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Raw: 22/03/04, Long Island

We begin with a recap of last weeks events, including the firings, and Mick Foley being named new GM of RAW.

Raw music plays. Fireworks, and we are greeted by JR and The King for RAW live from Mick Foleys home town, Long Island.

Mick Foleys music blasts into the arena to a huge pop, and the new GM makes his way to the ring. First he hypes tonights main event, TLC for the tag titles right here, in LONG ISLAND to another huge pop. He then tells us that the face of raw will change forever now that he has returned on a full time basis. His first business is to announce the main event for Backlash. Foley begins saying the even though it hurts him to say it, Triple H is the No.1 contender to a chorus of boos. Evolutions music then hits. They gather at the top of the ramp as HHH begins to speak. He tells Foley that the multiple Sledgehammer shots at WM must have given him sense to make HHH #1 contender. Foley smiles and cuts off HHH. He says that HHH is not the only #1 contender, and points to Randy Orton signalling that Orton is also, this brings a smile to Ortons face. HHH then says that Foley must have something against HBK because HHH and Randy are going to rip him apart at Backlash. Foley again cuts off HHH, and says there are also another contender, The Undertaker. The crowd then gives a massive cheer. Kanes music then plays. He walks right through Evolution and right into Foleys face. He demands to be included as a #1 contender. Foley tells him to step back and relax as he is a #1 contender and also RVD. Foley then explains why so many Contenders have been named, reminds everyone that the last major match he signed was December 2000, 6 man Hell in a Cell. He thinks it is fitting to start his new regime where he left off and officially announces, HBK vs HHH vs Orton vs Undertaker vs Kane vs RVD for the Heavyweight title in Hell in a cell at Backlash. All present are shocked. Arena goes into darkness and Takers music plays, tron shows clips of past hell in a cell moments involving Taker. Lights return, and everyone of the contenders look shaken.


Booker is backstage and is confronted by Test. Steiner attacks Booker from behind leading to a 2 on 1 assault.

1st match;
Matt Hardy vs. Steven Richards
(Clip shown before match of Matt saving Lita from Richards and Victria last week)
Finish: Victoria runs to ringside distracting Matt as Richarsd grabs the tights for a tainted win. They proceed to attack Matt who is saved by Lita.

Evolution talk in their dressing room. HHH says he has nothing to fear in Hell in a Cell because Orton is going to help him regain the Title. Orton half heartedly agrees but is seen to be unhappy.
Foley interview. Announces that the Hardcore title will return at Backlash in a 15 man, 15 minute, Invitational Iron Man Match.
Jackie Gayda frets backstage. Maven asks her whats wrong. She explains that she has a mixed tag match next, and now Rico has been fired she has no partner. Maven offers to partner her.

2nd Match:
Christian & Trish vs. Maven & Jackie
Finish: Jackie gets roll up victory on Trish. Christian then attacks Jackie as Maven is out on the outside. Jericho runs in with a chair taking out Christian. He grabs Trish by the hair, but still cant bring himself to hitting her. Eventually Christian nails Y2J with a low blow and an Unprettier onto the I.C belt.


We return with an Interview with HBK. Talks about the Cell match and TLC tonight. Kane. Kane tells HBK to cherish all the moments he has with the belt because at Backlash, he wont have it anymore. HBK shows no fear and tells Kane he can all he wants but has to prove he is good enough to take the title.
Christian and Trish quickly pack to leave. Stopped by Foley. Foley signs Christian vs. Jericho at Backlash for I.C title.

3rd Match:
Booker T vs. Test
(Before match we are shown clips of last weeks attack and also tonights earlier assault)
Finish: Booker ducks the Boot and hits a Book End for the win. Steiner then attacks Book, leading to another 2 on 1 attack. Goldust then runs to the ring to help Booker as Test and Steiner are shocked to see Goldust, hightailing. Goldust then helps Booker. Booker hugs the returning Goldust to a massive cheer.

Cuts back to an Interview with Theodore Long. Says no one can deny that he and Rodney Mack are being held down by the man after Mark Henry being fired. Says he has found new blood to back the mack, Orlando Jordan. Jordan enters and takes the mic. He says that he was held down on Smackdown, but wont be held down on RAW.
Dudleyz prepare for TLC.
We then see Matt Morgan make his way backstage for match. JR and King talk about how huge he is and he is going to be a dominant force.


4th Match:
Matt Morgan vs. Tommy Dreamer
Finish: Morgan crushes Dreamer within 3 minutes finishing him with a major twirling Powerbomb.

Backstage, Ric Flair gets Orton and Batista fired up for TLC.
RVD and HBK meet up. Talk about being partners tonight but not at Backlash. Shake hands.
Mick Foley finishes a phone call, then calls in Terri to announce that he has just signed a WWE legend for RAW who will appear next week.
Jr and King then speculate what WWE legend it could be.

5th match:
Chuck Palumbo & Sean O'Haire vs. Rodney Mack & Orlando Jordan
Finish: Teddy Long is ejected from ringside distracting Mack and Jordan giving O' Haire the chance to put Jordan on the outside as Palumbo hits the Jungle Kick on Mack and O'Haire then hits his swanton bomb for the victory.

Interview with Cade and Jindrak. Say that tonight they will step up and prove they are the best tag team on raw by taking out evolution, the so called champs the dudleys, and stealing the show from Michaels and RVD.
HHH and Flair talk backstag about helping Orton and Batista. Foley interrupts. Tells them they wont interfere because they are leaving right now. Both irate.


Main Event: TLC for World tag titles:
Dudleyz vs Evolution vs Cade & Jindrak vs HBK & RVD
Finish: With Orton and Batista KO'd after a double 5 Star from RVD off the ladder through a table, Cade and Jindrak brawling with the Dudleyz, HBK climbs the ladder to take the belts only to be stopped by Kane who chokeslams HBK off the ladder through a table. The Dudleyz begin to scale the ladder but are also stopped by Kane who hits a double chokeslam. Kane laughs at HBKs prone, lifeless body as Cade and Jindrak gets the belts and are crowned new tag team champions. They leave as we finish the show with Kanes deranged face laughing as he stands over HBK.
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