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Re: Being The Booker

The video opens up, with a look at a building, which appears to be a Hotel / Casino in downtown Las Vegas. The door opens, and we see Ric Flair as the bell boy, taking luggage, getting help from Batista. Vince McMahon then appears, as a couple enter the hotel.

Vince McMahon:
Welcome sir, miss, to my creation … the Wrestle Mania Hotel.

Vince opens his arm out, showing the casino part of the hotel.

Vince McMahon:
Maybe I should show you both around.

The couple nod, and walk along with Vince.

The first part they pass is the fruit machines, and they hear one of the machines paying out a huge sum of money. They take a peek around, and all three jump back as Ken Kennedy yells.

Ken Kennedy:

Vince motions to the couple they should hurry along, and quickly move away, but then, Kennedy jumps out from the other side.

Ken Kennedy:

The woman screams out, and the three turn away, as Vince walks them towards the craps table, apologising for that outburst. They take a look as we see Trish Stratus shaking her dice in her hand, and then, Gene Snitsky, dressed in a tuxedo, grabs her arm, and insists on blowing her dice. He does so, with Trish looking a little creeped out.

Trish throws her dice, but loses. She looks furious with Snitsky, but he turns away, and brushes past McMahon and the couple, commenting on his way past …

Gene Snitsky:
That … wasn’t my fault.

Snitsky walks off, shaking his head, whilst Vince takes a deep breath, before smiling at the couple, directing them towards the Poker table, where a random guy has just won a big amount of money.

Random Guy:
OH MY GOD!!! I’m rich!!!

Another random guy gets up from the table, and taps the winner on the shoulder.

Random Guy #2:
You are a legend my friend.

Random Guy #2 walks off, and we see Randy Orton sneak into the picture, smirking.

Randy Orton:
Legend, huh??

Vince leads the couple away, and talks up his hotel a little more.

Vince McMahon:
As you can tell, we have plenty of winners here, but I must warn you, cheating isn’t accepted. In fact, it’s not very smart.

Vince then swings a side door open, and we see a ‘cheaters’ room, where a bunch of random guys are getting beat up, with Benoit applying the Cross face on one, Triple H lining up a cheat with his sledgehammer, Rhyno smashing a trash can over one, and Edge pounding someone in the corner.

Vince McMahon:
But I’m sure you wont make that mistake, sure you wont??

The scene then cuts to Vince shielding the couple from the Showgirl performance, yelling “Where is Ron”, as the camera shows up Rico dressed as a Showgirl, strutting his stuff. Ron Simmons runs onto the stage, trying to cover Rico up.

Ron Simmons:
I’ll be damned!!! You cant keep doing this you freak.

Vince has an uneasy smile, before leading the couple to the stairs.

Vince McMahon:
We actually don’t have a lift service in this hotel, but don’t worry, you wont have to walk ten flights of stairs.

McMahon clicks his finger, and instantly, we see Brock Lesnar appear, and he scoops the couple onto his shoulders, before charging up the stairs.

Vince McMahon:
Have a good nights sleep.

The couple squeal all the way up, as the shot switches to Lesnar kicking the door open, and walks into the room, hitting an F5 on both of them, onto the bed, sending them to sleep for the night.

The Next Morning…

**Simon System** plays into the couples room, and we see Simon Dean enter the room along with Chris Masters, bringing a bunch of his products with him.

Simon Dean:
Can I interest you in my patented Simon System??

The couple look confused.

Simon Dean:
Terrific. Lets see, what have we here. Well, first up, let me show you The Masterpiece of the Simon System. Chris Masters. Just a few short years ago, he was a fat, ugly piece of trash … a bit like you two. No. Chris, you haven’t oiled up yet.

Dean pulls out a Simon System oil for the body, and as he takes his time with that, the couple quickly sneak out of the room, and down the flights of stairs, as we cut to five minutes later, where they are in the casino area, along with Vince, who encourages them to play some Blackjack.

They sit at the table, and watch a guy playing his game. His cards reveal 14.

Random Guy #3:
Hit me.

The dealer reveals himself from the shadows, as Steve Austin, smiling.

Steve Austin:
With pleasure, you little rat bastard!!

Austin then jumps across the table, and attacks the guy, as the couple scurry from the table.

We need to leave.

Vince McMahon:
What?? You cant leave!! The fun is just getting started.

The couple start to walk towards the front entrance, but stop, as they watch The Rock performing a song for an audience, with his guitar.

The Rock:
Well, since Rocks baby left him, he’s found a new place to dwell … its down at the end of jabroni drive at … the Smackdown hotellllll.

The audience clap, and the couple seem to be having a change of heart, until …

Rock feels so lonely baby … Rock feels so lonely!!!

Mick Foley appears on the stage behind Rock.

Mick Foley:

Foley holds the mic to Rocks mouth for the last line.

The Rock:
What in the blue HELL are you doing??

Foley shrugs his shoulders, and the two start bickering, as the couple shake their heads and continue to leave.

Vince McMahon:
NO!! Please don’t go. I can give you free tickets to Wrestle Mania!!!

The couple stop in their tracks, and turn around, interested.

Vince McMahon:
Well actually … tickets are all gone already …

The couple turn to leave, and we see a figure in the background at reception, definitely Kane, but we only see up to his waist, whilst the receptionist {Stacey Kiebler} tells him he cant have a room.

Outside the hotel, the couple jump into a taxi, to speed off.

Vince McMahon:
I hope you enjoyed your stay … please come back.

The Wrestle Mania 22 logo flashes across the screen again, with the caption “Where Dreams Become Reality” flashing across the screen, before we go to the last scene…

The hotel is being evacuated, with a fire having broken out. We see Stacey explaining something to Vince…

Stacey Kiebler:
I couldn’t give the guy a room. He had no money, and he was really scary.

Vince McMahon:
And he put the place on fire because you wouldn’t give him a room??

Stacey nods, as Vince shakes his head in disappointment.

Vince McMahon:
First the XFL, now this hotel … from now on, I’m sticking to the ‘rasslin business.

Vince walks off, doing his power walk, leaving the burning building as the video ends…

Backstage, we cut to the DX locker room. HBK paces up and down the room, whilst the other three men sit in silence, knowing HBK doesn’t want any hassle tonight.

Garrison Cade:
You’ll wear a hole into the floor Shawn if you keep walking around like that.

Michaels stops, and glares as Cade, before continuing on.

Mark Jindrak:
C’mon Shawn. Relax. We’ve got Rock covered tonight.

Michaels stops again, and glares at Jindrak.

Shawn Michaels:

Reigns now speaks up.

Luther Reigns:
Remember Shawn. Wherever you go, we go. DX. One unit.

Shawn Michaels:
Not tonight. No tricks tonight. I don’t need them. This is a Shawn Michaels solo effort tonight. Understood??

The other three men look around at each other, not happy. Michaels now walks toward them, and leans in.

Shawn Michaels:

The three men grudgingly nod.

Shawn Michaels:
I’m sorry, but this is the way it HAS to be. I need this.

Michaels then walks out of the room, but the camera stays with DX.

Garrison Cade:
Guys, I’m starting to grow tired of being his lackey.

Mark Jindrak:
I agree G. I know he’s made us what we are, but without us, he wouldn’t have been world champion last summer. And now at Wrestle Mania, he wants all the spotlight himself?? I guess some leopard never change there spots.

Luther Reigns:
Just sit tight. We’ll see what happens when Shawn goes it alone. He wants it that way, let him have it that way.

Both Cade and Jindrak look unhappy, but nod anyway, as we cut away.

**Kennedy** Ken Kennedy enters the arena, to a really surprising big pop, despite having only slightly hinted at a face turn in recent weeks. He immediately butts in, before any in ring announcements can be made.

Ken Kennedy:
LADIES AND GENTLEMEN … THE FOLLOWING CONTEST is the FIRST EVERRRRR Roll of the dice match, in which, there will be TWO match ups. The first, for the INTERRRRR CONTINENTALLLLL title, and the second, for MONEYYYYY in the BAAAAAAANK.

Kennedy slides inside the ring, before speaking again.

Ken Kennedy:
And right now, let us prepare for Wrestle Mania history to be made, as I introduce MYSELF to the MGM Grand, and at the same time, announce the winner of BOTH the Intercontinental Championship, and the Money in the Bank contract.

Kennedy drops the mic, and holds his hand in the air, as the lights dim, and an old fashioned mic drops from the rafters (first time in this thread)

Ken Kennedy:
Introducing, the first competitor. I hail from Green Bay Wisconsin. I weigh a delightful 246 pounds, and tonight, I am making my Wrestle Mania debut, marking it by becoming the holder of BOTH the W…W…E … Inter-continental Championship … AND … Money in the bank … MISSSSSSSSSSSSSSTERRRRRRRRRRRR KENNEDYYYYYYYYYYYY … … … KEN-NED-YYYYYYYYY!!!

**One of a Kind** Huge pop in the arena, as RVD enters in his usual upbeat fashion. Van Dam takes a look around and nods, before making his way down the ramp, and as his name is introduced, he does the thumb taunt, along with the fans in attendance.

Jim Ross:
It’s been a frustrating twelve months for RVD, who went through plenty of emotional problems through the second half of 2005, but now, Van Dam appears to be back to his old self, and a win here tonight in either fall could be the springboard for RVD to finally discover his full potential.

The Coach:
I liked him better when he was angry. Friendly Van Dam sucks.

**619** Rey Mysterio enters the MGM Grand to a huge pop, the biggest of the lot from the competitors from this match so far. Mysterio continues his tradition of wearing silly costumes at Wrestle Mania, this year wearing a tribute to Superman, with a big huge ‘S’ on his chest.

Jim Ross:
Is it a bird?? Is it a plane??

The Coach:
No, it’s a midget.

J.R sighs, with Coaches cut down, before speaking.

Jim Ross:
Could Rey Mysterio be walking out of Wrestle Mania 22, with a guaranteed title shot, or as a two time Intercontinental Champion … or even both!!!

The Coach:
Look J.R, this is the real world. Just because he’s wearing a Superman outfit, which he probably borrowed from his kid, doesn’t mean he IS superman.

**Metalingus** Edge sprints out to the stage, getting the first heel reaction in this match, with the fans giving plenty of heat to the Rated ‘R’ Superstar. Edge soaks up the heat, and motions to the fans that he’ll have the title around his waist, and Money in the Bank.

Jim Ross:
We are looking at a man who quite possibly could’ve been in the Raw main event tonight. He was the runner up in the Goldrush Tournament, and then, lost a controversial steel cage match at Saturday Nights Main Event 6 weeks ago for the World Title. Can Edge bounce back from those two bitterly narrow losses, and claim a prize tonight?? Or will it be another case of so close, but yet so far tonight??

The Coach:
Edge was screwed J.R, and you know it!!! Tonight, Edge holds his destiny in his hands, and if ANYONE was to leave with both victories, it’s that man right there.

**Cool** Carlito enters the MGM Grand, along with the lovely Stacey Kiebler, carrying the Intercontinental Title over his shoulder, ahead of this historic 5 Man Roll of the Dice match up. Carlito gets a fairly good reaction, especially since he is a heel. He gives Stacey a peck on the cheek, and she leaves back up the ramp again, as he walks to the ring.

Jim Ross:
He is the only man in the match that has something to lose. Carlito is defending the Intercontinental Title momentarily, against all four challengers, in a match yet to be decided. What a baptism of fire for the man from the Caribbean at his Wrestle Mania debut.

The Coach:
Carlito feels, and The Coach has to agree here, he feels like the match has been designed to take the title from him. Carlito might leave Vegas with no title, and no twelve month title shot.

The five men are now all in the ring, as we wait for Lillian Garcia to speak…

Lillian Garcia:
Ladies and Gentlemen, it is now time to ROLL THE DICE.

Decent pop

Lillian Garcia:
First, one lucky fan will roll the dice to decide the stipulation of the first fall, and the winner of that fall then has the right to roll the dice for our second fall.

We see a graphic on the titan tron, showing us which number means which match,


as the referee picks out a small child from the front row, and helps him over the barrier, to where Lillian is standing. She smiles at the child, and gives him a little help with the oversized (but not huge) dice, and the boy rolls it by the announce tables, with the steel steps stopping it, and it lands on… FOUR.

Not much of a pop for one of the less glamorous matches

Lillian Garcia:
Ladies and gentlemen, the first fall will be a quintet sudden death match!!! That means, that the first man to score a pinfall or submission victory will be the Intercontinental Champion. Two men will be in the ring at all times, and three will be on the outside. To enter the match, they must tag one of the two legal men.

RVD and Mysterio both appear to be the men to start the match out, as the other three slowly back out, with Carlito mouthing something at Kennedy as he hands over the Intercontinental Title.

Intercontinental Championship;
Roll of the Dice Match:


Carlito vs. Edge vs. Rob Van Dam vs. Rey Mysterio vs. Mr. Kennedy

The bell rings, and we are finally under way!!! RVD and Mysterio cagily, warily circle the ring, before quickly coming to the centre, and lock up, with Mysterio going behind, but Van Dam switching, and applies a headlock, which Rey slides out of, but Van Dam sweeps the legs, and takes down Mysterio. RVD sizes Rey up, and bounces off the ropes, feigning an elbow, as Mysterio rolls away, but RVD expected it, hence not dropping to the mat.

