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Re: WCW 2001- The Trio Ownership

World Championship Wrestling
Wednesday Nitro
Memorial Gymnasium, Nashville, Tennessee
November 7, 2001



Tony Schiavone: Welcome ladies and gentleman, to WCW Wednesday Nitro! I am Tony Schiavone, and alongside me, as always, is ‘The Professor’ Mike Tenay! Mike, what can the fans be expecting tonight!?

Mike Tenay: They can expect a lot tonight, Tony! The war in the cruiserweight division continues on as the third generation-superstar Teddy Hart takes on ‘The Insane Luchadore’ Super Crazy! Plus, the WCW Tag Team Champions, The Young Lions, Chuck Palumbo and Sean O’Haire, are in tag team action against Boogie Knights, ‘Das Wonderkin’ Alex Wright and Disco Inferno! Also, Konnan takes on The Wall, and we will here from Lance Storm! Will Lance Storm become a member of the New World Order, or not!?

Tony Schiavone: And how could anyone forget this big main event we have tonight!? The WCW World Heavyweight Championship will be on the line as ‘The Chosen One’ Jeff Jarrett defends against ‘Big Sexy’ Kevin Nash! Professor, this is going to be the biggest night in the history of WCW!

Mike Tenay: Well a lot is certainly riding on the WCW World Heavyweight Title match tonight. If Jeff Jarrett can defeat Kevin Nash, then he just might be able to prove that he can be a solid, legitimate World Champion, but what if Kevin Nash wins!? If Kevin Nash wins the World Title, and the power goes to the Wolfpack, what will be in store for WCW and the nWo!? You have to wonder what is going through each man’s mind right now, so let’s take a look! Shall we!?

The cameras cut to a split-screen. On the left side, Jeff Jarrett is in a room all by himself. The lights are dimmed, and Jeff is sitting on a stool, his face in his hands, the WCW World Heavyweight Title Belt visibly absent. Jeff sits up and starts pacing, looking very nervous, yet there is a certain fire in his eyes that tells the world how badly he wants Kevin Nash. On the right side of the screen, Nash and Hall are playing WCW/nWo Revenge from the Nintendo 64. Nash is himself, Hall is a created Jeff Jarrett. Nash is whooping up on Jarrett in the game, while Hall isn’t really even playing. The controller sits on his lap while he sips from a red plastic cup and makes cries of agony, pretending to be Jeff Jarrett.

Tony Schiavone: Well I think that tells the story pretty much, Professor!

Mike Tenay: Yes, yes it does. On one side, you have ‘Big Sexy’ Kevin Nash, cool, calm, and collected. Of course he wants to win the WCW World Heavyweight Title tonight, but it shows he isn’t stressing himself out about it. He is going to have a good time tonight, but when it is time to wrestle, Kevin Nash will do exactly that. However, Jeff Jarrett, is a stressed and nervous train wreck, for lack of better words. He’s been under a lot of pressure ever since becoming WCW World Heavyweight Champion; everyone wants his Title, and his blood, he is in a war that can and will change the face of this company and industry, and he has two Outsiders humiliating him left and right. However, that has seemingly changed Jeff a bit! We heard him last week, and he’s been saying it all this week, he wants The Outsiders, especially Kevin Nash! They made a mockery of him at Halloween havoc, and again last week on Nitro! Well, Jeff, you get your chance tonight to prove to the world you are a fighting champion, and a real champion, not a coward hiding behind the back of the New World Order!

Tony Schiavone: You hit the nail right on the head with Jeff Jarrett, Professor! He’s stressed out for all of those reasons, and tonight could definitely be the night Jeff Jarrett proves himself to everyone in this company as a real man, not some snide coward. However, the question that has to be on everybody’s mind, where is the WCW World Heavyweight Championship Belt!? ‘Big Poppa Pump’ Scott Steiner stole the Title Belt last week on Nitro as the show came to a close, and we have no idea where it is! That has to be an even bigger attribute to The Chosen One’s stress!

As if on cue, this leads into our first segment of the night!

The Title Belt = The Power

The crowd pretty much explodes into cheers (although there still are some noticeable boos, for he is a tweener) as ‘Holla If Ya Hear Me’ hits, bringing out ‘Big Poppa Pump’ Scott Steiner. Oh, but Scotty’s looking a little different tonight. He’s in a Big Poppa Pump tee and jeans, plus the medieval style chain plate on his head (and lead pipe tucked in the back of his jeans pocket). However, no Midajah again tonight, but he does have something on his shoulder that is much better than Midajah… the WCW World Heavyweight Title Belt. This sends the crowd into a frenzy once they see the Title Belt on his shoulder. He proudly raises it into the air as he walks down the entrance ramp. Steiner enters the ring and immediately grabs the microphone from David Penzer. He removes the shades that I forgot to mention he was wearing, hanging them on his shirt. Steiner can’t help but grin as he looks at the Title Belt.

Scott Steiner: Here’s a message to all my freaks… look whose wearing the gold!

This gets a cheap pop from the crowd, to nobody’s surprise.

Scott Steiner: Ya know, last week was a freakin’ glorious week! When all those bitches from WCW and the nWo were brawlin’ and havin’ their bitch fight, here came Big Poppa Pump, wieldin’ his pipe, knockin’ out some jack asses with it, and most importantly, kickin’ the sh** out of Jeff Jarrett! And to make it all the freakin’ greatest, I took back what’s rightfully mine… the WCW World Heavyweight Title!

More cheers from the crowd.

Scott Steiner: Me and all my freaks know that I’ve been screwed out of winning back this Belt ever since I lost it seven months ago! Booker T, yeah you got lucky back on March 26 punk, and ever since there, Eric Bischoff has made sure Big Poppa Pump never got this belt back in his possession! And with Jeff Jarrett as his champion, those two dick heads aren’t gonna just give the Big Bad Booty Daddy a Title shot when they know that Jeff Jarrett, like every other douche bag in WCW, fears me! But guess what!? Scott Steiner’s the one holdin’ the World Title right now, and Bischoff, you and I both know what that means; I got the power! So it is time that all the punk asses here in this company start listenin’ to what the Genetic Freak’s gotta say!

Steiner pauses, licking his lips and cracking his neck. He repositions the World Title Belt on his shoulder, and looks at it while he starts to talk.

Scott Steiner: Comin’ up in less than two weeks, November 18… Mayhem… the Super Cage returns. Four men enter, only one man wins. Whoever reaches the top of the triple-decker wins the whole damn thing, the thing every person wants in this company… main eventin’ Starrcade for the WCW World Heavyweight Title! So far, Booker T and Sting, they’re already in the match, and either Scott Hall or Kevin Nash gets a guaranteed slot. But the fourth man, well it hasn’t been decided who is going to get that fourth spot. Bischoff, bein’ the stupid, slimy, piece of *shit* weasel that he is, thinks he can stop Big Poppa Pump from gettin’ into the Super Cage! Well Bischoff, I got some friggin’ news for you, jack ass! If you ever wanna see this World Title back in your champion’s hands, you’re gonna start listenin’ to what I gotta say, and put me in the damn Super Cage!

The crowd cheers, as Steiner simply nods his head to the cheers. After a few moments, ‘New World Order’ hits, and the crowd starts to boo as the WCW President, Eric Bischoff, walks out onto the entrance stage. Bischoff is in his usual black leather jacket, black jeans, and nWo tee. He’s got a mic in hand, looking quite angry. The usual back-up isn’t with him tonight, but he still has some. Tonight, the fuzz are with him. Six police men are standing behind Bischoff, looking ready for action.

Eric Bischoff: Scotty Steiner… what in the hell makes you think that you have influence of me now!? You proved yourself to be a punk, and a thief! You stole from Jeff Jarrett, and the New World Order! The WCW World Heavyweight Title Belt is our property, and that is exactly why these police men are here with me tonight! Twenty of Nashville’s finest are here tonight. Yes, I know, for dumb rednecks like you, I’ll explain. Only six are out here, so that means the police chief and eleven more police men are backstage, ready if needed. I know, hard math, hard math.

The crowd boos Bischoff’s rather cheekish comments.

Eric Bischoff: Big Poppa Pump, I am the WCW President! Now, I may be a nWo contracted member because well, WCW simply sucks, but I am still their President. So that means, I am the one with the power, no matter what the board of directors want to try and do! So Scott, you want an answer to getting into the Super Cage? Well here it is… no.

