrero with GM Bret Hart as Special Guest Referee.

Lesnars music hits and we see the WWE Champ. On his way to the ring he taunts the crowd posing with the belt.
We milks the crowd calling him an asshole and they then chant Goldberg, bringing Lesnars smug look to a scowl. He immediately tells the crowd to shut up. This only gets the crowd to chant louder. Eventually the chant dies down as Lesnar begins to talk. He tells the crowd that what happened last week with Goldberg was a one off and that the only way for Goldberg to get the upper hand on him was by catching him off guard and challenges him to face him right now - Man to Boy. This riles the crowd even more who begin the Goldberg chants again. Then the Goldberg music hits to an unreal reaction. He stands at the entrance and looks at Brock with a grin. He then tells Brock now that he has signed a new contract, he has drawn up a hitlist and Brock is next. Goldberg makes his way to the ring and pauses before getting in. The Hitmans music plays and the GM rushes out. He tells Goldberg that he doesn’t care who is next because it wont be tonight as he has the night off. Goldberg is irate, as Lesnar laughs.


We return with Goldberg being escorted into a limo with Brock waving him off. He is then confronted by Eddy. Eddy tells him to concentrate on him tonight, he then walks off. Brock mutters to himself that it will be a piece of cake.
Cole and Tazz then talk about tonights matches and also that the Rock will appear via video link from Hollywood.

1st Match: U.S Championship:
Billy Gunn vs. Danny Basham
Finish: Billy hit’s the fame asser on Danny as Shaniqua distracts the referee. Billy knocks her off the apron as Doug swaps with Danny. Billy goes to pick up who he thinks is Danny only to be cradled by Doug. Billy just kicks out and then….. Glass Shatters and Steve Austins music plays to a deafening reception from the crowd. He enters in his pick-up truck as the commentators declare their disbelief at his entry. “ He’s supposed to be fired, Austin is supposed to be fired!!”. 3.16 enters the ring and proceeds to stun Doug, Danny, Billy and Shaniqua. The referee tells him to stop but is met with a stunner also. He calls for a beer and poses for the crowd before re entering his truck and leaving to a huge crowd reaction

Backstage, Bret is raging with what he has just saw and phones McMahon to ask him what the hell Austin is doing ruining his show. La Resistance enter the room and Bret tells Vince to sort the problem. He talks to La Rez telling them he likes them a lot and they have a great future. Says as Tag title match was made last week over his head, it is scrapped and instead La Resistance will face T.W.G.T.T for the titles tonight.

2nd Match: Cruiserweight Championship
Rey Mysterio vs. Tajiri
Finish: With Akio&Sakoda Banned from ringside Rey wins the match with a 619 and West Coast Pop. Afterwards, A & S run out and begin a 3on 1 attack. Kidman runs in to make the save but after clearing the ring of the Japanese he turns on Mysterio and hit’s a Shooting star for insult. He leaves to a barrage of boo’s.


Big Show and A-Train go to Brets room irate. Want their tag title shot. Bret says they can have a two on one match against anyone they want. They pick Cena. Bret grants match.
Interview with W.G.T.T. Say they have proved they are better than everyone and will again tonight against Resistance

Sable enters Harts room. She offers her services as a secretary to Bret. He thinks it’s a good idea and accepts.


3rd Match:
Chavo Guerrero vs. Spanky
Finish: Chavo no shows to the match and Spanky is declared the winner.

We are shown Rock preparing for his appearance from Hollywood.
Hurricane and Storm talk backstage about their trade from RAW.

4th Match: WWE Tag Team Championships:
T.W.G.T.T vs. La Resistance
Finish: After a decent match, Conway interferes on behalf of La Rez as the ref is KO’d. APA enter and take out all three members of la resistance for Haas to get the win.

Eddy Guerrero interview. He ponders whereabouts of Chavo but then says nothing will come between him and the WWE Title tonight.
Haas and Benjamin are asked why APA helped them. They say they paid APA to help them tonight. They go on to say they are not only the greatest, but the smartest, by tricking two drunks for a small amount of money. They walk away laughing.


5th Match: Two on One:
Big Show and A-Train vs. John Cena
Finish: Cena puts up a valiant effort and after a hard fought match, Train accidentally kicks Show out of the ring he then walks into an FU and just as Cena is about to pin Train, The Rock appears on the tron, distracting Cena. Show gets back in and Choke slams Cena for the win. Rock laughs at Cena’s stupidity as he gets to his feet. The Rock then insults Cena who gets a mic and the pair engage in a war of words. The two trade insults when Cena delivers another unforgettable rap. Rock then calls for the camera to cut as Cena smiles.

Hart catches up with La Resistance and tells them not to worry about tonights loss as Conway has been added to US #1 Contender match next. He then tells Show and Train if they beat Rakishi & Scotty next week they will get a tag title shot.


Kanyon interview. Says that after he got a chance last week he has been reborn and tonight will become the #1 Contender for the US Title.

6th Match: #1 Contender Match for US Championship:
Chris Benoit vs. Kanyon vs. Rob Conway
Finish: Conway takes out the ref after a bad call. He signals for La Resistance and they run to his aid only to be stopped by Benoit. Conway is distracted with what is going on outside and is rolled up by Kanyon who picks up the victory and now faces Billy Gunn next week.

Sable orders security to make sure no one interferes or they will face the wrath of McMahon
Bret gets prepared in his referee uniform.
Brock is seen making his way backstage.
Eddy looks into the mirror and tells himself this is his time.


Main Event: WWE Championship Match w/Special Guest Referee, GM Bret Hart
Brock Lesnar vs. Eddy Guerrero
Finish: Lesnar accidently clotheslines Hart leaving no official. Then it cuts to backstage where Goldberg is seen taking on all the Security and runs to the ring taking out Lesnar with a spear and Jackhammer. He then leaves with a major smile. Eddy is about to get the cover when Kurt hits an Angle slam, leaving Brock to get a cover. Bret gets back up and makes the count, 1.….2.….Eddy kicks out. Bret then banishes Kurt from ringside as Chavo attacks Eddy with brass knucks behind Harts back. Lesnar gets an arm over the bloody Eddy for the victory to retain the WWE Title.
Lesnar takes his belt and scurries out of the ring cherishing the title knowing just how lucky he his as the show ends.

Well guys there is another edition of Smackdown. I got it out early this week as plans I made fell through. Hopefully I’ll get another RAW and Smackdown out later in the week and as always all your views and ratings are valued.
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