Van Dam claps, and Rey nods, before they lock up once more. Van Dam tries to back Mysterio into the corner, but Rey uses his height disadvantage to his advantage, sliding out of Van Dam’s grip, and bounces into the ropes, coming back for a Hurricanrana, but Van Dam blocks it, and tries to set him up for a power bomb, but Mysterio rolls out, and gets a Sunset Flip on RVD, however, Van Dam is strong enough to block, and kneels down, grabbing Reys leg for the cover, 1...2...Kick Out!!!
Again, both men pop up, and meet in the centre of the ring, but this time, RVD pushes his opponent away, and goes for a heel kick, but Mysterio catches the leg, only for Van Dam to spin out with a kick, knocking Rey into the corner, with Kennedy tagging himself in. The fans give a slight pop, as Ken Kennedy finally debuts at Wrestle Mania. He bounces off the ropes twice, before rubbing his nose, and asks RVD for a lock up. Van Dam accepts, but as he reaches in, KK shoots with an arm drag, taking RVD down, and tries to apply an arm lock, but Van Dam spins out, much to the chagrin of Mister Kennedy.
RVD smiles at Kennedy, and gets in his face, doing the ‘RVD’ thumb taunt, which the fans chant along with, but Kennedy responds with a strong slap across the face, backing RVD into the ropes. Kennedy follows in, and whips Van Dam off the ropes, knocking him down with a reverse elbow. Kennedy then taunts his fallen opponent, doing his own thumb taunt, albeit, much slower, doing one and shouting MISTER, another, then shouting KENNEDY, and a final thumb, yelling out Kennedy again.
The fans give it a mixed reaction, but Kennedy gets on with things, and stamps the head of Van Dam as he tries to get up. KK grabs RVD by the arm, and whips him across the ring, to Edges corner, and quickly paces across, driving his knee into the sternum, before applying a wristlock, and looks for a tag to Edge, but for some reason, Edge looks down, and tends to his laces, whilst Kennedy looks on in confusion. This allows RVD to escape the wristlock, and he throws a few right hands at the jaw of Kennedy, before whipping him across the ring, running across, and nailing a monkey flip. Van Dam shoots up, but Carlito makes a blind tag, opportunistically, and quickly hooks the far leg of Kennedy, 1...2- Quick kick out from Kennedy.
Carlito gets up, and lays a foot to the face of a recovering Kennedy, before looking up at the fans with a cheeky grin. CCC points at Van Dam, and tells him that was cool, before dropping an elbow onto KK, and gets a lateral press, 1...2.- Kick Out. Carlito is right back up, and picks his opponent up by the hair, backing him into the corner. He chokes at Kennedy, taking the life from the challenger, before letting go at four. He backs up, before coming back in again, and choking KK once more, again, letting go at the count of four. Carlito drags Ken out of the corner, and hoists him in the air, getting Kennedy in position for a suplex, eventually dropping down, and floating over for a cover, 1...2...Kick Out again. This doesn’t please Carlito, who looks a little annoyed already, looking desperate to hold onto his coveted championship.
CCC clubs the back of Kennedy, with perspiration flying off the back of the charismatic challenger. Carlito picks him up, and fires him across the ring off the ropes, but CCC ducks down, waiting for Kennedy to come back, which gives KK a chance to comeback. He shows some athleticism and leapfrogs over the champ, and bounces off the other ropes, before dropkicking CCC’s knee, knocking Carlito down!!! Kennedy stands tall, and mouths something to the audience, before dropping his knee across the throat of Carlito, and makes a cover, 1...2...Kick Out.
Ken Kennedy drags Carlito up by the hair, and mouths something at the champion, before whipping him off the ropes, and looks for a clothesline, but CCC ducks under, comes off the other side, and kicks Kennedy in the mid section, before turning him around, attempting the Back Cracker, but Kennedy manages to pull away from Carlito, and the champion falls hard onto the mat. KK points to his skull, saying he’s smart, and drags Carlito up again, but this time, Carlito charges Kennedy into the corner with a football type tackle, taking the wind from Kennedy upon impact with the corner. Carlito looks to make a tag to Edge, but the Rated ‘R’ Superstar drops off the apron, and looks down at the black mats, as if he has lost something.
Carlito looks confused about Edge’s actions, but that distraction allows Kennedy time to recover, and he slaps Carlito across the face, slapping the taste from his mouth. CCC staggers away, and Kennedy quickly shoots low with a chop block behind the knee, taking Carlito down. Kennedy now decides to get out of the ring, and tags back out to Mysterio.
Rey hops into the ring to a big pop, running the ropes immediately, and coming into the path of CCC, lawn darting himself like a human missile, diving into the mid section of Carlito, sending the champion down. Mysterio takes a second to think, then bounces off the ropes, and again, is too fast for CCC, then comes off the ropes for a cross body, but is caught by Carlito, who nails Mysterio with a DROPKICK!!!!! CCC, underestimating Rey, thinks that will be enough, and makes the cover, 1...2...Kick Out!!! Carlito looks a little shocked by the kick out, but gets on with it anyway.
Carlito sends a boot to the back of Mysterios head, as Rey tries to push himself back to his feet. CCC nods and smiles broadly, before bending down to pick Mysterio off the canvas. Carlito drags his opponent up, and performs a simple front slam, but has the desired effect. He backs into the ropes, looking to come back and drop onto Mysterio, but RVD gets some revenge for earlier, making a blind tag on Carlito, which shocks the champion. Carlito is livid, as Van Dam scales to the top rope, and despite the referee trying to get CCC out of the ring, he manages to push past, and kicks the ropes, which rock RVD, and he crotches himself up top, before falling to the mat.
The champion laughs, as heat is given to him for his actions, whilst RVD rolls along the mat, feeling the effects of the crotch crusher. Mysterio crawls along the mat, clearly winded, as Edge finally shows some interest in getting into the match, holding out his arm for a tag, but as Rey reaches nearer, Edge pulls away, and gives Mysterio a ‘Fuck You’ taunt, before dropping off the apron, and walks towards the announcers table.
Vegas appears to be confused with Edges actions, with the Rated R Superstar yet to get involved in the action, whilst in the ring, Mysterio pulls himself up on the ropes, and RVD reaches his feet too. Edge joins the commentary team, and explains to J.R and Coach that as prestigious as the I.C Title is, he’s held it before, and he’s more concerned with picking up the MITB briefcase. Edge then tells J.R and Coach he’ll keep them company for the remainder of fall one, whilst the rest of them get to wear themselves out.
In the ring, Van Dam whips Mysterio off the ropes. Rey runs to the ropes, but instead of bouncing back off them, he leaps to the ropes, and comes off with a seated senton to RVD, but Van Dam catches him in mid air, and hit’s a devastating Alley Oop!!!!! RVD quickly goes for a cover, 1...2...Kick Out from Mysterio!!! We see Carlito in the ring, just ready to break up the count, not expecting Rey to kick out, showing his desperation to keep the belt. Van Dam meanwhile, pulls Rey back up and goes for a Fisherman suplex but Rey fights out and goes for a cradle. Van Dam though, blocks it, and after Rey falls to the mat and gets back up, RVD kicks him in the stomach, and shoots Mysterio into the ropes, with Rey coming back, and attempting a Hurricanrana, but once again, Van Dam counters and hit’s a Powerbomb!!! Van Dam covers,



………KICK OUT!!!!!!!!!!!!

RVD looks around in frustration, with Rey refusing to stay down. He stomps on Mysterio, and then goes for a suplex. He holds Rey up for a long period of time, allowing the blood to flow to Mysterios head, before nailing the move, to it‘s full effect. Again, RVD hooks the leg, very tightly this time, 1...2...KICK OUT!!! Van Dam is now getting annoyed at being unable to put away Mysterio for a three count, whilst on the outside, Carlito is looking more worried by the moment. RVD runs at Rey, but the human highlight reel trips him with a drop toe hold into the ropes!!! Rey calls for it, and goes for a 619, but RVD moves out of the way!!!! Rey comes at RVD, but Van Dam catches him with a tilt a whirl backbreaker!!! He looks around, then comes off the ropes, and hit’s the rolling thunder!!! Van Dam makes the cover again…

Carlito turns back around to get out of the ring, but an angered Van Dam is quick to throw him out, chucking the champion over the top rope, onto the cold, hard floor at the bottom of the ramp. He turns back around, and goes for Mysterio, but this time, Rey is able to take down RVD by surprise, with a cradle, 1...2...RVD slips out!!! Van Dam barely survives, and both men get to their feet quickly, realising they need to act fast. Van Dam throws a combination of right hands, which allows him to whip Mysterio off the ropes, but Rey manages to counter, and sends RVD into the ropes instead, but as he does, we see a recovered Carlito jumps up, and slap the back of Van Dam, meaning he is now legally in the match, but Mysterios vision is blocked by RVD, and he doesn’t see the tag, nor does Kennedy it appears!!!
Van Dam comes back from the ropes, and Mysterio leapfrogs the whole damn show, runs off the ropes, and comes back with a head scissors, taking Van Dam down to the mat. Mysterio quickly looks to get a cover on RVD, not aware CCC is now the legal man. Kennedy spots it, and he runs into the ring, dropping an elbow on Rey, stopping him from covering Van Dam!!! He stands tall, but not for long, as Carlito sneaks in, and second time around, DOES nail the Back Cracker, taking Kennedy out of the equation for now!!! Kennedy rolls out of the ring in agony, as Carlito drags Mysterio to his feet, looking to hit the Apple Core, but RVD is back up, and he stops Carlito, knocking him down with a clothesline, with Rey falling with him, taking a tough blow too. On the outside at this time, we see Edge walking around, amused with Kennedy in agony.
RVD doesn’t seem to realise he is not legal now, and sees Mysterio laying prone on the mat, having an idea. He leaps to the top rope, but sees Mysterio starting to get to his feet, and also sees Edge having a good time. Van Dam quickly changes his plans, and instead of going for Mysterio, RVD flies through the air, and knocks down an unsuspecting Edge with a cross body, taking the unsuspecting Rated R Superstar down!!!! Edges plan of keeping himself fresh has backfired spectacularly!!!
Meanwhile, in the ring, Mysterio is back up, and sees three men down on the outside, and looks set to please the fans with some high risks, but as he grabs onto the ropes to leap … Carlito races in from behind, with a school boy, and hooks onto the tights…



Winner: AND STILL Intercontinental Champion ... CARLITO @ 10:37

Carlito rolls out of the ring, having snuck through the back door to retain his Intercontinental Title. He quickly takes the belt, and clutches proudly, before, taking a look around, and sees all four opponents down, seeing a golden opportunity to quickly win MITB. He snatches the dice from Lillian, and rolls it quickly, with the Dice landing on … TWO.

The MGM pops for the match, with everyone realising it’s a Ladder Match. Carlito doesn’t waste time to mull over it, and immediately goes to work, pulling a Ladder from under the ring to quickly start the match, as Lillian announces the match, and the referee applies the briefcase to be raised into the air.

Lillian Garcia:
Ladies and Gentlemen, Carlito has rolled a two, which means this is a LADDER MATCH!!! The winner of this match will be the first man to climb the ladder, and unhook the Money in the Bank briefcase.

Money in the Bank;
Roll of the Dice Match:


Carlito vs. Edge vs. Rob Van Dam vs. Rey Mysterio vs. Mr. Kennedy

Carlito pushes the ladder into the ring, but before he can go in too, he is cut off by Mysterio, who nails Carlito with a baseball slide from inside the ring. Rey follows out, and pounds at CCC, whilst we see Ken Kennedy now sneak into the ring, with a glimpse of Edge and RVD still recovering from Van Dams cross body a few moments ago. Kennedy grabs the ladder, and places it under the briefcase, before beginning to climb. He gets halfway up the ladder, before Carlito gets back inside, having reversed a whip from Mysterio, sending Rey into the steel steps.

