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Re: Being The Booker

Okay Wolfy, I know it's not complete, but I'll edit in my other thoughts tomorrow. Some stuff may not make sense/be helpful due to being incomplete, but I'll fix that by editing in the rest of my thoughts/review tomorrow...well, yeah, that's about it. I gotsta go to bed!

I'm only harsh because I love ya, so keep that in mind when reading this WRESTLEMANIA 22 REVIEW! And yes, I did read it, thoroughly (aside from commentating) despite this review being up early.

WM opening video- ...speechless. No, seriously, for the first time ever in BTB I was almost moved, like, the wrestlers sitting there, naming their defining WM moments and what it means to them, just really set the mood for the night and made this show really seem special. Awesome job of hyping it, very well written...I really loved it. Yeah, that sounds gay, big whoop wanna fight about it? 10/10

WGTT vs AMW- Great choice for an opening match, two fast paced teams to excite the crowd. Liked the early covers in the beginning, both teams really showing they want to win. Very realistic action, not going all out in the beginning and keeping it more on the ground, but it built up with quicker action, more spots, then more quick action and spots, and it all led up to an exciting and unpredictable finish. I think AMW could of used more offense here, I mean, they were expected to win since they loss the first encounter, yet WGTT had the more dominating spots and moments, which I didn't agree with. Good match, although some parts seemed rushed where it could of used more detail in terms of writing and explaining the movements of wrestlers. 7/10

Goldust/Booker/T segment- This was hilarious, and very realistic to the duo of Goldust and Booker. Set the jokes up correctly and the punchlines paid off, came off funny instead of corny, hard to do here. In character, entertaining...what more could you want? Well, there's one thing I want...Mr.T's famous line? Where was it?! "I pity the fool"...was nowhere to be found. Didn't hype anything, but provided an entertaining and memorable segment. Oh, and the best line was "other standers by (jobbers not worth mentioning)", haha, sad but true. 9/10

Trish vs Shaniqua- First off, I hate women's wrestling in the WWE (most of the time) so I already am feeling 'meh' about this match. It was booked well, however, with Shaniqua just toying with Trish, dominating her with powermoves like military press and sidewalk slam, stuff that normal women don't do in the ring. Trish recovered a bit too quickly after being dominated with powerbombs, sidewalk slams, etc for about six minutes, but aside from that it was a good, well-written match with few things to dislike about it. Well, actually, the end seemed a bit too predictable after the Stratusphere, but won't nitpick more than that, 8/10

JBL interview- The length was great, the beginning was PHENOMENAL, it was in character, and it was entertaining to read for the most part. What more could really be wanted? The whole interview seemed very realistic and JBL-ish. Only two things I disliked. The paragraph where he listed who he's beaten...he shoulda kept it at that, because the jokes about Hardy's wins felt forced and not funny, nor entertaining. Second, repeating his 'wrestling gawd' line twice at the end (at beginning and end of last paragraph) felt overboard and brought it down a bit. Other than those two things, however, perfection. 9/10

Hardy vs JBL- Basic moves from the men, but they don't do much fancy anyway, so that works. The striking and fighting started the match off nice and had a good heat to it, buth men wanting to fight for it all...but...counted out? Sweet, restarted, no count outs! Hardy gaining the advantage here was nice, giving the face a good time to work over the opponent...but of course, JBL cheats and it's a DQ....restarted again? Eh, a bit much, but match continues so I'm happy. Matt continues his domination on the champ with the side effect and the leg drop with a bunch of steam behind him...but Bashams and Noble interfere, excellent booking there, toying with fans emotions. But of course, the heels fuck up and Hardy is the champ! YES! You got all the right moves in and made it an entertaining brawl, but the interference, the match restarts...WAAAY too overbooked for only a short 10 minute match. If it was over 15 or even 20, it woulda been much better and didn't seem rushed or cramped, but it was. Still enjoyed it, though (especially since Hardy won). 7/10

HHH vs Shane- Wow, SO much better than I thought it'd be, and very well booked. HHH dominating the beginning, just destroying HHH with chokes, kicks, etc was very realistic, and McMahon's small comeback with the crossbody over the barricade was very creative, and once again, realistic, making the match mean more and be more entertaining. Also, the fan (Steve-O) stopping HHH's chair shot and then getting decked is a great way to try and get Shane over more as a face, having 'fans' even trying to help him win. The back and forth with Shane making his small comebacks were perfectly placed and really added something special to the match, and again just made it more realistic. HHH being the first to bleed also helped a lot, making this underdog match start to tell a great story. Finally, the moment of the night...SHANE FALLS 50 FEET ONTO THE FLOOR(or so the commentators tell us )! HHH nails the Pedigree, and it's over, call 9-1-1. Shane's fall was sick, but, it should have ended sooner considering how much of a Holy Fecal-Matter moment that really is. So far, this is MOTN, a great booked and written underdog match. 9/10