The crowd immediately starts to boo. Many people can’t help but love Scott Steiner, and the ones that don’t, still know he is deserving of being in the Super Cage match.

Eric Bischoff: There is no way in hell I am going to let you into the Super Cage! Scott Steiner, I have the power in this god forsaken company! Me, me, me! You don’t have anything! Not you, not the board of directors, and not that steaming pile of pig*shit* Ric Flair! Me! And no one else! And just to prove that to you, police, please go take back what is rightfully mine!

The crowd boos as the six police men start to walk down the entrance ramp to the ring.

Eric Bischoff: Scott, you either hand that Title back to these police men right now, or they will arrest your sorry ass, and then, they will take back the World Title! Choice is yours Scotty!

The police men slowly climb up the ring steps, and all stand along the ring apron, eyeing up Scott Steiner. Steiner takes a few steps back, and lays the Title out on the canvas, as if it is a line between the two sides. He motions for the cops to “come get some”, ala The Rock, but with both hands, not just one. The police men all charge into the ring, but Scott pulls out the pipe from the back of his jeans, and starts swinging like a mad man! One cop does down! Two! Three! Fourth with a direct shot to the head! Fifth after a shot to the gut and back! The sixth takes a kick to the gut, and Steiner power bombs him onto two of the fallen cops! Steiner has just dismantled the six police officers! The crowd is cheering like crazy, and on the stage, Bischoff can’t believe it! He signals for the rest of the police men to come out from the back, and they do, the police chief leading the way, wielding a nightstick. Steiner realizes he can’t take those odds, or he just is tired of kicking ass, either one, and scoops up the World Title Belt with his left hand, the pipe still in his right. Big Poppa Pump rolls out of the ring and escapes through the crowd, juts like last week! A few of the police men roll out of the ring after they get in, and chase off after Steiner, but he already has a head start, and is long gone! As the crowd cheers for Steiner’s rebellious acts, Eric Bischoff is fuming on the stage, in disbelief his plan has backfired.

Tony Schiavone: Look at Scott Steiner go, Professor!

Mike Tenay: Yeah, literally! For the second week in a row, Scott Steiner has took the World Heavyweight Title Belt and escaped through the crowd! But he may not be lucky to escape this time, Tony! He’s got the police after him now!

Tony Schiavone: Only time will tell if Big Poppa Pump can escape this week, but for now, we have to take a commercial break! But don’t go away, because the night is only getting started, here on Nitro!


When Nitro returns, it’s rift o’ plenty. The Hart Foundation knock-off is playing as Teddy Hart is finishing his entrance to the ring, dressed in the Hart Foundation singlet, Jack Evans in pants and a wife beater beside him. As the two enter the ring, the knock off of ‘Roadhouse Blues’ hits, bringing out Super Crazy to a good pop like always. Crazy runs down the ramp, slapping hands with some of the fans along the ramp before diving into the ring and posing on a corner turnbuckle. He hops down, and referee Scott Dickenson orders for the bell to be rung, and woo-hoo, things are underway!

Match One
Super Crazy vs. Teddy Hart (w/Jack Evans)
Singles Match

At the beginning of the match, it is heavily speculated by Tony and Tenay that the winner of this match could be facing Shane Helms for the Cruiserweight Title at Mayhem. Hart and Crazy seem to think this too because they’re in full work mode in this one. The two waste no time in being flippy and floppy, executing arm drag after arm drag in the right away, each man going drag for drag. Hart eventually scored with a hip toss, tried another, only for Crazy to back flip out of the toss, throw himself up at Hart’s neck and hit a modified spinning head scissors. More spots would follow, of course. Hart retreated to the outside, only for crazy to climb up to the top turnbuckle and take out both Hart and Evans with a moonsault press. A springboard back elbow from the guard rail followed to both, and Hart took a drop tope hold onto the steel steps. Evans are a hurricanrana on the entrance ramp, but things finally caught up for Crazy at around the four minute mark when Hart scored with a low blow. From there, Hart jumped onto the guard rail, ran along it (much like Jeff Hardy would do) and connected with a missile dropkick.

The match pace slowed down from there, as Hart rolled Crazy back into the ring and worked him over in the corner and on the canvas. Teddy got the chance to show what “Uncle Bret” taught him on the ground, as Teddy actually did a good job applying various holds and submissions to Crazy’s head and neck. Teddy almost scored a submission victory after scissoring Crazy’s head and throat with his legs, but Crazy reached the ropes before he passed out. Teddy was on a roll, almost scoring the pin fall after a wrap-around DDT, where he well, spun all the way around Crazy’s torso and back until land back at his chest again, planting him with a DDT. It was a hard move to pull off, but the young cruiserweight did it. A super plex from the second rope almost won the match as well, as did a tornado DDT from the top. However, Teddy Hart became very distracted when Shane Helms showed up on the entrance ramp, holding his Cruiserweight Title. Helms simply watched the match, but it threw Hart off, giving Crazy some time to recover. Hart quickly tried to throw a drop kick at Crazy, but The Insane Luchadore moved out of the way, and Hart dropped Dickenson.

From there, Crazy went to town on Hart, hitting numerous right hands, as well as a hip toss. Evans came in, only to eat a tilt-a-whirl head scissors. Crazy tried to take on both members of the Flying Harts, which he did for a few moments, but things caught up to him when Hart scored with a leaping bulldog as Crazy worked over Evans. Helms acted as though he was going to come down to the ring to help Crazy during this fiasco, but he never did, drawing quite a few boos. From there, Hart leaped onto the third rope as Evans lifted Crazy up for a tiger suplex, and Hart connected with the springboard lariat, scoring with the Hart Attack 2.0. Evans rolled out of the ring, Hart made the pin, and Dickenson miraculously recovered at that moment, counting the three.

Result: Teddy Hart def. Super Crazy at 11:07

After the match, Hart’s hand is raised in victory, and he and Evans celebrate. On the stage, Helms smirks at Hart, and the fallen Crazy, before turning on his heel and leaving for the backstage.

Tony Schiavone: What was that all about, Professor?

Mike Tenay: Well I can’t be too sure, but my guess is only as good as yours. If you ask me, I’d say he was scouting his competition. Teddy Hart and Super Crazy both are the front runners for a title shot right now, and Helms knows it. We’ll try and get a hold of him later folks, but until then, we have to take a commercial break. But do not go away! I’ve just gotten word that Lance Storm is on his way out here folks!


New Look Lance

As Nitro returns, the rift of ‘Snap Your Fingers, Snap Your Neck’ hits, bringing out the WCW North American Champion, Lance Storm. However, this is definitely a new Lance Storm. While the North American Title Belt is tightly strapped around his waist like usual, the attire is definitely different. Gone is the red and white colors, but replaced… with black and white. Lance Storm can’t help but smirk as the crowd starts to boo him. Schiavone is going ape shit at the announcer’s table, all because of Storm’s attire; an electric black long tights, with Lance and Storm respectively going down his left and right legs, in jagged white text. Storm enters the ring, and is immediately handed a microphone from David Penzer. Storm can’t help but smirk still as the crowd boos him. They quiet down as he tries to speak.

Lance Storm: …If I could be serious moment…

The crowd automatically starts to boo, knowing what he’s going to say.

Lance Storm: You know, I knew I should expect this from people like you. I take into thought was I was told last week, and wear a new attire, and all of a sudden, I’m a bad person. Well Nashville, and everyone watching at home, how about you listen to my explanation before you decide whether or not you want to hate me.

The crowd simply continues to boo, but Lance continues on anyways.

Lance Storm: For as long as I can remember, I have had very strong opinions on a few things in WCW. One, was that Canada was the superior nation in North America, and if you weren’t from Canada, you were nothing but trash. And the other thing I thought, was that the New World Order, was nothing but egomaniacal vile!

The crowd is half torn between jeers and cheers with the last comment. They agree, that’s the nWo summed up into two words, but hey, Lance Storm said it, and he’s seemingly about to announce his membership with that very same vile.