The Intercontinental Champion pounds the back of Ken Kennedy, with KK now retreating back down the ladder, to the canvas. Carlito puts Kennedy down with a right hand, before pulling out a crowd pleasing double springboard back elbow to the unsuspecting Kennedy, and gets a nice ovation for the show of athleticism from the fans. Carlito displays a cheeky grin, and declares ‘Das cool.’ He then gets up, still with a grin, and leaps to the ropes again, this time hitting a beautiful double springboard moonsault!!!
Vegas comes alive for Carlito, despite him being a heel, and a faint ‘Car-lit-o, Car-lit-o’ chant breaks out. CCC gets back up, and fixes the ladder back upright, before climbing the object, looking to pull off an audacious double tonight, but doesn’t get far, as Edge re-enters the ring, and pulls Carlito back to the mat, stopping CCC. Carlito responds with a right hand, but Edge is able to block, and turns Carlito over, hitting a face buster to the IC Champ.
Edge now is left with the clear run up the ladder, and takes a look up, before beginning to scale the fifteen foot object. However, like Kennedy and Carlito before him, Edge doesn’t get far, as we see RVD re-enter the fray, and he brings with him a second ladder, but sets it down to come after Edge on the other ladder. Van Dam follows Edge up, and reaches to grab him by the leg, and tugs, but Edge attempts to shrug him off, which he does the first time, but RVD doesn’t give up, and comes back, pulling the leg again, with Edge realising he wont get a clear run up the ladder, and decides to climb back down.
Van Dam and Edge brawl, going punch for punch, with Edge getting the better of the exchange, but then, he decides to takes a step back, and get a run at RVD, which allows Van Dam to nail the Rated R Superstar with a spin kick, knocking Edge down. Van Dam now re-aligns the first ladder centre ring, but turns around, and Mysterio comes from the ropes, looking to hit a Seated Senton, but RVD catches the Human Highlight Reel, and rams Mysterio into the ladder, before dropping him down, with Rey rolling around in pain.
RVD once again is forced to fix the ladder upright under the briefcase, before beginning to climb. As he does though, Kennedy is back up, and he sets the second ladder directly beside the first one, but before he can chase RVD, Edge blasts KK with a clothesline, taking Ken right back out of the equation. Edge now quickly scales the second ladder, looking to catch RVD, and he throws an arm out, hitting the back of Van Dam, trying to slow him down, which works, and Edge gets right up beside Rob on the other ladder, throwing a few right hands to daze RVD, before taking a big risk, stepping one foot onto Van Dams ladder, grabbing the back of RVDs head, AND HIT’S THE BUZZ KILLER OFF THE LADDER!!!
‘HOLY SHIT’ chants break out around the MGM, as the broken bodies of Edge and RVD sprawl on the canvas, and we see Carlito now standing, and takes a look around, showing off his cheeky grin again, before grabbing the ladder, which sloped onto the ropes from the Buzz Killer, and he places it back upright, before quickly climbing, but he doesn’t see Ken Kennedy following in pursuit behind him!!! Carlito thinks he’s home free, and reaches the top of the ladder, reaching up for the case, but at that moment, Kennedy throws his hand up, catching the leg of CCC, and Carlito, in shock, tries to climb back over the other side of the ladder, but is caught at the top by Kennedy, and KK begins to pound the IC Champ, whilst we see Mysterio at the bottom holding the ladder steady so it doesn’t topple. We come back to the top of the ladder, and now see Kennedy getting Carlito onto his shoulders!!! The MGM is on it’s feet, as Kennedy takes a huge deep breath, BEFORE HITTING THE GREEN BAY PLUNGE OFF THE LADDER!!!!!
A huge roar erupts around the arena, as there are now another two broken bodies on the canvas!!! Once more, the ‘Holy Shit’ chants fill the arena, and we spot Mysterio now climbing the ladder, but Edge is also back up, and grabs the second ladder, slamming it into the back of Mysterio, taking Reys balance away, and he falls to the mat from the ladder. Edge now appears to have a plan, and sets the second ladder onto the ropes, before watching Mysterio get back up, in front of it, and runs at Mysterio, looking for a spear into the ladder … BUT REY HIT’S A DROP TOE HOLD … SENDING EDGE INTO THE LADDER!!!!!
Rey doesn’t take a second to recover, and instead runs off the ropes, coming back off, and swings around the opposite ropes, 619 INTO THE LADDER WITH EDGE RESTING ON IT!!!!
Mysterio sells the move too, having hurt himself hitting the ladder, but as he gets back up, RVD meets him, and nails a Monkey flip, with Rey landing on the ladder!!! Rey squirms, as RVD now picks up some momentum, and runs off the ropes, coming back … ROLLING THUNDER ONTO REY ON THE LADDER!!!! Rey squirms some more, as does RVD, having hurt himself hitting the move, but the MGM is loving it!!! Van Dam shakes off the pain though, and gets up quickly, grabbing the other ladder, and setting it back under the case to climb. But before he can, Ken Kennedy comes charging, and RVD leaps up, with Kennedy running under him - directly into the ladder!!!! KK staggers around, with RVD front slamming him onto the flat ladder, on top of Rey!!!
Now, RVD is left with a free run up the ladder, and he begins to climb, but somehow, CARLITO is now back up. CCC gets the other ladder, and nails it against the back of RVD, stopping Van Dam for a moment, allowing him to set the second ladder up, and CCC begins to climb, catching up with RVD. The two men exchange blows around 2/3 of the way up the ladder, but Carlito wins the battle, bouncing RVDs face off one of the steps, which allows Carlito to follow up, and steps one foot onto the Van Dams ladder, hooking RVD up … APPLE CORE OFF THE LADDER!!!!
Both men roll around, with CCC eventually rolling out of the ring. Meanwhile, Ken Kennedy is now climbing up the ladder, reaching the top - but the ladder is too far away from the briefcase!!! KK looks visibly frustrated, having a clear chance to win the match, but now, looks down below, and shrugs his shoulders, getting his footing on the second rung from the top, before yelling out his name … AND NAILS A SENTON BOMB ON VAN DAM!!!!!
The MGM looks to be shocked with Kennedy hitting a Senton Bomb, having never seen that from him before. Kennedy stays down, and RVD barely moves, whilst Carlito tries to regain his footing on the outside, leaving Edge to climb the ladder, but Mysterio is right on his tail, and slows Edge down, grabbing his leg, with Edge trying to kick him away. As this goes on, Carlito gets back into the ring, and climbs the opposite side of the ladder!!! Edge eventually kicks Rey right off the ladder, leaving him to climb the ladder, but sees CCC on the other side, and picks up his speed, with both men neck and neck!!!




Mysterio chases back at Edge, and slows The Rated R Superstar again, which allows Carlito get an advantage up the ladder. Edge kicks Rey back down again, but as he turns his attention back to Carlito - CCC BLASTS EDGE WITH A RIGHT HAND … AND FOLLOWS UP WITH A SUNSET POWERBOMB OFF THE LADDER!!!!!
Once again, the same chants break out around the MGM, as Mysterio is once again left with the ladder all to himself!!! Rey now climbs, slowly but surely, with no one in sight to stop him from picking up MITB!!!!




KENNEDY PUSHES THE LADDER OVER - AND MYSTERIO TOPPLES OUT OF THE RING!!!!! Kennedy smiles, and picks the ladder back up, looking to place it back upright, but as he turns around - RVD CATCHES HIM WITH A VAN DAMINATOR, USING THE LADDER IN PLACE OF A CHAIR!!!!! KK falls down, with the ladder landing on top of him, but RVD takes it from him, and takes a look around, seeing Carlito slumped in the corner. Van Dam nods in his direction, and paces across the ring with the ladder, and hit’s his corner dropkick on CCC, using the ladder again, in place of a chair!!!
‘Whole F*ckin Show’ is the chant heard around the MGM, as Van Dam gets back to his feet, with RVD nodding in approval to the fans, before giving them the thumb taunt, which gets a big response too. RVD spots Mysterio running at him, and leaps in the air, with Rey running into the ropes, coming back, and nailed by Van Dam, who hits another spin kick putting Mysterio back onto the mat. Van Dam now drags Rey, and places him onto the ladder, before composing himself, and hoists himself onto the ropes, coming back with the split legged moonsault on Rey, placed on the ladder!!!
Rob Van Dam is now in total control of the MITB ladder match, and points to the second ladder, slumped in the corner, with the fans roaring in approval. RVD grabs the ladder, and places it under the briefcase, with a clear run up the ladder … BUT HERE COMES EDGE AT THE OTHER SIDE!!! RVD begins to climb, with Edge in hot pursuit on the other side, two rungs behind RVD!!!!







Both men are left at the top of the ladder, trading blows, with the winner of this exchange sure to win the Money in the Bank contract. The two men go shot for shot, both teetering with each shot. Edge goes for a big right, but RVD blocks it, smashes Edges face off the top of the ladder … AND EDGE FALLS OFF TAKING OUT KENNEDY AND CARLITO TOO!!!!
The MGM goes berserk, with the other four men down and out, RVD just has to reach up and unhook the case … … but suddenly, RVD’s attention is taken away, as we hear a screeching whistle?? Van Dam looks around, wondering where the noise is coming from, when we see … BILL ALFONSO!!!!!????? The recently released former manager of RVD, Fonzie has jumped the barrier, and RVD looks completely puzzled as to what he is doing here. Van Dam puts his arms out, wondering what’s going on … AND NOW WE SEE A BODY SLIDE INTO THE RING, WITH A CHAIR!!!!
J>R instantly recognizes the man, who goes unnoticed by Van Dam - AS SABU - and smashes the chair against his back, with RVD toppling off the ladder, into the ropes!!! Alfonso, somehow skipping security, blowing his whistle, pulls two tables from under the ring, sliding one in to Sabu. The former ECW star, Sabu, knocks RVD down with a side kick, before setting the table up, and putting RVD on it. Sabu frantically climbs halfway up the ladder, bringing the chair, as Alfonso blows the whistle in RVDs face, and Sabu jumps off the ladder HITTING THE ARABIAN FACEBUSTER WITH THE CHAIR THROUGH THE TABLE ON RVD!!!!!!!!
Alfonso and Sabu have cost RVD Money in the Bank!!! Sabu rolls around a little, selling the move, whilst Alfonso helps him back up, with the two men dragging a lifeless RVD out of the ring, making sure he’ll not get a shot to win the match!!! The camera stays focused on both men, as they drag RVD halfway up the ramp, as far away from the ring as possible, before scattering through the crowd, escaping, having done the damage!!! Back in the ring, Rey Mysterio now slowly, slowly, begins to climb the ladder, as this match is now a four horse race. Mysterio pulls himself up the ladder, whilst on the other side, Ken Kennedy slowly chases, to try and beat Rey to the top …







The two men meet at the top, and begin to exchange blows, with KK clearly overpowering Mysterio, having Rey teeter badly at the top … ready to fall … BUT CARLITO PUSHES THE LADDER … AND BOTH MEN FALL … MYSTERIO INTO THE ROPES … BUT KENNEDY TOPPLES OVER THE TOP ROPE TO THE FLOOR!!! Carlito now, places the ladder back up straight, and he begins his ascent up the fifteen foot structure, looking to complete a double win.






Carlito swings around in the air, holding on for dear life, trying to unhook the case, even at the sake of his own safety, whilst Edge has climbed the second ladder in the corner of the ring, right to the top, but Carlito hasn’t seen him, and dangles still … EDGE FLIES OFF THE LADDER … AND SPEARS CARLITO IN MID AIR!!!!!
Edge and Carlito are both motionless on the floor, as the MGM erupts once more with the ever present ‘HOLY SHIT’ chants. Meanwhile, Rey sets the ladder back up under the case, and begins to climb, with RVD motionless, Kennedy stuck on the outside, and Edge and Carlito both flat on the mat!!!








Winner: And holder of the Money in the Bank Contract - Rey Mysterio @ 12:48

Total Match Time: 23:25

Mysterio has done it!!! He now has a guaranteed title shot, any time in the next twelve months!!! Rey climbs back down the ladder, jubilant in victory, with the fans cheering him, supporting the Human Highlight Reel.

Jim Ross:
Against the odds, Rey Mysterio, the smallest man in the match, has managed to earn himself a one on one title match, at some point down the road, in the next twelve months. He is the very first holder of Money in the Bank!!!

The Coach:
This is totally unfair. You know it, and I know it. Edge did all the hard work here!!! Mysterio just snuck in through the back door!!!

Jim Ross:
And hey, so did Carlito to retain the Intercontinental Title!!! Remember??

The Coach:
Whatever it takes J.R. At least Carlito earned it. Mysterio just came in like a thief!!!

On the ramp way, we see RVD staggering back to his feet, realising what has happened to him tonight, and staggers to the back, looking furious.

Jim Ross:
And how can we forget. RVD has been screwed here tonight too. Van Dam was certain to claim the Money in the Bank briefcase … until that slimy grease ball Alfonso shows up … what that damn ECW maniac SABU!!!

The Coach:
I don’t know what the hell that’s about J.R. The last I heard, Alfonso had left the company. And Sabu?? I didn’t even know the guy was still alive!!!!

Meanwhile, in the ring, Mysterio clutches proudly to the MITB case, leaving the ring, with his prize, whilst officials tend to Kennedy, checking he is okay on the outside, whilst Stacey Kiebler tends to CCC in the ring, who has the IC title draped over his torso, having retained the belt earlier.
A trainer helps Edge back up, with Edge staring up the ramp at a jubilant Mysterio, looking to be seething, gritting his teeth, having to watch Rey celebrate. He rips at his hair, and we see him mouthing to the trainer that he done the work, claiming he’s been screwed again. Edge kicks the ropes in anger, before the officials try to calm him down.

The Coach:
Edge has every right to be angered in my opinion J.R. He done the hard work here, that allowed Mysterio to grab the headlines!!! How frustrated must that man, The Rated R Superstar be??

Jim Ross:
Facts are facts Coach. Carlito is still champion, and Rey Mysterio is the winner of Money in the Bank. Edge didn’t win, and he has to get over it.

