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Re: WWE 2006 by Renegade™

Laffayette; LU

*Opening Video*


JR: Welcome to the packed Cajundome in Louisianna, for the final RAW stop before the major joint brand production of Summerslam this weekend in six days time, and we are install for a huge show aren't we King?

King: Yes we are JR, this night is going to be massive.

JR: You don't need to look further than our main event to see why, as WWE Champion Triple H teams with his DX team mates X-Pac & the New Age Outlaws to take on his opponent at Summerslam Shawn Michaels, A-Train and the World Tag Team Champions Cade & Jindrak, whom the Outlaws will meet in a rematch from Bad Blood at Summerslam, with ALL outside parties barred from ringside!

King: That's a big main event, and we're used to seeing big main events on RAW these days....

JR: Also, after his big victory last week over HBK, Maven has a chance to take on Charlie Haas tonight in singles action, maybe Maven will become a main stay on RAW?

King: We'll find out won't we JR?

JR: And let's not forget the big in ring confrontation between Stone Cold Steve Austin & John Cena, both men having been slapped with restraining orders by Interim GM Shane McMahon last week, saying he's sick of the two trying to kill each other everyweek, and that tonight, they will have a chance to vent everything off their chest, WITHOUT resulting to physical contact!

*Erk-Crash* hits to a large ovation as Mick Foley makes his way out to a huge reception from the fans, Foley does his dishgun taunt and grabs a mic, then rolls into the ring

Foley: Wow, a reception only like a bunch of Louisiannians can make, and it's great to be back in Laffayette!

Crowd erupts for the cheap pop, and Foley raises his thumb to them to another pop

Foley: Now as you all know, this Sunday, could very well be my last appearance on RAW....

Crowd boos, wanting Foley to stay on

Foley: But look on the positive side, this Sunday will hopefully be the last time we ever have to see Eric Bischoff as General Manager of RAW....

Crowd erupts and a *Foley* chant begins

Foley: I just want all the fans to know, that if this is indeed my last appearance on RAW, then I just want to thank you all from the bottom of my heart. For all the times you cheered me on, even the small amount of times you booed me. Right from the beggining as Cactus Jack in WCW, and then going to ECW and then ending up here as Mankind. I've done everything, I've been the WWE Champion, the Intercontinental champion, a Tag champ, Hardcore champion.

Crowd claps and cheers, acknowledging Foley's career

Foley: And also thank the four men that will tag by my side this weekend. Scott Hall...

Crowd erupts

Foley: ...Rob Van Dam....

Crowd erupts again

Foley: ...Sting....

Crowd gives a louder response for Sting

Foley: And my good buddy, The Rock!

Crowd goes apeshit with a GIANT response and break into a loud *Rocky* chant

Foley: People say that I don't have it in me anymore, to give it all for one more match. They say my body can't take the punishment it did a few years back. They say this will be my last match, because either I'll be heading home a loser, or heading to the hospital as a winner. Well, to all the critics, all I have to say is, watch what I do this Sunday. Because Mick Foley is not going to be wrestling in that War Games match at Summerslam....

The crowd is confused, and give a slight reaction, not sure what Foley means

Foley: Be....

*I'm Back* hits to huge heat as Eric Bischoff comes out looking un-impressed and glaring at Foley, the crowd is booing, as Bischoff interrupts Foley's speech

Bischoff: Foley, I find it hard to believe that you actually think people buy into this crap that's coming from your mouth. Whether you like it or not, your team is going to LOSE this Sunday, and you will be out of a job. Gone, for good. Because I will not have useless, trash clogging up time on MY show when my team wins.

Crowd boos

Bischoff: Aw boo all you want, it doesn't change the fact that I am the reason why RAW has been so successful these last few years. I don't care about the fans or what they want, I do what needs to be done to bring in the ratings, bring in the cash and make the guys above me happy. Foley, I doubt you have the intellect to actually run a show by yourself, after all the damage your head has taken over the years, and I mean your brain already started off the size of a grain of sand.

Crowd boos

Bischoff: RAW without me wouldn't be the same.

Foley: No, you're right, it wouldn't, it would be alot better!

Crowd pops

Foley: That's all your about Bischoff, yourself. To be honest, no one gives a damn about you!

Crowd erupts

Bischoff: I can't believe I'm standing here, taking this from a man who got his paychecks by becoming a glorifed stuntman!

Crowd gives extreme heat

Bischoff: You've never actually had a good wrestling match have you Mick? Any slightly memerable matchup with you in it has involved chairs, tables or barbed wire, something were you can fall off, or fall onto. You're a joke Foley, nothing but a cheap, low rate joke!