Lance Storm: And all week, I’ve been in a dilemma. Those two things were always a strong opinion of mine, but over time, the former changed. I came to realize, that it didn’t matter if you were from Canada, or the United States of America, or even Mexico, Japan, Germany, or Timbuktu! It was how you got the job done in the ring, and how good of a performer you were. So all this week, I thought, and I thought. If my one opinion has already changed within these past months, why can’t the other? Maybe I can see the light that my friend, Mike Awesome, has saw. Mike and I are friends, dating back to not only our Team Canada days, but ECW. And as I look back, he was the one winning the World Title there, not me. The Career Killer saw the light, and he was successful, while Lance Storm was stuck in mid card obscurity, doing absolutely NOTHING, WITH HIS CAREER! SO I ASK MYSELF, WHY NOT JOIN THE NWO!?

As Lance starts to get heated up, yelling, obviously, the crowd boos him. Lance’s eyes are cold, but yet, have a fire in them at the same time. He’s motivated for this.

Lance Storm: Well… Mike Awesome, everything that you said last week, it’s true. For years now, no one has been holding be back, but myself. While Mike Awesome was winning World Titles in ECW and Japan, and while guys like Booker T and Jeff Jarrett were becoming the WCW World Heavyweight Title, I, Lance Storm, was floating around in the under card, the mid card, “the nothing spectacular”, all because of myself. Myself… and my silly infatuation with my heritage of being a Canadian. For months, I wasted my time locked in bitter wars with men such as Jim Duggan and Hugh Morris, because they were American patriots. I washed away my CAREER, over some STUPID, IGNORANT, OPINION! STUCK, GOING NOWHERE, BECAUSE OF ME, MYSELF!

Lance pauses, taking a deep breath, calming himself down.

Lance Storm: …It is time I start to face reality, and think about myself, and where I am going to go with my career, my life. Because that’s exactly what my career is, my life. I live to wrestle, and without wrestling, I am nothing. I am no one. So now, I think. What do, I do? I can either go with what I know, or follow the path of a friend, a path that has helped him be successful. I have been taught by the very best this industry has ever seen; Bret ‘The Hitman’ Hart, Stu Hart, the entire Hart Family, Chris Benoit, the list goes on and on! I can stick to what they have taught me. Be yourself, the cold, calculating, tactician, technical wizard, and total wrestling machine, that you are. Value tradition, pride, honor, and respect. Respect those that came before you, value this sports’ tradition. That is what I have been taught, but now, it all has been questioned. I’ve tried all that, and look where I am now; not where I want to be, no, not yet. So what’s my other option? Glory. Fame. Respect. By joining the nWo, I am t he one getting the glory, I am the one becoming famous, I am the one getting the respect, not showing it! I get what I want! I don’t have to slave myself away for years on end to get a miniscule amount of respect; I get GRAB IT AND TAKE IT!

Lance pauses, and a few boos can be heard.

Lance Storm: So it looks like, Nashville, I must choose. Glory and fame, or the teachings I have learned. Well Eric Bischoff, you wanted your answer, and here it is. I KNOW WHO I AM! I am exactly what I said I am! I am a ruthless, cold and calculating, technical wizard, and total wrestling machine! But most of all, an ASS-KICKING CANADIAN! I AM PROUD OF MY ROOTS, AND NOTHING WILL CHANGE THAT!

The crowd damn near explodes in cheers, as it seems that Lance Storm is not turning to the nWo.

Lance Storm: I know who I am, Eric Bischoff, and one thing that I am, is an egomaniacal piece of filth! I am not a New World Order kind of guy, and I don’t want to be one! So to the men who had valued what I valued, to Bret and Stu Hart, Chris Benoit, Dean Malenko, ‘Dynamite Kid’ Tom Billington, Jacques Rougeau, Arn Anderson, and especially, ‘THE NATURE BOY’ RIC FLAIR, I know who I am, because of you! I am Lance Storm, and from here on out, I am SYNONYMOUS with W…C…W!

The crowd’s cheering only gets louder, followed by a loud ‘Lance, Lance’ chant. Storm soaks it in, nodding his head and smiling.

Lance Storm: Eric Bischoff, Mike Awesome, Jeff Jarrett, Hulk Hogan, Curt Hennig, Brian Adams, and Bryan Clarke… each and every one of you are SCUM, and PIECES OF FILTH! I DESPISE, EACH AND EVERY ONE OF YOU! I WILL BREAK ALL YOUR KNEE CAP’S! I WILL RUIN YOU ALL! I AM LANCE STORM… YOUR W..C..W NORTH AMERICAN CHAMPION! AND THE NEW WORLD ORDER, CAN STICK IT!

Lance Storm throws the microphone down, and ‘Snap Your Fingers, Snap Your Neck’ hits, and Storm exits the ring, heading to the back, the crowd cheering him on. Before the commentators can even get a word in on “the biggest moment in the history of Nitro” (there, I said it for you, Tony), we cut to the back.

Does WCW Have A Sponsorship With Prozac?

We’re backstage, where Eric Bischoff is in his locker room, surrounded the Mike Awesome, KroniK, Nashville’s Chief of Police, and two of his police men. Hogan and Jarrett are absent. Jarrett because he’s off being emo while thinking about his Title match, and Hogan because he won’t be important in this segment. Bischoff seems stressed, but hey, at least he didn’t just hear what Lance Storm said about his offer.

Police Chief: Mr. Bischoff, the six police men that Mr. Scott Steiner assaulted earlier in the night have been taken to the hospital, but-

Bischoff yells at the chief, cutting him off.

Eric Bischoff: Well take the rest of your men, and FIND HIM!

Police Chief: Yes, that’s what he intend to do. We’ll search the arena and the grounds, and I’ll personally report back to you.

The Chief of Police turns to leave, and starts to exit the locker room.

Eric Bischoff: Good, now get the hell out of here!

The door closes shut as Bischoff finishes his statement. With the police gone, Bischoff leans back on his black leather couch, looking stressed out.

Eric Bischoff: Guys… tonight sucks! We’ve got Scott Steiner running loose, with our World Heavyweight Title, armed and dangerous! Jeff’s a nervous wreck! He’s off by himself; he badly wants Nash tonight. Plus, Curt’s out! His nose got shattered by Steiner’s pipe shot last week! Everything is chaos! Boys… I need you to make sure Jeff doesn’t lose the Title tonight. At all costs, Kevin Nash cannot win that match tonight! KroniK, go find Jeff, keep him company. Mike, go find out what the status is with Lance, he better have joined us… stupid Canadian.

The three men leave, and Bischoff closes his eyes, massaging his temple.

Eric Bischoff: I need a Prozac…


When Nitro returns, we’re at the announcer’s table!

Tony Schiavone: Welcome back to WCW Nitro folks, and what a night it has been, Professor! Scott Steiner still has the WCW World Heavyweight Title in his possession, he’s sent six police men to the hospital, and now the Nashville Police are on the hunt for him!

Mike Tenay: ‘Big Poppa Pump’ Scott Steiner certainly is causing a great deal of ruckus for Eric Bischoff, but how about what we witnessed moments ago? Lance Storm, in a very intense fashion, has told the nWo what they can do with their offer, and that his loyalty lies with WCW!

Tony Schiavone: Well I know I have never been so proud of Lance Storm in my life as I am tonight. I thought he was turning against us, going to the nWo. But no, not Lance! He’s WCW thick and thin, Professor!

Mike Tenay: And I am very happy to know that he is too, Tony. However, we need to keep the wrestling action going tonight, as up next, Konnan takes on The Wall!

As the camera shows that The Wall is already in the ring, ‘Filthy’ hits, sending the crowd to their feet as Konnan and Tygress make their way out to the ring. Konnan slaps hands with the fans on their way to the ring, and then rolls into the ring and poses for the crowd. After this, Konnan removes his shirt and bandanas, handing them to Tygress. Konnan nods to referee Billy Silverman, telling him he’s ready to go. The bell is rung, and this one is under way.