We now cut to a video package from last nights Hall of Fame ceremony. It opens up with current day stars arriving at the event, before Vince McMahon opens up the proceedings with clips from his speech.

Then, the first inductee up is Dusty Rhodes, who is inducted by Ric Flair. Clips of Flairs speech play, with him talking about his history with Rhodes, touting him as one of his greatest adversaries, before Rhodes makes his induction speech, cutting one of his legendary rhyming style promos, getting a good response.
Next up, is Mick Foley, inducting Jake Roberts. Foley and Flair have a tense face to face moment, as a little bit of hype towards this event tonight, before Foley makes a nice speech for Roberts, keeping it simple, before Roberts makes a quick speech, thanking a number of people, including the McMahon family for the opportunity.
Third to be inducted is Nikolai Volkoff, with The Iron Sheik inducting him. Sheik tells a few jokes, before Volkoff takes his place, with the two men sharing a hug.
Bret Hart inducts Mr. Perfect, who is accepted by a family member. Hart is makes a courteous induction speech for Perfect, and nearly comes to the brink of tears, thanking Hennig for everything he done for him, and helping him become what he eventually did.
The fifth inductee is Jerry Lawler, with Jim Ross doing the induction. Lawler cracks a number of jokes in his speech, but thanks a number of people too, during his acceptance.
Celebrity Inductee, Mr. T and Rowdy Roddy Piper go head to head, just as in Wrestle Mania past, only this time with smiles, as Piper inducts Mr. T into the HoF. Mr. T talks about his experience with the WWE as one of the highlights of his career, and is proud of being one of the people to make WM what it is today.
And finally, in the most emotional induction of the night, Chavo Guerrero inducts his Uncle, the late, Eddie Guerrero. Vickie Guerrero accepts the induction on her Husbands behalf, with the entire audience on it’s feet, ending the Video Package with a big ‘Eddie’ chant.

Back in the ring, from the Video Package, Howard Finkel is ready to speak.

Howard Finkel:
Ladies and Gentlemen, it is with great pleasure I introduce to you, the Hall of Fame, class of 2006!!!!

**Perfection** Mr. Perfects family enter the stage, accompanied by WWE diva, Candice Michelle. They wave as Howard Finkel introduces them.

**Kings Court** Jerry Lawler walks out onto the stage, to a big pop, accompanied by SD backstage announcer, Maria. As Maria leaves, Lawler pinches her backside to a raucous pop.

**Common Man Boogie** Gail Kim walks out with Dusty Rhodes onto the stage to a huge ovation for the big man.

**A-Team Theme** Mr. T enters the arena to a major pop from the fans, with Lita escorting the celebrity inductee.

**Snake Pit** Jake Roberts - with the Snake - is escorted out into the arena by Stacy Kiebler to another big pop from the fans.

**Soviet** Nikolai Volkoff walks out to a small ovation, with Torrie Wilson escorting him to the stage.

**Latino Heat** An amazing pop blasts into the MGM in respect for the late, great, Eddie Guerrero. Vickie Guerrero and Chavo Guerrero walk out onto the stage, with the fans erupting into an amazing ‘Eddie’ chant, which has the fans on their feet in a fantastic tribute.

We then go back to ringside, where the commentators are also on their feet, clapping, for all the inductees, before quickly shuffling off to a video package for the upcoming match.

Christian vs. Steve Austin Video Package;

- First showdown at Summer Slam last year;

- This is followed with clashes at COTC, Nemesis, Survivor Series, Fully Loaded and The Royal Rumble, before Christian finally steps it up, and attacks Austin physically at SNME.
- On Raw the following Monday, Christian gloats over his attack, but seems shaken, and constantly looking over his shoulder, worried about an Austin backlash. This causes him to lose to Rey Mysterio, despite Austin being nowhere in sight.
- Austin officially challenges Christian, and Captain Charisma accepts, and Austin immediately enters the arena, in a bin lorry, attacking Christian, and takes out the trash, with Christian part of it.
- Quick clips of the next few weeks of one-up man ship between the two men, before their showdown on Smackdown three days ago. Christian puts over his last year, with all his wins, including 4 straight wins over The Undertaker, to which we see clips as he talks. Austin then puts himself over, and we see clips of his career as he speaks.
- Christian throws beer at Austin after handshake offer last Thursday, getting the final shot in before tonight’s showdown.

Backstage, Todd Grisham is with Christian and Tyson Tomko.

Todd Grisham:
Captain Charisma, the road to WrestleMania ends tonight. The journey is over, and now, you are just moments away from what will be a career altering match against the legendary Texas Rattlesnake, Stone Cold Steve Austin. Can you back up the words, and convert them into action??

Christian looks up, and then looks eyes with Todd.

I don’t know where you’ve been hiding Todd-meister, because everyone on this planet … hell any life form on any planet knows that I’ve been backing up my words for a long time now. I said I’d win last year at Wrestle Mania, and I did. I said I’d beat The Undertaker, and I did. And again, and again, and again. I said I’d end Mick Foleys reign as Raw General Manager, AND I DID.

Mixed response.

You must be sick of hearing those accomplishments Todd, because I’m damn well sick of rhyming them off. But tonight, I’m adding to those achievements. Like I’ve said before, in 2005, I cemented my spot as a top tier player. In 2006, I’m becoming the face of this industry. In 2006 I’m making my case clear to be part of the Hall of Fame in years to come. And in order to do so, I’m clearing out the dead wood.


Steve Austin. You WERE a great champion. You WERE the face of this business. But after tonight, you’ll be nothing more than a distant memory. I’m sick of the talk, now, it’s time for Captain Charisma to arrive. It’s time for me to do, and not say. And what I’m going to do is simple. I’m beating Steve Austin, 1-2-3. And that’s the bottom line Todd, BECAUSE THAT’S HOW I ROLL!!!

Christian pounds his chest, and walks away, in a far more serious tone than normal, with Tomko following on.

**Just Close Your Eyes** Las Vegas strangely gives Christian a MAJOR pop upon hearing his music, but once Captain Charisma appears, the arena splits into a mixed reaction for The Superstar of Today. Christian flips back his hood, and looks around the MGM with a smile, looking happy with himself, before pounding his chest, and blowing kisses into the audience.

Jim Ross:
The excitement has been building for this one for a long, long time. Christian has had an incredible twelve months, arguably better than anyone else on either roster, and tonight, he is hell bent on changing it from a great year, into a great career.

The Coach:
You’ve gotta admit J.R, Captain Charisma has built himself quite the fan base, and the Christian Coalition appears to be in full force tonight.

**Glass Shatters** Steve Austin bursts into the arena, taking no time to lock his eyes on Captain Charisma, taking his jacket off halfway down the ramp, not wasting time, and wanting to get straight into business.

Michael Cole:
Stone Cold is in the building, and he looks ready to explode!!!

Oh man, we’ve got a rockbetbuster on our hands here if you ask me. Austin looks to have his game face on tonight, and he isn’t wasting any time either.

Inter Promotional Match:

vs. ‘Stone Cold’ Steve Austin

Austin runs to the ring, throwing off his jacket on the way, and slides into the ring, ready for business. Christian scarpers out of the ring, but the chase is on from The Rattlesnake!!! Austin slides back out, chasing Captain Charisma around the ring. Tomko tries to stand in Austins way, but Stone Cold clobbers him down, mowing through the Problem Solver with a clothesline, and continues to chase Christian!!! CC slides into the ring, and Austin follows in after him, with Christian meeting Austin, stomping him on the mat, and the match officially has begun.
Christian stomps Stone Cold, before dragging the veteran up, whipping Stone Cold off the ropes, ducking down, which allows Austin to rebound back, and kicks Christian away. Captain Charisma reels away, holding his face, whilst Austin follows in, backing Captain Charisma into the corner, before letting fly with piston like right hands, with Christian slumping down from the attack, whilst Austin begins to stomp a mudhole into the superstar of today right into tomorrow, and walks it dry!!! The referee eventually drags Austin away from the corner, and SCSA walks around the ring giving a double bird around the arena, getting a big pop from the fans. Austin then spots Tomko jumping up onto the apron, but knocks him right back off to another pop. Austin turns back around, but Christian is there, and knocks Stone Cold down with a big time clothesline.
Christian takes a second to settle, before following Austin into the ropes, driving his knee into the gut, before whipping Stone Cold off the ropes, knocking him down with a reverse elbow. He looks to go for a cover, but Austin rolls away, not allowing his adversary to get a pin. Austin fights back up to his feet, with Christian taking a few big blows, and Austin starts to pick up a bit of momentum, running into the ropes, coming back, but Christian drops down, and Austin jumps over, running to the other side, coming back, but Christian hit’s a big back body drop, sending Austin over.
Austin is up quickly, but is met by Christian, who takes him over with a simple hip toss, and goes for a lateral press, but Austin pushes him away before he can even get a one count. Both men get up, but Christian is fractionally quicker, being younger, quicker, and fresher, and this gives him an advantage over Austin, and puts the Rattlesnake back down with a dropkick, and this time, it allows him to cover, 1...2...Kick Out. Christian now chokes Austin, trying to take the air away from the legend, but breaks at the referees count of four. Christian though, again goes for the choke, but this time, the referee drags him away, rather than make a count. Captain Charisma looks furious with the official, and argues that he isn’t allowed to do that. Meanwhile, Austin is back to his feet, but Christian is distracted. Stone Cold comes from behind, and grabs Christian, hoisting him up, nailing an Atomic Drop … and a second … and a third … fourth … fifth … sixth … seventh … eighth … ninth … and hit’s a tenth, completing a set of ten atomic drops!!!!
Christian bounces around the ring following the atomic drops, and staggers back into the path of Austin … who goes for the Stunner … but Christian blocks it, and pushes Austin away … with Tyson Tomko now in the ring … but before he can do anything … Austin connects with the STUNNER on the Problem Solver!!!!! Tomko rolls out of the ring after the stunner, but Austin is taken down by Christian, who levels him with a clothesline. Christian pounds his chest, to a fairly mixed response, showing that Captain Charisma has his support in Vegas too. CC hoists himself up onto the turnbuckles, perching himself up top, waiting for Austin to get back up, which he does, but Christian is there to meet him, and delivers a missile dropkick, putting The Rattlesnake back down, and Christian covers, 1...2...Kick Out.
Austin now crawls towards the corner to get back to his feet, but Christian gives him no time to settle, and begins to pound his adversary in the corner, taking it to Austin. Christian beats at the body, legs and head, before taking a walk around the ring, soaking up the atmosphere, before charging in at Austin, BUT AUSTIN GETS A FOOT UP!!! Christian staggers away from the boot, whilst Austin has other ideas, and grabs Christian from behind, taking him to the corner, and begins to slam his head off the top turnbuckle … once, twice, thrice, four times, five, six, seven, eight, nine … and a tenth!!! Another set of ten from Austin, with this time being mashing Captain Charismas head off the turnbuckle.
He lets Christian go, and Captain Charisma staggers away, leaning on the ropes, but Austin doesn’t stop, and starts stomping the legs of Christian, with Captain Charisma now desperately trying to get away from him. He goes for a boot to Austin, but Stone Cold catches his foot. Christian hops on the one leg, and swings his arms at Austin, which miss each time, with Austin smiling at the pathetic attempts. He then flips the bird, and spins Christian around, knocking him down with a clothesline!!! Christian stumbles around the mat, trying to get up quickly, but Austin is at him, and whips Christian off the ropes, catching him as he returns, before whip lashing him back onto the mat with a spine buster!!! Austin drops down for his first cover, 1...2...Christian kicks out.
Austin is right back up, and begins to stalk Christian, crouching slightly, looking to be shaping up for a Stunner. Captain Charisma staggers into his path … kick to the gut … Austin turns around to deliver the stunner … BUT TOMKO PULLS CHRISTIAN OUT OF THE RING!!! Austin looks around, wondering what happened, and we see The Problem Solver having to hold Christian up on the outside. Austin wastes little time, and follows to the outside himself, with Tomko meeting him, but before he can do anything to Austin, The Rattlesnake knocks him down with a big right hand. He then runs at Christian who tries to get away, and knocks him down, from behind with a clothesline to the back of the head!!! Austin now drags Christian up, and whips Captain Charisma into the steel steps, with Christian going flying through them knees first!!! Tomko is now back up, and tries to sneak up on Austin, but before he can, the referee gets in the way, and immediately orders Tyson Tomko to leave the ringside area!!! Tomko is furious, and refuses to go without an argument, getting in the officials face, who stands firm, pointing for The Problem Solver to leave immediately. This distracts Austin though from Christian, who hauls himself back to his feet at the announce tables, and grabs something from J.R, who yells at Christian on commentary, ‘HEY!!! You cant take that!!!’ Christian stumbles around the ringside area, coming up behind Austin, whilst Tomko is still arguing with the referee, which allows CHRISTIAN TO SMASH A GLASS JAR OVER AUSTINS HEAD!!!!! Austin goes down, and glass smashes everywhere, with sweets flying all over the place too, with Christian using J.Rs glass sweetie jar to smash over Austins head!!!
Meanwhile, Tomko smiles, and nods at the referee, now willing to leave, seeing that Christian has got the upper hand now. Blood drips from the bald head of Austin, as Christian rolls him back inside the ring, with the referee stunned as to why Austin is bleeding profusely. Christian gets a cover, hoping Austin doesn’t have the wherewithal to kick out…


