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Re: WCW 2001- The Trio Ownership

Sorry Spart, but I do things my way. You thought I was going to swerve the marks by faking an allegiance with you, but I'm the Vinnie Ru of swerves. I just swerved yo' ass! :P

Yeah, WCW 01 is back baby. I got some lovely things planned, both on-screen and off. Halloween Havoc is a bitchin' PPV if I say so myself. For those who need a refresher, there is a preview for the PPV 2 pages back. Thanks to all, and although I will post the prediction contest results later, a member from EWb, a Gareth7, won the contest. No lucky winners from WE.

World Championship Wrestling
Halloween Havoc
Bi-Lo Center, Greensville, South Carolina
October 28, 2001

After a short entrance video that I am to lazy to type about, the large scale of pyrotechnics go off, and here we are, Halloween Havoc! The numerous cameras scroll the crowd, letting them have their half-second of fame, before we cut to our broadcasters for the evening, ‘The Voice of WCW’ Tony Schiavone and ‘The Professor’ Mike Tenay!

Tony Schiavone: Ladies and gentleman, this is WCW, this is pay per view, and this, is Halloween Havoc! Hello everybody and welcome to the WCW October pay per vie extravaganza, Halloween Havoc! I am Tony Schiavone, and alongside me, as always, is the one and only, Mike Tenay!

Mike Tenay: Thank you, Tony! It is always an honor to be calling all of the great WCW action with you, a legend in this industry! And tonight, Halloween Havoc is going to show just why WCW is a legendary promotion in the world of professional wrestling!

Tony Schiavone: That’s right we will, Professor, because we will have some great wrestling action tonight! In a double main event, Jeff Jarrett defends the WCW World Heavyweight Title against ‘The Nature Boy’ Ric Flair, and ‘Hollywood’ Hulk Hogan takes on the former Champion, Booker T!

Mike Tenay: Both of those matches are going to be extremely personally, and neither of those four men are going to want to leave Greensville, South Carolina tonight, a loser! But they aren’t the only personal matches on the card tonight! How about Rey Misterio Junior versus Billy Kidman!? Two former partners and friends, now bitter enemies! They will go at it tonight in a no count-out match!

Tony Schiavone: Plus, ‘Big Poppa Pump’ Scott Steiner will finally get his hands on ‘The Career Killer’ Mike Awesome, and in a tables match too!

Mike Tenay: That’s only part of the card for tonight, however! You have your personal rivalries, and you also have the matches for the gold! Tonight, Lance Storm defends his WCW North American Championship against the undefeated, ‘New Enforcer’ Cal Anderson and Curt Hennig! And also, ‘The Young Lions’ Sean O’Haire and Chuck Palumbo take on their bitter rivals KroniK one more time for the WCW Tag Titles!

Tony Schiavone: And of course, we have Sting’s open challenge! The legendary Stinger has issued an open challenge to anyone, man or female, child or adult, anyone from anywhere, to come down to the ring and face him tonight!

Mike Tenay: And the phones have been ringing ever since with possible guesses! But however, it is now time to get our opening match started! Teddy Hart and Jack Evans, the new wave of Hart Family wrestlers, have make a big impact in their first few weeks here in WCW, and have already targeted one man, Shane Helms. However, the current Cruiserweight Champion has gotten some help from a former foe, ‘The Insane Luchadore’ Super Crazy. After an upset victory this past week on Nitro, the Flying Harts are looking to make it two in a row against Helms and Crazy!

A knock-off of the old Hart Foundation theme hits, and Teddy Hart and Jack Evans walk out onto the entrance stage to some light boos. While the two have certainly performed well in WCW so far, the fans just don’t know enough about them yet to buy them off as legitimate heels. The Harts slowly walk down the entrance ramp, stop half way, and then sprint the rest of the way, diving under the bottom rope and into the ring. As the two pose on opposite turnbuckles, a knock-off of ‘Roadhouse Blues’ hits, bringing out ‘The Insane Luchadore’ Super Crazy to cheers. Crazy sprints down the entrance ramp, hops onto the ring apron, and uses the ropes as leverage to help flip himself over them and into the ring. ‘Sugar’ then hits, bringing out ‘Sugar’ Shane Helms and his Sugar Babies. Helms takes his time, strutting down the entrance ramp, much to the annoyance of Super Crazy. Helms simply blows him off, taking his time. He ten hands over the WCW Cruiserweight Title to one of those Sugar Babies, and enters the ring finally, to a few boos from the crowd, annoyed as well by the unusually long entrance.

Match One
Flying Harts vs. Shane Helms & Super Crazy (w/Sugar Babies)
Tag Team Match

As the opening match finally got under way, the two steams stared each other down, only for Teddy Hart and Jack Evans to charge at their opponents suddenly. Helms was caught off guard, and Hart rolled up his body, and hit a quick snap hurricanrana. Super Crazy, however, was alert, and dodged a leaping Jack Evans clothesline. Evans, being the (spot) monkey that he is, landed on the first rope, and then connected with an elbow to the face of Crazy after spring boarding onto the second rope and leaping at the Luchadore. Hart and Evans both nipped up to their feet, and stood tall very briefly as Helms and Crazy got to their feet. Helms and Crazy get back to their feet, but are knocked back down again by simultaneous drop kicks from Teddy and Jack. Hart and Evans somersault to their feet in perfect, fluent motion, and then both hit quick simultaneous elbow drops to the chests of Helms and Crazy. Double cover (toil and trouble!), but Helms and Crazy make the easy kick outs after one. The Flying Harts get back to their feet and lean up against the ropes opposite of Helms and Crazy. Once they’re back on their feet, Teddy and Jack use the ropes as leverage to help send them charging at the two. Hart goes for a leaping forearm, while Jack looks for a cross body on Crazy. Helms counters Hart’s offense with a standing drop kick, knocking Hart right in the chin! Evans also doesn’t land his move, as Crazy catches the light cruiserweight, and flips Evans over his shoulder with a standing fall away slam. Teddy Hart and Jack Evans both stagger to their feet, a bit woozy, and the faces continue to clean house. Hart takes a clothesline from Helms, sending him over the tope rope to the outside, while Crazy and Helms work together on Evans, picking him up in a double military press. They walk over to the edge of the ring near Hart, and then toss Evans onto his own partner as Teddy got to his feet!

The crowd, and Helms and Crazy, laugh as Hart is knocked down by his own partner, and the two struggle to get to their feet. The Flying Harts get to their feet in due time, but are only knocked down again when Helms runs and dives over the top rope, connecting with a leaping senton to both men. The crowd pops for the move, but Super Crazy shows Helms up shortly after. As all three men get to their feet near each other, Crazy hops over the top rope, lands on the apron, jumps up to the third rope, and then hits a springboard moonsault press, mainly hitting Hart and Evans, but also brushing Helms, and knocking him onto his buttocks! The crowd cheers for the spot, and as Super Crazy wastes no time getting to his feet, Helms sits on his ass, glaring at Crazy for taking him out. Crazy doesn’t notice Helms and his frustration, instead focused on the match like a wrestler should. Teddy Hart gets up to his feet first, and Super Crazy lands a right hand to his skull right away. Helms gets up to his feet as well, not paying any attention the events going on right in front of him. Bad news for him, as he and Teddy Hart end up colliding when Super Crazy whipped Hart down the ringside aisle! Crazy was hoping to send Hart into the steel barricade, but instead, he got Hart hitting his own partner. Helms got knocked back hard, and he landed against the steel barricade, not Teddy. Crazy rushed up to Helms, apologizing in Spanish, and trying to help him up to his feet. Hart intervenes, so Super Crazy decks him with a right hand. Crazy extends a hand to Helms, but the Cruiserweight Champion simply pulls himself up to his feet. The two men are clearly not on the same page, and their lack of communication hurts them as Jack Evans charged at both men, and connected with a flipping senton, sending both men to the canvas with Evans on top of them.

The crowd can’t help but cheer the athletic talent of Evans, even though the heels start to gain the advantage again. Hart and Evans are both up to their feet, and pull up Helms and Crazy to theirs. Hart connects with right hands to Shane, while Evans does the same to Crazy. Hart whips Helms back down the ringside aisle where all of the chaos first started outside of the ring, and sending him crashing into the steel stairs, shoulder first. Evans however, attempts to whip Crazy across the short ringside aisle, and past the entrance ramp, only for Super Crazy to reverse it. Evans is sent charging towards the steel barricade, but is able to stop himself just short of the barricade. Evans lets out a sigh of relief and turns to face Crazy, only to get flattened by a clothesline from a charging Crazy! Crazy mounts the fallen Evans and starts to lay into him right with hands, as Hart slowly works his way over to Crazy, beating on Helms along the way. Finally, Hart arrives to save his partner, first taking out Hart with a reverse DDT on the concrete, and then a drop kick to the back of Crazy’s neck! Hart helps Evans to his feet while Crazy and Helms recover, and Jack must first shake out the cob webs he has from the attack he received by Crazy. Evans tells Hart’s he’s okay, so Teddy goes back to work on Helms. Hart tosses Helms back into the side of the ring, and then stands next to the steel barricade, his back turned to Helms. As Helms starts to walk towards him, Hart jumps up onto the barricade and leaps off with a moonsault, knocking both men back down to the concrete floor. Meanwhile, Evans tries to work over Crazy with right hands, but The Insane Luchadore blocks them, and connects with right hands and forearms of his own. Super goes for a clothesline, but Evans ducks under him, runs up the steel barricade, back flips off of it, and corkscrews, taking Super Crazy, and himself, down to the floor!

Super Crazy is down, and Jack Evans jogs over to Teddy Hart upon Hart’s demand. The Flying Harts work together, pulling Helms up to his feet, and lifting him up in a double military press. They walk onto the steel entrance ramp, toss him up into the air, and then slam him down onto the steel ramp! The crowd boos as Helms curls up into a ball and holds his stomach, clearly in pain. Referee Scott Dickenson has seen enough, and orders the action back into the ring. Hart and Evans oblige, walking over to Super Crazy, yanking him up by the hair, and rolling him back into the ring. Hart walks over to the far side of the ring and stands on the apron, while Evans gets into the ring to work over Crazy, while Helms remains motionless outside the ring still. As Crazy lays on the canvas, Evans walks up to him with a cocky smirk on his face. Jack takes his time beating on Crazy, hitting a light stomp to the back of Crazy’s head from time to time. This isn’t going to keep the Insane Luchadore down, and in a short time, Super Crazy is starting to make his way up to his feet. Evans laughs at the attempt, only to land a hard kick to the ribs of Crazy, sending him crashing back down to the canvas. The crowd boos, but there’s nothing they can do to help Crazy. Evans tags out to Hart, who comes into the ring, looking cocky as well.

Teddy Hart steps on the back of Super Crazy, self-promotes himself, and then steps off, to more light boos from the crowd. Teddy then pulls Crazy up to his feet, and lays into him with a hard forearm. Super staggers back, and is whipped across the ring and into the corner turnbuckles. Hart takes his time going over to Crazy, and when he does, connects with a knife edge chop to the chest. Crazy lets out a sigh of pain, but Hart just hits another hard knife edge chop! Hart connects with a third knife edge chop, and then walks away from Crazy to taunt the fans. Hart turns back to face Crazy, a smirk on his face, only to receive a boot to the abdomen! Hart staggers back, and Super Crazy is able to fire off with a DDT! Both men are down, but only rather briefly. Super Crazy gets up to his knees, and crawls over to his corner, looking for a tag, only to see Helms has just now started to move on the outside of the ring. Super Crazy looks annoyed, and uses the ropes to pull himself up to his feet. Crazy starts shouting at Helms in Spanish again, but his conversation is cut off by a Teddy Hart drop kick, sending Crazy hard into the corner, chest-first. Crazy staggers back out of the corner, only to get dropped with a neck breaker from Hart. Crazy is down again, holding his neck, and Hart looks to keep the focus of attack on his neck, rolling Crazy onto his belly, running off the ropes, and dropping a knee onto the back of his neck. Hart repeats this two more times, continuing to add pressure onto Crazy’s neck. Meanwhile, Shane Helms has finally gotten back onto the apron and is at his corner.

As the crowd starts to grow stale with the match, Hart hurriedly picks Crazy up to his feet, and locks in a front face lock. Hart takes his time to taunt the crowd, giving Crazy a chance to fight off the suplex attempt. However, it is to no avail, and Hart connects with a snap suplex, adding more pain to Super Crazy’s neck. Hart gets up to his feet, and tells Evans he is going to finish this dude off. He slowly pulls Crazy up to his feet, and then takes his time hoisting Crazy up onto his shoulders. Hart appears to go for a death valley driver, but Super Crazy is able to counter in mid-air, getting the crowd on their feet by reversing the DVD into a Stunner-esque maneuver! Both men are down, and Dickenson starts a ten count. Dickenson slowly makes his way to ten, but stops once Super Crazy makes the hot tag to Shane Helms, and Hart to Jack Evans. Shane Helms gets into the ring, ready to kick the crap out of the Flying Harts as the crowd cheers him on, forgetting they were pissed off with him at the start of the match. Evans charges Helms, but Helms turns him inside out with a lariat, the impact of the blow flipping Evans backwards. Teddy Hart charges right away as well, swinging his fists like a mad man at Helms. Helms dodges each punch with ease, and then lands a kick to the mid-section followed by a tilt-a-whirl slam! Hart bounces off the canvas, and Helms gets to his feet just in time to dodge an Evans clothesline. Helms goes under Evans, and connects with a belly-to-back suplex, holding onto Evans all the way so he can’t counter in mid-air. Evans bounces off the canvas, and he’s down. Helms nips up to his feet, grabs a hold of teddy Hart, who was trying to get up to his feet, locks on a reverse face lock, and connects with the Nightmare on Helms Street!

The crowd pops and Teddy Hart is down and out! Shane Helms makes a cover, but Dickenson won’t make the count! Evans is the legal man, not Teddy! Helms yells at Dickenson in frustration, saying it doesn’t matter, he’s proven he’s the winner. Knowing is arguing is getting him nowhere, Shane gets to his feet, and lines up Jack Evans, who is getting to his. Helms runs off the ropes, comes back at Evans, and hits him with a leaping hurricanrana! Helms makes a cover on Evans this time, but Dickenson still won’t count it! Helms is flipping out this time, no clue as to why he can’t get the count. He looks behind him then as the crowd is laughing, and Helms sees Super Crazy standing in the ring, a half smirk on his face, and waving at Helms. Super Crazy made a blind tag when Helms ran off the ropes! Helms walks right up into Crazy’s face, and he starts shouting at Crazy, only for the Insane Luchadore to just back off, and with his finger, write a ‘?’ in the air. He doesn’t understand English, folks! The crowd laughs, and Helms winds back to hit Crazy, but Jack Evans takes him out with a reverse hurricanrana, spiking Helms’ head on the canvas! Helms isn’t moving! Super Crazy tries to fight off Evans, but Teddy Hart low blows him from behind! Super Crazy staggers around, and Jack Evans quickly locks Super Crazy’s arms behind him, in position for a tiger suplex. Teddy Hart hops onto the second rope (not turnbuckle), and springboards off the second rope, hitting Crazy right in the throat with a flying lariat, just as Evans delivers a tiger suplex to him! They call that the Hart Attack 2.0! Evans bridges the tiger suplex, and Dickenson makes the count. ONE! TWO! THREE!

Winner: The Flying Harts at 11:39
Star Rating: ***

Tony Schiavone: What an upset! For the second time in less than a week, The Flying Harts have defeated the team of Shane Helms and Super Crazy!

Mike Tenay: Teddy Hart and Jack Evans fought hard in this contest, but the huge miscommunications and animosity between Shane Helms and Super Crazy were just too much for them to handle in this match! Heck they almost came to blows during the match! And hey, look! Shane Helms is back up in the ring, and he has a microphone.

Get Your Translator, Essa!

Super Crazy is slowly recovering, getting to his feet. Once he does, he stares down Helms, who likewise, glares at Crazy.

Shane Helms: Alright Super Crazy, you listen up, and you listen good! I’m getting really sick of your crap! I don’t want to be your partner; I don’t want to have anything to do with you! You just made us lose tonight, and if it wasn’t for your dumb Mexican ass, I would have won tonight! So get your stinkin’ translator since you can’t understand the God damn native language; stay away from me!

Helms walks past Crazy, shoving the microphone into his chest. Helms leaves the ring, grabbing his Cruiserweight Title from a stagehand along the way. As Helms walks out of the ring, Crazy looks around the audience, and brings the microphone to his lips.

Super Crazy: Si!

The crowd cheers for The Insane Luchadore as the knock of ‘Roadhouse Blues’ hits once again, and Super Crazy leaves the ringside area.

Mike Tenay: Well there you have it, Tony. Shane Helms has made it clear that he is fed up with Super Crazy, and that he wants nothing to do with him!

Tony Schiavone: And that’s because Shane Helms is starting to become too cocky for his own good! He is a changed man, Professor, and if he keeps up this attitude, he is going to find himself with many enemies in WCW, no allies!

Mike Tenay: And that is a perfect way to describe this upcoming match, Tony! It is a match where it is every man for himself; alliances will not help you! Coming up right now, is the triple threat match for the WCW North American Championship!

A knock-off of ‘Snap Your Fingers, Snap Your Neck’ hits, and the crowd is slightly confused as to who is coming out next. Once they see Lance Storm walk out from the backstage, they immediately start to cheer and boo the current North American Champion. Lance Storm is wearing red wrestling tights, with a white maple leaf on the legs. He may have dropped the ‘Anti-America’ crap, but he is still proud of his Canadian roots. Lance Storm walks down the entrance aisle, carrying his Title over his right shoulder, looking extremely focused. Lance briskly enters the ring, and then waits for his opponents. ‘Enforcer’ hits next, sending the crowd to pure cheers as ‘The New Enforcer’ Cal Anderson walks out onto the entrance stage, with his uncle ‘The Enforcer’ Arn Anderson behind him. Cal walks down the entrance ramp while Arn catches up to him, staring down Storm, and whispering strategies to Cal. Cal enters the ring quickly, and stares down Storm right away. However, both men break their stare down and focus on the entrance stage as ‘New World Order’ starts to play, bringing out Curt Hennig to a resounding chorus of boos. Hennig walks down the entrance ramp, looking cocky and confident as ever, that sly smirk of his on his face. Hennig stops at the bottom of the entrance ramp, spits out his gum into the air, and then slaps it away before entering the ring. Once in the ring, Storm gives his Title to the referee for the contest, Charles Robinson, and the bell is rung to start the match.

Match Two
Lance Storm © vs. Cal Anderson (w/Arn Anderson) vs. Curt Hennig
WCW North American Triple Threat Title Match

As the bell rings, all three talented wrestlers look focused, and eye each other up. After a very brief stare down, the three men all slowly make their way around the ring in a giant circle, before Storm lunges in across the ring at Curt Hennig. Storm grabs a hold of Hennig’s right knee, spins, and somehow ends up with a waist lock on Hennig. Hennig tries to fire off back elbows, but Cal Anderson catches Hennig’s elbow, and slaps him across the face! Hennig is dazed, and Storm slams him down to the canvas face and chest first. Storm scales up Hennig’s body and locks in a side head lock. Storm twists on the hold, and Cal Anderson then joins in, locking in some sort of leg lock, torque-ing the calf of Hennig. Hennig screams in pain, but ends up getting some help when Storm twists Hennig’s body over, putting him on his shoulders, while tossing Cal off Hennig. Anderson rolls to the edge of the ring, while Storm has a cover on Hennig! ONE! TWO! Hennig shoves Storm off! Storm lands on all fours, and hops up to his feet, as does Hennig. Hennig lunges in at Storm quickly, but Lance catches his arm, and locks in an arm bar. Lance wrenches on the arm, but doesn’t see Cal Anderson come from behind and lock in a hammer lock on him. It’s a double hold on Storm and Hennig, who both try to escape the respective lock on them. Storm finally releases the single-arm arm bar on Hennig, allowing him to reverse the hammer lock into a hammer lock of his own on Cal. As Cal howls in pain, Curt Hennig charges, going for a leaping knee, but Cal ducks, causing Hennig to smash his knee into the face of Storm, but land on the back of Anderson at the same time!