Match Two
Konnan (w/Billy Kidman & Tygress) vs. The Wall
Singles Match

Poor Wall. The Wall went from landing in a PPV match at Fall Brawl, to this being his first appearance since. And just like at Fall Brawl, The Wall was on job duty tonight. Konnan was on fire at first, landing a flurry of right hands and forearms to The Wall, followed by his patented rolling clothesline. Konnan stayed hot, hitting more punches and a few slams on The Wall, scoring a near fall here and there. However, at the three minute mark The Wall was able to turn the tides, connecting with a nasty big boot to Konnan. From there, The Wall stayed in control of the match, keeping Konnan in the corner to wear him down with strikes, followed by slamming him down to the canvas with slams and suplexes. The Wall almost wont he match on a few occasions, scoring with another big boot, as well as after a power bomb, and exploder suplex. However, with Tygress and the crowd behind him, Konnan rallied back , escaping from The Chokeslam and connecting with the K-Factor. After both men recuperated, Konnan rallied, hitting several right hands, a rolling clothesline, vertical suplex, and then, the 187. With the crowd counting along, Konnan made the cover, and Silverman count the one, two, three, making Konnan the winner.

Result: Konnan def. The Wall at 7:12

Once the match was over, Konnan’s arm was raised in victory, and he celebrated his victory in the ring. However, the crowd immediately started to boo as Rey Misterio Jr. hopped the guard rail, wielding a steel chair. Rey dived into the ring under the bottom rope, and walked over to Konnan, whose back was turned. As the crowd tried to get Konnan’s attention, Rey whacked him with a steel chair shot to the back! Konnan staggered and turned to face the culprit, only to get rocked with a steel chair shot to the face! Rey laughs at Konnan, and then starts to stab the chair into the extremities of Konnan, only for the crowd to distract Rey, cheering loudly as Billy Kidman sprinted out from the back and down to the ring. Rey picked up the chair, ready to fight Kidman since he had a chair in his hands. Kidman rolls into the ring, and Rey takes a big swing, but Kidman ducks, running underneath the chair and off the ropes. Kidman comes back at Rey, and tackles Misterio to the ground! With the crowd happily cheering him on, Kidman mounts Rey, and starts laying into his former friend’s face with a flurry of punches, both right’s and left’s. Kidman pounded on Misterio for several moments, but as he did so, he was oblivious to Chavo Guerrero Jr. rushing down the entrance ramp and sliding into the ring. Chavo immediately slowed down once getting into the ring, not wanting to alert Kidman of his presence. Chavo slowly picked up the fallen chair Misterio had, snuck over to Kidman, and drilled the chair into the back of Kidman’s head! Kidman goes down, rolling off of Misterio and into the canvas, laying on his back. Chavo extended an arm and hand to Misterio, who took it, and pulled himself up to his feet. Chavo and Rey stared at each other, both slightly smirking. Rey extended his hand, Chavo took it, and the two embraced into a hug from there. They raised each other’s arms in triumph, and then left the ring as Tygress checked on her boys, who were down and hurt from the steel chair attacks.

Tony Schiavone: Professor, why is Chavo Guerrero Jr. helping Rey Misterio!?

Mike Tenay: Your guess is as good as mine! All we can get out of that is that Rey Misterio Jr. has found himself some back up in his war against the Filthy Animals. I don’t know why, but I assume we’ll find out at some point. However, Tony, I have just gotten word that ‘Mean’ Gene Okerlund has caught up with Shane Helms, so lets see what was up with the WCW Cruiserweight Champion being out at ringside during tonight’s opening match!

Cut to the back!

The First Full Match For Mayhem

We find ourselves out in the parking lot, where ‘Mean’ Gene Okerlund is in a tuxedo, running up to ‘Sugar’ Shane Helms, who is getting ready to leave the building, hence him being dressed in jeans, and having a jacket on, plus a beanie over his head. His WCW Cruiserweight Title Belt, of course, is still slung over his right shoulder.

Gene Okerlund: Shane! Sugar Shane! Shane Helms, wait!

Okerlund runs up to Helms, who stops and turns around. He lets Okerlund catch up to him, and catch his breath. Helms looks annoyed.

Shane Helms: Mean Gene can’t you see I’m trying to leave? But you know what? Don’t worry about it. It’s natural to want to get the greatest Cruiserweight Champion on the TV one more time, so Gene, fire away. What thrilling and sensational questions to you have for ‘Sugar’ Shane Helms?

Okerlund looks disgusted with Helms’ cocky manner, but does his job anyways.

Gene Okerlund: Well I, just like everybody else, want to know why you were out at ringside during the match between Teddy Hart and Super Crazy tonight! You said you didn’t want to have anything to do with The Insane Luchadore anymore, but there you tonight, at ringside, during his match! Why?

Helms looks at Okerlund like he’s stupid for not knowing the answer.

Shane Helms: Gene, honestly, there’s only one reason why I would be out watching two guys like Teddy Hart and Super Crazy; to scout my opponents. I know, I can’t believe it either, but the Board of Directors have said that at Mayhem, I’ll be defending the WCW Cruiserweight Title against both Teddy Hart, and Super Crazy, in a triple threat match. However, I still can’t understand why this match has been made. I don’t see how Teddy Hart, nor Super Crazy, can be deemed number one contenders for my Title!

Gene Okerlund: And why’s that, Shane!?

Shane Helms: Why? Isn’t it obvious!? For starters, Teddy Hart is a punk! He’s getting by in WCW because of his last name! If his last name was anything but Hart, he’d be in the Power Plant, wasting away with all the other no-talent hacks. Hart’s a disgrace to the Hart name, a name that has done a lot for professional wrestling. But you know what, Gene? When I think about it, the name Hart doesn’t mean squat when you compare it to a name like Helms.

Helms raises his head in self-pride, looking egotistical as ever. Okerlund looks appalled.

Shane Helms: And Super Crazy, come on, Gene. You and I both know that stupid jumping bean shouldn’t be in this country, let alone WCW! President Bush needs to crack down on illegal immigrants coming into this country, Mean Gene! But you know? It doesn’t matter. I’m Shane Helms, and I’ve been the Cruiserweight Champion for almost eight long months now, and there is no one better than me! I’m the greatest WCW Cruiserweight Champion of all time, and at Mayhem, on November 18, I’m going to prove just that! Now excuse me, Gene, there’s a hot party with Sugar Shane’s name on it!

Helms turns on his heel in an arrogant matter, and enters his car that’s right next to him and Gene. He turns it on, and drives away as Okerlund shakes his head in disgust at Helms’ attitude.

Tony Schiavone: Success has surely gone to Shane Helms’ head, Professor!

Mike Tenay: I think that might be an under statement, Tony! Shane Helms has become arrogant and egotistical over these last few months, and if he isn’t careful, he’ll lose that Cruiserweight Title he’s fought so hard to keep at Mayhem! Teddy Hart and Super crazy are both capable of unseating Shane Helms, Super Crazy already almost pinned Helms at Fall Brawl!

Tony Schiavone: Well if you ask me, I hope Shane Helms does lose at Mayhem! His ego needs to be deflated, and I hope Super Crazy is the man to do it!

Mike Tenay: Me too, Tony, me too. However, we have to take a commercial break, but there is still a lot more to come, here on Nitro!

Before Nitro goes to a commercial, we catch a look backstage again at Jeff Jarrett. He’s by himself again, looking more nervous now, pacing his darkened locker room.


Yes, nothing from Tony when we return! Only the theme titled…

A Match Of Legendary Proportions

‘Sprach Zarathustra’ hits, sending Tennessee to its feet in cheers, as ‘The Nature Boy’ Ric Flair walks out onto the stage, wearing a tan Armani jacket, plus white dress shirt and tan khaki’s. Styling and profiling like always, Slick Ric struts down the entrance ramp, slapping hands with quite a few of the fans along the entrance ramp. “Naitch” climbs up the steel steps and onto the apron, and struts along the apron before getting into the ring. Once in the ring, more strutting from Flair, followed by being handed a microphone from David Penzer.

Ric Flair: Nashville, Tennessee… WOOO!


Ric Flair: Dubya See Dubya, Wednesday Nitro, is love baby, and the Naitcha’ Boy is loving it! It’s been a wild past couple of months for good ole Naitch, but tonight, The Nature Boy has something to say! And the addressee of my speech tonight… is, Hulk… HOGAN!

Mixture of boos and cheers from the crowd. Boos for the Hogan mention, cheers for a possible confrontation between the two.

Ric Flair: Hulkster, you’re a sly, sneaky, SON OF A BITCH! Hogan, for most of the past year, you were sitting on your ass at home, doing nothing with your life because you got ran out of WCW! But Hollywood, I brought you back! In September, The NAITCHA BOY… brought you back. You were a nothing, Hogan, but with Ric Flair bringing you back to WCW, the attention and spotlight was back on you again, baby, just how you, WOOO, like it!