Christian smiles, despite the kick out, knowing he has Austin in a bad way now after the glass incident. Austin is hauled up by Christian, and pushed into the ropes, but Austin shows his spirit, and tries to battle back, but his right hands lack the bite they had earlier, with Austin now in deep trouble. Christian blocks a shot, and slaps Austin hard, sending Austin reeling to the next side of the ring, backing into the ropes, with the ropes the only thing holding The Rattlesnake up now. Christian grabs Austin, and chucks him outside again, following out, despite the referee asking him not to. Captain Charisma slaps Austin across the back of his bloody head, with Austin unable to put up any defence, his brain still scrambled from the glass smash.
Captain Charisma hooks Austin up, and delivers a snap suplex on the mats, before getting right back up, rolling in and out of the ring to break the referees count. He stands over Austin, and grabs his opponent by the face, talking trash, pointing in his face, telling him exactly what he is going to do. Christian gets back up, and stomps the face of his opponent, before talking trash to a few fans in the front row. Austin tries to pull himself up on the ring apron, but Christian kicks his arms away, with Austin falling onto the floor again. He crawls around the ringside area, even around the broken pieces of glass, apparently so far out of sorts he doesn’t realise what he is doing.
Christian bends down, and picks up one of the sweets from the jar, and starts chewing, starting to get really cocky now, with Austin in all kinds of trouble from the superstar of today. Christian picks up another, and bends down beside Austin, offering him a sweet, with Austin rebellious as always looks up, and gives Captain Charisma a defiant double bird!!! Christian looks angered by Austins refusal to give in, and slaps his head again, before really taking it to Austin, dropping down, and pounding the Rattlesnake remorselessly punishing Stone Cold. He gets back up, rolls into the ring, and rolls back out, before picking his opponent back up, ramming Austin into the side of the ring apron. Christian slaps Austin once more, and gets The Bionic Redneck back into the ring, and stands over Austin, who tries to get to his feet.
Austin tries to drag himself up on Christian, with Christian laughing at his long term adversary, and just pushes Austin away, with Stone Cold crumbling back onto the mat. Captain Charisma stomps the head of his helpless opponent, and actually allows the referee to count Austin out!!! Austin tries to scramble up, as the referee now embarrassingly begins to count Austin out, 2 … 3 … 4 … 5 … Austin reaches to the ropes, and tries to pull himself up … 6 … 7 … Austin digs down deep, and drags himself to his feet, breaking the count, just as the official gets to eight, with the fans popping for Austins persistence. Austin leans on the ropes to hold himself up, but Christian drags him out, and lines up a right hand, but Austin somehow blocks it, and fights back, connecting with two shots, but quickly, Christian is back in control, driving his knee into Austins gut, immediately sending The Rattlesnake onto his knees. Christian pulls Austin back up, and scoops him up, quickly delivering a back breaker, and goes for a cover, 1...2...Kick Out from Austin!!! Christian quickly turns Austin over, and begins to pound on the back of The Rattlesnake, going to work on his neck. Christian now drops down, and hooks in a tight sleeper, attempting to finish off Austin, once and for all.
Christian has the sleeper locked on tightly, with the blood stopping from flowing to the brain, with blood seeping from the back of Austins head, down the torso of Christian, who lays down on the mat with The Rattlesnake to clamp in the hold as best as possible. We see Austin flail his arms for a moment, but soon, he shows no life at all, forcing the referee to step in, and check Austins condition on the mat, as Christian orders the referee to end it. He holds up one of Austins arms, and lets go, but the arm drops right back to the mat. The Rattlesnake flails again, and the referee for a second time holds the arm up … lets go … and it falls straight to the mat. The MGM Grand now starts to try and will Austin on, as the referee motions for one last time, and holds the arm up … lets go … and it fa- NO!!!!!
Austin keeps his arm in the air this time, continuing the match … giving the referee the bird!!! Christians eyes nearly pop out as Austin begins to make a big surge, trying to fight up to his feet. Austin reaches up, and elbows Captain Charisma in the gut, and again, as Christian begins to let go of the hold, with his grip beginning to fade. Austin continues to elbow at his opponent, and with each elbow, Christian winces, and eventually lets go, freeing Austin!!! Stone Cold runs into the ropes, looking to have gotten a second wind, and Christian goes for a clothesline, but Austin ducks, comes off the other side, rebounds back, LOU THESZ PRESS!!!! Austin goes berserk with piston like rights to his adversary, before getting back to his feet, with a huge pop coming from the raucous fans in attendance!!! Christian struggles back to his feet, pulling himself up in the corner, and Austin charges in, climbing to the middle turnbuckle, before letting fly with a right hand … left … right, with the fans counting along to each punch in unison … four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, Austin talks trash, and delivers a tenth!!!
Christian staggers out, looking woozy from the barrage of punches, right into the path of Austin, who drops him back down with a simple front slam. SCSA backs into the ropes, and comes back out, hitting the Fuck You Elbow!!! He covers, 1...2...Christian kicks out. Austin watches as Christian gets on his knees, looking up at Austin, who is now in the ascendancy, still bloody, but it’s Christian who is begging off, into the corner, asking Austin to forget it, but Austin shows no sign of letting up, and begins to stomp a mudhole and walks it dry!!! Austin doesn’t stop there though and drags Christian back up, whipping him right into the ropes, knocking him down with a reverse elbow to the jaw. Austin runs into the ropes, and comes back out, dropping a knee onto Christian, going for another cover on Captain Charisma, 1...2...SHOULDER UP!!!
Austin again, springs back up, and pulls Christian up with him, whipping him into the corner, following in after … BUT CHRISTIAN MOVES!!! Austin hit’s the corner, and staggers out, with all his momentum taken away with that one slip. He staggers out, into the path of Christian. Captain Charisma kicks Austin in the gut, and hooks him up … looking for the Unprettier … BUT AUSTIN PUSHES HIM INTO THE ROPES!!! Christian bounces back out … RIGHT INTO A STONE COLD STUNNER!!!!! Austin collapses down, looking to finish off Christian, and pick up the win…


Austin looks up at the referee, wiping blood from his face, shocked he hasn’t won it. The drained Rattlesnake starts to show the toll this match has had on him, and reaches to pull himself back up on the ropes, going back to the drawing board in another attempt to finish the job. Austin waits as Christian gets back up, and looks to go for another stunner … kicks Christian in the gut … turns around to deliver the move … BUT CHRISTIAN COUNTERS WITH A REVERSE DDT!!!!! Captain Charisma hooks the leg, with Austin taken out …

Christian rolls away, covering his face in despair, as Austin refuses to stay down for three. Christian gets up, seething, looking down at Austin, slaps the mat, and gets back up. Captain Charisma has a steely look on his face now, determined to finish Austin off, and scales the ropes, reaching the top. He takes a moment to look at Austin, who still hasn’t even attempted to get up from the mat, AND FOR THE FIRST TIME … CHRISTIAN HIT’S A FROG SPLASH!!!!! Christian looks up, and soaks it all up, before hooking the leg…


Christian looks up again, putting his hands behind his head, furious, as Austin shows the fight he has left in him. Stone Cold still lies motionless, as Christian tries to block out the kick outs. He drags Austin back up, with Stone Cold unable to get up on his own power. Christian holds Austin up, with Austin just lying on Captain Charisma, in such a bad way, that he is nothing but easy pickings for Christian, who pushes Austin into the ropes, and he bounces back out, right into Captain Charisma, who kicks Austin in the gut, turns him over … and mercifully delivers THE UNPRETTIER!!!!! Slowly, Christian turns Austin over, soaking up the moment, before hooking the leg…



Winner: CHRISTIAN @ 14:21

Captain Charisma beats Austin!!!! The Superstar of Today completes the most terrific year of his career, with the biggest win of his career to date. Christian has his hand raised in the air, and takes a look down at a beaten Austin, with a feeling of the torch being passed at this moment. He pounds his chest, and blows a kiss to the fans, in a more genuine way than normal.

Christian soaks up the victory for a few more seconds, before leaving the ring, as the attention now turns to Austin. Two officials help Stone Cold to his feet, as the fans show The Rattlesnake plenty of respect with an ‘Austin’ chant. Stone Cold pushes the referees away, and attempts to stand up on his own two feet. He leans on the ropes still bleeding, taking in what just happened. He shakes his head, and turns away, looking to the timekeepers position, and calls for a beer. He has two thrown into him, and toasts the fans, before downing both beers in true Stone Cold fashion, to a big ovation from the appreciative fans.

Jim Ross:
What an effort. What a courageous effort from that man, from Victoria, Texas, on this night, facing, arguably the fastest rising superstar today, he just came up short. No matter who comes and goes, there will only ever be one, Stone Cold, Steve Austin, and we’re looking at him right now.

The Coach:
As good as Austin was J.R, I think Christian is just about to surpass him. The torch has been passed tonight my friend, you cannot deny that.

Jim Ross:
That’s a debateable point Coach. One thing is for sure, Vegas loves that man, and rightly so. The Texas Rattlesnake may have been beaten tonight, he may have been beaten comprehensively, but he will never lose his popularity, and he will never be forgotten!!!

We cut to a video package with clips of many cities, with traffic speeding past, before we cut to clips from Wrestle Mania I, II, X and XX in New York.

Four times in New York.

Clips from WM II, VII, XII, XVI in California.

Four times in California.

Clips from WM II and XIII.

Twice in Illinois.

Clips from WM III and XXI.

Twice in Michigan.

Clips from WM IV and V.

Twice in New Jersey.

Clips from WM VI and X8.

Twice in Ontario.

Clips from WM IX and tonight.

Twice in Nevada.

Quick clips from the remaining Wrestle Manias.

And also hosted in Indiana, Connecticut, Massachusetts, Pennsylvania, Texas and Washington.

Flashing images of a city.

But now, for the first time, on Sunday March 18th, 2007, the experience, known simply as Wrestle Mania…

More flashing images of a city.

Comes to Louisiana.

Flashing clips of the currently redeveloping Superdome in New Orleans.

Wrestle Mania Twenty Three. Live, from the Superdome in New Orleans, Louisiana, Sunday, March 18, 2007.

A big Wrestle Mania 23 logo blasts the screen, ending the VP.

Back in the arena, Howard Finkel is stood, waiting to speak.

Howard Finkel:
Ladies and Gentlemen. To sing, one of the Wrestle Mania Twenty Two theme songs ‘Shed Some Light’. Please welcome … SHINEDOWN!!!!

I'm falling apart again

And I can't find a way to make amends
And I'm looking in both directions
But it's make believe, it's all pretend


Shed some light on me
And hold me up in disbelief
And shed some light on me
And tell me something that I'll believe in

It's innocence within the maze
But I have chosen the wrong way
I'm still getting over who I was
There's no sense of trust, there's no definition of love


Shed some light on me
And hold me up in disbelief
And shed some light on me
And tell me something that I'll believe in

I know now, it's not who you are
It's who you know
And I see clearly now, which way to go
I remember the way I fell from above
And I recall the way I was


Shed some light on me
And hold me up in disbelief
And shed some light on me
And tell me something that I'll believe in
Shed some light on me
And hold me up in disbelief
And shed some light on me
And tell me something that I'll believe
Tell me something that I'll...
Tell me something that I'll believe
Tell me something that I'll believe

… Something I'll believe …

Fans pop appreciatively as the song comes to an end, before a MAJOR, MAJOR pop fills the MGM Grand, as the graphic appears on the screen …

Hart - Angle Video Package:

- We hear Kurt Angle at the beginning, talking about wanting this one thing more than anything before… We then see a few clips of the Bret Hart VP which aired at SNME.