All three men crash to the canvas, but recover very quickly. Hennig and Cal are up first, and go right into a tight collar-and-elbow tie-up. The two jockey for position, and Cal ends up with a waist lock on Hennig. Hennig is able to connect with several back elbow strikes, and reverse into his own waist lock. However, Lance Storm recovers from the knee strike, sneaks up behind both men, and school boy’s Curt Hennig! Hennig is in a pinning hold, as is Cal Anderson! ONE! Anderson rolls through his pin; TWO! Hennig kicks out! The crowd applauds the unique pinning combo, but before Hennig has any time to recover, Storm jumps right back on him, locking in an arm bar with a scissors, isolating the joints in his arm. Hennig howls in pain, and Anderson walks over to join the fray, but Storm uses his right arm to chop the right kneecap of Cal, knocking him to the canvas. Storm releases the arm bar and scissors, back rolling over onto the chest of Anderson, with a pin! ONE! Cal shoves Storm off! Storm goes straight up into the air, but comes right back down onto Cal, hitting a weak splash! Anderson recoils in pain, and Storm rolls off him and over to Hennig, hitting several right hands to the face of Curt, and then locking in choke hold on Hennig, using his legs to choke out the former ‘Mr. Perfect’. Referee Charles Robinson starts a five count, and Storm breaks it immediately, rolling back over to Anderson. Storm hits a quick boot to the gut of Cal, and locks in a leg lock on Cal. However, Storm can’t keep it locked in too long, as Hennig is back on his feet. Lance releases the leg lock, and charges at Hennig, who does the same. Hennig goes for a clothesline, but Lance ducks, and locks on a quick hammer lock. Hennig escapes quickly, getting in a waist lock. Storm is able to reverse into a waist lock of his own, but before he could amount to anything else with the waist lock, Cal Anderson flattened both him and Hennig with a vicious lariat!

The crowd breaks into cheers as Storm and Hennig splat to the canvas, holding the back of their necks in pain. Anderson starts to go to work, waiting for both Hennig and Storm to get to their feet. They do, and Cal charges at Hennig first, hitting another lariat to Curt. As Storm recovers in the corner, Cal charges him, and hits a running avalanche to Storm, squashing him like a bug. Hennig rests in the corner, and Cal charges him as Storm staggers out of his corner. Hennig takes a running avalanche, and Cal turns on his heel, charges Lance, and connects with a running leg lariat! Storm crumbles, and Cal makes a cover! ONE! Hennig comes to break the count, diving at Cal; TWO! Cal moves, and Hennig inadvertently hits Storm with a splash! The crowd laughs, but Cal doesn’t, simply staring down Hennig, waiting for him to get to his feet, an intense look on his face. Hennig does get to his feet, but The New Enforcer pounces right away, landing a kick to the mid-section, followed by an excellent looking wheelbarrow suplex! Cal makes a cover on Hennig. ONE! TWO! Kick Out! Hennig gets the shoulder up, just as Storm flies at the fallen Cal and Hennig. Cal evades Storm, and just like before, it’s an inadvertent splash, this time Storm splashing Hennig. The crowd laughs again, but Cal remains focus, much to Arn Anderson’s approval on the outside. Anderson simply waits for both men to get to their feet, but both are slow to do so, and get to their feet together. Cal charges, looking for a double clothesline. Cal connects to Storm, sending him over the top rope, but Hennig ducks, going behind Cal and running off the ropes. Hennig comes back at Cal, ducks a clothesline, and hoists Anderson up with a belly-to-back suplex. Hennig stalls the suplex, mouthing off to the crowd. However, Hennig isn’t the one to slam Cal down, it is Lance Storm. Lance was clotheslined over the top rope, but he held on to the top rope, and pulled himself back up onto the apron. As Hennig dangled Cal in the air, Lance hopped onto the third rope, and drove Cal down to the canvas with a springboard leg drop, combined with Hennig’s belly-to-back suplex to form an awesome double-team combination!

The crowd applauds Storm’s athletic ability, as Lance and Hennig both catch their breaths, somewhat exhausted as the match hits the seven minute mark. Storm and Hennig get to their feet, and spy Anderson slowly doing the same as well. Without even looking at each other, they both charge Cal, and start laying into him. Storm connects with repeated knee strikes to the ribs of Cal, while Hennig lays into The New Enforcer with hard forearms to the back. It’s a savage double-team on Cal, and after almost twenty seconds of the beating, Cal falls to the canvas, unable to stay on his two feet. Hennig and Storm don’t stop there, both laying into him with stomps to the back and back of the head. Cal does his best to cover up, but it’s to no prevail, as four feet are better than two hands. Cal eventually rolls to the outside of the ring, but Curt Hennig gives chase right away, hopping onto the apron, and nailing a double-axe handle to the upper back of Anderson. Cal staggers back, but no time for resting, as Lance Storm dives over the top rope, superman style, and drills Anderson with a suicide dive, sending Anderson into the steel barricade!

The crowd cheers as Anderson leans back against the barricade, in pain, while Storm recuperates on the floor. Hennig pounces on Cal though, hitting a stiff knife edge chop to Anderson. Hennig continues to light up Anderson’s chest, and after just several chops, what little bit of Anderson’s chest that is visible, has turned pink, and soon to be red. Hennig grows old of the attack, and sends Cal back into the ring. Hennig rolls in, as Storm slowly gets to his feet, still on the outside. Hennig takes his time laying the boots to Cal, a cocky aura surrounding ‘Mr. Perfect’. Lance Storm gets up to his feet and hops onto the apron, while Hennig slowly yanks Cal up to his feet. Stiff knife edge chop ensues, and Cal staggers backwards, right into a springboard missile dropkick from Storm! Lance starts to go for a pin, but glances up to see Curt Hennig staring him down, unhappy that Lance tried to make a pin. Lance gets back up to his feet, staring down Hennig. The two continue to stare another down, while Cal slowly recovers. Hennig and Storm get up into each other’s faces, and are just about to duke it out, when Hennig turns and hits a quick toe kick to Anderson. Cal keels over, and Curt connects with the Hennig-Plex! Cal Anderson has to be down and out after the extreme double-team he has received so far in this match!

Hennig starts to go for a cover, but just as he drops to his knees, Storm hits a vicious leg lariat to the side of Hennig’s head! Hennig staggers to the canvas, Storm mounts on top of Hennig, and starts laying into him with a flurry of hard right hands. Hennig tries to cover up, and Robinson isn’t allowing the onslaught to occur, starting a five-count. Storm hops of Hennig right away, and simply waits for him to get to his feet. Hennig does, and Storm continues the attack with right hands, hitting hard right after hard right to the cranium of Hennig. Hennig staggers back into the corner, and Lance follows. Storm connects with a knife edge chop, and then sends Hennig into the opposite corner of the ring with a hard whip. The blow from the corner turnbuckles forces Hennig to stagger out of the corner, and Storm looks for a big blow, aiming for a Super Kick! Hennig ducks though, and goes right behind Storm. Curt locks in a waist lock, and flips over Storm with a German Suplex, but Lance back flips out of the maneuver, landing on his feet as Hennig crashes to the mat softly. Curt gets to his feet quickly, and Storm goes for another Super Kick! Hennig prevents the move again, this time catching the right foot and ankle of Storm! Curt swings Storm’s leg away from him, causing Storm to swing in a circle. Storm lands back right he was after the 360 degree rotation, only to receive a kick to the mid-section, followed by a Northern lights suplex! Hennig bridges, and it’s a pin! ONE! TWO!

Leaping atomic elbow to the chest of Hennig breaks up the count! Cal Anderson has recovered, and he just broke the count, keeping the match in progress! Storm lays motionless on the mat, as Cal gets to his feet, and then pulls Hennig up to his own. Cal grabs a yank of Curt’s hair with his left hand, and then uses his right hand to slap the shit out of Hennig’s face! The crowd yells out a collective ‘Ooh’ as Hennig recoils from the slap, and Hennig is then whipped across the ring into a corner of the ring. Cal slowly pursues, and lays into Hennig with another hard, open palm, slap! Cal changes it up, continuing the slapping, but this time, slapping Hennig’s chest, ala ‘Big Show’ Paul Wight. Cal connects with seven stiff open palm slaps to the chest of Hennig, reddening his chest with ease. Cal keeps his stiff offense going, nailing a hard elbow strike to the side of Hennig’s head! Cal then stops this style of attack, instead getting his body under Hennig, and using his weight to lift Hennig up to the top turnbuckle, so he is sitting on it. Cal stands on the first turnbuckle and the ropes near it, and stops to push Hennig’s upper body up, and lay another slap to Curt’s face! Cal then ascends to the second turnbuckle, and locks in a front face lock. Cal hooks Hennig’s right arm around his right shoulder, and uses his free left arm to hit a blow to the ribs of Hennig, causing him to make his way to his feet, so Hennig is now standing on the top turnbuckle, while Cal is standing on the second. Cal goes for a superplex, but before Cal can hit the high-impact move, Lance nips to his feet, runs over to the two men, hops onto the second turnbuckle with Cal, and hits a hard head butt to his upper back. Lance wraps his right arm around Cal’s back, lifts up and falls back, hitting Anderson with a super belly-to-back suplex from the second rope, while Curt Hennig is on the receiving end of a superplex from The New Enforcer!

The crowd breaks into cheers at the impressive triple-man spot, and all three men lay motionless in the ring as the match hits past the twelve minute mark. Charles Robinson isn’t hesitant to start a ten count, but he only has to get to seven. During that time, all three men slowly get to their feet, using the ropes for leverage. The crowd is buzzing as the three men are all back on their feet once again, ready for combat. The three men slowly walk into the center of the ring, huffing and puffing still, and we get ourselves a three-way stare down! Storm and Anderson are extremely focused, while Hennig is a mixture of focused thoughts, and a cocky smirk on his face. Cal and Lance look at each other as Hennig still has that cocky smirk he has had his whole career, and the two nod at another, smirking a bit. Hennig sees the two formulating a plot, and his smirk turns into a fearful frown. Fearing another bitch slap to the face, Hennig covers up his face. Totally unable to see what is happening, the crowd can only laugh as Storm delivers one of the stiffest knife edge chops known to man, followed by a huge open palm slap to Hennig’s face after Hennig removed his hands from his face to his chest, covering up his pain. Hennig crumbles to the mat, trying to hold both his chest and his face, which have now both turned bright red. As Hennig flings his body around in pain, Cal and Storm slowly turn to each other, and stare each other down. As the crowd buzzes at the upcoming show down, Cal immediately goes for another open palm ‘strike’ (see slap), but Lance was expecting it, catching Cal’s right hand in his left with relative ease. Cal looks shocked, albeit impressed, at Lance’s quick reflexes. The North American Champion releases Cal’s hand, and feigns an open palm strike of his own. Cal goes to block the slap, just as Storm hits a quick jab kick to the side of his left knee. Cal staggers back, and Lance goes for it all, trying to hit a Super Kick, but again, no such luck for Storm. Cal dodges the move, and then hits a hard lariat to Storm, knocking him off his feet. However, no time for celebration, Cal, because Hennig is back up on his feet. Hennig sneaks up on Cal, turns him around, and spikes him with a massive shoulder breaker before Anderson can even defend himself!

Cal is down on the canvas, and Hennig tries to steal a quick victory, making a pin. ONE! TW! Lance with the break up! Lance got to his feet and landed a boot to the back of Hennig’s head right after two! As Cal recovers on the canvas, Lance Storm pulls Hennig up to his feet, and reddens his chest even more with more knife edge chops. Storm connects with several knife edge chops, only to switch to right hands to the cranium. Hennig starts to stagger back, and falls back into the ropes. That’s no source of safety for Hennig though, as Lance just smacks him with another hard knife edge chop. As the chop echoes throughout the arena in Greensville, Lance whips Curt across the ring and into the opposite set of ropes. Hennig comes back, and Storm goes for a clothesline, but Hennig is able to duck it! Hennig wraps on a quick waist lock and goes for a German suplex, but Cal Anderson is back on his feet and locks in his own waist lock on Hennig! In an impressive feat of strength, Cal German suplexes Curt Hennig, which in turn causes Hennig to German suplex Lance Storm; Double German Suplex!

The crowd cannot believe it, and all three men are now down and out on the canvas again, as the match reaches the fifteen minute mark. Cal is simply motionless, his strength momentarily gone after he basically German suplexed both Hennig and Storm at the same time. Hennig is motionless as well, while Storm is holding his neck; he almost landed right on it because of the high-risk of the maneuver. As Robinson starts another ten count, the three men slowly start ‘coming-to’, and recover, once again having to use the ropes to get to their feet. This time the three men are a bit slower, needing an eight count to get back up to their feet. Lance Storm looks completely out of it, as once he gets to his feet, he staggers right over to Curt Hennig, who has no problem hitting a slow, albeit hard, right hand to the cranium of Storm. Storm bounces away from Hennig, only to find a hard right hand to his face, via Cal Anderson. Lance is the dummy in the middle, as Cal and Curt take turns hitting a hard right hand to the skull of the Canadian superstar. This process continues for several moments, but ends after Cal hits Storm so hard, he spins around a full 360 degrees, goes to turn around to face Hennig, but simply flops to the canvas in pure exhaustion, and probably dizziness. Cal and Hennig look at the fallen Storm, both a little bewildered, but then regain their composure, and get ready to square off. Hennig and Anderson, oh my goodness, go into a collar-and-elbow tie-up! The two quickly jockey for position, but fearing he might be out-wrestled by the dangerous Anderson, Hennig lands a quick knee to the gut. Cal keels over, and Hennig tries to start an offensive attack, landing a hard kick to the face and chest of Cal. The blow causes Cal’s upper body to snap back upright, and Hennig goes for a clothesline. Cal ducks, and Hennig goes past Cal, and decides to run off the ropes. Curt comes back at Cal, only to take a spinning elbow to the chin! Curt staggers back, and Cal takes a step back, winds up, and throws his whole body into a huge lariat at Hennig! However, Hennig is able to dodge the possible devastating lariat, saving his own skin. Cal was expecting to find Hennig, and staggered forward after only finding air, and walks right into a big Super Kick from Lance Storm!

Lance storm was playing possum it seemed, as he nipped up to his feet right as Cal went for the big lariat! Cal crumbles to the mat as Storm finally lands a Super Kick, and The New Enforcer seems knocked out. Storm has a renewed fire in his eyes, and leaps right at Hennig. ‘Mr. Perfect’ isn’t expecting Storm at all, and element of surprise works for Lance, as he is able to jump onto Curt’s shoulders, and spike him with a big hurricanrana! Both Cal Anderson and Curt Hennig are down, and Lance Storm gets to his feet, the lone wrestler standing. Storm mocks Shawn Michaels, ‘tuning up the band’, preparing to deck Curt Hennig with a Super Kick as the former AWA World Champion slowly struggles to get to his feet. After a seemingly long time, Hennig finally gets to his feet, and as Storm goes for the Super Kick, Hennig moves out of the way with ease! Storm almost falls over, much like Cal Anderson previously, after finding nothing but air, and Hennig simply smirks and points his finger to his head, giving the impression that he knew what was going to happen all along. Hennig doesn’t waste any more time taunting though as the crowd boos him, instead hitting a quick forearm to the back of Lance’s head. Hennig checks to make sure Cal Anderson is still down, which he is, and Curt lifts Storm up into the air for a Hennig-Plex! It’s all over for Lance as Hennig is about to connect with his finisher, but Storm, somehow, someway, is able to slip out of the maneuver, sliding down Hennig’s back and landing on his knees as Hennig crashes to the canvas. Storm gets to his feet quickly as Hennig does the same, somewhat stunned. Storm lands a quick toe kick to the shocked Hennig, and locks in a front face lock. Storm lifts Hennig up into the air, going for a suplex. Storm stalls the maneuver, and before he can ever complete the move fully, The New Enforcer is back on his feet, and charges at Storm. Anderson scoops Storm off his feet, who still has a tight hold on Hennig, and slams him back down to the canvas! Cal Anderson squashes Lance Storm with a modified Anderson Spinebuster, while Lance Storm simultaneously connected with a stalling brain buster to Curt Hennig!

The crowd cannot believe the action they are seeing in this match, and are now up on their feet cheering the innovative three-man spot, and the three wrestlers themselves. Curt Hennig is completely laid out, and may legitimately be hurt. Storm isn’t moving either, but ‘The New Enforcer’ Cal Anderson is, slowly getting up to his feet. Cal is the lone wrestler standing this time as the crowd continues to cheer from their feet. Cal pulls Lance Storm up to his feet, and slowly connects with a rather soft right hand. Storm staggers back, and Anderson connects with another right hand. Third time isn’t the charm though, as Cal decides to whip Lance into the ropes. Storm hits the ropes and comes back at Cal, as Anderson looks for the real deal, the rotating Anderson Spinebuster. Storm can’t stop it as Cal lifts Storm into the air. As Cal makes the quick 180 rotation, Lance Storm somehow counters the finisher, keeping his arm tightly wrapped around Anderson’s head, and somehow spikes Anderson’s skull off the canvas with a killer swinging DDT! Cal Anderson is now the one legitimately knocked out, his eyes looking a little glassy. All three men are down, but Lance Storm is the one slowly getting to his feet. Lance does, and looks around the Bi-Lo center as the match hits the twenty minute mark. Storm sees nothing but 15,000+ cheering fans cheering him on, and Lance slowly points to the top turnbuckle. The crowd’s cheers become even louder as Storm walks over to the corner, gets onto the apron, and ascends to the top rope. Storm gets his balance, and looks out at the ring, where Cal Anderson and Curt Hennig both lay motionless. As Hennig slowly starts ‘coming-to’, Storm leaps off the top rope, and connects with a huge Flying Headbutt to the chest of Cal Anderson! The New Enforcer is all but done, and Storm bounces off of him after the impact. Storm is down for just a few moments, but gets to his feet just in time to see Hennig use the ropes to finish getting to his feet. Hennig looks completely out of it, and Lance Storm quickly slices his throat, calling for the end. Hennig walks out of the corner of the ring he was in, and staggers right into Lance Storm. Lance lands a kick to the mid-section, and applies a front face lock. Storm lifts Hennig up into the air, and to the delight of the cheering/screaming fans, Storm flattens him with a sit-out brain buster! Curt Hennig is completely laid out, and the exhausted Lance Storm can only put his left arm over the chest of Curt Hennig in pin. Charles Robinson and the crowd counts along with the pin, ONE! TWO!


Lance Storm def. Curt Hennig and Cal Anderson to retain at 20:48
Star Rating: *** ¾

Tony Schiavone: What a match! What a victory! Cal Anderson, Curt Hennig, and Lance Storm! The three best wrestlers in WCW today have just put on thee match of the year folks!

Mike Tenay: You are absolutely right, Tony! This is a match of the year candidate, without a doubt! The fans appreciate these three wrestlers, hell, they even cheered Curt Hennig! And as you could tell, for the first time ever, Lance Storm got nothing but cheers, no boos at all!

Tony Schiavone: That’s respect right there, Professor! The fans have learned to respect Lance Storm!

Mike Tenay: And with a solid win like that to retain his North American Championship, they should respect him! However, right now, we’re going to send you backstage where ‘Mean Gene Okerlund is standing by with ‘Big Poppa Pump’ Scott Steiner!

PPV Is Uncensored!

Cut to the backstage, and ‘Big Poppa Pump’ Scott Steiner, equipped with medieval chain plate and sunglasses, and Midajah on his arm. Okerlund stands by, ready for the interview, but looking a little apprehensive. Every time Okerlund interviews Steiner, he seems to get physically and verbally harassed.

Gene Okerlund: Scott Steiner, tonight, you get your chance to face Mike Awesome, and get your revenge after all of the sneak attacks and screw jobs! How are you feeling going into this tables match!?

