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Codys Little Whore said in post #66 :

Moving on to BDV:

If oil is priceless, how can it garner any money? If no money, no power. You might want to rephrase what you said.
I meant priceless in the way that America would sacrifice many young lives, alliances and laws to fight a war for that oil.

Codys Little Whore said in post #66 :

Now when I said my statement, I was responding to the post that we went over there to take the oil. What you said is different as you made the valid point that because they were using the money from the oil to finance their evil. We went to stop the evil from doing what they were doing. The oil was the means, we removed the method.
Okay. They're evil? America, richest country in the world begins a war for a reason no evidence have been found on with a third world country. If you want to use the phrase evil, that seems pretty fucking evil to me.

America is scared of Iraqs potential power. That's why the war was waged so sloppily and fast. They had a vague excuse to go in there and they had to take it. It's rather pathetic really.

Codys Little Whore said in post #66 :

And yes, you are right. We could not let a hostile country have all the oil money. If I didn't know you, and only read that line, it would sound like you supported the war, but I know you don't.
I underlined the reason why Oil is valuable and the war was waged. Because Daffy was being a fucking moron and not understanding the value of Oil. Let's say worst came to worst and the Iraq's got all the oil money in 20 years.

They'd have the most nukes in the world. They'd be too big for any one country to mess with. Considering Americas Iraqi relations, they'd invade your country, capture your leader and make it how they want it to me. Oh my. Who did that Angel? Who did that very recently?



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