- We hear comparisons made to Bret Hart about Kurt Angle, as a great technical wrestler.
- Cuttings from wrestling magazines, with columns of dream matches, with Hart vs. Angle always amongst those mentioned.
- We hear Kurt Angle talking about doing it for the fans… We see a few more clips from the Hart VP from SNME
- Kurt Angle hints at a match with Bret in early 2005, after Hart comments that Angle could cement himself as the greatest of all time, with Angle replying he’ll never be the greatest … unless … but stops himself.
- Angle starts to become fascinated with Bret Hart, watching a Hart DVD, and trying to cover it up … claiming that he has a different goal than winning titles … and consistently visiting Bret, but never getting to the point.
- Hart announces he’ll be taking an LOA, which Angle blows a gasket over, claming that’ll ruin everything, but then turns the other cheek, and starts to ask Bret if that means he’ll ever be able to wrestle again, to which Hart responds with a firm no.
- The Hitman returns, right after Angle wins an Iron Man Match against HBK, with Angle seemingly trying to rile Hart that he could do it, but Bret couldn’t.
- Angle then becomes obsessed and paranoid with Bret, eventually costing Kurt the WWE Championship.
- Then, Angle shocks the world on Smackdown, and CHALLENGES Bret Hart to a match, but Hart ignores the question.
- This keeps up for a number of weeks, with Angle even going to the trouble of drawing up a contract, mailing it to Bret, pestering Bret, and trying to rile the GM into accepting, but Hart doesn’t.
- Angle faces JBL at Fully Loaded, but as Hart tries to get rid of The Cabinet, he leaves behind a chair, which JBL uses, and scores his win over Angle. Interestingly, Angle isn’t upset … but smiles instead.
- The Olympian then explains he knows subconsciously that Bret did it on purpose, because he wants the match too, but Hart denies it.
- Kurt Angle defeats Test to qualify for the Royal Rumble, but he relinquishes his spot, saying his goal this year isn’t to win the RR, but to get Bret to face him in the ring, and says the contract runs out at the PPV.
- In Brets hometown in Calgary, Angle takes to the crowd, and asks them if they want to see it, with a resounding yes. Bret once more ignores it, and even gets booed by his own home fans.
- Angle forces Hart to sign the contract, after Hart appeals to the fans to accept why he cant accept. The fans turn against Angle after the attack, but the match is set.
- Angle runs through the past of Bret Hart, breaking the ankles of Jim Niedhart and Bob Backlund, claiming the same will happen to Hart.
- Finally, Hart returns to SD, six weeks after taking an LOA to train for the match up at WM. He and Angle have an emotional and tense in ring showdown, before later in the show, Angle loses to Chris Benoit, tapping out to the Sharpshooter.
- Last Thursday night, where the two men met in the ring again, but say very little, although Bret shows a new confidence, which poises tonight’s contest perfectly in the balance.
- Quick soundbites of current superstars, legends, fans, celebrity fans, road agents and others about the enormity of the match, as we see clips of both men through the years, as a big musical score plays over the clips as the sound bites fade out, and finally, we finish up with the two men stood face to face last Thursday.

**Medal** Vegas goes berserk, as the Dream Match is set to take place right here, right now. Angle looks focused on the job at hand, showing no emotions. He slaps his face a couple of times, firing himself up for the biggest match of his career.

Michael Cole:
The electricity is off the charts. There are moments that come and go, and there are moments that you’ll never forget. This, is one of those moments that you’ll never forget. Wrestle Mania 22 is about to witness its unforgettable, everlasting moment that will be replayed for years to come.

I cant believe it’s actually about to happen. After all the hinting, and the build up, you’d almost think it’ll never happen. Cole, I feel like I’m day dreamin here, and we haven’t even seen Bret yet.

**Hart Attack** The MGM Grand blows the roof off, as fireworks shoot into the air, as Bret Hart finally makes his grand entrance!!! Hart walks out, classic Hitman, spreading out his arms, wearing the trademark sunglasses, in the old school pink and black trunks. He takes a moment at the top of the ramp to take in the memorable ovation from the white hot crowd, giving all their energy to cheer on the legend.

Michael Cole:
This coming winter, Sylvester Stallone at age 60, makes a return to the big screens as Rocky Balboa, who is taunted out of retirement, despite his injuries, for one last fight against a boxer in his prime. That’s in the movies. Bret Hart, at age 50, makes his return to the ring, despite ending his career 6 years ago with injuries, to face a man who is at the top of the sport. This is real.

Dreams are becoming a reality right now Cole. This is unreal. I cant even hear myself speak. Incredible scenes Cole. Absolutely incredible scenes.

Match of the Millennium:

Kurt Angle vs. Bret Hart

Bret stares across at Angle, who looks ready to explode, in total contrast to the Hitman, who stands in the corner, looking composed and relaxed, despite the risk he is about to put on his body. The bell is rung, and the fans go apeshit, as Angle - Hart IS ON!!! Hart nods, and starts to bounce up and down, shifting around the ring, as does Angle, before they focus fully on the opponent, and both men go in for a lock up, to a HUGE pop. They struggle for a split second, before Angle overpowers Bret, and shoves him into the corner!!!

