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Re: WWE 2006 by Renegade™

War Games Match
Team Foley vs Team Bischoff
The Rock, Sting, Mick Foley, RVD & Scott Hall
Christian, Edge, Shelton, Monty Brown & Chris Masters

Neither, I expect this to end in a no contest....

World Heavyweight Championship
Fatal-4-Way Match
Kurt Angle (c) vs Chris Benoit vs Chris Jericho vs Brock Lesnar

For some reason I can see Jericho winning the match here and becoming Champ though he is a longshot probably here....

WWE Championship
Triple H (c) vs Shawn Michaels

I got a weird funny feeling DX is gonna screw over their leader I think I am probably way off but I just think this for some reason...

Undertaker vs Goldberg

I just gotta go with Undertaker, Goldberg has been pretty dominant in this feud but I expect Undertaker to pick up a nice big win here to lead to a final Buried Alive or HIAC at No Mercy.

Stone Cold Steve Austin vs John Cena

I can see Cena stealing a win here and leading to a later rematch later in the year or ending the feud with someone screwing Austin over leading to a new feud for Austin.

WWE Tag Team Titles
America's Most Wanted vs MNM (c)

I think Melina will help MNM retain the titles leading to a rematch sometime on SD or Melina could cost them the match on accident who knows just think they're gonna win after reading this thread for awile...

Intercontinental Championship
AJ Styles vs Charlie Haas (c)

You've been putting Haas over a bit, unless you really want this to be just a squash feud for Haas I expect an IC Title win here for Styles..

Ken Kennedy vs Randy Orton

Kennedy's got Orton's number though I can see this feud leading to a later match in the year as this seems like a solid feud....

World Tag Team Championships
New Age Outlaws vs Cade & Jindrak (c)

I can see these guys winning with X-Pac's help as NAO deserve the titles Cade & Jindrak don't.....

United States Championship
Matt Hardy vs Muhammad Hassan (c)

I'll give you a tip, make Hardy win, tell ORRY440 about it and you'll get a free review from him lol, to be on a bit more of the serious side I can just see Hardy winning though I can't see Matt winning with Jeff basically as a manager so logically Hassan should win....

Hardcore Championship
Bar Room Brawl
Rhino vs Raven (c)

You haven't built this up much because this is a hardcore title feud, I see Raven taking the win with Rhino momentum coming in I see Raven taking the win with a brutal win.

2 vs 3 Handicap Tag Match
Batista & Bobby Lashley
Booker T, Finlay & William Regal

I just see the King's Court winning here in a solid opener good card mate going to be an interesting show...

Also about the SD comments I'll leave them anyways you don't have to return the SD comments though just review each SD for the rest of your life and then your Review debt will be payed lol, just swap reviews with me cause I am gonna keep smacking another and another on hehe good show though the buildup isn't great or amazing for most matchs on this card.....
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