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Re: WWE 2006 by Renegade™


Big opening spiel from JR and King to kick things off for what seems like a loaded show tonight.

Big Foley promo to kick the show off, and build up more anticipation for the War Games match. Not sure how the build has went since SNME, but hopefully I can catch up here. Foley gives a shout out to his team matches, before saying he wont be involved, which has me thinking Ca-

Bischoff ruins the gathering. Nice back and forth jabbing from the GM's, before Foley finally reveals he will be Cactus Jack at SS. Brawl with everyone joining in, eventually finishing up with the faces on top. Nice way to go into Summer Slam.

Dont see why Maven needs a push, as your mid card has been getting along tremendously with better stars filling the spots. Haas loses some momentum thanks to AJ, but I have a feeling Haas keeps the belt at SS.

Nice quick segment between Rhyno and Raven to add more fuel to their Hardcore title feud, which I guess will culminate at SS. Awesome Gore

Decent enough promo between Cena and Austin, although both men seemed to be a little too happy to not hit the other. Was expecting a few more instances where they'd be close to snapping. Stunner on Coach at the end does the trick, and sets these two up for SS on an even steven basis.

Could've just had this match, or the Haas match earlier, but the show definately didnt need both matches. Beat down from Haas now sets things up differently for Summer Slam, and a title change could now be on the cards.

Nice to see the more annoying side of HBK now, and finally you're having Triple H instead of HHH during speech!!! Awesome. Nice touch with Sweet Chin Music on Grisham at the end. Loving Michaels in this threat at the moment.

Didnt really need that showdown, as the brawl earlier was enough.

Pleased to see Carlito get the win over Test here, and he's probably next in line for the IC Title, unless you decide to go full steam with the Maven push.

Too much from Charlie Haas tonight I'm afraid, especially with this being the last stop before the second biggest show of the year. I could understand three segments for HHH or HBK, but not Charlie Haas.

Decent enough DX promo, but I just didnt care for it, because I dont see the need for X-Pac, Gunn or Road Dogg. I have a slight feeling there could be a DX turn coming on HHH. Dunno why, just do.

Dudley Boys win a filler tag match, which possibly sets them up as the next team to challenge for the belts after SS. Hopefully the champs are still Cade and Jindrak.

Good main event, with Michaels playing the smart heel, and staying completely out of it, keepign himself fresh for SS. Triple H pins Cade, which was surprising, as I expected A-Train to be the man to take the pin from HHH, but it's all good.

Really should've ended the show there, as the 10 man brawl - again - didnt need to be done. Raw goes off the air fully ready for SS.

Overall, it was a solid show Renegade, but there were a few segments backstage etc that really didnt need to be there as you'd done enough to build certain feuds earlier in the show.
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