Flair pauses, licking his lips and really just pausing for the sake of pausing.

Ric Flair: Hollywood, you wanted the spotlight again, and I gave you the chance to have it… by fighting the New World Order! But you betrayed Ric Flair, the fans, and WCW! You showed exactly what kind of trash you are when you betrayed me, Hogan, back at Fall Brawl. You fooled me… you fooled us all. You were supposed to aid WCW in the War Games match against the nWo, but this is what happened.

A video rolls on the Nitro Tron. Oh look, it’s from Fall Brawl!

Originally Posted by Fall Brawl in the War Games
‘Voodoo Child’ filled the speakers, sending the Atlanta crowd into a huge frenzy. After a few moments Hulk Hogan limps out to the ring in a yellow Hulkamania t-shirt, and enters ring one, where Ric Flair, Booker T, and Sting are motionless on the canvas. The nWo all flee into ring two, while Hogan stands tall in ring one. Hogan points his finger at the nWo, only to turn and Leg Drop Booker T! Hogan got up, and Leg Drops Ric Flair! Just to finish off the job, Hogan gives Sting the Leg Drop too.
The video ends, and Flair is in the ring still, looking pretty angry. The crowd is lightly booing.

Ric Flair: …I trusted you. Hulk, I don’t know why, I guess it’s because I’m old… because NAITCH, is GETTING CRAZY! RIC, WOOO, FLAIR, IS GROWING SENILE! I trusted you Hogan, and you SPAT IN MY FACE! SO HOGAN, WOOO… like my friend ‘Rowdy’ Roddy Piper always used to say, Hogan, it is time you paid the piper! WOOO! SO HOGAN… I may haven’t gotten around to getting my revenge until now, but damn it, I am STYLIN, WOOO, and PROFILIN…

Flair pauses as he removes his Armani jacket, tossing it onto the ropes. He then starts to strut around the ring, getting his point across.

Ric Flair: …And ready, to KICK YOUR ASS! Hollywood Hogan, you and Eric Bischoff both, are begging for an ass kicking, courtesy of ‘The Nature Boy’ Ric Flair! HOGAN! I want you! You and me, Hogan! The Immortal One versus The Naitcha’ Boy! Hulk Hogan vs. Ric Flair! And I want it Hogan, Sunday, November 18, live on pay per view… at Mayhem! So Hogan, watcha, WOOO, gonna do, when NAITCH CHALLENGES… YOU! WOOO!

Flair’s getting into his rhythm, strutting around the ring aimlessly, much to the delight of the crowd. However, the crowd starts to boo heavily as Jimi Hendrix’s rocking guitar song, ‘Voodoo Child’, plays throughout the Memorial Gymnasium. As the crowd jeers heavily, ‘Hollywood’ Hulk Hogan appears on the entrance stage, in black jeans, the nWo shirt, black shades and feather boas, nWo bandana, and of course, the black stubbles that make up his beard, and the artificially enhanced blonde mustache. God bless Hulk Hogan. Hogan marches down the entrance ramp and into the ring, a mic protruding from his jeans pocket. Hogan enters the ring, and tension is immediately noticeable between the two legends. As the two men stare each other down, Hogan breaks the stare down, pulling the mic from his pocket and beginning to speak.

Hulk Hogan: Whoa, whoa, whoa… lemme tell ya’ somethin’ brother! ‘Nature Boy’ Ric Flair, you’re out here, runnin’ around, challengin’ ‘Hollywood’ Hulk Hogan, but who do you think you are, dude!? Last time, I checked, I’m Hulk Hogan, brother! And you, you’re Ric Flair… a never-was.

Ouch, harsh insult by Hogan, disrespecting the legacy of Flair. The crowd picks up on it, and they boo Hogan like crazy. Hulk simply smirks.

Hulk Hogan: I mean, honestly Ric, you’re out here acting like you’re some kind of legend. Some kind of Hulk Hogan! Well listen up jack, you are nothing, and Hollywood Hogan means nothing, compared to me! I’m Hulk Hogan, brother, the biggest legend in the history of professional wrestling! Ric Flair… he’s some guy who wasn’t good enough to beat Hulk-A-Mania. Some dude who wasn’t good enough to carry Hollywood Hogan’s jock. Ric Flair, you were never big enough, or good enough, to be even considered as a has-been, jack! You are, and always will be, a never-was!

More heavy jeers from the crowd. Flair glares at Hogan, and bites his tongue, keeping his cool and letting Hogan speak his mind.

Hulk Hogan: Naitcha’ Boy, you can preach all you want about bringin’ Hulk Hogan back, but lemme tell ya somethin’, brother! Ric Flair did not bring Hulk Hogan back! Eric Bischoff, the single greatest mind in sports entertainment ever, brought back ‘Hollywood’ Hulk Hogan! Eric Bischoff, Jeff Jarrett, and the nWo brought back Hollywood Hogan, dude! ‘Hollywood’ Hulk Hogan would never associate himself with crap like you, Sting, Booker T, and World Championship Wrestling! I’m a legend, brother, and the only one in this company! You’re nothing.

The crowd boos, as Hogan’s eyes have now become fixated on Flair, not even worrying or caring about the crowd.

Hulk Hogan: Ri…

Flair cuts Hogan off with the almighty…

Ric Flair: WOOO!


Ric Flair: HOGAN! I’M NOT A LEGEND!? Hulk, if you think that, then you know what!? You can kiss my ass!

The crowd pops for Flair, but Flair just keeps on spewing out the words.

Ric Flair: Hulk, I’d love nothing more than to kick your ass, right here, right now, but no! I know what will happen if I break your jaw! You’ll run to you lap dog, Bischoff, and you’ll get me thrown in jail, and thrown out of WCW! Well Hogan, you can’t trick me! I don’t think so you son of a bitch! Hogan, you can say what you want, but I know, and everyone in Nashville knows, that Ric Flair, IS A LEGEND!



Woo, more cheers.

Ric Flair: AND HOGAN… to be, THE MAN… you’ve got to, WOOO… BEAT, THE MAN!

The crowd cheers again as Flair, eyes filled with rage, glares at Hogan. The two men star each other down while the crowd starts to settle down. When they’re finally quiet, Hogan strokes his chin, and begins to speak again.

Hulk Hogan: …You’re the man, huh? Well Flair, I hate to break it to ya’, jack, but Hulk Hogan’s been the man ever since a little thing called Hulk-A-Man was born in 1984! Who’s the man now, brother!?

Ric Flair: “The Man” is still, WOOO, RIC…FLAIR! Because Hogan, while you were winning our first World Title in 1984, The Naitcha’ Boy was already a two-time NWA World Heavyweight Champion! Hollywood, Ric Flair is “The Man”, and you, Hogan, you’re the old fossil staying in WCW because of the power that the slimy jack ass of a man called Eric Bischoff holds! In my eyes, you both are dirty, rotten, steaming pieces of crap!

The crowd cheers as Flair can’t help but smirk from their cheers.

Hulk Hogan: Flair… you want a match at Mayhem with “The Man”… The Immortal One, ‘Hollywood’ Hulk Hogan!? Well brother, YOU GOT IT!

The crowd EXPLODES as Hogan agrees to the match, and Flair grins. However, Hogan is sure to end the party mood quickly.

Hulk Hogan: But Ric, lemme tell ya somethin’, brother! At Mayhem, I’ll kick your ass, jack, and show all of these sheep’s that you are a never-was, the real fossil, and the sleazy son of a bitch, who could never defeat Hulk Hogan!

The crowd immediately starts to jeer Hogan, but he keeps going.

Hulk Hogan: And Flair, this is a message straight from Bischoff… he could kick your ass, ANYTIME, ANYWHERE! Because you, Ric, are nothing but a piece of sh-

Hogan can’t finish the “it” that Flair is, because Ric lunges at Hogan, knocking the mic out of Hogan’s hand with a left hook, while his right hand scores with a strike to the Hulkster’s jaw! The crowd explodes as Flair starts firing off left-handed jabs at Hogan, sending the “orange skinned goblin” reeling. Hulk staggers, and Flair whips him into the ropes. Hulk hits the breaks, clinging his arm around the ropes, stopping his forward momentum. Hogan quickly drops to the canvas, and rolls out of the ring, loose feathers from his boas falling onto and off of his shirt. The crowd boos as Hogan walks away from the brawl, but Hogan gives Flair the finger wag (of doom!) as he stalks up the entrance ramp. Flair walks over to the ropes near the entrance ramp, standing on the first and second rope, shouting at insults and threats to Hogan.