Scott Steiner: Mean Gene, you’re a frickin’ dumb ass! No shit this is my chance for revenge! It’s pay per view! As you can tell by my God damn choice of words, it’s uncensored! Anything can happen on pay per frickin’ view! And when me and Mike Awesome meet in that ring, I’m going to slap that bitch silly, punch his teeth down his God damn throat, and drive his ass through a table! Because I am Scott frickin’ Steiner! I’m Big Poppa Pump, and the Big Bad Booty Daddy! Mike Awesome, you’re just some hardcore reject, whose going to get his ass handed to him by the Genetic Freak! And Mean Gene, if you don’t get out of my face right now, I’ll give you a taste test of what Mike Awesome is gonna’ feel tonight! So to all my freaks in the nose bleed section here in Greensville, holla’ if ya’ hear me!

Steiner shoves the mic into Okerlund’s chest and walks of the interview area. The cameras then cut back to the ringside area, and the fans start to boo as ‘New World Order’ hits the sound system, bringing out the challengers in this upcoming match, KroniK, Brian Adams and Bryan Clarke. The two bulky men, and newest acquisitions of the nWo march down the entrance ramp, psyched for their upcoming Tag Title match. Adams, in his pants and tank top, and Clarke in his matching singlet, get into the ring, take off the nWo t-shirts they had on, and prepare for their match. A light rock tune hits, and out come the WCW Tag Team Champions, ‘The Young Lions’ Chuck Palumbo and Sean O’Haire to cheers from the crowd. Wearing WCW t-shirts, the two march down the entrance ramp, and proudly pulling their shirts out to the camera so the ‘WCW’ text is showing into it. The Champions get into the ring, take off their shirts, and pose for the fans. Referee Nick Patrick orders for the match to start, and Sean O’Haire and Bryan Clarke leave the ring, making Palumbo and Adams the legal men to start the match.

Match Three
Young Lions © vs. KroniK
WCW Tag Team Championship

The bell rings, and Brian Adams and Chuck Palumbo stare another down. The two then start things off with a tie-up, and both men jockey for position, slowly trying to get a feel for another in the match up. As the two men struggle for position and power, Adams ends up getting the advantage, over powering the young Palumbo and shoving him down to the ground. Palumbo bounces off the canvas, but recovers quickly, getting to his feet. Palumbo goes for a quick tie-up again, but Adams is clearly ready this time, shoving Palumbo hard, down to the canvas in short fashion. Palumbo doesn’t get to recover this time, as Adams keeps Chuck grounded with a hard stomp to the chest. Adams continues to lay into Palumbo with hard stomps, aimed normally at the chest, keeping one-half of the Tag Champions on the mat for a longer period of time. Palumbo stays on the canvas for a rather long period of time, almost half a minute, before Adams finally drags Chuck up to his feet. Brian Adams connects with a hard right hand, followed by more, all aimed at the cranium of one Chuck Palumbo. Palumbo staggers back, and Adams connect with an even harder forearm. Chuck starts to fall, but Adams catches him, and whips him into an empty corner. Adams takes his time walking over to the corner, and then connects with a hard forearm strike to the right jaw of Palumbo. Deciding it’s time to be a little cheap, Adams extends his leg and drives his foot into the throat of Palumbo, choking him out. Nick Patrick starts an immediate five count, meaning Adams breaks the hold right before the final five. As Palumbo gasps, finally able to allow air into his body, Adams strikes, driving his shoulder into Chuck’s ribs, sending him right back into the corner with authority. Adams then backs off Palumbo, flexes his muscles, and whips Palumbo across the ring into the other empty corner. Adams takes his time to taunt some more, and then charges Palumbo, going for an avalanche, and finding nothing but the empty corner turnbuckles! Chuck had rolled out of the way along the ropes, and then goes behind Adams as he staggers back into the ring. Adams turns into Palumbo, and meets a kick to the mid-section, followed by a big DDT!

Palumbo slowly gets to his feet as the crowd cheers him on, and makes a tag to Sean O’Haire. O’Haire rushes into the ring, running over to Brian Adams, who was trying to crawl over to his corner. Before Adams can make the tag, O’Haire connects with a running elbow drop to the back of Adams’ head, momentarily keeping him sustained on the ground. O’Haire this two knee drops to the spine of Adams, and then pulls him up to his feet and away from his corner. Once away from the corner, O’Haire connects with a hard forearm to Adams, followed by another one. A third and fourth forearm follow, finally causing Adams to stagger back. Taking his chance to knock the big man down, O’Haire runs off the ropes, charges back, and hits a leaping forearm, sending the big man down to his feet. O’Haire hops up to his feet quickly, and lands a hard kick into the side of his bitter rival. Adams is quick to get to his feet however, but as he does recover, O’Haire hops up onto the second turnbuckle, looking to keep the offense going. Adams gets to his feet, and slowly turns to find a leaping Sean O’Haire knock him back down to the canvas with a double axe handle! O’Haire makes a cover; ONE! TWO! Broken up by Bryan Clarke with a boot to the back of O’Haire! Patrick orders Clarke back to his corner, as both Adams and O’Haire recover in the ring. Both men are back up to their feet at the same time, but O’Haire is quicker than Adams, connecting with a right hand. O’Haire whips Adams into the ropes, but Brian Adams comes charging back at full steam. Fearing a collision, O’Haire jumps up into the air and spreads his legs apart, leap frogging over Adams! Adams ducks and keeps running, bouncing off the opposite set of ropes. Adams comes charging back, and this time, O’Haire ‘hits it’ to the canvas, and Adams jumps over him, and runs off the opposite set of ropes again. Adams comes charging back at O’Haire, who is trying to think of what to do next, leaving him wide open to get drilled by a hard lariat!

O’Haire crumbles to the mat, and Adams to his knees. Adams takes a deep breath as he slowly makes his way up to his feet. Once on his feet, Adams walks over to his corner, and makes the tag to Bryan Clarke, who rushes into the ring and starts laying into the fallen O’Haire with heavy stomps to the back. Clarke is like a caged animal that has finally been released, and is attacking with no remorse, connecting with stomp after stomp to O’Haire’s back. After a short while, Clarke breaks off the attack, pulling O’Haire up to his feet. Clarke connects with a heavy forearm, knocking Sean back into the ropes. Clarke starts to hit a flurry of right’s and lefts at O’Haire, who does his best to try and cover up, but the damage is still done. However, Nick Patrick comes to O’Haire’s rescue, ordering Clarke to get him away from the ropes. Clarke obliges, backing off so O’Haire can get away from the ropes. Groggy from the beat down, O’Haire staggers out from the ropes, but gets rammed with a massive knee to the mid-section! Sean keels over, and O’Haire picks him up into the air and slams him to the mat with a gut wrench suplex! O’Haire holds his spine after the blow, and Clarke just smirks at the look of pain on O’Haire’s face. O’Haire doesn’t have much time to recover though, as Clarke drops a massive elbow, right square in the sternum! As the wind leaves his body, Clarke drops in for a cover. ONE! TWO! TH- Palumbo breaks the count! Chuck got into the ring and connected with a foot to Clarke’s left shoulder, forcing the count to be broken. Palumbo heads back to his corner quickly, but Patrick follows him, giving Adams time to sneak into the ring, and with Clarke, drop O’Haire with a double vertical suplex! Palumbo only kept Patrick out of view longer as he argued with him about the double team going on behind him. However, by the time Patrick turned around, all he saw was Clarke standing tall over O’Haire, hitting weak stomps to his back.

Bryan Clarke continues his dominance over Sean O’Haire, slowly pulling him up to his feet, and hitting a knee to the stomach. As O’Haire keeled over, Clarke stiffed the crap out of O’Haire with a hard forearm shot to the back, echoing throughout the Bi-Lo Center. O’Haire lets out a yelp of pain, shooting back to an upright position, only to get dropped with a lariat. The crowd boos as O’Haire lays motionless on the canvas, and Clarke taunts and promotes the New World Order. Bryan Clarke then says he’s going to end it, lifting O’Haire up to his feet, and setting him up for the Meltdown, his pump handle into a power slam. Clarke lifts O’Haire up into the air, and once has O’Haire in position to slam him down, he stops once again to taunt. This gives time for O’Haire to throw all of his body weight downwards, causing him to fall back onto his feet, with Clarke now dangling over O’Haire’s shoulder! O’Haire doesn’t waste any time, dropping Clarke with a modified Meltdown! Both men are down, and Patrick starts a ten count. One! Two! Three! Four! Both men slowly start to stir. Five! Six! The two men start crawling towards their corners! Seven! Eight! Clarke makes the tag to Adams! Nine! Adams charges towards O’Haire, but it’s no use, he makes the tag to Palumbo!

The crowd cheers as Chuck Palumbo hops into the ring and right away has to duck an Adams right hand. Palumbo starts to go to work on Adams, hitting several right hands before finally dropping the big man with a swinging upper cut to the throat! Palumbo turns around, and right away there is Bryan Clarke charging him! Palumbo evades Clarke, and then hits him with a drop kick, knocking him to the canvas! Adams is back on his feet, and connects with a forearm to Chuck! Adams whips Palumbo into the ropes, who rebounds off the ropes and hits a diving clothesline, knocking Adams down! Bryan Clarke jumps Palumbo right away though, hitting a double sledge to the back! Clarke hits Palumbo with a few forearms to the back of the head, but O’Haire knocks him down with a drop kick! Adams is up and swings with a clothesline at O’Haire, who ducks it and drops Adams with a neck breaker. Bryan Clarke staggers to his feet, but Chuck Palumbo knocks him down with a Jungle Kick! Clarke goes down hard, and rolls to the outside of the ring, hurt from Palumbo’s finishing kick. As Clarke recovers a little too quickly, Palumbo takes a hold of his partner and whips him into the ropes. Palumbo stands right next to the ropes near Clarke on the outside as O’Haire comes back at his own partner. Palumbo lowers his torso, allowing O’Haire to use his back as a vault to press him over the top rope and crashing onto Clarke! Both men fall to the concrete floor as the crowd cheers. Palumbo makes sure his partner is okay from the ring, and turns around to face Adams, but walks right into a Spinning Sidewalk Slam! Palumbo is down! Here’s a cover! ONE! TWO!

KICK OUT! Some how, some way, Chuck Palumbo kicked out of the Spinning Sidewalk Slam, a move that has finished him off before! The crowd pops, and Adams can’t believe that Palumbo was able to dig deep enough to kick out of his finisher. As Adams continues to kneel on the canvas in shock, O’Haire and Clarke slowly recover on the outside of the ring. Adams finally realizes he still has a match to wrestle, and pulls Palumbo up to his feet. Adams connects with a heavy forearm, knocking Palumbo into the corner. Meanwhile, O’Haire connects with a few right hands to Clarke on the outside, but Clarke goes low, hitting a low blow with his right shin. O’Haire keels over in pain, and Clarke lifts him up into the air for a belly-to-back suplex. Instead of hitting the suplex, Clarke drops O’Haire, spread eagle, on the steel barricade with a modified atomic drop! O’Haire teeters on the barricade, and then falls back onto the concrete floor at ringside. Bryan Clarke however gets into the ring and joins Adams in an assault on Palumbo. As Adams hits slow, heavy forearms to Palumbo, Clarke orders him to move out of the way, which he does, and Clarke charges in and connects with a big avalanche! Palumbo staggers out of the corner, exhausted and in pain, but gets knocked down to the canvas with a hard back elbow from Adams. KroniK are just toying with Palumbo now! Adams and Clarke take their time now, lightly stomping the chest of Palumbo in intervals. After a short while they stop, and pull Chuck to his feet. Adams and Clarke whip Palumbo across the ring into the corner, and then prepare for another attack. Adams grabs Clarke’s wrist and arm, and whips him into the corner, the momentum sending Clarke charging in for a big avalanche! Palumbo moves though! Palumbo moves out of the way, and Clarke runs chest first into the turnbuckles!

Clarke quickly staggers out of the corner, and Palumbo gets back behind him, helping him forward by shoving him towards Adams. Adams stops a collision, and goes to charge Palumbo, but Clarke throws his arm out, blocking Adams. Clarke charges instead! Clarke goes for a massive lariat, but Palumbo ducks! Clarke goes behind Palumbo and Adams charges right away! Adams elevates his right leg for a Big Boot, but Palumbo dodges it, and Adams clocks his own partner with a Big Boot! Clarke drops to the ground, and Adams can’t believe it! He runs his hands through his hair, shaking his head in disbelief. Adams finally turns around to face Palumbo, and with the remaining energy he has, hits him with a Jungle Kick! Adams drops to the canvas, as does Palumbo! All three men are down and not moving, but the crowd blows into cheers as Sean O’Haire can be seen climbing up to the apron. O’Haire shakes out the cob webs, sees everyone down in the ring, and climbs up to the top turnbuckle. O’Haire picks his target and comes off the top, drilling Bryan Clarke with a Seanton Bomb! Clarke is down and out, and now O’Haire is down too! As Patrick starts another ten count, Chuck Palumbo and Brian Adams both start getting to their feet. They’re back up by six, and slowly exchange right hands. After a short battle, Adams gains the upper hand with a heavy hay maker! Palumbo staggers back into the ropes, and Adams steps back to go for a Big Boot, but Sean O’Haire makes the save, pulling Adams’ leg out from under him! Adams drops to a knee, but gets up to his feet rather quickly. By the time he is up though, Chuck Palumbo drops him with another Jungle Kick! Adams goes down, and the Young Lions aren’t done yet! O’Haire quickly climbs to the top turnbuckle as Palumbo rushes over to the motionless Clarke, and shoves him out of the ring with his feet. O’Haire then dives off the top, and he hits Adams with a Seanton Bomb! Adams is definitely done now, and Palumbo makes the cover! ONE! TWO! THREE!

Winners: The Young Lions to retain at 9:13
Star Rating: * ¼

Tony Schiavone: What a victory by the Young Lions, and Professor, that’s another victory for WCW!

Mike Tenay: You’re right, Tony, this is a big victory for the Young Lions. Chuck Palumbo and Sean O’Haire needed this win to show they can beat their arch rivals, KroniK, and they did just that! It wasn’t pretty, but it was a solid victory!

Tony Schiavone: And as my former broadcaster partner Bobby Heenan would say, a win’s a win! It doesn’t matter how you get it, or how pretty it is, a win is a win!

Mike Tenay: And hard work and determination was enough for Chuck Palumbo and Sean O’Haire tonight! However, we have to keep the action going, Tony! Coming up right now, ‘Big Poppa Pump’ Scott Steiner and ‘The Career Killer’ Mike Awesome will go at it in a tables match!

‘New World Order’ hits for the third time tonight, and Mike Awesome steps out to the entrance stage, looking focused as the crowd boos him. Awesome simply walks down the entrance ramp, ignoring the jeering fans all around him. As Awesome gets into the ring, ‘Holla If Ya Hear Me’ hits the sound system, sending the fans into some boos, but mainly cheers as ‘Big Poppa Pump’ Scott Steiner and Midajah step out from the backstage curtain. Steiner still has on his mail chain plate and sunglasses, with Midajah on his arm. The duo walks down the entrance ramp, as most of the fans along the ramp trying to slap hands with the big man, to no avail. At the end of the entrance ramp, Midajah leaves Steiner, who climbs up the steel stairs, enters the ring, and tosses his entrance garb to Midajah. From there, Steiner flexes his right bicep, and kisses the very tip of his muscle. The bell then rings, and the tables match is underway!

Match Four
Mike Awesome vs. Scott Steiner (w/Midajah)
Tables Match

Scott Steiner and Mike Awesome glare at another in the opening moments of the match, and then out of nowhere, attack! Steiner and Awesome lunge into each other, Awesome going for heavy haymakers, but Steiner lowers his shoulder, and tackles The Career Killer down to the canvas! Steiner pounces on top of Awesome and starts laying into him right away with heavy rights and lefts! Awesome tries to cover up, and pleads for help from referee Mark Johnson, but it falls on deaf ears. This is a tables match, no standard rules apply! Big Poppa Pump smiles sadistically as he continues to lay into Mike Awesome, and the crowd can’t help but cheer as almost the first full minute of the match is consumed by Steiner just pounding the crap out of Awesome. Scotty Steiner finally gets up to his feet, and pulls Awesome up to his as well. Big Poppa hits a hard forearm shot, and then whips Awesome into the corner. Steiner follows, and connects with another hard forearm shot to the face of Awesome. Steiner then connects with several rights and lefts into the abdomen, knocking the wind out of Awesome. Steiner then backs off Awesome and flexes his muscles while a groggy Awesome staggers out of a corner. Not wanting to give Awesome any time to recover, Steiner charges, and drops him with a hard lariat!

Awesome goes down hard, and Steiner stands next to him. The Genetic Freak flexes his right arm, and ‘pumps’ his arm up towards his face, and kisses the very tip of his steroid-injected muscle. After the kiss to the tip, Steiner drops an elbow drop, straight into Awesome’s sternum. Steiner then taunts Awesome, doing a couple of his signature push up’s. The Big Bad Booty Daddy takes his time getting up to his feet, probably winded after the several push ups and two minutes worth of ‘wrestling’ action. Awesome slowly gets to his, but Steiner helps him up the rest of the way, with a handful of hair. Steiner whips Awesome into the ropes, and then drops his upper body for a back body drop. Steiner went down to low, and Awesome easily telegraphs the move, hitting a hard kick into Steiner’s face and chest, followed by a DDT! Steiner drops to the canvas, and Awesome is down for only a short while before getting up to his feet, just as Steiner starts to recover to his too. Steiner gets to his feet, but is knocked backwards with a hard Mike Awesome right hand. Steiner staggers into the ropes after two more hard right hands, and is then knocked through the ropes with a knee strike to the jaw. Steiner bounces off the concrete floor, and Awesome pursues, getting out on the floor as well. Awesome hits a couple of lazy kicks to the ribs of Steiner, and flips up the ring apron, looking underneath the ring for a table. Awesome find one, and starts to slide it out, but Steiner stops that with a double sledge to Awesome’s spine. Awesome falls forward onto the side of the ring, but has no time to relax as Steiner hoists him up into the air, and drives him down to the concrete floor with a belly-to-back suplex!

Both men are down momentarily, but Steiner gets back up to his feet in no time. Steiner asks the crowd if they want to see him put Awesome through a table, drawing loud cheers from the crowd. Steiner replies that ‘their opinion doesn’t friggin matter’, and picks Awesome up to his feet, and rolls him into the ring to enormous boos from the crowd. Ah, gotta love the tweener role. As Steiner climbs up the stairs and gets back into the ring, Awesome has already gotten to his feet, and tackles Steiner into the corner right as Steiner got back in the ring. Awesome drives his shoulder into Steiner’s ribs repeatedly once in the corner, trying to soften him up. After almost fifteen shoulder drives, Awesome stops, and uses all of his strength to whip Steiner across the ring into the opposite corner. The force is so much that Steiner hits off the turnbuckles, and immediately staggers out from the corner, possibly because of whiplash. As Steiner staggers, Awesome charges, and connects with a stiff leg lariat! Steiner goes down hard, and Awesome stands tall. The Career Killer raises his arms into the air in triumph, resulting in boos from the crowd. Awesome then leaves the ring, heading back outside the ring to the table that is only partially out from under the ring. Awesome slides it out the rest of the way, and sets it up on the outside of the ring. Just as Awesome finishes setting the table up, Steiner hits him with a double axe handle to the cranium, diving off the apron!

Awesome goes down to the concrete floor, missing the table my mere inches while Steiner stares him down, looking pumped up. Steiner hits a hard stomp to the chest of Awesome, and then pulls him up to his feet. Steiner connects with a head butt strike, and whips Awesome along the ringside aisle into the steel barricade! Awesome crashes hard into the barricade, but that doesn’t mean anything to Big Poppa Pump, who walks over to Mike, hits a hard right hand, and pulls him up to his feet. Steiner hits another hard right and whips Awesome, this time into the steel ring post! Awesome’s face and the post have a head-on collision, and Awesome only staggers back into a hard forearm to the back of head from Steiner, knocking Awesome forward, right into the ring post again! Awesome is looking a little groggy, resting on the ring post, and definitely in pain. Steiner shows no remorse, pulling Awesome by his hair until he’s standing upright. Steiner connects with a hard right hand, followed by a left hook. Steiner lifts Awesome up for a vertical suplex then, but instead of falling down with the suplex, Steiner drives Awesome down forward, rotating Awesome’s body while doing so, slamming his spine onto the concrete floor! Awesome clutches his back in pain, while Awesome calls for the end. Steiner puts his forearms around Awesome’s neck, and pulls him up to his feet from the pressure of his big arms around Awesome’s neck. Steiner connects with a knee to the gut, and looks for a belly-to-belly suplex through the table! Awesome tries to fight it off though, hitting a knee to the gut, but Steiner won’t break his hold on Awesome. Steiner lifts Awesome up into the air, but a hard head butt from Awesome to Steiner connects, and Steiner drops Awesome, holding his pain in head. Awesome makes a quick recovery as Steiner continues to hold his head, and connects with a big STO to Steiner on the concrete floor!

