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Re: WWE 2006 by Renegade™

WWE Monday Night RAW -- 8/14/06 -- Review
Mick Foley comes out, as he kicks off the show with an opening promo. Very good opening promo, to be honest. Mick was right on the spot and I enjoyed everyword he said. There comes Eric, and man, he was also right on the spot. Litte ranting that he did towards Mick was great. Ending of the promo was also great, as the faces stand tall over the heels. So far, the build-up to this one is going nicely.

Wow, I really didn't expect Maven to beat Charlie Haas here. AJ Styles interfered, I know but still I can't believe that he's getting a nice push. Last week, he beat HBK. And now Haas. Maven's on a roll, I guess. Carlito's interview was nice. He was right in character. But I think that in length factor, the promo was lacking. Huge attack by Rhino to Raven here, as the build-up to their feud gets bigger.

I do wonder why Jonathan Coachman is in this promo. Anyway, John Cena starts off things nicely. Austin comes up and he was also right on the spot. Everything he said was golden, I guess. I loved this promo, and the ending to this one was superb. I, now know why Coach was here, lol.

Hmm, AJ Styles gets a well-deserved victory here, as all the momentum is now at his side, going into the pay-per-view. Still surprised that Haas wasn't involved here. Oh, I guess I wrong. Here comes Haas, as he clocks down Venis and then beats the crap out of AJ Styles, and now all the momentum has been turned and right now in on Haas' side.

Interesting promo here. HBK takes down Todd with a Sweet Chin Music, didn't saw that coming. But anyways, it adds alot to HBK's heel character. Oh, and the promo could've been lengthier. Whoa, another segement here involving the war games feud. Well, dude, I still think that at the main-event, we'll see more, so that's great, as you are building this one nicely.

Carlito gets a victory over Test, with the Apple Spitter! Oh, Apple Splitter, lol. What's next for Carlito? Sorry, if I don't know. Maybe he's in for a match at this Sunday? Well, I'll see, I guess. But you would have posted the card after the match. Or you could do it after some time, maybe.

Haas' words were strong here, but I don't know why you are using your superstars everytime. Haas must have showed for third time, I guess. Don't over build-up your feuds. Interesting to see D-X having a pep talk look-a-like thingy here. Good victory for Dudleys here.

A good main-event here, as the D-Generation-X stand tall over the heels. The staredown thingy aftermath was nice, as it adds some hype to their match for this Sunday. Huge brawl their, as the final build-up to their match has been added, and that was great. Solid show.

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