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Nope. Not illegal All resolutions said that any member state could enfore it. We did. That solves that.

Over patriotic? Goddamn right I am.

I don't like big government, and the U.N. is just the beginning of an attempt at a one world government. That scares me to my very core. And as long as the member states conspire to try and bog us down, that's the use of combined power. The group versus the individual. Yet another example.

As for what you said? Keep in mind, those laws do not apply. Our rights, set forth in the Constitution, and thereafter, apply only to U.S. citizens. Those people do not have our rights. That's why you follow the Geneva Convention when dealing with POWs, because you can't apply the rights of one country to people from another. Our laws do not apply to them. So, I'll just say, fuck the ninth circuit court of appeals. And fuck their big government socialism.

Moving on to BDV:

If oil is priceless, how can it garner any money? If no money, no power. You might want to rephrase what you said.

Now when I said my statement, I was responding to the post that we went over there to take the oil. What you said is different as you made the valid point that because they were using the money from the oil to finance their evil. We went to stop the evil from doing what they were doing. The oil was the means, we removed the method.

And yes, you are right. We could not let a hostile country have all the oil money. If I didn't know you, and only read that line, it would sound like you supported the war, but I know you don't.

Back to the U.N.:
The driving force behind the stopping of us to act was France, Germany, Russia, and a touch of anti-americanism. We all, and I use that statement confidently, all know why France was against us going to war. germany and Russia, the pussies they are, simply followed suit.

Now a word on oil:
It would be easy, I mean fucking easy, for a simple team of people over at MIT to come up with an alternative source of energy. And I know that our President doesn't want that. I know Haliburton doesn't want that. I know they have done their best to stop the private individual from doing something better than the government could. Make no mistake, this is just wrong.This is another example of why I dislike George W.

What's going to happen is that they'll push the oil train as long as it will go for as many years as they can until we hit an economic cataclysm. This is what happens when our government regulates the economy. They are doing what they can to falter the laws of supply and demand.

I do not like Republicans. I hate Democrats. I am a Libertarian. Technically, my party was stalwart against, the war, but I support it. I think the president is a great president when it comes to our security, but I do not like him in anything else.

That is all. Please no more talking.
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