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Re: WWE 2006 by Renegade™

Renegade's Raw Review:

Yes! Show in Lafayette, Louisiana! My homestate! Funny because Raw's coming there for real in January and I'm trying to go. Anyways, good opening segment, not very surprising it's going to be Cactus Jack instead of Foley as it was given away when Bischoff interrupted.

Maven gets another win. Sounds fine with me and of course, interference factors into it once more. Charlie Haas and Styles feud has been ok but not the greatest which leads me to believe that this will not be the last time both men face off with each other.

Carlito interview was too short, good promo though some of it did seem off a little to me. But as mentioned, way too short to get anything out of it other than he's fighting against Test for redemption. Guessing Carlito takes the win tonight over Test.

Well um, ok segment but really only segments have hyped this, maybe a tag match should have taken place where Cena taunts Austin because he legally can't touch Cena. That would have been cool but anyways, this has been a good feud so far.

Styles gains a win but no sign of Haas? Wait, spoke too early as he comes running down now and takes down Venis and Styles. Nothing much, just more buidlup towards the match which isn't surprising, good feud like mentioned above and hope it continues after.

HBK certainly has been a different character recently, guess I'm so used to the normal HBK now. Cutting backstage now, Foley and Bischoff can't wait until Sunday can they? War Games has been built well and looking forward to that one.

As expected, Carlito takes the win over Test and seeing as he has no feud, maybe he could find himself involved with the Haas and Styles feud. Going to be interesting to see if not and what Carlito could be doing in the upcoming months on Raw.

Too much Haas tonight. Hate to say it as he has great talent but first his match, then the interference in Styles's match and now a interview. Short but sweet which needs to be with Haas, as he can't really talk but like his former partner, Benjamin, can wrestle.

D-Generation-X backstage now, always interesting to see what they're thinking ahead of their match. Well, it's always the jokes they're doing but still fun to see. Nothing much came out of this, just a small segment to hype the main event.

Filler match for tag match, not much to say other than good to see little bit of action in the ring for these teams.

Ok main event time. D-X wins of course and doesn't hurt their opponents too bad as Lance Cade was the one pinned, would have been worse if it would have been someone like HBK. But anyways, decent main event before rolling into SummerSlam.

Chaos outside the arena, pretty much explains it.
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