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Re: SD and CaliGula present 'Smoke and Mirrors' - The False Career of Joe Kills All

Originally Posted by EvOlOuTiOn
It would be rather humorous if a big name wrestler from a major promotion joined these forums, because no one would believe them.

Good find, I have to say he did seem a little fishy but I wasn't really skeptical enough to research it.
I'm really Dwayne Gill...or Gillberg as some may remember. But because they made me job out to Chyna, I decided not to release this information.

I mean honestly, who wouldn't be reluctant to admit they're someone who had Chyna ontop of their body? Well, except for my good friend Sean Waltman...AKA: Hypnotic.

But for this, I gotta question SD and CG. You guys actually invested time into finding out this guy was a sham? This stuff happens all the time on the net. Look at MySpace for crying out loud! How many people imitate actual people that the world actually knows? I mean, I once thought I was talking to Henry Rollins for a good day straight on there. But after the 5th message, it was appearant it wasn't him. Just as it was appearant this goober wasn't who he said he was after the first couple of posts.

I just hope I wasn't the only one who noticed the irony in two pot heads "smoking" someone out...


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