Tony Schiavone: Oh my goodness, Professor, I cannot believe it! The two biggest legends in the history of professional wrestling, ‘Hollywood’ Hulk Hogan and ‘The Nature Boy’ Ric Flair, are going to fight at Mayhem!

Mike Tenay: I can’t believe it either, Tony. Ric Flair and Hulk Hogan are without a doubt, like you said, wrestling’s two biggest legends. They’ve had wars in the past, but this time, this match, at Mayhem, on November 18, is by far going to be the most intense and personal war between the two! Mark my words!

Tony Schiavone: I definitely agree with that statement, Professor. However, ladies and gentleman, don’t turn the channel, but we’ll be right back after a very short commercial break! Stay tuned for a lot more WCW action!


When Nitro returns, the combatants for the next match are already in the ring. In one corner, we have The Boogie Knights, Alex Wright and Disco Inferno, making a re-union, against the WCW Tag Team Champions, Chuck Palumbo and Sean O’Haire, or the Young Lions.

Match Three
Boogie Knights vs. The Young Lions
Non-Title Tag Team Match

With PPV build-up and continuing feuds having to be crammed into three shows for the Mayhem PPV, the wrestling action has taken a bit of a down turn, as the build-up is done mainly in angles and promos. However, The Young Lions are getting the chance to wrestle on live TV again, instead of run-ins with WCW and the nWo. They’ll still be doing that, but right now, time to show why they’re the Tag Champs. Palumbo and O’Haire rocked the house at the start of the match, both men laying into Wright and Inferno with heavy right hands and forearms in the early going, knocking the Boogie Knights around the ring, followed by O’Haire knocking Inferno to the outside with a dropkick, and Palumbo tossing Wright over the top rope, and onto Inferno, with a military press. The Young Lions controlled the match on the outside, scoring with more brawling esque maneuvers, as well as a few whips into the steel guard rail and stairs. However, the Boogie Knights took control once the match eventually got back into the ring. Alex Wright was able to duck a Jungle Kick from Chuck Palumbo, and score with a big German Suplex. Wright’s under card, so his finisher didn’t put Palumbo away of course. However, it did let Boogie Knights isolate Chuck Palumbo for the next several minutes, making quick tags, followed by one man holding Palumbo, and the other man landing several shots to Palumbo’s face and torso. Several slams and suplexes scored near falls for Boogie Knights, but Chuck Palumbo was able to take down Inferno with a big atomic drop after reversing the Chartbuster (Stunner). Tags were made, and Sean O’Haire, the hot tag man, was on fire. He knocked down Wright and Inferno repeatedly with running forearms, followed by Inferno eating a Samoan drop and Wright a leaping heel kick. From there, Palumbo re-entered the ring, connected with a Jungle Kick to both members of the Boogie Knights, and O’Haire climbed up to the top turnbuckle. Seanton Bomb connected to Das Wonderkin, and O’Haire covered Wright to get the three count.

Result: The Young Lions def. Boogie Knights at 7:49

After the match, The Young Lions surprisingly get to celebrate their victory without interference from the New World Order. Commentators build this up as the rest of the nWo being pre-occupied right now with Steiner being on the prowl somewhere, and a stressed out Jarrett and Bischoff.

Speaking of which, the cameras immediately cut to the backstage area.

Guess Laws Aren’t Enforced

In the backstage, we are in the nWo locker room, again. Bischoff is on the leather couch, still looking completely stressed out. Mike Awesome and KroniK are also in the locker room with him. So is Hogan, surprisingly.

Eric Bischoff: I cannot believe this! First, we have Jeff Jarrett all by himself, refusing to be around any of us tonight to prepare for his World Title match against Kevin Nash, Scott Steiner could be anywhere, and these police aren’t doing a damn thing to find him, in my opinion, and Lance Storm insulted our name and all of us by refusing to join us! That scum wants to be WCW… well we’ll be sure to destroy him! And Hulk! What the hell man!? I know we both know that I could kick Ric Flair’s ass, but don’t bring me into your problems! I’ve got enough on my plate, Hulk! If you want to kick Flair’s old ass at Mayhem, do it, but don’t get me involved! The nWo, we may be one unit, one team, but we can’t fight everyone’s battles all the time. …However, guys, we need to fight Jeff’s battle tonight. He’s not in a right state of mind… I don’t know if he can beat Nash tonight. We need to make sure Jeff stays our Champion, and let him refocus over these next few weeks.

Awesome and KroniK all nod their heads, but Hogan seems to disagree. He opens his mouth to speak, but only an inaudible sound comes out because as he starts to talk, as the door of the locker room opens. The Nashville Chief of Police comes into the locker room, and Eric immediately jumps up to his feet, expecting results.

Eric Bischoff: Well!? Where is he!? Have you find him!? Where’s my Title!? Details, details!

Police Chief: Sir, my men and I have searched the arena, the grounds, the parking lot, everywhere. Scott Steiner is nowhere to be found here. His car is reported to be gone from the parking lot, Mr. Steiner is no longer at the Memorial Gymnasium.

Eric Bischoff: Are you sure!? Are you 100 percent positive!?

The Chief simply nods his head. He’s sure. Bischoff takes a big sigh of relief, and immediately seems a lot more relaxed. He looks at Adams and Clarke and grins. Looks like the swagger is coming back.

Eric Bischoff: Officer Robinson, you’ve been a big help, and I thank you for it. Now boys, can you please help escort the Chief of Police on out of our locker room?

The nWo members all share a laugh as Adams and Clarke grab a hold of the Chief of Police by the collar, lift him into the air, and chuck him from the locker room, through the door, and out onto the concrete floor in the hallway. Adams and Clarke close the door, and the 5 men all laugh. Because assaulting a “police officer” is a laughing matter. But remember, the nWo is above the law. Bischoff smirks, and then looks at Hogan as the segment starts to end.

Eric Bischoff: Hulk, you know what? You’re right? I could kick Ric Flair’s ass!

Hogan grins, as does Bischoff as the segment ends.

Tony Schiavone: Eric Bischoff has no class!

Mike Tenay: I don’t know who in the hell Eric Bischoff thinks he is to have Brian Adams and Bryan Clarke assault a law enforcer, but I hope charges are filed!

Tony Schiavone: Well I doubt the New World Order would care anyways! However, Scott Steiner has escaped from the clutches of the New World Order, and now the police, with the WCW World Heavyweight Title Belt still in his possession!

Mike Tenay: I don’t know what Scott’s playing at by keeping the Belt still, Tony, but this situation could make for an odd predicament if Kevin Nash wins the WCW World Heavyweight Title tonight! And speaking of Kevin Nash, he and Scott Hall are backstage with ‘Mean’ Gene Okerlund!

Cut to the back!

The Master Plan Of The Wolfpack

We’re at the interview area for the first time tonight, where Okerlund, in his best penguin suit still, is standing by with Kevin Nash to his right, and Hall to his left. Hall is wearing a Wolfpack t-shirt and jeans, and of course, has a toothpick hanging out of his mouth. Nash is wearing is long red pants that say Outsider down the legs, and the red tank top that he usual wears.

Gene Okerlund: Outsiders, ‘Bad Guy’ Scott Hall, ‘Big Sexy’ Kevin Nash, we’re only moments away from your shot at the WCW World Heavyweight Title, Nash, against ‘The Chosen One’ Jeff Jarrett. What are your thoughts as you prepare for this monumental match?

Scott Hall: Firs’ off Gene-O, lemme just say one thing firs’… …hey yo.

Hall grins at the camera, toothpick dangling from his lower lip. The camera then turns its attention of Kevin Nash, who is already dressed in his usual attire, and looking cool and calm.

Kevin Nash: Ya’ know, Mean Gene, I am definitely ready for this match. Wolfpack is in da house, and tonight, Big Sexy is walking away from Nashville, the WCW World Heavyweight Champion. And then… then, the master plan of The Outsiders comes into affect.

Gene Okerlund: Plan!? A master plan!? What is this!?