Both men are down, Steiner from pain, while Awesome just from exhaustion. However, The Career Killer makes a quick recovery, and before he gets to his feet, crawls to the edge of the ring, and pulls out another table from under the ring! Awesome gets to his feet, the table held high over his head. Awesome slides the table into the ring between the first and second ropes, and then helps pull Steiner up to his feet. Awesome rolls the groggy Scotty into the ring, and then rolls in himself. Steiner attempts to make it to his feet in the ring, but can only get to his hands and knees before Awesome lands a hard kick to the ribs, knocking Steiner down. With Steiner more or less incapacitated, Awesome starts to set-up the table, doing so close to one of the corner’s of the ring. With the table now set-up, Awesome focuses his attention back to Steiner, who is already back on his feet! Awesome can’t believe it, and makes a quick lunge at Steiner, who dodges it with ease. Steiner looks infuriated, and decks Awesome with a hard right hand! Awesome staggers, and Big Poppa Pump takes him out of commission with an overhead belly-to-belly suplex! Awesome and Steiner both crash to the canvas, but Steiner appears to just be resting on his back. Steiner rolls over after a brief resting period, and does several more push ups while Awesome lies on the canvas. The Genetic Freak then decides to pull Awesome up to his feet, and drags him over to the table. Steiner rolls Awesome onto the table, and then exits the ring onto the apron. Steiner climbs up the turnbuckles on the apron, until he is finally on the top turnbuckle. Once on the top, Steiner steps down to the second turnbuckle. So, instead of just climbing up to the second turnbuckle from inside the ring, Steiner wasted many seconds to climb up to the top from the outside of the ring, and then slowly climb down to the second turnbuckle? So I guess steroids do effect you brain after all. After giving Awesome all the time to make a recovery, Steiner hops off the second turnbuckle, looking for a diving head butt, but Awesome rolls off the table, and Steiner falls through the table!

As Scott Steiner lies in the ring amidst broken chards of wood, Mark Johnson reminds the ring announcer and time keeper that the match is still on, because Awesome would have had to use an offensive move to put Steiner through the table. Steiner missing his target does not count as him being driven through a table. Awesome rests while on all fours, but slowly makes his way back up to his feet soon after. Steiner also makes his way to his feet, just as Awesome gets to his. Awesome looks ready to go, however, while Steiner seems out of it. Awesome capitalizes, kicking Steiner in the gut, and drilling him with a big Awesome Bomb! Scott Steiner is down and out on the ring canvas, while Mike Awesome stand tall. Awesome once again exits the ring, hopping down to the ringside floor. Awesome searches a new side of the ring, flipping the ring apron up and then sliding out a wooden table from underneath the ring. Awesome slides his second table into the ring, and then rolls into the ring as well. As Steiner starts to stir, Awesome sets up the table, this one in the middle of the ring. As Awesome finishes setting the table up to perfection, Steiner finishes getting to his feet, using the ropes for leverage. Awesome stands on the side of the table, and waits for Steiner to come towards him. Big Poppa Pump does, and Awesome hits an elbow strike to the gut. Steiner keels over, and Awesome looks for a quick whip into the ropes, but Steiner reverses. Awesome bounces off the ropes with a full head of steam, and drills Steiner with a stiff back elbow strike, knocking Steiner onto the table, but not through it! Steiner almost broke the table, but he was able to stop it from breaking, and now rests on the wood, a tired and beaten down man. Awesome can’t believe he didn’t get the victory right there, but looks to end it anyways, climbing up to the top turnbuckle. Awesome is man enough to stay on the third turnbuckle, and after making sure he had his balance, Awesome leaps off the top. Frog Splash! That only finds the table! Awesome leaped off the top turnbuckle in hopes of hitting a Frog Splash through the table, but it was Steiner’s turn to roll of the table, and let Awesome crash through the wood!

Both men are down now, and Johnson again reminds David Penzer and the time keeper that this match is still in progress. Both Steiner and Awesome take their time recovering from the match as it reaches eleven minutes in duration. The two men slowly start getting to their feet after being down for about ten seconds, huffing and puffing. Once on their feet, the two slowly approach each other, and hit simultaneous right hands to another! Both men stagger back, but regain their composure hit each other with another hard right hand! The two men stagger again, but this next time, it is only Awesome who is on the receiving end, taking a hard left hook that knocked The Career Killer off his feet. Mike Awesome tried to recuperate quickly, but Steiner hit a hard stomp to his chest, knocking the wind out of him. Awesome gasped for air, and lucky for him, found it quickly. Mike made his way up to his feet, Steiner deciding to size him up for an attack instead. Awesome gets to his feet and Steiner charges, but misses a lariat attempt when Awesome ducks it quickly! Steiner turns around to face Awesome, but gets met with a toe kick to the abdomen! Awesome sets Steiner up, and lifts him up for an Awesome Bomb! Steiner fights his way back to his feet, and using his sheer strength, tosses Mike Awesome over the top rope from the ring with a huge back body drop! Awesome crashes hard to the concrete floor, and if that took place on the opposite side of the ring, The Career Killer would have went through the table!

Mike Awesome is down and out on the outside, while Scott Steiner takes this time to rest from the amount of pain he has endured throughout these eleven plus minutes from hell. Steiner then makes his way over to the edge of the ring, exits to the ring apron, and then drops down to the arena floor. As Steiner does so, Awesome tries to get to his feet, but Big Poppa Pump helps him up the rest of the way, and then decks him with a hard right hand! He force from the big punch knocks Awesome back into the ring post, but thankfully for Mike, the blow isn’t hard at all. Steiner lines Awesome up for a running charge, but as Steiner runs at Awesome, the Career Killer moves away from the ring post, and Steiner runs face first into the pole! Steiner falls down hard to the concrete floor, while Mike Awesome is the one standing, albeit he’s crouched over, huffing and puffing. After taking a few moments to catch his breath, Awesome pulls Steiner to his feet, and rolls him back into the ring. The Career Killer does the same, getting back into the ring. Once in the ring, Awesome hits a few hard stomps to Steiner’s back, and then lifts him back up to his feet. Awesome hits a hard knee lift to Steiner’s gut, making him double over in pain. Awesome wraps his arm around Steiner’s head and neck, and then drags Big Poppa Pump across the ring and over to the ropes near the table on the outside. Awesome shoves Steiner’s head right in between his legs, and looks for an Awesome Bomb to end things. Mike Awesome lifts Scott Steiner up into the ring, and this is it! Awesome’s going to put him through the table with an Awesome Bomb from the ring to the floor!

Awesome has Steiner dangling up in the air, but Awesome waits to long, and Steiner is able to escape from the potential power bomb, somehow wiggling out of Awesome’s grasp. Unlucky for Steiner though, as he falls right onto the ring apron! Steiner’s side hits off the ring apron with a loud smack, and almost falls off the apron to the concrete floor, but he is able to grab the bottom rope, preventing him from doing so. Awesome bends over the ropes, grabbing Steiner’s head and lifting him up to his feet. Steiner holds onto the third rope for support once on his feet, but a heavy haymaker from Awesome almost makes Steiner fall off the apron! However, Steiner is able to keep one hand on the top rope, keeping him on the apron although his feet started to slip. Steiner pulls himself back onto the apron, but Mike Awesome connects with another hard right hand, sending Steiner slipping! Steiner keeps his hands on the ropes, but his feet are on the very edge of the apron. Awesome reaches out across the ropes with another haymaker to Steiner, but Big Poppa Pump is able to duck it, and then uses the ropes to sling shot him in towards Steiner. Steiner lowers his shoulder, and rams his head and shoulder into the chest of Awesome, using the free space in between the second and third ropes! Awesome keels over, and Steiner stands on the ring apron, looking ready to finish this match off. Steiner hits a hard forearm to Awesome’s upper back, and then throws his arms over the top rope into the ring, and wrapping them around the upper body of Mike Awesome. The Career Killer tries to fight it off, but it’s no use. With one last burst of strength, Steiner lifts Awesome over the top rope, and the two men fall from the ring and ring apron through the table with an overhead belly-to-belly suplex! The bell rings, and this match is over! Scott Steiner has defeated Mike Awesome in the tables match!

Scott Steiner def. Mike Awesome at 13:22
Star Rating: ** ½

Tony Schiavone: What a hard fought match, Professor! Both men gave it everything they had!

Mike Tenay: Very true, Tony, but in the end, it is Scott Steiner’s hand raised in victory! Although both Mike Awesome and Scott Steiner tasted the unforgiving wood twice in the match, it was that final blow, an overhead belly-to-belly suplex by Steiner, from the ring apron to the concrete arena floor, that ended this amazing tables match!

Tony Schiavone: That is exactly what this was, Professor, an amazing tables match! This is the kind of action you will only find in World Championship Wrestling, and hey, what in the hell!?

Survey Says…


The fans immediately bursts into very, very, loud cheers as they know all too well whose music this is.

“Wolfpack is back causin’ mass destruction,
Guess who’s here? The bad boys of wrestling!”

And as the crowd continues to cheer, both men dressed to wrestle, ‘Big Sexy’ Kevin Nash and ‘Da Bad Guy’ Scott Hall strut out onto the entrance stage. The crowd cheers for the two Outsiders, who can’t help but smirk at the loud reaction they are getting. Nash is in his long red wrestling tights and straps, while Hall is in black wrestling trunks with ‘Outsiders’ on the back in red, and a red bandana in his hair. Both men have black boots on, and a red tank top that has a wolf’s face on it. The two glide down the entrance ramp, big smirks still on their faces. The Outsiders get into the ring, and demand a microphone. David Penzer gives one to Kevin Nash, who immediately hands it over to Scott Hall. Hall brings the mic to his lips, and the crowd yells out ‘Hey Yo’. Halls smirks, and after they say it, Hall says it.

Scott Hall: Hey Yo!

The crowd yells out ‘Hey Yo’ again, and Hall hands the microphone over to Nash.

Kevin Nash: Hey Greensville, The Outsiders are in DA HOUSEEE!

More screaming cheers from the fans. Hall takes the mic again.

Scott Hall: Now, from da’ sound a’ things, ya’ll happy ta’ see Big Kev n’ Da Bad Guy in Dubya See Dubya. So, are ya’ll happy ta’ see us!?

The fans loudly scream with cheers, showing that they are very happy to see The Outsiders back in WCW.

Scott Hall: Hey a’ Kev, survey says… chalk one up… for da’ bad guys!

Hall hands the microphone over to Nash, and then proceeds to ‘tally’ up a point for he and Nash. As the crowd pops for the signature tally by Hall, Nash walks over to the ropes, and leans on them, looking a bit more serious now.

Kevin Nash: Now that we got all of our little intro done, it’s time to cut to business. Ya’ see, me n’ Da Bad Guy here aren’t back in WCW just to take up pay per view time and cut a cheesy intro. Ah no, there’s much more than that. Ya see, me n’ Scotty, we’ve been closely watching Dubya See Dubya ever since May of this year, and we’ve gotta say, we’ve been impressed. So impressed, that we left from up north, again, for the greener pastures down South. And by greener, I don’t just mean a better field…

Nash smirks as he rubs his thumb with his middle and pointer finger, symbolizing more money.

Kevin Nash: Let’s face facts. The Outsiders, Kevin Nash n’ Scott Hall, we’re the two biggest names and faces in the wrestling industry. If a company wants us, they gotta fork up the money, and just like in ’96, we got the big money contract again. But ya’ see, we don’t just want the money this time around. Naw, we’re here in Dubya See Dubya also to kick some ass, take some names, and do whatever the hell we please.

Nash pauses, and rubs his fingers through his graying hair. Nash then tosses the mic to the side, for Hall to catch.

Scott Hall: But ya see, chico’s, there’s one big thing tha’ da Outsiders came back ta’ Dubya See Dubya for. N’ tha’... is da’ New… World Order.

The crowd immediately starts to boo the mention of the nWo.

Kevin Nash: You know Greensville, that’s our thoughts too. The nWo, it’s a disgrace. Eric Bischoff, you think that you can just bring back the nWo name so you can try and have all the power in this company? Well guess what monkey; it doesn’t work that way! Bischoff, we got a lot in common. We both want money, and we both want power. However, what you’ve been doing for these past two months, ain’t somethin’ The Outsiders are very happy with.

Scott Hall: Ya’ see chico, me n’ Big Kev made da’ New World Order, not you or Hulk Hogan. That just ain’t right. Ya wanna bring back da’ n-Dubya-O, but not have da’ Outsiders, da’ creators of the biggest faction eva’? Naw, naw, Bischoff, but that just ain’t gonna fly with us.

Kevin Nash: Now Eric, don’t get me wrong. I like what you’re trying to do with the place! Trying to make the dinosaurs like Ric Flair, Arn Anderson, and Sting extinct, while beating down on some of the vanilla midgets like Lance Storm, that’s the way to be, Uncle Eric! However, when you put that nWo stamp on it, that’s when you piss The Outsiders off. So Eric, be warned. While me n’ Scott are here to pick up a hefty pay check and beat down on some vanilla midgets, we also are going to make it our mission to kick your ass, and the asses of every member in this phony New World Order!

The fans break out into more cheers for the Outsiders.

Scott Hall: So ya’ see, Bischoff, tha’s why da’ Wolfpack is back! Da’ Wolfpack is coo’ with killin’ off Dubya See Dubya, but we’re gonna take out da’ New World Order too! We got no allies but ourselves, we got nothin’ but enemies. N’ tonight, since I’m a feelin’ like it, Da Wolfpack is gonna give ya’ll your first casualty… Sting! Stinger, ya made the challenge, n’ I just accepted it!

The fans are now mixed in cheers and jeers, but start to do nothing but cheer as ‘Seek And Destroy’ by Metallica hits, bringing out the icon, Sting. Kevin Nash exits the ring while Hall stands in it, ready for his return match to the company. The Stinger walks down the entrance ramp, pointing his black baseball bat at Hall, looking focused for his match. The Stinger gets into the ring, removes his black trench coat, and then points the tip of the bat at Hall again, and tells him that ‘he’s going to kick his ass’. Oh, those are fighting words! Referee Billy Silverman orders for the bell to be rung, and the fifth match is underway!

Match Five
Scott Hall (w/Kevin Nash) vs. Sting
Sting’s Open Challenge Match

As the crowd cheers in excitement for the match, Sting and Scott Hall stare each other down. Sting still looks a little shock that his mystery opponent is The Bad Guy, while Hall looks ready for action as ever. The two men slowly start to circle another after their stare down, before engaging in a collar-and-elbow tie-up. The two jockey for position, and after a brief power struggle, Sting shoves Hall down to the canvas. Hall looks a bit taken back at the strength of Sting, who lets out a big ‘Woo’ to the fans in South Carolina to a pop. Hall slowly gets up to his feet, and goes right into another collar-and-elbow tie-up with Sting. Again, the two jockey for position, and after an even longer power struggle, Sting shoves Hall down again. And once again, The Bad Guy looks shocked that the Stinger has over powered him in the early goings of this match. Slowly, Hall gets to his feet, closes his eyes and shakes his head, trying to re-focus. Third time for a collar-and-elbow tie-up, and another power struggle. Afraid Sting will over power him again, Hall scores with a quick knee strike to the mid-section of Sting, causing the Stinger to keel over. Hall runs off the ropes and back at Sting, and scores with a swinging neck breaker!

Hall makes a quick cover; ONE! TW- KICK OUT! Sting makes a relative easy kick out, and Hall shows no shock or surprise that Sting kicked out. Instead, Hall grabs Sting by the head, and pulls him up to his feet. The Bad Guy connects with a right hand, followed by a forearm strike, and then finally, a knife edge chop. After the brief combo, Sting staggers back, and Hall plants him with a clothesline, sending him down to the canvas. Hall drops an elbow drop, and then makes another cover. ONE! TWO! KICK OUT! Sting with another easy kick out, but Hall doesn’t care about not getting the pin, instead mounting Sting and hitting a flurry of lefts and rights to the face of the Stinger. On the outside, ‘Big Sexy’ Kevin Nash smirks and cheers on his best friend and tag team partner, as Hall continues to lay into Sting. Referee Billy Silverman starts a five count once Hall starts using closed fists on Sting, and Hall finally gets off of the Stinger at four. Once back on his feet, Hall waits for the Stinger to do so as well, only to hit him with a hard right hand. Sting staggers back, but Hall pursues, hitting another hard right hand, and then whipping Sting into the ropes. Sting comes back at Hall, but Hall lowers his upper body, and sends Sting across the ring with a back body drop. Hall runs off the ropes then, and hits a running knee drop to the fallen Sting, making impact right on the former World Champion’s chest. Hall makes another cover; ONE! TWO! KICK OUT!

Sting gets his shoulder up again, showing that Hall won’t be getting any cheap victories tonight. Scott Hall once again pulls Sting back up to his feet, and whips Sting into the corner. Well, attempted to; Sting reversed the whip, sending Hall into the corner. Sting then charged Hall, and leaps into the air, Stinger Splash! No! Hall gets out of the way, and Sting goes chest first into the turnbuckles. Sting staggers backwards from the corner, and Hall drops him with a belly-to-back suplex! Another cover; ONE! TWO! T- KICK OUT! Hall looks a little unhappy with the continued resilience of Sting, but Hall then remembers the match is just barely three minutes new, so there isn’t much to worry about. Again, Hall gets Sting to his feet, this time a bit more slowly. The Bad Guy connects with a weak knife edge chop, followed by several forearm strikes. Hall then locks in a front face lock, and looks for a vertical suplex. Hall lifts Sting up into the air, but the Stinger is able to fight his momentum downwards, slamming his feet back onto the mat after getting up into the air momentarily. Sting is able to keep fighting back, hitting four right hands into the ribs of Hall, and then finally, lifts Hall up into the air and connects with a vertical suplex!

Both Sting and Scott Hall are down momentarily, forcing a ten count from Billy Silverman. Silverman only has to get to four though until both Hall and Sting are back on their feet. Nash cheers on Hall from the outside as The Bad Guy and the Stinger eye each other up again. Hall lunges forward in attack with a right hand, but the patient Stinger is a victorious Stinger, or at least in this little battle. Sting dodges the Hall right hand, and hits a right hand of his own. It’s Hall’s turn to stagger back, and Sting follows up with another hard right. Hall falls over into the ropes, a little groggy from the beating Sting’s giving him. Sting pulls Hall upright, and then lays into him with a hard knife edge chop. The crowd yells out a collective ‘Woo’, and again as the Stinger connects with another knife edge chop. Scotty Hall throws his arms over his chest, trying to end the beating on it. Sting obliges, decking Hall with a hard right-handed upper cut, knocking Hall through the second and third ropes to the outside of the ring!

The crowd cheers as Sting stands tall in the ring, but then exits the ring as well, looking to continue his beating on Hall on the outside of the ring. Sting pulls Hall up to his feet, and then whips him across the ring aisle and into the steel barricade. Hall’s back connects with the barricade, and lets out a sigh of pain. The Stinger starts to make his way over to Hall, but is met by a big road block, Kevin Nash! The crowd slightly pops as Kevin Nash has turned the corner and is now standing chest-to-nose with Sting. The two exchange a few words, while Nash makes the meaning of this clear, ‘to get to Hall, you gotta go through me’. Sting doesn’t want to have anything to do with Nash, instead rolling back into the ring and allowing Silverman to start a ten count as the match reaches close to the six minute mark. Nash helps Hall get to his feet, and even though Silverman is counting him out, the two Outsiders casually walk along the ringside aisle, having a pep talk and discussing ‘strategy’. However, their little pep talk, and the count out, is broken up when Sting runs and dives over the top rope, taking out both of the Outsiders with a suicide dive! All three men tumble to the floor as the crowd cheers for the ‘high spot’ by Sting. Silverman restarts his count out, but who cares, Sting gets up by three, pulls Hall to his feet by four, rolls him in by five, and gets in himself before six. Once back in the ring, Sting pushes Hall backwards, and looks to run off the ropes, but Sting’s feet are tripped out from under him by Kevin Nash! Sting staggers forward, and Hall capitalizes, hitting a fisherman’s suplex!

