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Re: WWE 2006 by Renegade™

Decided to post this and just get it out of the way so I can work on Summerslam tonight aswell, I'm not expecting full reviews like always just comments will do fine, I'll post the complete Summerslam card over the weekend for predictions to start, and any other reviews for RAW are more than welcome. I'll also on the weekend give a rough estimate as to when Summerslam will be posted

WWE SmackDown!
MCI Center
Washington; DC

*Opening Video*


SmackDown kicks off this week with the music of Randy Orton hitting to heat from the fans. Orton gets a mic and starts talking about what he did last week by taking Kennedy out with an RKO, saying that there is only room for one brash, young superstar to take the spotlight on SmackDown!, and that Randy Orton is that man, and Ken Kennedy is a wanna be copy with blonde hair. Kennedy hits the ring in response, saying that if he was anything like Randy Orton, he'd jump off the nearest cliff. The two begin to get into a war of words with Randy Orton starting to get annoyed as Kennedy continually gets the better of Orton, Orton then clocks Kennedy over the head with the mic, then stalks him until he gets to his feet, looking for the RKO, but Kennedy pushes Orton into the ropes and clotheslines the Legend Killer out to the floor. Kennedy then says Orton's challenge at Summerslam is accetped to a huge pop from the crowd!

After the break a battle royal for the cruiserweight title is held with Paul London, Brian Kendrick, Nunzio, Jamie Noble, Scotty 2 Hotty, Funaki, Kid Kash, Gregory Helms, Psicosis, Super Crazy all taking place. Funaki goes first, followed by Super Crazy, and then Nunzio. After a few more minutes, Jamie Noble & Brian Kendrick are dual eliminated by a sneaky move from Helms, before Scotty 2 Hotty dumps Psicosis out. The final 4 are Gregory Helms, Paul London, Kid Kash & Scotty 2 Hotty. After a few more minutes in which the two faces of London & Scotty seem to be on the same page, London accidentally hits Scotty with a dropsault intended for Kash, and Helms then throws Scotty out as he staggers backwards. Helms & Kash now team up and work on London, but their partnership doesn't last long as Kash hits the Bank Roll to Helms and then is met by London, who nails a dropkick to Kash, who stumbles out over the top rope to the floor. London now tries to hit a suplex to Helms, but Helms blocks it and low blows London! Helms then grabs London and eliminates him to retain his Cruiserweight title to huge heat

We now go backstage to see Kurt Angle, Chris Benoit, Chris Jericho & Brock Lesnar in the office of Paul Heyman. Heyman says that tonight in the main event, Angle & Benoit will team up to take on Jericho & Lesnar. Heyman also says that it will have no count outs and no DQ's, after last weeks ending to SD!

MNM come to the ring and say that this weekend, they are going to show why they are the WWE Tag Champions, saying that America's Most Wanted are just another hurdle to leap over, and that they don't have anything on the "greatest" team in WWE history. AMW hit the ring and our match gets underway with James Storm taking on Johnny Nitro. In a pretty good encounter, Melina ends up distracting the ref, and Harris goes around to get her off the apron, but as this happens, Mercury slides a tag title belt into the ring and Nitro uses it to hit Storm over the head with. After this MNM disperse as Nitro gets the win and MNM scurry away with their titles, taunting on the stage as Harris checks on Storm, frowning at them

Backstage, Muhammad Hassan cuts a typical promo about being mistreated because he's an Arab American. Hassan then claims he is getting extra heat because he is the US champion, but not yet a full American. Hassan says that this Sunday, he'll make an example out of Matt Hardy, then Davairi yells in farsi for a moment before the two walk off

