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Codys Little Whore said in post #69 :
No, but how about I call you a Flaggot?
what's a "flaggot"?

Codys Little Whore said in post #69 :
There's a difference than a country with an elected president and a ditatorr that murdered hundred of thousands of people. Thisis what makes that point so stupid.
Elected president? The vote is anything but strong and right at your last election. Besides, that had nothing to do with my point, showing you're rather stupid I'm afraid. When did I say America and Iraq were ruled in the same way?

I compared actions. America did it first, because they're scared Iraq will do the same given the chance.

Codys Little Whore said in post #69 :

And we've become as powerful as we are because of the brilliance that we accomplished through private endeavours. That is why the U.S. is the greatest country on earth and everyone else begs us for money. Well, most everyone else.
The US won't be the greatest anything until they can get their financial shit together, sort out gun crime. Oh and Maybe, just maybe, live under the laws the rest of the civilized world abides by.

America reminds me of the bully who's a little pudgy, so he makes fun of all the fat kids. Being American I figured you should understand that metaphor.



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