Sting goes down, and Hall is down as well! However, Hall is only down for a few brief moments until he makes a cover on Sting. ONE! TWO! THR- SHOULDER UP! Scott Hall almost got the victory, but Sting got a shoulder up, much to the disbelief of Scott Hall and Kevin Nash. As Hall slowly gets to his feet, Billy Silverman rushes over to Nash, and warns him about interfering in the match, never getting the chance to warn him until now. With Hall back on his feet, he pulls Sting up the rest of the way. Hall connects with several weak forearm shots, and then whips the Stinger into the corner. Hall takes his time to follow the Stinger, and once he reaches the corner, connects with another forearm strike. As Sting tries to catch his breath in the corner, Hall lowers his upper body, and drives his shoulder into the ribs of Sting. Numerous times Hall drives his shoulder into the abdomen of Sting, weakening the ribs of the legendary Stinger. Hall then stops the series of shoulder drives, instead, using his shoulder and upper body strength to lift the Stinger up into the air, and place him back down on the top turnbuckle. As the exhausted and beaten Sting sits on the third turnbuckle, Scott Hall hops up to the second turnbuckle, and scoops Sting up into the air, so that Sting is horizontal. Hall then falls backwards off the second turnbuckle, and tosses Sting into the air behind him, hitting a super fall away slam!

Sting smacks off the canvas hard, and is down and out, while Hall lies on his back, resting on the canvas. Hall catches his breath as the match reaches the nine minute mark, sits up, and then crawls his way over to the fallen Sting. Hall drapes an arm over the Stinger’s chest, pin cover! ONE! TWO! THRE- KICK OUT! Scott Hall again almost had the victory, but again, Sting was ale to get his shoulders off the canvas before three, much to the chagrin of the Outsiders. Nash shakes his head in disappointment on the outside, while Hall’s mouth is left agape, and runs his fingers through his greasy looking hair in shock. Hall sits on his buttocks, still in shock, while Sting is still on his back, motionless. Hall slowly starts to get up to his feet, and then pulls Sting along for the ride too. Once on their feet, Hall connects with a soft right hand, and then a toe kick to the gut. Hall raises his right hand into the air with the Wolfpack symbol, and sets Sting up for the ‘Edge. Hall lifts Sting up into the air, his arms outstretched and holding Sting up in the air. Hall tries to connect with the Outsider’s Edge, but Sting is able to squirm, and slides down Hall’s back to his feet.

Sting staggers forward after landing, giving Hall enough time to turn around and hit a double sledge to the back. It barely affects Sting, but it’s enough for Hall to whip Sting into the corner. Hall charges with an avalanche, but Sting moves out of the way, and Hall runs chest first into the corner! Hall staggers backwards, and Sting turns him around, and then whips him across the ring and into the opposite corner! The Stinger charges Hall, leaps into the air, and connects with a Stinger Splash! Hall crumbles to the mat, and the Stinger stands tall as the crowd cheers! Sting calls for the end of the match, and starts to pull Hall up to his feet. Sting starts to set him up for the Scorpion Death Drop, but before he can hit his finisher, Sting gets damn near decapitated by a Kevin Nash Big Boot to the face! Big Sexy saw potential danger for his partner, so he took out Sting! Sting crumbles to the mat, and Billy Silverman rings for the bell as Kevin Nash starts to lay into Sting with heavy stomps. Sting tries to cover up but it is no use as Scott Hall joins in on the fun too, hitting stomps to the Stinger. The Outsiders then pull Sting up to their feet, and Hall hits him with a hard right hand. Sting staggers, and Nash kicks him in the gut, and shoves his head in between his legs. Nash hoists Sting up into the air, and drops him with a Jack Knife Power Bomb!

Sting def. Scott Hall by DQ at 10:39
Star Rating: **

As ‘Wolfpack’ hits back over the sound system, The Outsiders leave the ringside area to a chorus of boos from the crowd. Sting recovers rather quickly after the match, and can be heard shouting words of revenge towards Nash.

Tony Schiavone: How despicable!

Mike Tenay: My thoughts exactly, Tony! It is good to have The Outsiders back in WCW, but their actions in this match were uncalled for. Sting was the better man tonight, not Scott Hall, and The Outsider’s just couldn’t accept that. Oh no! Instead, Kevin Nash had to hit Sting from behind, and then lay him out with a Jack Knife! Where’s the justice in that!?

Tony Schiavone: And a good match was ruined too, Professor! The Outsiders have only been back in this company for about a half an hour, but already they have done nothing but cause problems and drama here in WCW!

Mike Tenay: But that’s just your typical Kevin Nash and Scott Hall! But nevertheless, The Outsiders are back in WCW, and not only are they out to destroy WCW, but they want to kill the New World Order too! As the song goes, the Wolfpack is back! However now it is time to send you backstage once again to Gene Okerlund, who is standing by with the WCW World Heavyweight Champion, ‘The Chosen One’ Jeff Jarrett!

Cut to the back!

Choke On These (Slap)Nuts!

Whoa, we’re backstage, and there’s ‘Mean’ Gene in the penguin suit, and Jarrett, dressed in short silver and black striped tights, an nWo tank-top, and his orange shades and guitar. Cue the interview!

Gene Okerlund: Jeff Jarrett, tonight’s a big night for you! The third time will be a charm in your match tonight, but who’s the one with the charm!? Jeff, will the third time be a charm for you tonight!? Can you beat ‘The Nature Boy’ Ric Flair!?

Jeff Jarrett: Mean Gene, you stupid slap nut, what do you think!? “Can I beat Ric Flair”!? Of course I can beat Flair! I’ve kicked Flair’s old ass countless times now, and every time we’ve wrestled, the whole world knows that I’ve been the true winner. Yeah Flair, lady luck was on your side twice, congratulations to you. But tonight fossil, I’m the one with the ‘stroke’! There will be no charm for you, Ric, because you can’t beat me! Not tonight! Tonight is my night, old man, and there’s no way I’m going to be like that slappy Booker T and lose my Title! Flair, tonight your ass gets sent back to the nursing homes, at the hands, of Jeff Jarrett, and the New World Order. Woo!

Jarrett stares into the camera as the interview ends, and the cameras shit back to the ringside area. ‘Filthy’ hits after a short pause, and the crowd get on their feet as Billy Kidman heads out to the entrance stage. Kidman is dressed in his usual black shorts and wife beater, out solo tonight. No Tygress or Konnan for him tonight. Billy marches down the entrance ramp, looking nothing but focused for this match. Rey Misterio Jr. has slipped away at every opportunity, but tonight, there is no running! Speaking of the devil, Rey Misterio Jr. comes out to his new Mexican music, wearing blue and yellow tights and mask. Misterio slowly walks down the ramp, refusing to take notice to the crowd, who continue to give him a lukewarm response. Misterio gets into the ring soon after, and once in the ring, is immediately pounced on by Kidman!

Match Six
Billy Kidman vs. Rey Misterio Jr.
No Count Outs Match

The referee of the match, Charles Robinson order for the bell to be rung as Kidman is already on top of Misterio, having tackled him to the canvas right away. With Kidman on top, he starts raining down heavy fists to the face of Misterio, finally getting the chance to release all of this pent-up anger he has had for the past two months. Misterio does everything he can to protect himself from Kidman’s onslaught, but it is to no avail. Kidman is like a man possessed; continuing to hurl closed fist after closed fist, right hand and left hand after right hand and left hand. The crowd is cheering for the onslaught; they want to see Misterio finally get his ass kicked by Kidman. Rey has run for long enough, and now, it is time for Kidman to kick some ass! However, Robinson isn’t going to let this wild attack continue. Robinson demands Kidman gets off of Misterio after almost thirty seconds of the beating, but Kidman refuses, hitting another hard right to Misterio’s face before reminding Robinson of the rules of this match. Robinson shouts at Kidman the real rules of this match. There are no count-outs, but disqualifications still apply!

Some of the fans in the first few rows boo, hearing what Robinson shouted at Kidman. Billy, now knowing that he can still get DQed, gets off of Rey, breaking the attack. Almost instantly, Rey rolls to the outside of the ring, needing to recuperate and regroup. Misterio puts his forearm on the canvas, and his head on his forearm, resting. Kidman immediately tries to charge Rey, but Robinson steps in the way. Rey notices just how badly Kidman wants to go after him, and takes a few steps back from the ring. Misterio continues to catch his breath, and does so after a few moments. However, instead of re-entering the ring and fighting like a man, Rey continues to stand on the outside of the ring, and begins to taunt Kidman, who is still be re-strained by Robinson. However, Robinson’s restraints don’t hold Kidman any longer, and Billy breaks free, sprinting at the ropes near Rey. As Rey’s face lights up in panic, Kidman dives in between the middle and top ropes, going through the ropes to the outside, and tackling Misterio down to the concrete floor with a suicide dive! The crowd cheers, and as soon as Kidman can recover, he is right back on Misterio, hurling hard, closed fisted, punches at the cranium of Rey. The crowd cheers as Kidman holds nothing back, just hammering away. From the ring, Robinson once again shouts at Kidman to stop with the closed fisted attack, and Kidman unhappily obliges. Kidman gets off Rey, and stands up on his feet.

Billy can’t be happy about his attack being called off by the official for a second time, but Kidman doesn’t show it. Instead, he grabs Misterio by the scruff of the neck and yanks him up to his feet. Rey looks to be a tad groggy already, but that doesn’t stop Kidman from connecting with a hard knife edge chop straight to the chest! The chop echoes throughout the arena, and then echoes once again as Kidman hits a second knife edge chop. Kidman continues the assault, hitting six more hard knife edge chops, reddening Rey’s chest. As Rey staggers back, Kidman grabs Rey’s left wrist and whips him hard, sending him across the ringside aisle and right into the steel guard rail! Misterio’s back clatters into the hard steel, as the crowd pops. Kidman refuses to give Rey any time to rest, sprinting right at Rey, lowering his shoulder, and spearing Rey , crushing Misterio in between Kidman’s body weight/force and the guard rail. The crowd cheers once again, as Rey lets out a moan of pain. Kidman backs away from Rey, allowing Misterio to stagger out from the guard rail. As soon as he does, Kidman grabs Misterio by the wrist again, and whips him straight into the steel ring post! Misterio’s face and the unforgiving steel collide, and Rey drops to the floor. Rey holds his face in pain, while Kidman stands over the fallen Rey, a sadistic smirk on his face.

After a few moments, Kidman pulls Rey up to his feet once again, and rags him over to the guard rail. Kidman leans Rey back on the guard rail, and connects with a stiff knife edge chop to Rey’s chest, followed by a hard forearm strike to the lower jaw. Rey starts to keel over, but Kidman quickly grabs him by the wrist and whips him hard into the ring. Misterio’s back snaps as it connects with the sharp ring. With the sharp edge of the outside of the ring digging into Rey, Kidman charges again, and hits a hard clothesline to Rey, knocking his legs up and over his own head! This results in Misterio landing on the edge of the apron, and Kidman then rolling him back into the ring. As Misterio rolls to about the center of the ring, Kidman hops back onto the apron, and pauses. After a quick moment, Kidman jumps onto the third rope, springboards off, and connects with a leg drop! Kidman keeps his leg on top of Rey, and that’s a pin. ONE! TWO! TH- Kick Out! Luckily for him, Rey is able to kick out of the pin, and for his won safety, quickly rolls across the rest of the ring and under the apron, escaping to the outside of the ring. Rey tries to rest near the end of the entrance ramp, but Kidman exits the ring as well, and charges Rey. Misterio lowers his torso as Kidman is about to collide with him, flipping Kidman over his shoulder. However, instead of landing back-first on the steel ramp, Kidman does a full rotation, front flipping to his feet! Rey turns, expecting to see Kidman on the floor, only to get leveled by a leaping leg lariat from Billy Kidman!

Misterio collapses to the floor, and Kidman immediately gets up to his feet, pumping his arm into the air in glee. Kidman quickly flicks his hair back behind his head, and pulls Rey up to his feet. Kidman connects once again with a hard knife edge chop, followed by two forearm strikes to the jaw, and then a hard side elbow strike to the face! Misterio staggers, but Kidman throws Misterio right into the guard rail! Misterio’s lower body rashes into the steel, while the upper half of Rey’s body dangles in the air. Not pleased with Rey’s position, Kidman walks over to the dangling Rey, picks him up into the air, and drops him again onto the guard rail. This time, Rey’s upper body is once again dangling, but this time his lower body is in the fans, while his upper body dangles in the ringside area. Now satisfied, Kidman jumps up onto the apron, and slowly walks to the edge of the apron, as far away from Rey as he can be. Kidman runs along the apron after a moment’s pause, jumps off once he reaches the edge, and connects with a leg drop to Misterio’s upper back and neck! Kidman crashes to the concrete floor, while Rey continues to dangle over the guard rail, now holding his neck and back in pain. After a few moments rest, Billy gets up to his feet, looking pumped up. He has done nothing but dominate Rey in this match. Kidman laughs at the still dangling Misterio, and grabs him by the ankles and flips him heels over head onto the concrete floor. Misterio lands right on his tailbone on the concrete, only for Kidman to quickly pull Misterio up to his feet, and shoves Rey’s head in between his legs. Kidman grabs a hold of Rey’s arms and hooks them. Kidman grins, and then scoops Rey into the air and spike him down to the floor with a chicken wing power bomb! The crowd cheers as Rey lays motionless on the floor, but Kidman isn’t done yet. He runs at the apron, jumps onto it, and quickly jumps back off, connecting with a moonsault to Rey!

Rey is motionless on the concrete floor, while Kidman slowly gets up to his feet, taking his time to rest. While he has been on the offensive for the almost entire six plus minutes of this match, he has used a lot of energy to inflict as much pain as he has on Rey Misterio Jr. The crowd cheers as Kidman once again is up on his feet, and is the only man standing. After a few moments to play with the crowd, Kidman pulls Misterio up to his feet. Once both men are on their feet, Kidman shoves Misterio backwards. Misterio staggers back, but stays on his feet. However, Rey has finally start to come-to as to just how badly he’s been getting his ass kicked in this match, and tries to walk away from the match. Misterio starts to walk towards the entrance ramp, and gets onto the ramp when Kidman notices Rey’s trying to flee. Misterio has his back turned, just walking away, leaving him wide open for a Kidman attack. Kidman takes advantage of this, running up to Misterio, leaping into the air and connecting with a bulldog onto the entrance ramp! Misterio is down once again, as is Kidman, who favors his tailbone briefly after it landed on the steel. Kidman gets up to his feet rather quickly still, and pulls Misterio up with him. Misterio staggers as soon as he is on his feet, looking like he is very groggy and beaten down. Kidman quickly applies a front face lock, and drapes Misterio’s arm over his shoulder. Kidman hoists Misterio up for a suplex, and gets him successfully up in the air. Kidman feigns to drops Misterio down onto the steel with a big stalling suplex, but Kidman takes too long, and Misterio is able to swing his momentum, getting his feet back down on the ramp. Kidman still has the front face lock applied however, and tries for a snap suplex. Misterio’s legs grapevines Kidman’s right leg, however, keeping him on the ground again. As Kidman tries a third time to suplex Misterio, Rey-Rey connects with a hard knee to the groin! Kidman starts to stagger back, but before he can, Misterio Jr. connects with a snap suplex on the steel entrance ramp!

Kidman is down, but Misterio finds a way to get up quickly! With one last boost of energy, Misterio hops onto the slanted guard rail along the entrance ramp, and quickly springboards off of it, connecting with a moonsault of his own to Kidman! Both men are down, not moving after the suplex on the steel. As the crowd claps their hands together for Kidman, the two continue to recuperate for the next few moments, but then slowly start getting to their feet. Once on their feet over half a minute later, the two slowly begin to exchange right hands forearms. To probably no one’s surprise, Kidman gets the upper hand, landing several hard forearm strikes in a row, followed by an elbow strike to secure the advantage. Once again Rey tries to flee, walking up the entrance ramp, but Kidman is immediately in hot pursuit. Misterio gets all the way up to the flat entrance stage, only to stagger forward from a Kidman forearm to the back of the head. Rey continues to stagger as Kidman continues to hit forearm strikes to the back of the head, knocking Misterio all the way over to the edge of the stage! Kidman tries to knock Misterio off with a big clothesline once he sees Rey teetering on the edge, but Ray quickly ducks the clothesline, and lands a toe kick to the gut. Misterio quickly snaps Kidman’s head in between his legs, and looks for a power bomb… off the stage. But for those of you who read CRZ’s wrestling recaps, you can’t power bomb Kidman, as once Rey gets Kidman up on his shoulders, Kidman flips out onto his feet, and quickly goes behind Misterio. Misterio turns to face Kidman, but gets clobbered with a hard forearm to the face! Misterio is teetering, and Kidman goes in for the kill to knock Rey off the stage. Before he can, Rey does the unthinkable, and BACK FLIPS OFF THE STAGE! Misterio back flips over 10 feet from the entrance stage to the floor below, and even more surprisingly, HE LANDS ON HIS FEET! The crowd breaks out into cheers after the insane spot, but break out into even more cheers, as Billy Kidman dives off the stage, and connects with a leaping MISSILE DROPKICK FROM THE STAGE!

Kidman drills Misterio right in the chest, and smacks off the concrete floor with a loud thud. Both men are down, and the crowd is cheering after the huge spot by both men! Back in the ring, as soon as Charles Robinson sees Kidman leap off the stage, he immediately leaves the ring and rushes over to the two fallen men. The trip takes Robinson about a half minute, and when he gets to Kidman and Misterio, they are both stirring, and attempting to get to their feet! Robinson can’t believe it, and he watches in awe as Misterio and Kidman both find a way to slowly crawl to their feet. Almost a minute and a half after the initial spot, Misterio and Kidman are back on their feet, and ready to go again! Kidman and Misterio start to exchange slow right hands down on the arena floor, getting a rhythm back into the match. The two go at it briefly, neither men getting the advantage until Misterio scores down low with a kick to Kidman’s calf, followed by a drop kick. Kidman staggers back all the way into the guard rail that separates the arena floor from the next section of fans. Looking for an opportunity to strike, Misterio Jr. charges Kidman, looking for a clothesline, but instead, Kidman lowers his shoulder, and flips Kidman over the guard rail and into a pile of the fans! The 4-person group of fans all catch Misterio, and briefly crowd surf him around with their section of the fans, before tossing him into the aisle way, right onto the railing for the stairs! As the crowd cheers while Rey falls from the top of the railing onto the stairs, Billy Kidman hops the guard rail and lands on the stairs, and climbs up the several stairs it takes to get to Misterio. By the time Kidman gets to Misterio, Rey is already trying to get back on his feet, but Kidman knocks him back down with a hard boot to the skull!

As the crowd gets fired up with Kidman and Misterio now in the stands, Kidman gets Misterio up to his feet, and knocks him into the fans with a right hand. Misterio quickly tries to flee through the fans, but has a hard time as certain audience member refuse passage for Rey. This helps Kidman in pursuing Misterio, enabling him to catch up to Misterio, and hit another right hand. However, with each right hand, Misterio continued to flee, and Misterio was thankfully able to get away from the ‘crowd surfing’ section of the audience and over to the main audience section of the Bi-LO Center. With Rey finally back in another aisle way, he tries to flee back down the steps to the ring, only to get drilled by a Kidman right hand! Misterio staggers back onto the stair railing, only for Kidman to hit another right hand. Kidman goes for a third, but Misterio quickly connects with a low blow! Referee Charles Robinson, who fought his way through the crowd as well, reprimands Misterio, but not that it really matters. Kidman doubles over, holding his crown jewel after the cheap attack. Rey waits for Kidman to recover, and a few moments he does. Misterio charges, leaps up for a hurricanrana, but Kidman counters, reversing the ‘rana into a sit-out power bomb on the stairs! Misterio goes down once again, and rolls down 4 stairs until stopping, getting wedged between the stairs and the seats. Kidman is slow to get up from the move, sporting a tender tailbone after landing right on the edge of a step. However, once on his feet, Kidman jogs up 10 steps, planning to launch an attack on Misterio. By the time Kidman gets up the 10 steps and turns to face Rey, Misterio is slowly getting back to his feet. Kidman waits a few seconds, and then starts to run down the steps. Kidman runs down the first four steps, and then leaps into the air, diving through the air past the next six, landing right on Misterio’s shoulders and in an amazing moment, hits Misterio with a hurricanrana!

