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Don't rewrite the books, just rewrite the titles

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I would be grateful if Angel would get down from her narcissistic, overly-patriotic high horse and calm down, before she makes any more glaring errors.

Your comments on the UN amuse me. The United Nations is only as powerful as it's member states. It didn't try to take over Iraq before in some kind of non-violent coup because it wouldn't have worked. What the UN should be doing is charging America with War Crimes offenses, because it did go to war illegally, according to what it had signed into. The UN can't do that, though, because to all intents and purposes the United States of America IS the United Nations. Without the USA, the UN could not exist.

Secondly, the US's wrong doings with POWs doesn't even need to go as high as the Geneva Convention, as discussed a page or so ago, as several US Attorneys General have just ruled that the treatment of many of Guantanamo Bay's inmates is unlawful under US law, let alone international rulings or treaties.

Codys Little Whore said in post #5 :
I said I couldn't believe this happened without any intelligence. You are severly lacking in your english skills. Dumbass.
You've shown your idiocy further than I could ever imagine by accusing me of lacking in my English skills. That isn't me speaking with arrogance, it's me stating fact.

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