Kevin Nash: A master plan is an ingenious idea, that with the correct precision and timing, will lead to great rewards… but that’s unimportant right now, Gene.

Nash and Hall can’t help but chuckle, while Gene looks annoyed, but mainly confused.

Gene Okerlund: Thanks, I had no idea what the definition of a master plan is! Now, can you tell me what exactly is your master plan!?

Kevin Nash: Well aren’t plans usually kept secret?

Scott Hall: Heh, yo Gene… we love ya in everythin’, but we can’t jus’ tell ya our plans. That’d be uh… improper! Bad for business, ya see?

Kevin Nash: However, we’ll keep it real bland for ya, Gene. Let’s just say that tonight… is the starting point for two, heh, “outsiders”, to be main eventing at the big one, Starrcade.

Gene tries to reply, but Hall quickly interjects, blocking out Gene’s sound.

Scott Hall: I won’ go inta’ loa’s of details, but I’ll tell ya this; …Da Bad Guy is gonna be the third man in the Supa’ Cage! So Gene… after tonight, you can mark one up… for da good guys!

Hall throws his toothpick at Okerlund, and The Outsiders walk off-screen.

Mike Tenay: Ladies and gentleman, Kevin Nash is on his way to the ring now! The main event is coming up next! Jeff Jarrett versus Kevin Nash for the WCW World Heavyweight Title! Stay tuned!


When Nitro returns, there is a very short pause, followed by the loud ‘HOOOOOWWWLLL’, bringing out ‘Big Sexy’ Kevin Nash to a mixture of cheers and jeers from the crowd. Yes, that’s right, Nash is alone. Hall has disappeared or something; he’s not with Nash. Nash looks confident and menacing as he marches down the entrance ramp, right hand raised in the Wolfpack symbol. Nash gets into the ring as ‘New World Order’ hits, bringing out ‘The Chosen One’ Jeff Jarrett, sans the World Heavyweight Title belt, to loud boos. Jarrett looks like a wreck right now. The shades are gone, he’s wearing no shirt, his eyes are pale. Me thinks he realized he may have bitten off more than he can chew with Kevin Nash tonight. Jarrett still has a guitar, which he drops at the steps before entering the ring. David Penzer goes through the introductions, Buffer style, and the World Heavyweight Title match is underway!

Main Event
Jeff Jarrett © vs. Kevin Nash
WCW World Heavyweight Title

With Jarrett looking like a nervous wreck, the announcers heavily hyped up that Jeff has wanted to wrestle this match alone, and now it looks like he has bitten off more than he can chew. Nash was cocky and dominant in the early goings of the match, shoving Jarrett down to the canvas as the two men went into tie-ups. Jeff continuously tried to go into tie-up’s with Nash, wanting to out-do the big man, but each time Nash simply used his power to shove Jarrett down. Nash stayed dominant, scoring with big right hands and forearm strikes to keep knocking The Chosen One down and down again. Finally, the beat down got a bit more interesting as Jarrett fled to the outside, with Nash following. Big Sexy rammed Jeff’s skull off the side of the ring, as well as the top of the ring steps, several times, before whipping the Champion into the steel ring post. A whip into the stairs, back and shoulder first, followed, and then one more whip into the ring post, and we have a bloodied Jeff Jarrett, just less than four minutes into the match.

Kevin Nash continued to rock Jeff Jarrett on the outside, dropping him throat first on to steel guard rail, and then a, dare I say it, vertical suplex on the concrete floor. Nash rolled The Chosen One into the ring, made a pin, but only got two. Nash continued to be on the offensive with more simple brawling, before a back breaker scored, and then a big ole’ scoop slam. Once the match reached the seven minute mark, Nash tried to finish The Chosen One off with the Jack Knife Power Bomb. Nash lifts Jeff up onto his shoulders, but Jeff straightens his upper body and wraps his legs as tight as he could around Nash’s head, doing everything he can to escape the move. Jeff landed several hard right hands to the top of Nash’s skull, but Nash only walked forward a few steps, ready to spike Jeff down to the canvas. In a last ditch effort, a rake of the eyes stopped Nash, who staggered back towards the corner. Several hard rights connected, knocking Nash back into the corner, and allowing Jeff to escape from Kevin’s shoulders and onto the top turnbuckle. With Jeff sitting on the top turnbuckle, he quickly grabs Kevin by the head, and scores with a big-impact, tornado DDT, a rare move for Jarrett, but one he has done before. Jeff went for a cover, got a two count, and proceeded to rest on the canvas, recovering from the heavy beat down he has taken from Nash.

Jeff took his time recovering, wiping the blood off of his forehead, and trying to recuperate. Once satisfied with his recovery, Jeff was able to work over Nash, wearing the big man down. Jarrett scored with the usual stomps, and then tried to wear down Nash’s knee, going through the usual build-up for a Figure Four; chop blocks, knee breakers, and putting Nash’s ankle/leg on the second rope and then jumping off the first rope onto his knee. Nash appears to be a beaten man at the eleven minute mark, and Jeff goes for the Figure 4. However, he takes too long or something, because Nash reverses, using his free leg to boot Jeff in the arse, sending him flying right into “Pee Wee” Anderson, and it’s a ref bump! Ah, the true makings of a Kevin Nash WCW match! With the referee down, Jarrett quickly scores with a low blow, and grins. He rolls to the outside and grabs his guitar. He’s starting to grow back to his normal self now, cheating is okay. Jarrett, guitar in hand, waits for Nash to get up to his feet. Kevin does, Jeff swings, but Big Sexy dodges! Nash with a boot to the gut, and GUITAR SHOT to Jarrett’s head! Jeff goes down! Anderson is stirring, so Nash hastily clears the ring of the evidence (broken guitar fragments). The ring cleared, Nash makes the cover as Anderson makes the count (so does the crowd)… ONE! TWO! …suspense…


Kevin Nash is the new WCW World Heavyweight Champion!

Result: Kevin Nash def. Jeff Jarrett at 12:08 to win WCW World Heavyweight Title

The crowd fucking erupts in cheers with Jarrett losing the Title, who cannot believe it either. Jarrett cries foul, pleading his case to Anderson: Nash used the guitar on him. Anderson isn’t hearing it, and Scott Hall rushes out from the back to celebrate with Nash, who is in an opposite corner of Jarrett. Hall makes his way onto the apron when the loud ‘HOOOOOWWWLLL’ is cut off with the theme of ‘New World Order’, bringing out an angry Eric Bischoff. The Bisch has a mic in hand, and the music immediately cuts.

Eric Bischoff: Now hold up just a damn minute!

The crowd boos.

Eric Bischoff: Randy Anderson, Kevin Nash CHEATED! He should not be the winner of this match! He used Jeff Jarrett’s guitar to assault Jeff! Look!

Shoving his thumb up into the air at the Nitro Tron, a replay of what just happened is shown. Nash picking up the fallen guitar, and smashing it over Jeff’s head, followed by him making the pin after throwing the broken guitar fragments to the outside of the ring.

The video ends, and Anderson hurries over to the edge of the ring, looks over the ropes, and spots the broken fragments. He looks on in horror.

Eric Bischoff: See? Now, Anderson, only you have the power to do what is right, and that is to restart the match. I cannot restart the match, but I can do this; Anderson, I fired you cheap ass before, and if you don’t restart this match, I’LL FIRE YOUR ASS AGAIN!

Anderson has no other choice, and in dramatic fashion, orders for the bell to be rung!

Continued Main Event
Jeff Jarrett © ? vs. Kevin Nash © ?
WCW World Heavyweight Title

So whose the champion now? Apparently, Jarrett is, and Nash’s win doesn’t get credited as a Title reign. Poor Nash. At least it wasn’t Hall, then it would really suck since he’s never won the Title. Speaking of The Bad Guy, he and Nash are both furious, but Hall seems the most pissed. He drops off the apron and charges at Bischoff, while Nash turns his focus to Jarrett, and both men stare down each other. Hall gets a third of the way up the entrance ramp, only to be intercepted by Mike Awesome and KroniK! They stand in front of Bischoff, and the four men slowly walk towards Hall, who stalks back down the entrance ramp, as Nash and Jarrett go back into a tie-up. Anderson can’t decide if he should pay attention to the match, or to the events unfolding outside the ring. Awesome and KroniK start to circle the ring, which means they’re circling Hall too. The three men are about to jump The Bad Guy, but here comes the unlikely cavalry! Cal Anderson, The Young Lions, and the unlikely leader until now, Lance Storm! This makes it a wild brawl outside the ring, and Anderson immediately tries to break it up on the outside.