The crowd, especially the members of the audience near the action, break out into a loud ‘Holy Shit’ chant, while Misterio rolls down eleven stairs, until stopping at the guard rail to the arena floor. The fans continue to cheer as Kidman rests back up on the stairs, holding his tailbone and back after the very impressive spot. As Robinson asks Kidman if he’s okay, Kidman nods his head, and seems to get a second wind. Kidman starts his descent down the stairs, using the stair railing for support as he slowly makes his way down to Misterio. Kidman finally gets to Misterio, as Rey is on his knees, his hands on top of the guard rail to help pull himself up. Just as Misterio is fully on his feet, Kidman decks him with a hard clothesline, knocking him over the guard rail and back to the arena floor. Misterio rolls a few feet away from the guard rail after landing back on the concrete arena floor, getting closer and closer back to the ringside area. Kidman doesn’t give Rey any time to rest, climbing up onto the guard rail, and connecting with an elbow drop from the guard rail! The crowd pops as both men are down once again on the concrete floor, and the referee quickly hops the guard rail back to the concrete floor, and orders for security to keep the audience away from the wrestlers. When the combatants were on the arena floor last time, they were by the ramp, where there were no seats. However now, the wrestlers are only a few feet away from the ring, and there are numerous amounts of fans around them, all leaving their seats by the entrance ramp and ringside to see the action up close. Security forms a perimeter as Kidman and Misterio slowly start to pull themselves up to their feet. Kidman is up first after almost another ten seconds, grabbing a hold of Misterio’s neck and helping him up the rest of the way. With both men on their feet, Kidman connects with a right hand, followed by a forearm strike, sending Misterio staggering, and staggering towards the guard rail to get back to the ring. Kidman continues his spree of right hands and forearms, continuously knocking Misterio Jr. closer and closer to the guard rail. Finally, after a fifth forearm strike, Misterio staggers back into the guard rail, and security gets the audience away from the two. Rey has nowhere to go, and Kidman quickly hoists Misterio up into the air. Because of Rey’s small size, Kidman is able to pick him up over his shoulders with relative ease in a military press, and then toss him over the guard rail and back into the ringside area! Misterio lands on the concrete floor, a few feet away from the guard rail, while Kidman quickly runs back a couple feet, still out on the arena floor. Kidman takes a deep breath, sprints at the guard rail and hops up onto it, followed by quickly springboard off of the thin guard rail, and connecting with a Shooting Star Press!

The crowd break out into round of ‘Holy Shit’ chants, as Kidman and Misterio both lay motionless on the concrete floor, mere inches away from the ring. Robinson hops the guard rail once again, and everyone is finally by in the confinements of the ringside area. Both Misterio and Kidman are down and out, and remain so for ten, fifteen seconds. As the crowd finally grows quiet, they burst back into cheers a few seconds later as Kidman flips his hair back behind his head, slowly gets onto all fours, crawls over to the ring, and uses the side of the ring to pull himself up to his feet. Once on his feet, Kidman picks up the limp Misterio, and rolls him into the ring. Kidman himself crawls into the ring underneath he bottom rope, and drapes an arm over Misterio’s chest. This could be it! ONE! TWO!

SHOULDER UP! The crowd can’t believe it, and neither can Kidman, nor Robinson! Kidman slowly rolls off of Misterio, and is in a seated position, running his right hand through his sweaty hair, frustrated. Kidman has inflicted a lot of punishment on Misterio throughout this hellacious brawl, but even after the near 15 minutes this match has gone on. Kidman regains his composure after a few moments, and gets up to his feet. Once on his feet, Kidman shouts that ‘he’s going to finish this bitch’, resulting in cheers from the crowd. Kidman pulls Misterio up to his feet, and immediately whips him into the ropes. Misterio bounces of the ropes and comes running back at Kidman, only for Kidman to grab under Misterio’s arm pits and rotate Misterio and himself in the air, planting Misterio with his version of the Sky High (BK Bomb), dubbed the Animal Cruelty. Misterio appears to be down and out, but Kidman doesn’t bother to make a cover. Instead, Billy gets right back up to his feet, and removes his wife beater, throwing it down at Rey. This gets a pop from the females in the audience, who like to see the stud without a shirt one. Kidman plays this up briefly, getting more cheers from the crowd. Kidman finally exits the ring, and the crowd knows what’s coming. Kidman starts his approach up to the top turnbuckle, and once he gets there, Kidman shouts that ‘this bitch is going down’, getting more pops from the crowd. Kidman checks his footing, and leaps off the top turnbuckle, Shooting Star Press! But it misses! Rey Misterio Jr. gets a burst of energy and rolls out of the way, all the way over to the edge of the ring as Kidman smacks his chest and face off the unforgiving canvas!

The crowd can’t believe it, and Billy Kidman is down on his stomach, not moving, while Rey Misterio lays on the edge of the ring, just underneath the ropes. As the shocked crowd grows quiet, Rey Misterio Jr. slowly rolls to the very edge of the ring apron, locks his hands on the ropes, and uses the ropes to slowly pull himself up to his feet. After much effort, Rey-Rey is back on his feet, only to quickly hop off the apron to the concrete floor, near the timekeeper. Misterio walks over to David Penzer, shoves him out of the way, and picks up a steel chair! The crowd boos as Rey eyeballs the chair in his hand, only to then turn his focus back to the ring. Rey walks back to the ring, slides the chair into the ring, and Rey himself rolls underneath the bottom rope into the ring. Once in the ring, Rey quickly grabs the fallen steel chair, and gets back up to his feet. Rey eyes Kidman, who is now slowly starting to get to his feet, having made it up to his hands and knees. Misterio aims the chair for Kidman’s skull, and prepares to hit Kidman in the skull, but Charles Robinson yanks the chair away from Misterio! The crowd pops as Robinson takes possession of the chair, and tosses it to the side of the ring!

The chair bounces of the ring and skids along the canvas until it comes to a halt at the apron. Misterio shouts at Robinson, while Robinson enforces the rules of the match; disqualification is possible. Misterio continues to argue with Robinson, but that all comes to a halt as Kidman shoves Rey into the ropes! Rey bounces off the ropes and come charging back at Kidman, but before Kidman can mount any sort of attack, Misterio leaps into the air, and executes a casadora, and transitions it into a DDT! Kidman’s head spikes off of the canvas, and Misterio rests on the canvas momentarily before pulling himself up to his feet. With Kidman down and out in the center of the ring, Misterio exits the ring to the apron, walks along the apron to the corner turnbuckles, and starts to climb up the ring post to the top turnbuckle. Misterio’s ascent is slow, as he is clearly tired and fatigued after the grueling 18 minutes of this match. Misterio check his footing once he gets up top, and leaps off the top turnbuckles. Misterio flips himself one and a half times, looking for a 450 Splash, and the 450 finds nothing but the knees of Billy Kidman!

Kidman got his knees up just in time, and the 450 Splash by Rey goes haywire as his chest and ribs just got crushed by Kidman’s shins and knees! The crowd bursts into cheers as Rey bounces off of Kidman’s lower legs to the canvas, curling up into a ball and holding his lower extremities. Both men are down once again, but Robinson doesn’t start a 10 count. Technically, that would be a count-out, so Robinson stays put, but checking the progress of the two men as they struggle to recuperate. Kidman and Misterio are down for almost half a minute until finally starting to make their way back up to their feet. Both Rey and Kidman have to use the ropes to help them up to their feet, using opposite sets of ropes, of course. Both men finally get back to their feet, and slowly walk over to each other. Kidman and Rey look at each other, both men physically exhausted. Rey’s eyes are filled with hatred, while Kidman looks completely focused. As Rey continues to glare at Kidman, Rey slaps Kidman in the face! The crowd yells out ‘Ooh’ as Kidman staggers back from the hard slap. Kidman moves his left hand to his face, touching at the blow, only to quickly respond with a hard right hand to the face of Misterio! Misterio staggers back, and Kidman connects with another hard right hand! Kidman is a man on fire, and starts to toss right hand after right hand, followed by one final hard forearm strike to the jaw of Misterio, knocking Rey into the ropes. As Rey slings into the ropes, he quickly bounces back at Kidman, but gets knocked right back into the ropes with a hard knife edge chop! Kidman connects with several more stiff chops, showing no remorse towards Rey. After a total of seven chops, Kidman grabs a hold of Misterio’s left wrist, and whips him across the ring and into the ropes. Misterio bounces off the ropes and comes running back into the middle of the ring as Kidman charges to. The two are about to collide head-on when Kidman hops into the air, spinning around Misterio’s body and connecting with a tilt-a-whirl head scissors!

Misterio bounces off of the canvas and spins to the side of the ring, knocking into the steel chair as he does so. Misterio clutches his back in pain as his lower back landed awkwardly on the chair, while Kidman is quick to his feet, and beats his bare chest with his right palm, yelling out with a testosterone filled roar. The crowd cheers loudly for Kidman as he again flicks his hair back behind his head, and calls for the Animal Cruelty once again, looking to put Misterio away once and for all. As Kidman tries to size Misterio up, he notices that Rey isn’t moving, his hands still behind his back, holding it. Kidman sees that Misterio isn’t going to be getting up anytime soon, and walks over to Misterio. Kidman goes to grab Misterio by the head, but Misterio throws both of his feet at Kidman, both connecting very low to Kidman’s gut. Kidman staggers back, and Misterio quickly pulls the chair out from under his back. It’s been in his hands the whole time; he’s just been waiting for the right time to strike! Kidman staggers back as Rey gets to his feet, and before Robinson can react, Misterio spikes the steel chair over Kidman’s head! Charles Robinson immediately rings for the bell just as the match eclipses the twenty-one minute mark. Kidman is down, and the crowd explodes into boos, seeing the great match end on such a poor note. Misterio has a sadistic smirk on his face, the chair still in his hand, while Kidman looks to be unconscious. Misterio starts to leave the ring, reaching the edge of the ropes, when he turns, and walks back over to Kidman! Rey stands directly over Kidman, the chair raised into the air, and then spikes it down into the chest and abdomen of Kidman! Misterio starts to repeatedly stab in the chair into Kidman’s torso, and the crowd is on their feet booing Misterio. As Rey continues his savage assault, ‘Filthy’ hits again, and the crowd bursts into cheers as Konnan comes rushing out to the ring, wielding a steel chair of his own! Konnan rushes down the ramp and dives into the ring, swinging the chair like a mad man. Rey runs for the hills, escaping under the bottom rope and sprinting up the entrance ramp to the top of the entrance stage as the crowd cheers for Konnan. K-Dawg quickly tends to Kidman, as does Robinson, while Rey watches on from the stage, still sporting that smirk.

Billy Kidman def. Rey Misterio Jr. by DQ at 21:06
Star Rating: *** ½

Tony Schiavone: Can you get any more tasteless and disgusting, Professor!? Rey Misterio Jr. is no worse than a common criminal, or even worse, a slimy nWo member!

Mike Tenay: I have to agree to with you, Tony. Rey Misterio Jr. is acting like a low-life, and is a poor excuse for a human being! He and Billy Kidman were having a great, heck, an excellent match, and afraid of losing, Rey used that steel chair on Kidman to get himself disqualified! Rey Misterio, you are a terrible person, not only for your actions tonight, but still for turning your back on the Filthy Animals. Your friends who were loyal to you!

Tony Schiavone: I agree one-hundred percent, Professor! But now, we’re going to send you backstage, where ‘Mean’ Gene Okerlund is standing by with the former WCW World Heavyweight Champion, Booker T!

Hogan’s Gonna Dig It, Brother!

Cut to the back, and yay, we get ‘Mean Gene’ for the third and final time of the night, this time standing by with the former WCW World Champion, Booker T. Booker is dressed in black trunks and boots, and is looking somewhat anxious.

Gene Okerlund: Booker T… you seem to be having a lot going through your mind right now. Your match is with the legendary ‘Hollywood’ Hulk Hogan is coming up shortly; what are your thoughts on this match? Are you prepared; physically, mentally?

Booker T takes a deep breath, and then starts his answer.

Booker T: Mean Gene, yeah, I’m a little anxious fo’ ta’night. Ta’night, by all means, is a big night fo’ Booka’ T! Neva’ before have I faced a man like Hulk Hogan. I have no love fo’ Hulk Hogan, but damn it do I respect him! Hulksta’, you a legend in ‘dis business, n’ an idol, my idol! I know you da’ best ‘dere eva’ was ta’ step inta’ da’ ring, n’ I’m honored to be wrestlin’ ya ta’night! N’ win, draw, o’ even lose, ‘dis will be a match I’ll neva’ fo’get!

Booker T pauses, and takes another deep breath. However, this time, he seems more serious.

Booker T: Howeva’, muh respect fo’ you, Hulk Hogan, don’t change a thang about ta’night! Ta’night, is still about gettin’ muh revenge! Earlia’ ta’night Gene, sucka, ya inta’viewed Jeff Jarrett, talkin’ bout his Title match ta’night against Ric Flair. N’ that should a’ been me ya were talkin’ to, not ‘dat sucka Jarrett! But ‘cuz a’ Hulk Hogan, ‘dats not happenin’! Hogan, ya screwed me good at Fall Brawl las’ month, n’ now ta’night, yo ass is mine sucka! Ya’ think I’m just some punk, Hogan, n’ dat I’m nothin’!? Well sucka, ta’night, I’m a show ya Booka’ T is da’ real deal! Booka’ T is da’ new millennium’s Hulk Hogan! N’ ta’night, Hulk… I will pin ya shoulda’s to tha’ mat, one, two, three.

Booker T stares into the camera, walks off, but then quickly comes back on screen.

Booker T: Now can you dig that!? … SUCKAAA!!!!!

Booker T then rushes off from the interview area as the camera focuses back to the ringside area.

Tony Schiavone: Well Professor, I think Booker T is mentally and physically set for this war he is about to endure with ‘Hollywood’ Hulk Hogan!

Mike Tenay: And I think that we’re ready for the first of these two main events to start, Tony! Let’s get the action started right now; the WCW World Heavyweight Title is going to be for grabs, right now!

As if on cue, ‘Sprach Zarathursta’ starts to play, and ‘The Nature Boy’ Ric Flair slowly comes out onto the entrance stage, clad in a blue and white entrance robe. The 15,000+ are all on their feet cheering for Naitch here in the Bi-LO Center. It’s South Carolina, but it is still a Carolina, and that means we’re in Flair Country! Flair stands on the entrance stage, soaking in the response, knowing, this could be the nigh he once again wins the WCW World Heavyweight Championship. However, like always now, Flair is not alone; ‘The Enforcer’ Arn Anderson is at his side. The duo look at each other solemnly and nod, before making their march down the entrance ramp and into the ring. Arn heads up the steps first, holding the ropes open for Flair as Slick Ric makes his entrance into the ring. Once in the ring, Flair starts his signature strut, while the crowd continues its long and loud cheer for him. Finally, the cheers start to die out as Flair stands in a corner of the ring, Anderson behind him, with David Penzer standing in the middle of the ring. After a few moments, ‘New World Order’ hits, and the crowd starts to boo loudly as the WCW World Heavyweight Champion, ‘The Chosen One’ Jeff Jarrett and Eric Bischoff walk out onto the entrance ramp. Both men are in nWo tee-shirts, while Bischoff has his typical black leather jacket and black jeans on as well. Jarrett has black and white shades on now, instead of the typical burnt orange shades, as well as black and white tights, instead of his usual tights. Jarrett has his truth guitar in one hand, while the WCW World Heavyweight Title Belt is on his opposite shoulder. As the crowd boos the two men, they can’t help but smirk before walking down the entrance ramp. The two men then enter the ring, and Flair immediately tries to lunge at Jarrett. However Penzer is in the way, and Arn holds back Ric. Ric shouts obscenities at Jeff, while Arn tries to calm him down so the match can start. After a few quick moments, Ric does indeed calm down, and David Penzer starts with the introductions.

David Penzer: Ladies and gentleman, this is a Halloween Havoc main event! This contest is schedule for one fall, and is for the WCW Heavyweight Championship of the World! First, the challenger; hailing from Charlotte, North Carolina, and weighing in at 243 pounds, he is The Nature Boy, Ric Flair!

The crowd immediately starts to cheer for Flair, giving him a standing ovation, while Jarrett and Bischoff look disgusted. After a few moments, the cheers die down, and Penzer continues.

David Penzer: And now, your Champion; hailing from Nashville, Tennessee, and weighing in at 230 pounds, he is The Chosen One, Jeff Jarrett!

The crowd immediately starts to boo, while Eric Bischoff applauds for his ‘Chosen Champion’. While the crowd jeers Jarrett, Ric Flair removes his robe, hands it to Arn while Double A leaves the ring. The crowd quiets down, and Bischoff leaves the ring as well. After a dramatic pause, referee Nick Patrick orders for the bell to be rung, and this match is underway!

Match Seven
Jeff Jarrett © (w/Eric Bischoff) vs. Ric Flair (w/Arn Anderson)
WCW World Heavyweight Title

The crowd starts to cheer as the bell is rung, and Jarrett and Flair stay where they are, simply staring into each other’s eyes. The two just stand motionless, gaping into each other’s eyes for the first ten, fifteen, seconds, sucking in the importance of this match. These two have had bloody wars, spewed words of hatred, and now, it is time for this feud to get settled once and for all. As the crowd grows restless, Jarrett and Flair give each other a nod, almost a sign of respect, and move, slowly circling each other. After another ten plus seconds, the two lunge right at each other, landing in a tight collar and elbow tie-up. The two jockey for position, trying to get into a feeling-out process. After a few seconds, it’s obvious that the tie-up is a stale mate, and the two break off. Flair and Jarrett each take a step back and take a deep breath, and then lunge right into another collar and elbow. The two men jockey again, locked in a power struggle. After a few moments, Flair breaks the tie-up. Naitch doesn’t break away from the tie-up though, instead, he found a hole and slid behind Jarrett, locking in a hammer lock. Flair wrenches back on the hold, applying pressure to Jarrett’s right arm, while Jeff howls in pain, while trying to search for a reversal. Flair breaks the hammer lock after a few moments though, transitioning into an arm wrench. Flair continuously jabs Jarrett’s arm downward, applying torque to Jeff’s shoulder, as well as his arm. Jarrett is able to slip out of the arm wrench though as Flair starts to shout obscenities at Bischoff, and applies a hammer lock. Jarrett torques the hold, laughing at the fact that he now has control over Flair. However, Ric finds a quick reversal, wrapping his other arm around Jarrett’s head and neck, flipping Jeff over his body, onto the canvas with a modified side head lock. Nick Patrick drops down to the canvas, and sees that Flair has Jarrett’s shoulders pinned to the mat. ONE! Easy kick out by Jarrett before the count of two.

