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Re: WWE 2006 by Renegade™

~Nice Foley promo to start off the show. The typical cheap pops, the hype for his match, and then. What was basically a good bye speech. Once he said he wasn’t in the match, right away I thought here comes Cactus Jack, although I ode for Dude Love. It indeed was Cactus after some dueling on the mic between him and Bischoff. Big brawl to end it, and I can’t wait for this match at SS. I’m expecting Foley to lose because I think the young heels need the win, not the veteran, over, faces.

~Solid opener between Haas and Maven. I’m liking the somewhat slow push Maven is getting. Gets the upset win with a roll-up, after some distractions. I look for this to continue for a while until Maven can finally get the win on his own. Haas/AJ should be a kick ass match come SS, and possibly the MOTN.

~Carlito promo was meh. Just your usual stuff for him; he’s going over tonight though, for sure.

~Rhino is a fucking beast. I love the guy, and hope he tears Raven a new one on Sunday.

~Classic stuff between Cena, Austin, and Coach. Cena did a good job at actually being serious, yet staying in character. Austin’s stuff was the typical thing you hear from him now that he’s been watered down, but effective nonetheless. I really liked Austin stepping in front of Cena, just to be an ass, and then also the Stunner to Coach. Classic Austin. Very well done.

~Venis/AJ was nothing more than a glorified squad, putting over AJ for Summerslam. Haas taking out both Venis then Styles was a nice touch, and although it seems like AJ is going over, I am really hoping Haas will keep the strap at SS.

~I love Shawn Michaels, especially how you’re writing him. He hates everybody, he does what he wants, and kicks the crap out of whoever, which was shown with the SCM to Grisham. I hope to God HBK gets the belt at SS, he’d make such a great Champ.

~Nice quick little segment with the two team for SS. The heels finally appear to have some unity, which I think shows that they will be going over on Sunday.

~This match dragged out a lot, which was surprising, because I didn’t think Test has a chance in hell of winning. Solid match though, and I liked the ending. If done in one fluent motion, that would have been sweet as hell to see.

~Another quick segment, this time Haas interview. I’m really digging the heel Haas in this BTB, and am hoping he can get the win at SS.

~The tag match was just filler, Dudleys get the win. Next.

~Little DX spiel to tick away more time… the show really feels like it is dragging now. Also, for the Outlaws part, it is ‘soon to be’ not ‘future’ before the Tag Team Champions etc.

~Solid main event, and the right team went over. DX gets to look dominant, same with HHH, while HBK is the sly heel. He’d rather stay safe than wrestle. Makes a good heel. I love how X-Pac is the joke of DX though; it’s so obvious he is. Good main event, and things are being set up well for SS.

~More build-up for the WG match at SS, but it was a nice, chaotic, touch to end the show with. Still think the heels will win.

~Overall, it was a good show to lead into Summerslam, but your time/clock management was not. This show dragged and that’s because it definitely went over 2 hours. The matches were about an hour themselves, and when you add in commercials and the many promos and backstage segments, there’s no way this show could fit into the 2 hour 7 minute time limit it has. That really irked me, and is something I hope changes over time. I am looking forward to Summerslam nonetheless, as it has been a very good build-up on your part.

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