Crowd boos again as Foley bites his lower lip

Foley: Well Eric this was supposed to happen without your intervention, but I guess now's a good a time as any, to finish my announcement earlier, and that is I will not be competing this Sunday in the War Games match....

Crowd is still confused over this, as Bischoff nods his head

Foley: Because taking Mick Foley's place this Sunday, is.....

Crowd waits in anticipation as Foley unbuttons his shirt to reveal a Wanted Sign black shirt and the crowd begins to realize


Crowd erupts as the Cactus Jack shirt is fully revealed, and Bischoff looks worried, and Foley sticks his finger's down Bischoffs throat with the Mandible Claw!

The crowd pops as Bischoff goes down kicking, trying to get free, but Monty Brown, Chris Masters, Edge, Shelton Benjamin & Christian run to the ring to save their boss, as they put the boots to Foley, but not long after this, the crowd comes alive as The Rock, Sting, RVD & Scott Hall rush down and pull them off Foley and begin cleaning house, sending the heels packing to the outside to meet up with Bischoff who is gagging and coughing, trying to get the feeling of the Mandible Claw out of his throat, as RVD helps Foley to his feet and the faces stand tall in the ring, as we go to a break


JR: We're back folks, just in time for our opening contest....

King: This is gonna be a good match JR, I can sense a win for Charlie Haas though.

JR: You can never count out Maven, especially after his win last week over Shawn Michaels.

*Tough Enough* hits to a good pop as Maven runs out on stage pumping the crowd up, looking confident after his huge win last week over HBK. Maven climbs the turnbuckle and plays to the crowd

*World's Greatest* plays to heat as Charlie Haas makes his way to the ring with the IC title slung over his shoulder

Match 1
Singles Match/Non Title
Maven vs Charlie Haas

Pretty good opening contest, very well done by both men as Haas shows his great in ring presence off, dominating most of the match after a bright start by Maven, who was feeling the confidence after last week.

Haas has had control for the last few minutes, working on Maven's left arm.
Haas tries to nail a German suplex, but Maven lands on his feet, and Haas turns around into a dropkick! Maven favours his left arm as he unloads on Haas with multiple right hands, backing the IC Champion into the corner, and mounting the buckle now and following up with a 10 punch combo, but Haas counters and walks out, then Powerbombs Maven to the mat! Haas covers 1.....2.....NO! Maven kicks out to a big pop. Haas asks the ref how he didn't count a 3, and then pulls Maven up and takes him down with an arm breaker.

Haas now holds out Maven's left arm across the mat and drops his knees onto it. Haas now goes to put the Haas of Pain on Maven, but AJ Styles runs down to the ringside area, getting Haas' attention.
Haas tells AJ to come and get his ass kicked, but as this happens, Maven rolls Haas up 1.....2.....3!

Winner @ 11:43 - Maven

The crowd erupts as Maven hops out of the ring with another big victory under his sleeve, while Haas is livid with AJ Styles who stands on the stage smiling at Haas, who yells at Styles that he's dead

JR: Maven wins!

King: Thanks to AJ Styles!

JR: Maven seems to be on a roll, that's two big wins back to back over two very good superstars, the guy may be placing himself well for a title opportunity soon!

King: If AJ Styles hadn't showed up, much like Triple H's music playing last week, Maven wouldn't have a damn win!

JR: That's what can happen in the WWE King, anything, you know that.

We go backstage to see Carlito standing by with Todd Grisham

Grisham: Carlito....

Crowd pops as Carlito steps into view

Grisham: Later tonight, you get to bury the hatchet with Test, whom you have had a few run ins with as of late, including you spitting an apple in his face two weeks ago. What are your thoughts on this match?

Carlito: My thoughts? Carlito thinks that tonight, right here in Louisiana.

Crowd pops for the hometown mention

Carlito: That I am going to beat Test 1-2-3 in the ring. Test has a problem you see. I'm not talking about his height or his apparent recent steroid abuse...

Crowd laughs

Carlito: But he doesn't like to lose. But that isn't going to change tonight, because Carlito is going to beat him, and then Carlito is going after the Intercontinental championship, and Todd, that, DAS COOL!

Carlito takes a crunch of his apple and walks off

We now switch over and see Raven walking around backstage with the Hardcore title on his shoulder. He turns a corner and heads into a darkish hallway, and stops as he sees a figure standing in the middle of the hall, we cannot see who it is due to the shadows of the light's cast, but Raven freezes, thinking it's Rhino. Raven slowly turns around, INTO A GORE FROM RHINO! The crowd erupts as Rhino then reaches over to the wall and flicks on a light switch to reveal a dummy stood on the hall. Rhino stands over Raven, breathing heavily and mutters

Rhino: I'll see you on Sunday, Raven.