Jarrett immediately gets up to his feet, and charges at the Nature Boy, who is also up on his feet. Flair easily dodges a Jarrett clothesline, and as Jeff turns around, Flair connects with a hard knife edge chop, resulting in a loud ‘Woo’ from the crowd. Jarrett holds his chest in pain, by Flair pushes his arms out of his way, and decks him with another hard knife edge chop! Knife Edge! Knife Edge! Knife Edge! Knife Edge! Knife Edge! Knife Edge! Knife Edge! And finally, a tenth knife edge chop! The crowd is going crazy with shouts of ‘Woo’, as is Naitch, and he then starts to do his signature strut across the ring as Jarrett goes down from the tenth chop, and rolls to the outside of the ring. Eric Bischoff rushes over to Jarrett, and the two have a pep talk. Flair sees Bischoff, and immediately exits the ring, heading over to the two. Flair makes a beeline for the two, and Bischoff runs the other way, leaving Jarrett to face off with Ric. Flair hits Jarrett with a hard clothesline, while Bischoff runs around the ring post, and right into Arn Anderson! The crowd cheers as Bischoff bounces off of Arn, who glares at Bischoff, his arms crossed. Bischoff slowly starts to back away, but Anderson head butts him! Bischoff gets dropped, and the crowd can’t help but cheer for that! Meanwhile, Jarrett staggers to his feet, and Flair quickly grabs him by the wrist and whips him right into the steel ring post!

Jarrett’s face cracks off the steel, and Jarrett hits the concrete floor. Eric Bischoff staggers to his feet, dazed and confused, only to get shoved from behind by Double A. Bischoff staggers forward, and Flair walks over to Bischoff. Ric grins, and chops the shit out of Bischoff with a knife edge straight to the throat! Bischoff drops to the floor, holding his throat in agonizing pain. Double A leaves Bischoff alone and walks back over to his corner, while Jarrett slowly gets to his feet, his head already dripping droplets of blood. Flair waist for Jeff to get to his feet, but as soon as Jeff is back on his feet, Flair grabs him by the head, and slams it into the side of the ring. Jeff staggers back, but Flair still has a hold of his head, and slams Jeff’s head repeatedly into the side of the ring. Slick Ric busts Jarrett’s busted head into the side of the ring a total of six times until he finally lets go of Jarrett, and watches as Jeff falls back onto the concrete floor. Flair watches and waits as Jeff recovers to his feet, playing to the fans around him to get some more cheers. Jeff finally makes it up to his feet, and Ric connects with a knee to the gut, and grabs Jeff by the hair. Ric drags Jeff across the aisle, and over to the steel steps. Flair connects with another knee to the gut, and slams Jeff’s face directly into the steel stairs! Flair laughs as Jarrett staggers back. Flair waits until Jeff has regained his footing, and charges. Ric extends his arm for a clothesline, but Jeff ducks the move. Flair turns back to face Jeff, but gets a thumb to the eye from Jeff! The Nature Boy staggers back, and Jeff quickly grabs him by the wrist and whips him right into the steel steps. Flair tries to turn into it, going shoulder and back first into the hard steel!

The crowd boos as Jarrett stands over the fallen Flair, a smirk on his face. The Chosen One grabs Ric by the hair, and he pulls him up to his feet. With a closed fist, Jeff starts to drive his right hand into Ric’s forehead, connecting with stiff blow after stiff blow. Jarrett keeps this up for quite a while, and only stops once Patrick gets on his case, starting a five count. Jarrett backs off like he was doing nothing, before landing a hard right knee to Flair’s ribs! Ric keels over, and Jeff quickly grabs him by the neck with one hand, and his other hand grabbing Flair’s trunks. Jeff takes a few steps back, and then throws Flair into the steel steps! Flair goes head and shoulder first directly into the steps! The stairs wobble back and forth before settling back into their previous position Flair lays motionless on the concrete floor, hurting badly from the previous spot. Upon Patrick’s demand, Jarrett grabs Ric by the hair, pulling him up to his feet, and then rolls him back into the ring. Jarrett rolls into the ring as well, wiping his own blood off of his face before doing so.

With both men in the ring again, Jarrett decides to try and weaken Flair, kicking at the ribs and back of Flair. Flair does his best to try and cover up, but it is to no avail, as Jarrett changes his area of attack each time. Jarrett continues this assault for almost half a minute until Flair finally goes limp. Jeff drops onto Flair with a pin, and Patrick makes the count. ONE! TWO! Shoulder Up! Flair is a 16-time World Champion; it’s going to take a lot more than that to put him a way. Jarrett complains of a slow count, just to be heelish, but it leads to nothing more. The match reaches the six minute mark as Jarrett gets back to his feet, and pulls Ric up to his as well. Once on their feet, Jeff connects with a hard right hand, sending Flair back a few inches. Jeff drills Flair in the skull with another right hand, knocking him back even further. The Chosen One connects with four more right hands, each one knocking Flair back further, until Flair finally lands in the corner. Now in the corner, Flair tries his best to escape right away, but Jeff connects with a knee to the ribs, followed by a hard forearm to Flair’s face. The Chosen One tries to weaken Flair’s head and neck soon after, grabbing Flair’s head and repeatedly hitting Flair’s head off of the top turnbuckle. Jarrett does this seven times until releasing Flair, who immediately starts to stagger backwards. However, he can only stagger a few inches until Jeff hoists Ric up into the air and spikes him down to the canvas with a belly-to-back suplex, dropping Flair right on his neck. Jarrett lifts his upper body up so he is sitting down, and runs his right hand over his forehead, wiping away more blood. Jarrett wipes his bloody hand on Flair’s chest, showing nothing but disrespect towards the legend. The gash on Jarrett’s head as deepened a bit, and the blood flow is slowly starting to increase. Jarrett pulls himself up to his feet after a few moments, and walks over to Flair’s upper body. Jeff rolls Flair so he is on his belly, and then runs off the ropes, comes back at Ric, and hits a knee drop to Flair’s neck! Flair quickly clutches at his neck, trying to cover up the pain. Finding a weak spot, Jarrett just hits the ropes again, and this time lands a leg drop to the back of Flair’s neck, softening it up even more.

As the crowd slightly boos the isolating attack on Flair, Jeff slowly gets up to his feet once again, and writes ‘n-W-o’ in the air with his fingers, getting a round of applause from Bischoff, and heavy boos from the crowd. One of the fans in the front row leans over the guard rail and jaws with Jarrett, as well as flipping him off. Jarrett gets angry with the guy, and walks over to the ropes. Jeff stands on the bottom rope and tells the fan that he is ‘nothing but a piece of trailer trash crap’, and flips the fan off. The fans tries to jump the guard rail, but security holds the fan (see plant) back, keeping him away from the ring. Jarrett continues to jaw with the fans while turning around to refocus on Flair, only to find Slick Ric back on his feet, glaring at the Chosen One. Flair makes a lunge at Jeff, but Jeff rolls along the ropes to the right, and Ric crashes into the ropes. Ric’s chest slings off the ropes, flinging him backwards while Jeff goes for a quick clothesline. Flair ducks the clothesline goes under Jeff and lands a toe kick when the Chosen One turns around. Jeff keels over, and Flair quickly gets to the side of Jarrett, grasping his left arm. Flair snaps his back backwards, looking for the Stroke, but Jarrett connects with a wild right hand, swinging across his own body to connect to Flair’s jaw! Flair staggers forward, and Jeff goes for the Stroke this time. Jarrett snaps back and is about to drive Flair face-first into the canvas, but Naitch proves why he’s always been “The Dirtiest Player in the Game”, scoring with a mule kick to Jarrett’s groin! The Chosen One staggers away, and Flair capitalizes with a huge DDT! Flair drapes an arm over Jarrett’s chest, and Patrick makes the count. ONE! TWO!

Bischoff pulls Flair by the leg out of the ring! The crowd immediately starts to boo as Flair has just been screwed by Bischoff! Bischoff smirks at Flair, but his face immediately changes to fear when he sees the angry Flair glaring at Uncle Eric. Easy E takes flight around the ring as Flair starts chasing him. Bischoff’s yells in fear as he runs away from Flair, but as he rounds a second ring post, he gets rocked by a right-arm lariat from Arn Anderson! The crowd cheers as Bischoff goes down once again, and Flair and Double A share a high five. As Ric Flair makes his way back into the ring, Double A grabs Bischoff by the scurf of the neck, dragging him along the ringside aisles until he gets back to the bottom of the entrance ramp. Double A holds Bischoff up, and decks him with another right hand! However, as soon as Bischoff goes down, ‘The Career Killer’ Mike Awesome and KroniK, Brian Adams and Bryan Clarke, all walk down the entrance ramp. Double A does the smart thing and hurriedly walks back to his corner while the three nWo members check on Bischoff and help him to his feet. Meanwhile, Flair gets back into the ring as Jarrett slowly gets to his. Flair walks over to the WCW World Champion just as Flair is successfully standing once again, only to get drilled with a hard knife edge chop! Jarrett staggers back, and Flair connects with two more knife edge chops! With Jarrett staggering, Naitch lands a kick to the mid-section, applies a front face lock, and slams Jarrett down to the canvas with a vertical suplex. Slick Ric gets up to his feet, and starts strutting around the ring, and goes to run off the ropes, but when he does, his feet get pulled out from under him by Mike Awesome!

Flair flops face first into the canvas, and Nick Patrick threatens to disqualify Jeff Jarrett. After hearing this, Eric Bischoff quickly rushes over to David Penzer, KroniK in tow. KroniK act as body guards, preventing Arn from attacking Eric, while Bischoff screams at Penzer to announce this match as no DQ. After being threatened by Bischoff, Penzer stands up, mic in hand.

David Penzer: Ladies and gentleman, this match is now a no disqualification match!

The crowd boos as Bischoff smirks, and he and KroniK make their way back over to their corner. In the ring, Flair and Jarrett slowly get to their feet. Flair is about to make a lunge at Jarrett, but Awesome trips Flair up again! Ric looses his balance, and gets walloped by a Jarrett clothesline! As Flair crumbles to the canvas, Jarrett and Bischoff share a laugh, and Jeff tells Bischoff he’s going to have fun crippling Ric. Jeff quickly pulls Ric up to his feet, and hoists him sideways into the air. Holding Ric in place, he then drops to one knee, slamming Ric’s back into Jeff’s other knee, the dreaded back breaker. Jarrett keeps a hold of Flair as he gets back to his feet, and hits another back breaker! Third time’s the charm apparently as Jeff keeps a tight grip on Flair as he gets up to his feet, and then executes a third back breaker! Jarrett releases Flair has he curls into a ball, holding his back in excruciating pain. As Ric lies in pain, Jeff gets to his feet, and walks over to a corner of the ring. Jarrett unties the top turnbuckle pad, exposing the solid steel. Jarrett turns his head around to see Flair still holding his back, and then unites the second turnbuckle pad, exposing even more steel. With a smirk, Jeff heads back over to Flair, who is trying to get back to his feet. Jarrett helps Flair up before landing a right hand to the jaw. Flair staggers, and Jarrett lowers his body, ramming his shoulder into Flair’s ribs and driving him back into the opposite corner that has exposed steel. Flair’s back and ribs get crushed, and starts to fall down, but Jeff keeps him up, placing Flair’s arms behind the ropes. With no way to defend himself, Flair watches as Jarrett mocks Naitch, delivering a hard knife edge chop to Flair’s chest. Jarrett pauses to yell out ‘Woo’ before hitting a second knife edge chop. Jarrett yells out ‘Woo’ again, and proceeds to start doing the ‘Flair strut’ around the ring, mocking and insulting the legendary Nature Boy. Jarrett strutted all around the ring to heavy boos from the crowd, strutting all the way over to the ‘exposed steel’ corner, and then strutting all the way back over to Ric. With Jeff back over in the corner in Flair, Flair has already freed his arms, but seems out of it. Jarrett grabs Flair by the wrist, and whips Flair across the ring. However, Ric was playing opossum the whole time; he had recovered and was waiting for his time to strike. Flair reversed the whip, and with all of his might send Jarrett running into the opposite corner, right into the exposed steel!

The crowd bursts into cheers as Jarrett’s upper and lower back shoot up in pain after impacting against the solid steel. Jarrett slowly starts to stagger out of the corner from the impact, but Ric runs right at Jeff, hitting him with a clothesline, knocking him right back into the steel! Flair doesn’t stop there though, turning Jeff around and grabbing him by the hair. Flair grins as he starts to repeatedly smash Jeff’s already bloodied forehead into the exposed steel, opening up the gash even more. The crowd counts along with each shot, and after the crowd reaches the count of ten, Flair stops, going back into the center of the ring to taunt with the fans. On the outside, Bischoff has seen enough, and tells KroniK and Awesome to do something to stop Flair. Brian Adams starts to make his way towards the ring, ready to attack Flair. Double A has Flair’s back on the outside though, grabbing a steel chair from underneath the ring and slides it into the ring at Flair. The Nature Boy picks up the steel chair as Adams gets onto the apron. Flair charges Adams, and decks him with a wild shot to the face, knocking Adams off of the apron! Bryan Clarke and Mike Awesome try to come to the rescue after Bischoff’s orders. Awesome immediately jumps up onto the apron, but Flair decks him with the chair before Awesome can even land on the apron, knocking him right down to the concrete floor! The crowd is cheering as Naitch continues t wield his chair, waiting for Bryan Clarke to get up on the apron. Basically against his will, Clarke dives underneath the bottom rope and into the ring. As soon as Clarke gets up to his feet, Flair swings the chair, and scores a direct hit to Clarke’s face, knocking Clarke through the ropes and back to the outside! Flair has single-handedly taken out the three New World Order members on the outside, and the crowd can’t be happier! As Flair continues his celebration, low blow from Jarrett!

Jeff Jarrett has recovered, and he snuck up on the Nature Boy and drilled him with a low blow. Ric hobbles around the ring, and Jarrett gets up to his feet quickly. The Chosen One picks up the fallen chair that Flair just dropped, and whacks Ric over the head with it! The crowd starts to boo as Flair curls up into a ball and does the blade job. Jarrett laughs at the fallen Flair, and lifts Ric’s head up off the canvas to reveal blood starting to pour from his forehead. Jarrett continues to lift Flair up, this time his whole body, so Naitch is once again back on his feet. Jarrett grabs Ric, and whips him hard into the corner with exposed steel, and Ric’s lower and upper back slam into the steel! The impact is so strong though, that Flair gets knocked off his feet, and does his signature Flair Flop to the canvas. Jarrett picks Flair up to his feet right away, grabs him by the hair, and tosses him chest first into the exposed steel! This time around, it’s Jeff Jarrett who gets to grab Flair by the head and bash his forehead into the exposed steel turnbuckle! Flair’s wounded forehead greets the unforgiving steel turnbuckle a total of seven times, until Jarrett lets go and watches Flair stagger away from the corner, blood now gushing from his forehead. As Flair continues to stagger, Jarrett comes up behind Flair, snaps back, and drives Naitch’s face into the canvas; The Stroke! Flair is down, and Jeff makes the cover! ONE! TWO! THREE!

NO! FLAIR KICKED OUT JUST BEFORE THREE! The crowd bursts into cheers as Flair’s left shoulder somehow pops off the canvas, and Jarrett and the entire nWo can’t believe it. Jeff sits up, running his fingers through his now lightly-blood stained hair, and then out of nowhere, makes another cover! ONE! TWO! TH- KICK OUT! The crowd starts to cheer once again for Flair, while on the outside, Eric Bischoff pulls at his hair, furious that Flair kicked out. Back inside the ring, Jeff gets to his feet, wipes the dripping blood out of his eyes again, and walks over to the ropes near Bischoff. He demands for his guitar, and Bischoff immediately starts to grin. Mike Awesome grabs the guitar, and hands it over to Bischoff. Bischoff starts to walk towards Jarrett, but here comes Double A! Arn charges at Bischoff, but KroniK step in between Eric and Arn! Arn grimaces, but the crowd starts cheer loudly as the cavalry comes to Arn’s rescue! ‘The New Enforcer’ Arn Anderson and the WCW Tag Team Champions, ‘The Young Lions’ Sean O’Haire and Chuck Palumbo! The three men sprint down the entrance ramp and immediately take charge. Cal Anderson and Mike Awesome start exchanging stiff blows of all kinds while The Young Lions and KroniK immediately start to slug it out. During this chaos, Bischoff tosses Jarrett the guitar, only to then get taken out by an Arn right hook! Meanwhile, Jeff waits, guitar in hands, as Ric slowly staggers to his feet. Ric gets to his feet, and Jarrett aims back. Jarrett swings, but Flair ducks! Jeff quickly turns around, but Flair rolls him up with a small package! ONE! TWO!

KICK OUT! The crowd groans as they almost saw the Title change hands, but to no avail. On the outside of the ring, the wild brawl makes his way into the crowd, as Awesome, Anderson, the Young Lions, and KroniK all make their way into the crowd and brawl out of sight. Back in the ring, both Jarrett and Flair get up to their feet rather quickly, and Jarrett immediately connects with a right hand. Flair staggers back, but responds with a hard knife edge chop! Jarrett replies with a right hand! Flair with a knife edge! Jarrett with a right forearm! Flair with a knife edge! Jarrett with another right hand, and a quick left hook! Flair staggers back, and but scores with an eye gouge! Jarrett staggers back, and Ric grabs Jeff, snaps back and forward, and hits the Chosen One with the Stroke! Jeff Jarrett is down for the count, and Flair can’t help but yell out ‘Woo’ and strut around the ring. He knows he has the match won, and can’t help but celebrate before becoming a 17-time World Champion. Flair makes his way back over to Jarrett, and drops down to make a cover. WHACK!

Flair just got dropped by a steel chair shot from Eric Bischoff! The crowd gets on their feet and roars their detest for Bischoff as Eric stands over the fallen Flair, laughing. However, the crowd start to cheer as Arn Anderson, who is outside the ring, grabs a hold of Eric’s ankles and trips Bischoff down to the canvas, and pulls him outside of the ring! Arn lifts Eric up by the collar of his leather jacket, and shoves Bischoff. Eric staggers back and trips onto the entrance ramp. Arn gets ready to deck Bischoff as…


The crowd bursts into cheers once again as ‘Big Sexy’ Kevin Nash and ‘The Bad Guy’ Scott Hall come out onto the entrance stage, still in their wrestling gear, and nWo Wolfpack shirts! The front part of their shit has the nWo logo and black and red, with the back having the red wolf. Are they with the nWo!? Bischoff is grinning at the bottom of the entrance ramp, and The Outsiders share a smirk with Bischoff. The crowd starts booing as Nash and Hall walk down the entrance ramp, and as they get past Bischoff and Arn, who is too shocked to do anything, smirk at the two. Nash and Hall roll into the ring, as Jarrett and Flair, their faces now a crimson mask, slowly stagger back to their feet. Kevin Nash scores with a kick to the mid-section to Ric Flair, and tosses his head in between his legs. Nash hoists Flair up into the air, and spikes him down to the canvas with a Jack Knife Power Bomb! The crowd can’t believe it! Bischoff has swerved us all again! Jarrett walks over to Hall, and the two embrace! Jarrett walks away from Hall to pick up his fallen guitar, when Nash hits him with the Big Boot! Jarrett staggers back, and Hall picks Jeff up off his feet… Outsider’s Edge! Jarrett is down! Eric Bischoff can’t believe it on the outside! He thought that the Outsider swerved everyone and was with the New World Order, but they’re on their own! The Outsiders stand tall in the ring, raise their right arms, and start to leave the ring. They reach the ropes, but Hall slaps Nash’s left arm, and points to the fallen guitar. Hall and Nash share a grin, and Nash walks over to the guitar, and picks it up as Ric Flair starts to get up to his feet, groggy as hell. Nash holds the guitar and as Flair gets back on his feet, he staggers towards Nash, and Big Sexy breaks the guitar over Flair’s head! The crowd is torn in cheers and jeers as The Outsiders leave the ring once again, as both Jarrett and Flair are down and out on the canvas. The Outsiders slowly walk back up the ramp, grinning at Anderson and Bischoff as they departure. Back in the ring, Flair is down and out, KO’ed from the guitar shot. Jeff Jarrett is down too, but neither man is moving for the next few seconds. However, the crowd’s hearts all sink as Jeff Jarrett’s left arm drapes over Flair’s chest. Nick Patrick makes the count. ONE! TWO!


Jeff Jarrett def. Ric Flair at 17:58
Star Rating: ** ¾

Tony Schiavone: Oh my God, I cannot believe it! Those damn Outsiders! We knew they would cause trouble, but I can’t believe that they have already made such a big impact!