Heyman interview- Really great stuff, putting Lesnar over as just a force of destruction that would take out even his own friend/manager, which means he'd have no problem killing Benoit. Hyped their match in a big and exciting way, and now I'm double guessing on who'll win...but I still choose Benoit. Wasn't very detailed or lengthy, but it didn't have to be. 10/10

By the way, Tazz ready to fight Coach was hilarious. I want to see that match on RAW or something

HHH/Steamboat segment- I found this really pointless. No one actually thought HHH was gonna ruin the show, so having him taken away in handcuffs by the GM seemed over the top and wasted time. No rating due to length and such, but, this better be planting a seed for something BIG (HHH vs GM(Steamboat) fued?).

Jericho vs Taker- Right off the bat, AWESOME booking with Jericho throwing the dust into Taker's eyes and going for the pin, and then trying to get Taker counted out, SUCH heel moves make me a happy man, just amazing booking to start off. From there, it was just amazing back and forth action, intense and exciting to read...I just fell in love with this match, and you made Jericho into the ultimate heel. Well written, amazingly booked, great length...MOTN! 10/10

Hogan interview- Got his character perfectly. The ending lines were great, also. Good length for the interview as fell, so full marks in my books. 10/10

Hogan/Foley/Rhino vs Batista/Flair/Dinsmore- Don't match much interest in this match to start. Goes off into a fight quickly as it should, with the teams brawling kinda sloppily all over the ring and the floor. 6 man tags with people of this age/wrestling style don't generally produce great matches. Although you made Dinsmore look like a wrestling beast, loved that. I think Flair spent a bit too much time in the ring considering his age, but that's forgiveable. Enjoyable read, decent match, awesome ending for a WM match with legends like Hogan and Foley. Wasn't meant to be a great match, just a great moment, so mission accomplished. 7/10

DX segment- Short and sweet...maybe a bit too short, but not bad. Some strong words from HBK, glad to read them though, HBK has always been like this and fit his character perfectly. Hmm, DX members are tired of being lackeys? Good, PLEASE split them up, this isn't DX, this is HBK and three random midcarders! Hope to see HBK turn face and battle DX with maybe Jindrak at his side, could be a good fued. This did a decent job of hyping their match later, but unfortunately the focus was turned to a possible DX split instead, taking away from the original goal. 7/10

Roll Of The Dice match- So...Mysterio is the only one to get pinned in the match, and THEN wins a shot at the WWE Championship? I did NOT like that booking, at all, whatsoever. Someone else shoulda taken the loss. Although, credit to you for writing a multi-man match of this caliber and have it make sense. 8/10

Christian interview- 10/10

Christian vs Austin- 9/10

Hart vs Angle- Liked the pacing the match started out with, The victory roll spot from Hart/Hart was an amazing touch to the match, really. The ending was intense and I really didn't see it coming untilt he final few lines, very exciting match overall with tons of near falls and a great story to go along with it. You transformed Angle into this monster with Hart fighting for his life...man, this was just wonderful. Thank you for making a distant dream into a reality. Bravo. 10/10

Piper's Pit- 8/10

Orton vs Cena- Meh. After reading all the matches, this doesn't seem like anything new or fresh in terms of excitement, booking, intensity, etc. Plus, it's a rematch, so how much can really be done? That said, it was an enjoyable read and well written, but it didn't really have an epic feel to it that a WWE Championship match should have. Then again, it's only been built for like 5 weeks while the other matches have been months in the making. Still, good match with a great finish, although I despise the winner. I see a third rematch at Backlash with Orton winning. 8/10

HBK vs Rock- 10/10

Lesnar vs Benoit- Breaks down into a fight so soon? Didn't like that. 10/10

Overall- 176/200 = 88% = B+, which is a damn fine grade considering I counted 20 different segments. Too many matches broke down into fights too quickly. I mean, about 7 matches were brawls, and about 6 broke down way too quickly for my taste. With all that said...congrats DWG, on the greatest BTB event I've ever read in my entire life. However, if AMP's Slammiversary was longer, I think that'd be tied with this Now...I call the first return review!

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