The MGM booms with heat for Angle, as the Wrestling Machine snarls at Hart, whose eyes widen, having felt his first real bump in over six years. He reaches for the middle rope, and pulls himself back up, with Angle pacing like a caged tiger. Hart doesn’t look fazed, and is comfortable going in for another lock up, and again, they struggle for a split second, before Angle overpowers Hart, sending him down again!!! Angle looks around, and stretches out his arms to an obscene amount of heat from the fans, as Hart grimaces, pulling himself up. Cole and Tazz both show some concern for Hart, being troubled by only the slightest fall.
Hart stands in the corner, and takes a second to think, as Kurt stares across at him, smiling broadly. Hart throws his hair back, with his head down, knowing what he needs to do. He moves around the ring quickly, with Angle moving around too, before they meet in the centre for a third lock up. This time, Bret is quick to go behind, but just as he thinks he has one upped Angle, Angle trips the leg, taking Bret down, and drops to the mat, but instead of going on the attack, Angle just lightly taps Harts ankle, toying with the legend. Angle gets back up, smiling again, as Hart rolls to his side, knowing Angle was sending a message with that piece of disrespect. The fans show no love for the Olympian, with a ‘Bret’ chant starting up. This doesn’t faze Kurt though, as he keeps his focus deeply on Hart.
Both men briskly make their way to the centre again, but instead of locking up, Kurt takes Hart by surprise, with a firemans carry takeover. He looks to go to work on a grounded Bret, but Hart surprises the opponent, applying a head scissors, taking Angle over, but Kurt quickly slips out of the hold. Despite that though, Angle looks a little angry he was out wrestled on that occasion. He hunches down for a second as Hart gets to his feet, looking a little more confident after his first mini win over Angle here. Quickly, Angle shoots up, and runs at the Hitman, but Hart thinks quickly again, taking Angle over with a side headlock takedown, applying the side headlock in the process, to a monster pop from the crazy fans, popping for a simple headlock takedown!!!
Angle kicks the mat with his foot, perhaps showing his frustration that Bret is possibly a little less rusty than he originally thought. Angle grabs the arm of his opponent, and tries to power out of the hold, but Hart keeps the simple submission locked on. This isn’t for long though, as Angle swivels, and frees himself nicely out of the hold. Both men are quick to their feet, not wanting to get caught on the ground, and as they rise, they get themselves a rousing ovation - albeit mainly for Bret - Kurt is beginning to look a little annoyed, with Hart holding his own it seems. He tries to back Hart into the corner, but Bret pushes past Angle, and almost turns the tables, only for Angle to drop to a knee, and spin out of the corner, to the centre of the ring. They stand face to face for a split second, before instantly locking up, and as before, not for long, only this time, its Bret to strike, taking Kurt over with an arm drag!!! He tries to apply an arm lock, but Angle pulls away, and gets close to the ropes, with the fans roaring in approval for Hart.
We see Angle blurt out a few expletives, as his temper rises from being outdone by Hart once more. The Gold Medallist slaps both sides of his face, and gets back up, coming quickly at Hart, forcing his way behind, but Bret slips out of his grip and frees himself, only for Angle to counter that with a drop toe hold bringing Hart back down, and he gives The Hitman no time to think, immediately dropping down, and applying a front face lock. The rabid audience get behind Bret again, as Angle tries to squeeze the air from his inspired opponent, but suddenly, and to the delight of the fans, Hart pushes himself up slightly, before performing a fairly poor hand stand type manoeuvre, freeing himself from the rest hold.
The fans in the arena go absolutely insane once again, with ‘Bret’ chants kicking off again, much to the chagrin of a bewildered Kurt Angle, who has been surprised by the opening exchange from Hart. They walk to the centre of the ring, and Angle goes for a headlock, which is quickly snuffed out by Bret, who blocks it, and applies a headlock of his own, before Angle quickly pushes him off, into the ropes, and drops down, lying on the mat as Bret bounces back, then shoots up, taking Hart by surprise on his return, nailing Hart with a scintillating BELLY TO BELLY!!! Angle scurries into a cover, 1...2...KICK OUT!!!
Harts legion of fans breathes a collective sigh of relief with Hart barely getting a shoulder up for the first pin of the match. Kurt is quickly back to his feet, and looks impressed with himself. He paces around the ring, and begins to mock his opponent, putting his hands out like Hart would do, which doesn’t go down well with the hot crowd. Kurt doesn’t appear to be concerned about Hart getting time to recover, possibly sensing the Belly to Belly will have ended Harts impressive early start. Angle watches as Hart pulls himself back up to a cheer, and walks directly into Hart, attempting to slap The Hitman, but Hart senses it coming, and ducks, before taking Angle down as he turns back around, with a big hip toss to the pleasure of the MGM.
Bret fires up, and begins to feel the occasion get to him, looking at Angle as he shoots to his knees, telling his tormentor to bring it on, looking fired up, which has the audience right behind him even more than before. The Olympian pounds the mat, and pushes himself up, taking no time to think about what to do next, running straight at Bret, but Hart is first to act again, much to the surprise of everyone, this time, hitting a firemans carry on Angle, and Hart adds insult to injury by dropping down, and moving around the back of Angle, riding his opponent, ending the humiliation with a few slaps around the back of the head, infuriating Kurt further.
Once again though, despite the hellish move, the fans eat it up, and continue to cheer on the Canadian, feeling this special occasion. Meanwhile, as Hart looks around, soaking up the adulation from the adoring fans, Angle kicks the ropes in frustration. He calms himself down slightly, before breathing deeply, and turns back around, staring at Hart. Hart now appears to be full of confidence, having proven he has been able to hang with the Olympian on the mat. Angle motions for one more lock up, and as they reach the centre, Bret is set to move in to clench, but then, Angle suckers Bret with a punch!!!
Hart falls to the sucker punch, but instantly gets up, perhaps out of habit from his preparation to the match. This though, proves to be a bad move, as Angle begins to hammer his opponent with a string of right hands, backing the excellence of execution into the corner. The fans are all over Angle for the cheap shot, but Kurt appears to be blocking out the audience and has complete focus on pummelling Bret. Angle grabs Harts right arm, and with every ounce of energy he has, Kurt whips Bret across the ring, with so much velocity that Hart runs in, hitting his sternum first into the turnbuckle. Before Hart can fall backward, Angle is right in on him, running a knee to the back, sending Harts sternum into the corner again.
The Olympian grips behind the waist of Hart, and looks for a German suplex, but Hart in an act of desperation, grabs the top rope with both hands, holding on for all his life, not wanting to suffer a German suplex. Angle yells in frustration, trying to yank Hart from the ropes with everything he’s got, but Bret holds on for dear life, with the fans behind Hart, cheering him on. Kurt gives up after being unable to budge his tenacious opponent, but he doesn’t stop his relentless assault, and begins to club the back of Hart, trying to weaken him, and quickly grips behind Hart again from behind, dragging him out of the corner, and now attempts a German, with Hart having nothing to grab, but as Angle is set to go for the suplex, Hart smartly pedals back, squashing Kurt into the corner, and as Angle releases the grip, Bret quickly delivers a snap mare, taking Angle over, and applies a rear chin lock, trying to slow Kurt down once more.
Angle though, is full of fire, and quickly pushes himself up off the mat, putting his arms around Brets waist, and pushes Hart off, into the ropes, knocking the legend down with a shoulder block. Angle stands over Bret for a second, with Hart watching him closely from the ground, but Angle doesn’t attempt anything, except from grabbing Hart by the head, dragging him back to his feet. He is set to whip Bret off the ropes, but as he does, Hart switches under the arm of Angle, and catches Kurt unawares with an inverted atomic drop, before quickly bouncing off the ropes, and running back, sending Angle over the top rope with a running clothesline!!!
Hart has the fans in the palm of his hand, walking around the ring, puffing his hands out, as he usually would, to a stunning reaction. The Hitman now steps through the ropes, and drops down to the outside, but as he does, Angle is quick as a flash, playing possum, by sprinting at Hart, delivering a running knee lift, knocking Hart for six!!! Angle puts his arms out in ecstasy, as he normally does, to a 90% negative reaction. The Gold Medallist grabs Hart by the head, dragging him to his feet, and whips him directly into the steel steps, with Hart connecting face and shoulder first!!! The steps budge slightly, but don’t dislodge, with the impact not enough to do so.
Angle doesn’t celebrate this time, and instead paces towards Hart, grabbing him by the face, yelling directly in the face of his opponent, who looks a little dazed from the whip into the steps. Kurt Angle steps away, with a deranged look on his face, almost psychotic. He rolls into the ring, and back out again, breaking the officials count. Bret tries to hoist himself back up, but Kurt gets there first, throwing a right hand at Hart, before dragging him, laying Hart onto the apron, and takes a few steps back, then paces along, delivering a hard elbow to the face of Hart. Bret grabs his face immediately, but Angle has other ideas, grabbing his opponents arms, and drags Bret, almost with a Chinese burn type drag from the apron, until Hart falls, flat on his back onto the mats with a sickening thud. The fans quieten down now, as Angle stomps the face of Bret, not letting up on his vicious attack.
Kurt rolls back inside the ring, and walks around, pushing out his arms again, almost in a sense of victory, as Hart tries to get himself up off the ground, with the referee still counting him out, now up to a count of six. Angle stands over the ropes, yelling at Hart to get up. The referee pulls Angle away from the ropes, which interrupts the count, giving Hart more time to find his feet. The Hitman pulls himself back onto the apron, and as the referee turns back around, Kurt pushes past him, and yanks the ropes hard, with this motion forcing Bret to fall from the apron, falling into the barrier at ringside!!!
Another big groan rings out around the MGM, as Bret winces in agony, having went back first into the guardrail. Angle follows out slowly, and walks towards Bret, grabbing him by the arm, pulling him up, and rolls Hart back inside the ring, and follows in himself, hooking the leg, 1...2...Kick Out. Angle smiles a little, and watches on as Hart crawls to the corner. Kurt follows in, and chokes the legend with his foot, using the ropes as leverage. The official warns Kurt, and eventually, issues a five count, with Angle breaking the illegal choke at the count of four.
The referee talks to, and warns Angle over breaking the rules, with Kurt holding his hands up in innocence. As this goes on, the fans get behind Bret again, realising he needs all the help he can get right now, with a ‘Lets go Bret’ chant filling the arena. Hart drags himself up, looking in a bad way, as Angle pushes past the official again, not giving Bret time to settle right now, striking Hart with straight right hands, drags Bret back out, and whips him off the ropes, clutching the Hitman as he returns, and throws him through the air, delivering a picture perfect Belly to Belly!!! Angle ponders the cover, with Bret Hart literally there for the taking, but decides against it. Kurt gets up, and walks to the ropes, slowly beginning to climb to the top rope, as the fans in the arena begin to work out what’s coming next. Angle positions himself on top, and holds on to take a look back, making sure Hart is still down, then, he sets himself up again, before leaping, looking to execute a perfect moonsault … BUT HART ROLLS OUT OF THE WAY!!!!!
Angle rolls around, clutching his chest, which took the brunt of the damage, whilst Bret rolls to the outside, and instantly has an idea, grabbing Angles legs from inside the ring, and drags him to the ring post. Hart smacks Angles knee of the ring post, before crossing his opponents legs at the ring post, and quickly applies his trademark Figure Four, around the steel ring post!!! The fans eat it up, as they have with everything else the legend has done tonight!!! Hart clenches in, but is forced the break the hold earlier than he wanted, with the official issuing him with a five count, and Hart breaks on a late four. The Hitman looks to have hit a second wind, and rolls back into the ring, grabbing the legs of Kurt Angle, and looks around the arena, with the fans expecting the Sharpshooter, but instead, Bret smiles, and kicks Angle in the groin, but not a low blow. Another huge cheer erupts in the MGM for The Excellence of Execution, as Hart begins to roll back the years, grabbing the left leg of Angle, and begins to kick and stomp at the calf and knee, before dropping down to the canvas, and rolls to the outside, grabbing the leg, and drags Angle to the ring post, smacking the left leg off the ring post once more. Angle reels away, grabbing his knee, yelling out in pain.
Hart slaps hands with a few fans on the outside, showing a smile on his face, before getting back inside, and going for the legs again, but instead of going for the kick to the groin, Bret tries to place his leg inside, setting up for the inevitable Sharpshooter, but Angle in an act of desperation, uses his leg power to push Bret away, with Hart back pedalling into the corner. He staggers a little coming out, and Kurt shoots along the mat for the ankle, but Bret immediately grabs the top rope, before he goes down, and forces Angle to let go.
Hart breathes a sigh of relief, showing his fear of the ankle lock, which Angle notices. Kurt keeps his distance, which allows himself to get back up, and shake his leg loose a little, but he appears to have been hurt from that attack on the left leg. Both men are standing, and share a tense look across the ring, as the fans cheer and clap once more for the efforts of both men thus far, with a bizarre atmosphere around the arena. Angle motions for Bret to come on, and Hart nods, coming towards Angle, but instead of a lock up, as they had previously, both men go for the big shots now, swinging for glory!!! Hart and Angle both connect, having the same idea at the same time twice, before Angle beats Hart to the punch third time around, and backs Hart into the ropes, before whipping him across the ring, and knocks the Hitman for six with a vicious clothesline, almost turning him inside out. Angle lets out a huge ‘YEAH’ before dropping down for a lateral press, 1...2...HART GETS A SHOULDER UP!!
Bret rolls onto his front, clearly affected by the clothesline, and slowly reaches his feet, with Angle lying in wait, charging at the Hitman, nailing him with a second devastating clothesline, sending Hart flying across the ring. Bret crumples up in a mess, and Angle drags him out to the centre of the ring, this time hooking the leg, 1...2...SHOULDER BARELY UP?? Hart JUST survives to the shock of the fans, with the Hitman now possibly concussed from the ugly clotheslines. A close up of the Hitman shows he is clearly out of sorts now, and our commentators begin to speculate if perhaps the match should be stopped, given Harts health in recent years.
Angle shows no remorse, as he said he wouldn’t, and demands that Bret reach his feet. He crouches down slightly, waiting for Hart to get up, and as he does, Kurt uses the ropes to catapult himself at Bret, sending Hart right back down, this time with a running shoulder block. This time, Angle doesn’t bother covering, and with a wild look in his eyes, watches, waiting for Bret to get back up. Again, Tazz and Cole speculate that with Bret suffering so much from a basic attack, perhaps he’s suffered enough in the match now, with the ring rust possibly taking its toll. The referee is forced to count Hart down, as Angle watches on, 1 ... 2 ... 3 ... 4 … 5 … Kurt now intervenes, with Hart not looking likely to breaking the count. Angle drags Bret up, scoring with a forearm uppercut, which has Bret reeling around the ring, with the ropes the only thing able to keep him up. Hart staggers back into the path of the unforgiving Angle, who spins Bret around, and scores with a side suplex, which Michael Cole mistakenly calls the Angle Slam, before Tazz quickly corrects him. Angle floats over into a lateral press, not even hooking the leg now, 1...2...ANGLE LIFTS BRET BY THE HAIR!!!
The Olympian doesn’t want the onslaught to end!!! Angle still has a sick, sadistic smile across his face, looking up at the fans, shouting to them ‘Who’s your hero now??’ Kurt drags a hazy Bret Hart by the hair with him, pulling the Hitman to his feet. Angle mouths something to Hart, before hooking him up, and delivers a picture perfect gut wrench suplex!!! Kurt gets right back up, and looks down at the helpless Bret Hart, obviously out of his depth now, with Kurt toying with him, not set to end the misery for the legend. Hart flails his arms a little, trying to do anything to get back up, but cant. Kurt smiles, and stomps Brets ankle, now looking to go home, and break the ankle he intended to. Hart rolls around the mat, trying to avoid his ankle getting punished, but Kurt stomps the right ankle on the majority of occasions, despite Bret trying to escape it. Eventually, Hart grabs the bottom rope, and Angle is forced to back off from the wily veteran, who could do with a rest period right now. Slowly, Bret musters the energy to pull himself to his feet, but looks absolutely exhausted. Angle sees this as easy pickings, and charges Hart in the corner, with no resistance from the weary Hitman. Kurt rams his shoulder into the mid section of Hart four times, before quickly dropping to his knees, and goes for the ankle, tripping Bret down, and manages to apply for hold for a split second, but Hart is able to catch the bottom rope on his way down, quickly forcing a break, once again avoiding the deadly submission quickly.
Angle is quickly back up, raring to go again, whilst in contrast, Hart is blowing hard, with his ring rust and age looking to have taken it’s toll. Kurt begins to nod, showing a sickening smile, made that much sinister through his plain black gum shield. Angle starts wagging his fingers, anticipating Harts return to his feet, positioning himself behind Bret, anxiously waiting. Bret finally pulls himself to a vertical base, and Angle immediately goes for the Angle Slam … hoisting Hart into the air … but Bret somehow manages to get push out, landing on his feet, and as quick as a flash, in one sweeping manoeuvre grabs Angle from the side, and nails a Russian Leg Sweep, to a thunderous ovation from the MGM Grand!!!!!
Both men stay on the mat for a moment, with Angle rolling onto his stomach, whilst Hart lays flat out, still reeling from the methodical beat down he has suffered from. The official is left with no other choice now, but to count both men down. 1 … 2 … 3 … 4 … Angle is the first to move, with Hart still suffering badly, and Kurt doesn’t take long to get to his feet, breaking his count by five, and staggers around the ring for a moment, shaking the cobwebs loose, before zoning back in on Hart, dragging up off the canvas, breaking the count once and for all now. Angle strikes Hart with a stiff forearm uppercut, before roughly grabbing behind Bret, setting up for a German Suplex, but as he hoists Bret into the air, Hart counters, head locking Angle, and delivers a scintillating - albeit desperate - bulldog!!!
This time, Hart appears to have been fired up from the dual comeback in recent moments, and stays on his knees for a split second, before feeling another adrenaline rush, with the fans still behind the Excellence of Execution, all the way. Hart is back on his feet, and now, he stalks Angle, who reaches his feet, looking a little worse for wear having been taken by surprise twice in a matter of moments. Kurt walks into the path of Hart, who ducks under the arm of the Olympian, and scoops Kurt from the side, lifting him up, and delivers a beautiful, vintage, Bret Hart backbreaker!!!
A roar of approval rips through the MGM, as Hart is beginning to get a third wind now, with his adrenaline pumping harder than ever. He takes a quick look around, before quickly moving towards the corner, hoisting himself up to the middle rope, before diving off, with another vintage Hitman move, the second rope diving elbow, AND CONNECTS!!! Las Vegas goes nuts, as Hart hooks the leg of Angle, looking to complete a marvellous comeback…



Angle survives!!! Harts eyebrows are raised, as he looks in on shock that he hasn’t won. He gets to his feet, looking slightly agitated, and begins pointing at the referee, not complaining, but questioning the count. The official explains to Hart that Angle kicked out, but Hart shakes his head in disbelief. As this goes on though, Kurt Angle is back to his vertical base, and sees a chance for opportunity, quickly running behind Bret, pushing The Hitman into the ropes, rolling him up coming back, taking Hart totally by surprise … 1...2...HART JUST ESCAPES THE PREDICAMENT!!! Both men have the same idea now, and try to get up as quickly as they can, with the younger man, Kurt Angle, obviously doing so much quicker. This gives him the advantage, and he runs at Hart, but Bret ducks the attempted clothesline, and grabs Angle as he turns back around, nailing a hip toss, putting Kurt back down.
The Gold Medallist though, is back up like a shot, wanting to turn the pace up in order to wear out Hart, but Bret catches Angle with a kick to the gut, and whips him to the opposite corner, but Kurt manages to reverse the whip, and sends Hart in instead. Hart though, has an idea of his own as he hit’s the corner, and hoists himself up as Angle runs into the corner, going for the infamous top rope victory roll, which worked in his favour at King of the Ring ‘93, but lost him his match with his late brother Owen at Wrestle Mania 10. Hart gets on top of Angles shoulders, and looks to drop, but Angle, like Owen, counters the victory roll, pinning Harts shoulders down…




Lightning doesn’t strike twice for Bret!!! The Hitman keeps the match alive, whilst Angle has a frustrated look across his face. He waits for an exhausted Bret Hart to reach his feet, before throwing a flowing right hand, rocking his opponent. Hart though, somehow manages to fire back with one of his own, and looks to score with a left, but Angle blocks it, grabbing the arm, and spins Bret around, grabbing The Hitman from behind, NAILING AN ANGLE SLAM!!!!! Bret has no answer to that, as Angle wastes no time hooking the near leg …



Instantly, Angle jumps up, hands in the air, thinking he has won, parading around the ring, joyous in victory, yelling to the fans that HE is the greatest, as he jumps to the middle rope to pose. However, he is quickly informed by the official that Bret got a foot on the rope!!! Angles eyes widen, and looks ready to boil over now, staring at the foot, before pointing at the foot, and motions that he’s going to break it in two. The Olympian drops down from the turnbuckles, and paces towards the ropes, where Hart still has his foot, forcefully yanking the foot away, shouting something along the lines of ‘Lets see your foot save your ass once I break it in two’.
Angle drags Hart, by the right foot to the centre of the ring, and violently begins to yank the ankle, eventually APPLYING THE ANKLE LOCK!!!! The MGM comes onto its feet, with Hart seemingly having nowhere to go!!! The Hitman begins to claw along the mat, trying to scratch his way to the ropes, with the capacity crowd all willing the legend on. Angle desperately tries to yank the ankle around as much as he can, looking for the submission win, but the will of Bret Hart appears to be too strong!!! Hart inches closer, with Angle unable to stop him!! The MGM becomes unglued for Bret, as he reaches out … wiggling his fingers to reach out … AND GRABS THE BOTTOM ROP-
Angle drags Hart back out at the last second!!!! Kurt Angle twists the right ankle, trying to break the ankle, as he promised to do!!! Hart has his forearm covering his face, trying to hide his anguish, before trying desperately, anyway of breaking the submission, turns over, and with his free leg, kicks Angle, and kicks again, with Angle almost losing grip, but with one sudden twist of the ankle from Kurt forces Hart back around, with the excruciating pain too much to bear for the Hitman!!! Surely now, Hart will tap out. Caught in the middle of the ring, with Angle showing no sign of letting up. Hart again reaches out, hoping the ring can shrink for him to grab the ropes, but Angle yanks his leg again, forcing more pain on Hart. Now, Angle looks to go for the sure win, and attempts to drop down for the Grapevine … and does drop down … BUT HART ROLLS OVER … AND SWITCHES THE MOMENTUM … Angle, in the sudden rush, lets go of the ankle, allowing Hart, to turn the tables, and with his leg still in perfect position, Hart manages to get to his feet, grabbing the crossed over legs of Angles … AND APPLIES THE SHARPSHOOTER!!!!!
A deafening pop booms around the arena, as Hart turns Angle over, applying the finishing hold, made famous by Bret. Angle now is in excruciating pain with a euphoric atmosphere taking over the MGM Grand, as Hart battles through his own pain barrier, putting his weight onto what could be a seriously injured ankle, in order to end his glittering career on the highest of notes. Kurt now, is the one scratching a clawing to the ropes, inching nearer, and nearer, but Hart senses Angle nearing the ropes, and manages to drag Angle back out, to the centre of the ring.
The camera closes in on Angle, who looks to be on the verge of tears, almost with a look of defeat on his feet, not even making an attempt to reach the ropes at this point, perhaps accepting defeat before tapping. However, in one last gasp, Angle pushes himself up, and tries to get to the ropes on his palms, but cant hold his own weight, eventually losing the power, and his arms give way. He lays motionless for a second or two, with Hart clenching in further, putting on more pressure, as Las Vegas, in unison chants for Angle to ‘TAP, TAP, TAP, TAP’ …