Mike Tenay: I’ll say, Tony! They took out Jeff Jarrett, and they really did a number on ‘The Nature Boy’ Ric Flair! Flair went through hell tonight to win the WCW Title, and he would have become a 17-time Champion if The Outsiders didn’t get involved! And that’s nothing but the truth, Tony!

Tony Schiavone: And because of The Outsiders, Jeff Jarrett is still the WCW World Heavyweight Champion, and the New World Order still has the World Title! However, what lies in store for Jeff Jarrett at next month’s PPV, Mayhem!? Mayhem will come to us live from the Astro Dome, in Houston, Texas! Because what we’re about to show you, is a video package that could very well have to do with the WCW World Heavyweight Title at Mayhem, on November 18, because the Super Cage.. returns!

Queue the footage!

The Super Cage

Again, we get a video package of the Super Cage. This time to start, the Super Cage is shown in its entirety.

Voice Over: It is, the Super Cage

Another still shot of the gigantic Super Cage

Voice Over: It is the most demonic structure known to professional wrestling. 40 feet tall, 25 feet wide, and three steel cages.

Alright, another long shot of the Super Cage!

Voice Over: Victory is obtained by retrieving the object from the top of the arena.

Jeff Jarrett is shown standing on the very top of the third cage and pulling down the WCW World Heavyweight Title from a clasp that is dangled from the rafters.

Voice Over: But first… you must survive the climb to the top!

Another long shot of the Super Cage is shown.

Voice Over: The first cage… solid steel surrounds the ringside… to move on, climb up a ladder through the trap door.

A still shot of the first tier of the cage is shown. Then Jeff Jarrett is shown climbing up a ladder and pulling himself up into the second cage through the trap door.

Voice Over: The second cage… hardcore hell… the second tier of the triple cage… various weapons fill the cage. If you’re lucky enough to survive, escape through the door to the outside.

The second tier of the triple cage is featured, and the various weapons in it. Tables, chairs, trash cans, fire extinguishers, cookie sheets, etc. The door is also shown.

Voice Over: Outside the cage, all hell breaks loose. If you find a way, stay on the cage floor, and climb up the second cage. On top of the second cage lies the third tier, equipped with special weapons…

A shot of the second and third tier’s of the triple cage are shown, followed by numerous guitars dangling from the roof of the third cage.

Voice Over: Climb the third cage to the very top, and grab your prize. Only then, have you survived, the Super Cage…

Jeff Jarrett is shown again grabbing the WCW World Title from the top of the Super Cage.

Voice Over: The Super Cage returns… November 18, at Mayhem…

Another still shot of the Super Cage

Voice Over: Survive it… if you can.

The video ends, and we cut back to Tony and Tenay.

Tony Schiavone: I can’t wait for the return of the Super Cage, Professor, but there is one thing that I am really anticipating, and that is our main event! Mike, Booker T and Hulk Hogan have a definite hatred for another after Hogan turned on WCW at Fall Brawl, costing Booker the WCW World Heavyweight Title. Professor, this could be one of the greatest matches in the history of WCW! Let’s get it started!

‘Voodoo Child’ by Jimi Hendrix blares throughout the sound system, and the crowd starts to boo loudly as ‘Hollywood’ Hulk Hogan comes out onto the entrance stage. Hogan has the normal black and white shades, boas, and weight belt, plus the nWo tee shirt and tights. Hogan strums his air guitar as he walks down the entrance ramp before entering the ring. However, Hogan’s smug face turns into one of intensity and almost fright as ‘Can You Dig It Sucka!?’ hits, and Booker T comes out onto the entrance stage in all white, looking extremely focused for his match. Hogan realizes he has to face Booker one-on-one, all of his nWo cronies are either out brawling with WCW members still, or incapacitated. Even Bischoff took some heavy blows in the last match. Booker T marches right down the ramp and into the ring, as David Penzer stands in the middle, ready for the introductions.

David Penzer: Ladies and gentleman, this is your mmmain event! The following contest is scheduled for one fall, and has a one hour time-limit! First, from Venice Beach, California, weighing in at 298 pounds, ‘Hollywood’ Hulk Hogan! And next, hailing from Harlem, New York, and weighing in at 250 pounds, Booker T! And now, Lllllet’s get ready to RUUUMBLLLE!

Heh, the crowd boos Penzer as he tries to impersonate Michael Buffer. Penzer shrugs and leaves the ring, leaving Booker T and Hulk Hogan to stare each other down as Senior Official Randy Anderson calls for the bell to start the match.

Main Event
Booker T vs. Hulk Hogan
Singles Match

As the bell rings, the crowd cheers in anticipation, watching as Hogan and Booker T glare at each other. As in your typical Hogan match, the stare down continues for almost the first ten seconds of the match, until Booker takes the first step, side-shuffling around the ring. Booker goes fro one side of the ring to the other, and then back to the middle, where his eyes lock with Hogan’s, who has walked over towards the center of the ring. As Hogan and Booker’s eyes continue to glare at another, the two slowly walk right up to each other, so they are standing face-to-face, nose-to-nose… thirty seconds into the match. However, the crowd is loving it, on their feet screaming in anticipation. Finally, the two go into a lock-up. The two jockey for position, locked in a power struggle. After a few moments tough, Hogan shoves Booker T down to the canvas. Booker snaps off the canvas and bounces back to a seated position, and glares at Hogan, who has a smug look on his face after over-powering Booker. The Booker Man gets back up to his feet, and quickly starts to jog circles around Hogan, while the Hulkster just pivots, keeping his eyes on Booker at all times. After going around in three circles, Booker lunges at Hogan, going straight into another tie-up. Booker tries with all of his might to shove Hogan down, but the big man won’t budge, and shoves Booker T down to the canvas once again after a momentary power struggle. Booker bounces off the canvas a second time, but gets right back to his feet this time. Booker looks determined, while Hulk laughs at Booker. For a third time, Booker lunges in at Hogan, going into a tie-up. Hogan and Booker gnarl their teeth as they try to one-up each other, locked in another power struggle. Booker starts to fall backwards as Hogan’s strength is too much for him, but Booker fights back, and with a quick burst of energy, shoves Hogan!

The crowd cheers as Booker wins the power struggle, but I mean, come on, it’s Hulk Hogan; Hulk only staggers back, refusing to fall to his feet. Hulk looks a bit more determined now that Booker has one-upped him, and the two waste no time going into a fourth tie-up. Booker again starts to over power the Hulkster, but Hogan has a counter for Booker’s quick bursts of strength, a knee to the gut. Booker staggers backwards, and Hulk winds up, connecting with a heavy right hand (of doom!) to Booker’s skull, sending him staggering even more. Hogan winds up again, and drills Booker T with another one of his (not so) many moves, a deadly right hand. Booker continues to stagger, waving his arms around in circles, trying to keep his balance. How that helps, I don’t know, but apparently it does because Booker is able to keep his balance. However, Hogan just knocks Booker silly with a third heavy right hand, this one knocking him off his feet and to the canvas. The crowd boos as Hogan has gained an advantage in the match; Hogan shows the fans how much he cares with an ‘up yours’ motion. Hogan smirks as he turns his attention back towards Booker, who is getting back up to his feet. Hogan connects with another hard right hand, sending Booker staggering back again. Hogan whips Booker into a corner, and Booker smacks off the turnbuckles (all turnbuckle pads have been retied). Hogan takes his time walking over to Booker T, and then connects with a right hand in the corner. Hogan connects with four more hard right hands, ‘wearing down’ Booker T. Hogan then brings Book out of the corner, and whips him into the ropes. Booker bounces off the ropes and comes back at Hogan, only for Hulk to lift him up into the air and drop him on his knee with an inverted atomic drop. Booker hobbles from the impact of the move, only to get taken off of his feet with a Hogan clothesline! Hogan smirks as the crowd starts to boo once again, only for the Hulkster to pull Booker back up to his feet, connect with a knee to the abdominal section, and connect with a big scoop slam!

The crowd continues to boo, and even start a small ‘Hogan Sucks’ chant as Hollywood Hogan once again gives them the motion of ‘up yours’. As Booker T slowly tries to get to his feet, Hogan pats his right leg, signaling the Big Boot is coming. Hogan walks over to Booker, and pulls him up the rest of the way to his feet. Hogan walks Booker back into the ropes, and connects with a right hand, followed by whipping Booker into the ropes. Booker this the ropes and comes back at Hogan, who takes a few steps forward for the Boot. Hogan sticks out his right leg for the Big Boot, but Booker T applies the brakes, stopping in time to catch Hulk’s leg with his hands! Booker grins at Hogan before releasing Hogan’s leg, the release spinning Hogan around in a circle. Although, personally, I think he released Hogan’s leg so soon because if he didn’t, his hip would’ve snapped. Anyways! Hogan spins in a circle, and gets drilled with a Harlem Side Kick! The crowd cheers as Hogan staggers back, but of course, not down to his feet. Booker T jumps at the groggy Hogan, and plants him to the canvas with the Book End! Booker pounces on top of Hogan, and this could be it. ONE! TWO!

KICK OUT! The crowd groans as Hogan kicks out of the Book End, but honestly, were you expecting Hogan to cleanly lose a match only five minutes in? I mean, he can’t wrestle very long to begin with, but a clean loss? Oh no, no, no! Booker T looks bummed out for a minute, wishing he could have gotten the victory, but then quickly regains his composure, knowing he needs to stay focused to defeat the icon that is Hulk Hogan. Booker T quickly gets up to his feet, just as Hogan starts to stir. Booker quickly pulls Hogan back up to his feet, and fires off a hard right hand, followed by two more and then a forearm to the chin. Hogan staggers back, and Booker quickly whips Hogan into the ropes, but Hulk reverses the whip. Booker runs into the ropes and comes charging back at Hulk, but takes him down with a big drop kick! The crowd pops again as Hogan goes down, and Booker T quickly runs off the ropes and connects with a big knee drop to Hogan’s temple. Hulk stays down, while Booker T gets right back up to his feet, and hits an elbow drop. Booker snaps right back up to his feet again, hits the rope, and connects with another big knee drop. This time Booker floats over into a pin fall, and Robinson makes the count. ONE! TW- Kick Out! Hogan isn’t going to go down easily, and almost right away, Hogan starts getting to his feet. Booker connects with another heavy right hand, followed by a hard kick to the ribs. Hogan doubles over, and Booker hits the ropes. The Booker Man comes charging back at the Hulkster, and connects with a knee lift to the face of Hulk, sending him staggering back. Booker hits the ropes again, and this time leaps into the air, taking down Hollywood with a diving forearm!

Hogan goes down again, and the crowd starts to cheer once more. Hogan starts to get to his feet rather quickly however, but Booker responds with a big kick to Hogan’s sternum, and then pulls him up to his feet by the little bit of hair he has. Be careful, Booker; if you pull out any of his hairs, you might end up jobbing for the rest of your career. Once on their feet, Booker drills Hogan with another right hand, and then sends Hulk into the corner. Booker charges right away, and connects with a leaping knee strike to Hogan’s face. Booker gets great elevation, and actually jumps over the ropes, landing on the apron after making contact with Hulk’s face. Hogan staggers out, as Booker scurries up the turnbuckles to the top. Hogan slowly turns to face Booker after tottering out of the corner, only to get drilled with a missile drop kick! Hogan goes down, and once again, Booker dives on top in a pin. ONE! TWO! KICK OUT!

Hogan defiantly kicks out right after two, shoving Booker T off of him and snapping up to a seated position. The crowd boos, fearing the dreaded “Hulk Up” (of doom!). However, Booker T ends that with another hard kick to Hogan’s sternum, and then pulls Hogan back up to his feet. Back on their feet, Booker connects with a hard forearm shot, and then a side elbow strike to Hogan’s jaw. The stiff blow sends Hulk wobbling backwards, and Booker sends him back into the ropes. Hogan comes off the ropes and back at Booker, who scores with a hard side shuffle kick straight to Hogan’s gut. As Hogan gasps for air, the wind possibly knocked out of him, Booker T’s head starts to convulse up and down repeatedly. Booker runs off the ropes and back at Hulk, and drills the Hulkster with the Harlem Axe Kick! The crowd are on their feet; Booker T is simply dominating Hulk Hogan! Booker T is pumped up, a fire in his eyes as he kneels on one knee, nodding his head back and forth again. And then, the move the people came to see… The Spinaroonie! The cameras flash as Booker does his signature break dance maneuver, and the crowd is on their feet screaming for Booker. Booker walks over to Hogan, and makes a cover. ONE! KICK OUT!

The crowd boos and Booker T can’t believe it as Hogan kicks out, and then rolls away from the pin count. Hulk gets up to his feet quickly, and shit, we know what’s coming next. Hogan gets up to his feet, and Booker T connects with a right hand. Hulk isn’t affected! Booker looks shocked, and hits another right hand. Oh for shame, that doesn’t affect Hulk Hogan! Booker T is in disbelief as he throws a third right hand, and Hogan takes the full of it, but just throws his right index finger in Booker T’s face! The crowd is booing as Hogan has to have his dreaded Hulk Up period (of doom!). Booker T quickly tosses another right hand, but Hogan blocks it. You can’t fuck with heel Hulk-A-Mania (or face Hulk-A-Mania for that matter)! Hogan tosses Booker’s right hand away, and drills Booker with a hard right! Booker staggers, and there’s a second right! Hogan aims back, and throws all of his weight into a third right hand, and Booker T goes down! The crowd is on their feet in boos, although I have to admit, some are cheering for Hogan. Hogan is on his feet, walking around with a purpose as Booker slowly gets to his feet. Hogan quickly whips Booker into the ropes, and when Booka’ comes back, he gets the Boot! The Big Boot from Hogan! Booker’s down, and Hogan hits the ropes. Hulk comes back, and there it is, ‘The’ Leg Drop of Doom! The crowd can’t believe it, this is it. Hogan covers, and Anderson makes the count. ONE! TWO! THREE!

OH, NO! SHOULDER UP! BOOKER T GOT A SHOULDER UP! Anderson’s hand was inches away from the three count, and Booker T kicked out! Anderson can’t believe it. Hogan can’t believe it. The crowd can’t believe it! The crowd are on their feet, screaming for their man, Booker T, as Hogan’s mouth just dangles open. Who kicks out of the Leg Drop of Doom!? That’s unheard of, damn it! Hogan seems lost and confused, slowly getting up to his feet, his mouth still open, selling the shock of the kick out. Tony Schiavone, God bless him, is damn near having a coronary at the announcer’s table, while Hogan just waits for Booker T to stagger to his feet. As Booker starts to grab a hold of the ropes to pull him up to his feet, Hogan finally knocks himself out of his trance as he looks down at his black and white weight belt, and then smirks. Hogan nods his head, licking his lips as he starts to unbuckle his belt. As Booker T finally gets up to his feet, Hogan has his weight belt undone, and is holding it in his hands, snapping it repeatedly to let the sound echo throughout the Bi-LO Center. Hogan prepares to whip Booker in the back before he can realize what is going on, but Anderson gets in the way! Anderson informs Hulk, well, he shouts it, that the weight belt is a foreign object, and can’t be used in the match. But that doesn’t stop Hollywood! He’s Hollywood Hogan, he has political stroke, damn it! Hogan walks right past Anderson and swings the belt at Booker, but Booker T dodges it! Booker snaps to the right, and Hogan swings at Booker again, but The Booker Man jukes to the left. Hogan goes to swing again, but Booker T jukes Hogan right out of his shoes, faking to go one way, and going the other, so Hulk swings in the complete opposite direction! Hulk has to turn around to face Booker, and when he does, Booka’ connects with his second Harlem Side Kick of the night! Hogan sways back and doubles over, and Booker T capitalizes, connecting with the Harlem Axe Kick Cover! ONE! TWO! T- KICK OUT!

Hulk Hogan kicks out, and both men are down now! Booker and Hulk are physically exhausted after these ‘grueling’ eleven minutes of action. I mean, I can understand for Hulk, but not for Booker. Anyways, both men slowly start getting up to their feet pretty quickly, but Booker is up first. Hulk is up right after though, only to get drilled with a right hand from Booker. Booker follows up with another hard right hand, and a third right. Hulk is reeling, and Booker quickly goes for a clothesline, but Hulk somehow ducks the clothesline, and scores with a thumb to the eye! I’m not shocked Hulk was able to evade a clothesline, just that his old body allowed him to bend forward to get under Booker’s arm. Nevertheless, the cheap tactic works for Hogan as Booker staggers backwards. Hogan capitalizes, hoisting Booker up into the air and connecting with an atomic drop, and then a big ole’ scoop slam! Booker goes down, and a cover. ONE! TWO! TH- KICK OUT! The crowd cheers as Booker makes the kick out, and does his best to try and get up to his feet right away, but is too exhausted to do so. Hogan is up to his feet relatively quickly, and pulls Booker up the rest of the way. Hogan then fires off a big right hand, connecting to the cranium of Booker, followed by a big clothesline! Booker’s down once again, but Hogan stays on his feet this time. Hulk pats his right leg, a smirk on his face, as the crowd boos, knowing the Big Boot is coming. Booker slowly wobbles to his feet, looking groggy and out of it. Hogan whips Booker T in the ropes, and Booker can’t do anything except take the blow as he gets knocked down by the Big Boot! Hulk laughs at the fallen Booker, calling him a ‘chump’. Hogan slowly walks over to Booker’s head, and kicks his shoulders in a bit. No, he’s not going to do the People’s Elbow… or the Spinaroonie. Hogan smirks, and cups his right hand to his right ear, and the crowd reigns down the boos as the cocky Hogan. They know this match is over, and start a very loud ‘Hogan Sucks’ chant as Hulk runs off the ropes, comes back, and executes the Leg Drop.

But Booker T rolls out of the way! Hogan’s leg finds nothing but the canvas, and the crowd explode into incredibly loud cheers as Hogan holds his tailbone in pain! Booker T rolls right into a seated position, and his head is convulsing again. Booker’s head continues to convulse as he gets back up to his feet, waiting for Hulk to do so, as he favors his tailbone. Hogan gets to his feet, and Booker rocks him with a right hand! Booker hits two more, and hits the ropes as Hogan lurches backwards. Booker comes charging back, and connects with a leaping forearm! Hogan staggers back even more, and Booker T hops up to his feet, and connects with a side shuffle kick to Hogan’s chest. Hogan staggers back even more, and Booker T lines up, and connects with the Harlem Side Kick! The blow sends Hogan into the ropes, and Hulk staggers forward into the center of the ring… and walks right into the Book End! The crowd is on their feet, screaming a ‘Book-Er T’ chant, as Hogan is down and out. Booker T is on one knee, his head convulsing again as he entertains the crowd with a second Spinaroonie! Hogan’s not moving, and Booker exits the ring to the apron. Booker’s climbing up to the top rope as Hogan is still lying in the middle of the ring, motionless. Booker T reaches the top turnbuckle, checks his balance. He stands tall as the crowd continues the chant. Booker looks around briefly before crossing himself, and leaping into the air, and connecting with his flipping leg drop, the Harlem Hangover! Booker T grimaces in pain before floating over into a cover; ONE! TWO!

THREE! BOOKER T WINS! Booker T has just scored the biggest victory of his career; he has cleanly pinned ‘Hollywood’ Hulk Hogan!

Booker T def. Hulk Hogan at 14:12
Star Rating: **


Mike Tenay: Tony Schiavone, I can’t believe it either! Booker T has scored the biggest victory of his life! He proved he is the real deal! Booker T isn’t some chump; he’s the biggest and the best this industry has to offer! I don’t care if you’re from New York, or anywhere up north, Canada, Mexico, Japan, the United Kingdom, there is no one better than the rightful WCW World Heavyweight Champion, Booker T!

Tony Schiavone: This has been the greatest night in the history of professional wrestling, Professor! Halloween Havoc 2001, this is a pay per view none of you will ever forget! Ladies and gentleman, I hope you all have had a great night, I know I have! For ‘The Professor’ Mike Tenay, I am Tony Schiavone! We will see you this Wednesday for Nitro, on a special Halloween edition! Have a good night everybody!

As the closing credits start to appear, the cameras get one last shot of Booker T, on the second turnbuckle, arms raised, celebrating, tears almost starting to come out of his eyes. He’s done it, he has defeated ‘The Icon’ Hulk Hogan.


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