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Re: WWE 2006 by Renegade™

Raw Review

Opening Promo - Foley makes a "going away" speech basically, because he might end up leaving Raw for good. Eric Bischoff ruins the fun. The segment ends with Foley revealing he'll be Cactus Jack at Summerslam, and then gives Bischoff the mandible claw. Not bad. Others come out as well. Good opening promo.

Maven vs. Haas - Maven rolls up Haas for the win after Styles's distraction. Another big victory for Maven. I see you might have big things in store for him. Good match.

Carlito Promo - Okayish promo her from Carlito. I expected a little more than what was written. Carlito vs. Test. Sounds pretty good. Raven had a nice little run-in with Rhino afterwards too. That's pretty cool.

Cena/Austin Promo - Not bad of a promo start from Cena. Great to see he's a heel. Austin comes in. Austin with some words for Cena. Haha, in the end, Austin drops Coach with a stunner. Good stuff.

Styles vs. Venis - Styles beats Venis, and is a sport about it. Haas comes in and nails the both of them with the title. Dang. Haas of Pain. I'm liking the Haas/Styles feud right now.

HBK Promo - Harsh, and pretty different words from HBK. Guess it's because he's acting like a heel. Nice way to finish it with the SCM. A little confrontation between Foley and Bischoff's teams. Liking the hype for the match so far.

Carlito vs. Test - Carlito did end up winning. Great match. But, is the Apple Spitter! the backcracker? I had no idea there. I'm also guessing this little feud is over.

Haas Promo - Fierce promo. Sounds strong. I'm really liking this Haas/Styles feud right now, even since this is my first time seeing it. With the athleticism of these two, I can see a showcase of a match coming up.

DX Promo - Mehish promo here. Could have definitely been longer, and much better, but I'm guessing you were looking for short, and sweet.

4 Corners Match - Filler tag team match as stated. Tag team division doesn't look that bad. I kind of expected either the Dudleyz or La Resistance to win mainly cause I don't like Eugene/Goldust, and don't know who the Johnnies are.

Main Event - DX definitely sent HBK a message there at the end of the match with HHH telling HBK to watch, as he planted a pedigree on Cade. DX really got the better of this match. Great match here.

Aftermath - I thought it was done after the main event, guess not. Dang, a full 10 man brawl goes on outside. The superstars, and officials try to separate everything. Great stuff here, despite me in believal that the main event was the last thing on the show, and that the teams would have been gone by now.

Overall - Decent show. Ton, and I mean ton of hype from this show. Summerslam is just around the corner, if I'm not mistaken. Mainly a build-up show. I'm liking the feuds. Promos were good. Matches were also good. Keep up the good work.

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