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Re: WWE 2006 by Renegade™

Sorry for the wait I will leave comments on Raw and do SOME SD comments or Review later way to busy, I am working hard on the Rumble right now and its a pest so need to get back to work on that. I hope you understand it lots of stuff needing to be done with the Rumble lots of Video's I am making right now so hope you like the comments for Raw here they are...

Deadman_014's Raw Comments

Foley opens up pretty good here with the start, Eric comes out now they bicker a bit and all then it leads to a brawl. The faces stand tall over the heels good opening promo here to start the show, AJ screws Haas out of a win and you continue Mavens major push. I don't like that your giving Maven big wins like this but meh its allright, Carlito was on the spot with his interview pretty good here and you got that very short Raven/Rhino confrontation in which is good. Austin/Cena promo was very good, The Coac ends up with a mudhole of his own right up his azz and Austin leaves looking good, I can see Austin losing this match good buildup towards their match here. AJ Styles wins his squash match here over Venis and Haas comes out once more and kicks the crap out of Styles & Venis good stuff here. HBK interview was alright he knocks out Grisham looks good overall here and we go on to another promo. Shane was pretty solid in the Team Bischoff/Team Foley promo here that was decent short and sweet just to add a little more buildup for them it seems.

Carlito vs Test was pretty decent, Carlito wins the match as I figure good stuff here. We go to Haas again he shouldn't appear so much on a show more then Main Eventers appear or the GM's even appear in this show thats pretty bad your trying to jam buildup together, Ok promo here but if your gonna use him to make a buildup make it longer at least then that I guess it was ok nothing special. The DX promo was ok you didn't know what to say with Road Dogg it seemed thats why he said that didn't seem right, this was another ok promo here its overall so far a pretty solid show. *YAWN* Dudley Boys squash match nothing great or really good here, DX's promo was good before their match. Road Dogg was good, O....and X-Pac that was good stuff there hehe. The Main Event was good building up DX great for some reason I see NAO and X-Pac screwing HHH this Sunday for some reason good stuff here and the ending was pretty unrealistic and stuff with the Team Foley/Bischoff fight but it was a decent ending there good show now onto the Rumble match oh joy....

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