During this time, Eric Bischoff flees to the backstage area, and in the ring, Kevin Nash throws Jarrett into the ropes, and scores with a Big Boot! The crowd, or those still watching the match in the ring, not the brawl right outside of it, cheer, and cheer more as Nash signals for the Jack Knife. Nash rams Jeff’s head in between his legs, and raises his arm into the air, Wolfpack signal aloft, only for ‘Hollywood’ Hulk Hogan to enter the ring! Hogan marched down the entrance ramp after the Big Boot, but no one even seemed to realize it! Anderson sure didn’t, or else he would notice that Hogan has a second guitar! Hogan is behind Nash, so he doesn’t notice either. Before Nash can pick up Jarrett, WHAM! Guitar shot to the back of Nash’s head! Kevin Nash goes down, and Hogan smirks before tossing out the guitar fragments. Hulk rolls out of the ring and joins in the brawl on the outside, cleaning house on Team WCW, and Scott Hall. Before he does though, he grabs Anderson by the collar, and throws him back into the ring. With Anderson back in the ring, Jeff picks Nash up to his feet, and connects with The Stroke! Cover! ONE! TWO! THREE!

Result: Jeff Jarrett def. Kevin Nash at 3:39 to retain

After the match, it is nothing but MAYHEM!

Pandemonium Bitches

With the match over, Hogan immediately exits the brawl at ringside, and rolls back into the ring. He helps Jeff Jarrett up to his feet, and the two celebrate, only to get knocked down from behind by Scott Hall! Scott goes at Jeff and Hogan while Nash recovers. However, here comes a man who wants to get him some of Hogan… Ric Flair! Flair rushes down from the back, amidst cheers from the crowd, and dives into the ring. Flair makes a beeline for Hogan, and he starts firing off numerous wild right hands and jabs! Flair knocks Hogan back into the corner as Nash gets to his feet, and The Outsiders start to hit Jeff with big right hands! On the outside, Cal Anderson and Lance Storm chase Mike Awesome into the crowd on one side, while The Young Lions do the same to KroniK on the opposite side of the ringside area.

It just the men in the ring left, but we make that two more men as Booker T and Sting rush out from the back! The two heavy faces dive into the ring, and they duel with The Outsiders! They all start to toss right hands in a big four man brawl, while Flair and Hogan are exchanging big right hands too! Jarrett gets back to his feet moments later though, and Nash rushes over to him, and starts drilling him with hard right hands. It’s 2 on 1 against Hall, leaving him to take The Book End! Hall rolls out of the ring, as Sting rushes over to Hogan. Sting crouches down low while Hogan and Flair brawl, and Sting low blows Hogan! There’s some payback for everything Hogan has done to Stinger over the years! Hogan staggers, and Flair clotheslines Hogan! Hogan falls through the second and third ropes, and to the outside of the ring! Meanwhile, Booker T comes up from behind Nash, grabs a hold of him by the waistline of his pants, and throws him through the second and third ropes to the outside as well! This allows The Chosen One to stagger forward, and Booker leaps off his feet, planting him with the Harlem Side Kick! Jeff staggers into the ropes, and is then knocked over to the top rope by a running Sting clothesline! The Outsiders re-group on one side of the ringside area, while Hogan and Jarrett do the same on the opposite side, leaving Flair, Booker, and Sting to stand tall in the ring.

Tony Schiavone: Oh my goodness! It has been a wild and chaotic night, Professor! We thought we had a new World Champion, only for Bischoff, Hogan, and Jarrett to screw Kevin Nash! Lance Storms has turned to the side of good, and rejected the nWo offer! Booker T, Ric Flair, and Sting have ran off Hogan, Jarrett, and The Outsiders! Scott Steiner still has the World Title Belt, and we still, we still, do not have a fourth man for the Super Cage! Next week is definitely going to be interesting as we lead into Mayhem!

Mike Tenay: What a night it has been Tony, indeed! We’re just eleven days away from Mayhem, and next week, it’s the final stop! We do know though that Scott Hall is the third man in the Super Cage. Booker T and Sting are the other two men in the Cage. Shane Helms will defend the WCW Cruiserweight Title against Super Crazy and Teddy Hart! And! Hulk Hogan takes on Ric Flair! It’s going to be a great night in eleven days, but we still have one more show until then, and that is next week! And that is when we will see all of you! For Tony Schiavone, I am Mike Tenay, so long everybody!

Tony Schiavone: …I just want to know who the fourth man is…

But wait viewers! Could Tony be leading us into something!? The closing credits roll, but before the show fades to black we cut… backstage!?

Answering Tony’s Question

Backstage, we are in first-person mode. The cameraman is obviously right next to someone, who is walking! Wow. The mystery person reaches a locker room door… that reads New World Order! The crowd cheers, expecting it to be Scott Steiner. The door opens, and a second camera is in the room, and it picks up the feed, showing the face of Eric Bischoff. Eric is grinning, happy with the screw-job he just partook in. He knows Jeff just won because of him, and looks to be happy. He notices something sitting on the couch, making him even more happy… The WCW World Heavyweight Title Belt.

Eric Bischoff: Heh… looks like those stupid cops got my Title back somehow! I knew those cops were worth the donuts we gave ‘em!

Bischoff laughs to himself, thinking the ‘joke’ was funny. However, he becomes immediately paranoid when the locker room doors closes!

It’s Scott Steiner!

Eric Bischoff looks like he just shit himself as Scott Steiner is standing in front of the closed, and locked, locker room door, holding his lead pipe, a sadistic grin on his face.

Eric Bischoff: H-… Ho-…. How, how did you get in here!? The cops… they said you left!

Steiner laughs as he takes one step closer to Bischoff. Bischoff has nowhere to go, he’s trapped.

Scott Steiner: Left? Ha! I’ve been in the building the whole night you stupid piece of sh**! Did you notice something, Eric? Those cops… they were all men. So you know what I did? Heh, I hid my ass in the woman’s restroom! I waited in there, scored some ass with my freak, Midajah, and waited for her to tell me the coast was clear! When you marched your stupid ass out to the ring to dick over another guy from winning the World Title, I came in here, and I hid behind that lovely plant you got right by the door.

Shot of the large plant to the right of the door.

Scott Steiner: Nice plant, dick head. So now, Bitch-off, you’re trapped in here with me! So you’re going to listen to me now! YOU’RE GONNA DO WHAT I SAY! YOU GOT ME!?

Bischoff, scared as hell, takes a step backward, trying to flee to nowhere. However, he backs right into the couch, and trips right onto it. Steiner closes the gap, so he is inches away from Bischoff.

Scott Steiner: Bitch-off, I want one thing, and one thing only. Put me in the Super Cage! Make me the fourth man!

Bischoff, panicked as ever, still finds a way to shake his head no at Steiner. Letting Steiner have the chance to face Jarrett is the one thing he does not want to do.

Scott Steiner: No? Well, here’s what will happen if I ask you again, and you say no. If you do, I will fu**in’ murder you with this pipe! YOU GOT ME!? SO WHAT IS IT!? AM I THE FOURTH MAN OR WHAT!?

Steiner raises the pipe into the air, ready to slam it into Bischoff’s skull. Bischoff quickly replies, fearing for his life.

Eric Bischoff: Y-… you’re in! Please… please don’t hurt me!

Steiner laughs, very pleased with not only being in the Super Cage, but the predicament he has in front of him. Steiner lowers his arm, but grabs Bischoff by the collar with both hands, pulling him up to his feet.

Scott Steiner: Good answer, Bitch-off… good answer. Now, I won’t kill you… I’ll just have some fun instead.

Bischoff immediately looks worried, but his expression gets wiped from his face by the lead pipe crashing into the side of his face! Bischoff goes down!

Bischoff is knocked out while Steiner smirks. Big Poppa Pump walks over to the door, unlocks it, and exits the room. Before he walks off-screen, he turns and looks back at the fallen, unconscious, Bischoff, as well as the camera.

Scott Steiner: …Have a good night!

Steiner laughs, and now, the show fades to black.


When An Empire Falls - The Tale of World Championship Wrestling
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