Winner: Bret Hart via Submission @ 21:02

Bret immediately collapses to the mat, covering his head in euphoria. The MGM goes absolutely wild, with a tremendous feel good win to end this feud. Angle gets his footing on the outside of the ring, with tears swelling up in his eyes, as he hobbles around, devastated by this loss.
In the ring, Bret is helped up by the official, with Bret sobbing on the shoulder of the referee. The Hitman has his hand raised in the air, as he brings a final curtain down on his glittering career. Angle limps up the ramp, looking back at Bret, looking to be shocked by his loss. Meanwhile, Hart drops back down to his knees, still in a state of euphoria from an awesome display. He bows to the fans, who repay the favour, as a ‘Bret’ chant fills the MGM once again for the legend.

Michael Cole:
Words just cannot describe the feeling in the MGM right now Tazz. Bret Hart has pulled off a shock win, and he did it in true Hitman fashion too. What a glorious way to end a career.

Absolutely Cole. Bret Hart can now die a happy, happy man.

Michael Cole:
Bret Hart returned to the company two years ago at Wrestle Mania 20, and has done a terrific job as the General Manager of Smackdown ever since. Over the course of those two years, Bret has settled all his demons, from revenge on Mr. McMahon, all the way to this point, where Bret Hart has literally made a dream a reality. He gets to bow out of the wrestling business the way he would’ve dreamed to six years ago. It’s a dream come true for the Best there is, the best there was, and the best there ever will be, at Wrestle Mania.

We fade away, with Hart leaving the ring, throwing his elbow pads into the crowd, and slapping hands with fans.

Glorious scenes for Hart, Cole. But I’ve gotta wonder … where the hell can Kurt Angle go from here?? This has to be the biggest loss of his career.

Michael Cole:
You’ve gotta wonder Tazz. Kurt Angle might NEVER get over this loss.

The video opens with Christian and Tyson Tomko stopping at a seedy Las Vegas strip joint…

Here we are then… the famous Las Vegas strip.

Tyson Tomko:
Erm… This isn’t the Las Vegas strip. This, is a Las Vegas strip joint.

Uh?? Hold on. Strip joint huh??

Tyson Tomko:
Yeah, the strip is about three miles back that way…

Shut up. I like the look of this place Tomko…

Tyson Tomko:
Yeah, very professional looking.

C’mon, we’re goin in…

Christian and Tomko exit the car, and walk into the club. They open the front door, and the door falls off it’s hinges… Christian turns to Tomko, looking quite embarrassed…

I don’t know my own strength.

Tomko laughs, but as Christian turns around, Tomko’s face turns to worry, at the prospect of the club…

They take a seat, right next to the stage, where some pretty attractive, but cheap looking women are pole dancing. The time on the clock behind them says 11:30.

(hands Tomko a $50) Go get some drinks. C’mon honey, TAKE IT OFFFF!!! Captain Charisma is in the HOUSSSE!!! Gimme a PEEP SHOW!!!

The scene cuts, and we go to a few hours later, with the clock showing 02:45... Christian’s head is rested on the table, whilst Tomko is still enjoying the show…

(Very drunk) Ohhh.

Tyson Tomko:
You wanna go Christian?? I think the best is over.

Let’s wait and see who’s next…

We then see the next two ladies come onto the stage, and we watch from Christian’s point of view. The two women HE see’s are extremely attractive.

(Mouth wide open) I’m in love.

Tyson Tomko:
You have to be kidding me??

If you aren’t attracted to those beauties, you gotta bat for the other team.

Tyson Tomko:
I think you’ve had too much to drink man.

No way. You can go, I’m staying right here.

Tyson Tomko:
No problem. I’m out man. No way am I getting involved in this.

More for me baby.

Christian continues to watch, and we only see the women from his view…

The scene cuts again, and we come back, in the parking lot of the strip joint, with Christian’s car in view, rocking side to side, with groans coming from the vehicle.

The scene cuts to the next morning, and we look into the car, with Christian waking up, looking rough.

Oh…what the hell happened last night??
(Remembers) YES!!! I scored!!! One for me. Notch it up for Captain Charisma!!!

Christian then looks to his side, and see’s that it was TWO women.

HA!! Double dose of Vitamin C. Tomko is gonna hear about this. Whoa. Wait a minute…

Christian then looks over at the two women, and we see his eyes widen in shock. He throws his hands into his face…


The women then turn over, and we see it is MAE YOUNG and MOOLAH!!!!!

Mae Young:
Mornin’ tiger.

We didn’t??

Mae Young:
Oh… we did.


Mae Young:
In fact… we did more than that…

Mae Young then shows Christian a WEDDING RING!!! Christian freezes in amazement, as we see Tyson Tomko standing outside the car, laughing at Christian.

I think I’m gonna be sick…

Outside the car, we see Tomko take out a note book, with the title, ‘Places never to visit again’. He quickly jots down Las Vegas, whilst laughing his ass off.

The WrestleMania XXII logo then flashes across the screen, whilst in the background, we hear Christian throwing up, and then we see Mae looking at a wedding photo of her and Christian, at a 24 Hour chapel as the preview comes to an end…

Backstage, we see John Cena doing squats, warming up for his upcoming title match, which is just minutes away.

Back to the arena…

**Pipers Pit** Rowdy Roddy Piper enters the arena to a delightful ovation from the fans. Piper strolls down the ramp, wearing the classic ‘Hot Rod’ T-Shirt, and the kilt. Piper enters the ring, which is set up now for the Pit.

Piper picks up a mic, and smiles around the arena, nodding.

Rowdy Roddy Piper:
So. This is Wrestle Mania Twenty Two, huh??

Fans pop

Rowdy Roddy Piper:
C’monnnn, you can do better than that Vegas!!!

Bigger cheer.

Rowdy Roddy Piper:
For the last nine weeks, we’ve had Kane let the WWE know, that he’s coming back. And we all know that he is c-

**Tough Enough** Strangely, Maven enters the arena, to the most lukewarm reaction of the night, which eventually descends into ‘Go away’ type heat. The cocky superstar gets into the ring, and snatches a mic from Piper.

First off, you’ve got the wrong guy as you’re guest. Didn’t you realise that the biggest superstar in the industry today didn’t have a match tonight??

Piper laughs, before snatching the mic back, and drops his smile.

Rowdy Roddy Piper:
How dare ya, you little rat faced, snot nosed punk, come out here, uninvited, and snatch my mic. This is the Pit kid, not a playground for over inflated egos. And to answer you’re question, John Cena has a match tonight, capiche??

Maven rubs his chin, and motions for a mic from the ring announcers.

I’m a force to be reckoned with old man. Don’t cross Maven.

Piper laughs audibly into the mic, then slaps the taste out of Mavens mouth. Maven is taken aback by the slap, and takes a moment to compose himself, before speaking.

I’ll uh … I’ll let you away with that one. My beef isn’t with you anyway old man. I’m sick of all the hype surrounding Kane.

Pop for Kane.

He’s sucking up all the attention that should be on me. And I don’t like it one bit. So, Rod, I’m calling Kane out.

Piper looks a little shocked.

Rowdy Roddy Piper:
You, are calling out … Kane?? Kane, as in the seven foot freak show monster?? That guy??

Maven nods confidently.

Rowdy Roddy Piper:
On your own??

Maven stops nodding, and puts his head down a little, before shrugging, and speaks again.

Well … not just … not just me.

**IT WASN’T MY FAULT** Gene Snitsky now walks out, with a cheesy look on his face, whilst The Dicks, Simon Dean, Chris Masters and Rob Conway from Smackdown follow him. As they get about halfway down the ramp…

**Mack Militant** The Brotherhood from Raw (Long, Henry, Mack, Jordan, Jazz) now make their way out onto the stage, and they are followed by The Heart Throbs and A-Train. The eight from Raw, join the 6 from Smackdown, and fill the ring, with Maven looking confident.

Rowdy Roddy Piper:
Looks like you’ve built a mini army …
(Takes a look at The Dick and The Heart Throbs) … Not the most threatening army I’ve ever seen, but an army … (Takes a look at A-Train and Snitsky, and gulps a little) … none the less.

We’re all sick and tired of Kane, and his messages. He’s made us all look like a laughing stock. So, our goal tonight, is to end Kane, ONCE AND FOR ALL.

Snitsky leans in.

Gene Snitsky:
And it WILL be our fault.

Snitsky laughs, as Piper looks on.

Rowdy Roddy Piper:
… delightful. Well, it looks like we have all the supporting artists, but where is the featured attraction??

Kane chants start up, which delve into ‘WE WANT KANE’

The featured attraction?? Umm, hello. Maven is right here.

Piper slaps Maven silly again, to a laugh from the fans.

That’s it. Lets get him guys.


Everyone looks around, to the stage, as *Slow Chemical* plays for a second, but there is no sign of Kane. The music dies down, and Maven starts to laugh.

This is all just one big hoax. Kane is gone. He’s never coming b-



**Slow Chemical**

The arena goes berserk, as KANE walks out from the back, BACK IN HIS OLD GEAR - INCLUDING THE MASK!!!!

The superstars all freeze in the ring, as the monster stands at the apron. He gets up, and climbs over the top rope, and steps into the ring.

He is met first by Rob Conway, who get knocked down by a big uppercut. The Heart Throbs are next, and they go down going for a double clothesline on Kane, but get knocked down doing so. The Dicks are next, with Kane hitting a double clothesline, before Orlando Jordan takes a ride over the top rope to the floor. Rodney Mack runs into a big boot, whilst Simon Dean and Chris Masters both get met with big uppercuts.
Maven backs out of the ring, with Theodore Long and Jazz, leaving Kane standing, facing A-Train, Mark Henry, and Snitsky. The three men all come at the Big Red Monster, and begin to pound him down, putting him on the canvas, with Henry nailing a big splash on him.
Maven jumps up and down in celebration on the outside, thinking they’ve got the best of him now, but KANE SITS UP!!! The Big Red Machine fights back against all three men, swinging for the fences, putting Train out of the ring with a big boot, knocking Henry down with a clothesline, and power slams Snitsky.
He stands tall now in the ring, when Maven jumps from behind onto his back, but Kane flings him over, with Maven bouncing off the canvas, into Kane again, who delivers a choke slam!!! The Heart Throbs come back at him, but both are caught, and are given a double choke slam!!! Now, The Dicks run at him, but they are given the same fate!!!! Masters comes in from behind, and tries to grab Kane for the Masterlock, but Kane is too strong for Masters to even get it in, and gets flung off, to the outside, bringing Simon Dean with him!!!
Chokeslam for OJ, choke slam for Mack, choke slam for Snitsky, power slam for Conway, Big boot for Henry, Running clothesline over the top for A-Train, and finally, a tombstone for Maven!!!!
Kane clears the ring, with broken bodies surrounding the outside, when suddenly, we see a man wearing a Kane mask, climbing over the barricade, and gets into the ring, carrying a baseball bat, smashing it across the back of Kane … TO NO EFFECT!!!! Kane turns around, and the man falls down in fear, with Kane looming over him, eventually bending down, and ripping the mask off … TO REVEAL PETE ROSE!!!!! Pete Rose begs Kane to leave him alone, but Kane scoops him up from the mat by the throat, and gets him up, onto his shoulders … TOMBSTONE FOR ROSE!!!!
The Big Red Machine gets to his feet, and blasts his corner pyro, to a huge response from the rabid audience, with the Pit set absolutely ruined from the brawl, with Kane making a huge return at Wrestle Mania!!!

Fanatix Series Commercial - This Month - The Mania of Wrestle Mania

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