Up after the break, Orlando Jordan is in the ring, looking petrified, and *Drum March* kicks in to large heat and a few pops as Goldberg makes his way out, huffing and puffing through the smoke. Goldberg annialates Jordan from the get go, wearing him down with an array of power moves, before connecting with a vicious Spear and finishing OJ off with the Jackhammer! Goldberg then gets a mic and tells Undertaker to quit playing pussy little mind games and face him. After a few moments, the *GONG* hits and the lights go out, and a smoke begins to rise up around Goldberg, as the lights switch to a fluro blue colour, Goldberg looks around expecting something to happen, when a huge explosion shoots off from the 4 turnbuckles! Goldberg is startled, and hops out of the ring, looking around as we go to a break

We return from the commercial and see Goldberg backstage, on the rampage, grabbing anyone in sight and asking them if they've seen the Undertaker. Goldberg eventually ends up in a deserted hallway and the lights begin to flicker. Goldberg yells for Taker to quit being a coward and show himself, and the lights flicker again, and TAKER IS RIGHT BEHIND GOLDBERG! Goldberg spins around, but as the lights flicker, Taker dissapears! Goldberg clenches his fists tightly, then kicks the wall, putting a dent in it and storms off looking pissed off, but a little scared at the same time

Matt Hardy defeats Vito in a shortish matchup, used to get Hardy over before the weekend. Matt says that he'll make Hassan pay for putting his brother Jeff in hospital with the Camel Clutch last week, when he takes the US title off him this weekend

AMW are now with Steve Romero, they say that MNM are pathetic excuses for champions, and their Death Sentence is signed for this weekend at Summerslam. AMW go to walk off, but MNM jump them and lay into them with stomps and punches, before saying that there is only one team winning this Sunday, and it's DEFINATELY NOT AMW

Batista & Bobby Lashley are talking backstage, the two shake hands and we are informed that coming up Batista will take on Finlay in singles action

Batista seems to have his match with Finlay summed up, hitting the Levithian Spinebuster, but Regal & Booker, who are at ringside, cause enough of a problem to allow Sharmell to slide the Shaleleigh into the ring, only to have Bobby Lashley rush into the ring and Spear Finlay down before he can use it on Batista, and the ref calls for a DQ as Booker T, Finlay, Regal & Sharmell retreat up the ramp looking worried with their Summerslam opponents, as Batista thanks Lashley for the helping hand

Jericho now confronts Lesnar and tells him he doesn't like Lesnar or his master Heyman, and that he just wants to go out and do this match, knowing Lesnar will do his part. Lesnar assures Jericho he won't be dissapointed, but as Y2J walks off, Lesnar begins to show an evil smile across his face

Randy Orton now says that Ken Kennedy accepting the match on Sunday was the biggest mistake of the youngsters short career

Kurt Angle & Chris Benoit now have a talk and decide to put their issues aside for the main event tonight, they shake hands with an uneasy feeling in the air as we go to a break

In the main event, we are treated to a super matchup in which Angle/Benoit really take it to their opponents early on, but finally Jericho & Lesnar begin to work together and get the upper hand on Angle, and try to isolate the face in peril, but it doesn't last as long as hoped as Angle counters a Powerbomb attempt from Lesnar with a hurricanrana take over! Angle tags in Benoit and Benoit cleans house, he nails a German suplex to Lesnar, then the trifecta to Jericho and goes to lock the Crossface on Jericho, but Lesnar, the legal man, drops a knee to Benoit's head. Lesnar goes for the F5 on Benoit, but the Rabid Wolverine hops off his shoulders and he and Angle nail a double suplex to Lesnar. Jericho then manages to get up and put the Walls of Jericho on Benoit, but Angle breaks it up with a belly to belly suplex. Angle then takes the fight to Lesnar in the corner, but Lesnar counters and powers Angle out to the floor, then drills Benoit to the mat with an F5! Lesnar covers for the win!

After the match, Lesnar has his hand raised, but then boots Jericho in the ribs and plants Jericho with an F5! The crowd gives more heat to Lesnar as he taunts, but Kurt Angle sneaks up on Lesnar and takes him down with the Ankle Lock! The crowd pops as Lesnar taps out, and referees and officials rush to keep Angle off Lesnar, the show ends with Angle taunting with the WHC as Benoit, Jericho & Lesnar are all down or out


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