JR: Good lord Rhino just layed waste to his opponent this weekend at Summerslam!

King: It's going to be a brutal Bar Room Brawl JR, I can't wait for it! Raven to win!

JR: Yes King, we're aware of your preferences.....


As we return, Jonathan Coachman is standing in the ring with a suit on, and two podiums with mic's placed on them to his sides, Coach also has a mic in hand. Surrounding the ring are security guards

Coach: Ladies and gentlemen, it gives me great pleasure, to introduce to you the man who is going to beat Stone Cold Steve Austin this weekend, John Cena!

*My Time* hits to HUGE heat as Cena makes his way out, taunting the fans and ripping up a Louisiana jersey right in front of the front row, then spitting on it before rolling into the ring and grabbing a mic

Coach: John, welcome.

Cena: Thanks Coach, wassup Louisiana?

Crowd boos Cena

Cena: Just as I thought. Still hatin' me coz you ain't me.

More boos

Cena: Do you think I still care that you boo me? I don't give a damn anymore.

Coach: Don't wory about them John, they are small fish in a dirty, stinking Louisiana pond.

Crowd gives heat

Cena: They don't faze me, hell they can't even see me!

Cena taunts the crowd again as they boo him

Cena: And after this Sunday at Summerslam, Stone Cold Steve Austin won't be seeing anything at all, because I am going to beat his beer swellin', foul mouthed, bald headed, past it's prime carcass all over Atlanta, and make sure Austin never sets foot in a WWE ring again. I'm going to take his bad neck, and break it! I'm going to show him what it's like to be a tough SOB, not some pretender. Stone Cold, you've done nothing but piss me off ever since you returned to the WWE this year, and this restraining order is a gift in disguise for you, because believe me, if it wasn't on, I would be backstage right now, beating your ass into a bloody pulp. But all the rage and pain I cannot inflict on you now, I'll take out on you this Sunday homeboy, you're gonna tangle with your career killer. Signing that contract was like signing your resignation papers Austin. At Summerslam, Steve Austin dies, the career, the so called legacy, it all ends thi....

*Glass Shatters* cuts in and the crowd explodes with a thunderous ovation as Stone Cold marches to the ring talking trash to Cena, he hops into the ring and brushes by Cena to climb the turnbuckle and salute the fans with the middle fingers. Austin hops down and Cena is right in his face, Austin moves to the side, but Cena moves in his way again. Austin realizes he cannot hit Cena and likewise, so he flips Cena off with the bird to a huge pop and picks up the mic off the podium, then sees all the security around the ring, looking on to make sure Austin & Cena don't come to blows

Austin: Son, do you need a tissue?

Cena: No why?

Austin: Because you've got some bullcrap dribbling out of your mouth!

Crowd pops

Austin: You stand out with Coach over there


Austin: And you claim your gonna end me at Summerslam?


Austin: That your gonna kill my career


Austin: And my legacy


Austin: And you stand here, knowing I can't touch you and you can't touch me, and that is the only way you're not getting a mudhole stomped in your ass and having it walked dry!

Crowd pops again

Austin: You claim that you're a tougher SOB than Stone Cold Steve Austin....

Crowd boos and a *Bullshit* chant starts which Austin nods to

Austin: All I can say to that is you're lucky I can't lay a hand on you boy, otherwise I'd smack enough sense into you to make you a genius.

Cena: There you go again Austin, running your mouth as always, with nothing to back it up with. You know you're past it, I know it, deep down inside them all your fans know it. This Sunday, you won't be able to keep up with me, you're gonna get mutilated! I'm going to finish you for good! And then, I'm going back to get MY WWE title, that I would still have if not for your damn interference at Bad Blood. You cost me everything I had, and this weekend, payback's gonna bite you in the ass!

Crowd boos as Cena drops his mic and goes to leave, but Austin steps in his way

Coach: Austin, you cannot physically touch John Cena at all! Let him go past!

Austin: WHAT?


Coach: I sa....

Austin: WHAT


Coach: I..

Austin: I know what you said you idiot.

Crowd laughs at Coach

Austin: So I can't lay a hand on John Cena?

Coach: No, the orders come from Shane McMahon!

Austin: Just John Cena?

Coach: Yes.....why?

The crowd start to realize as Austin smiles and then boots Coach in the ribs, before nailing him with a Stunner! The crowd goes wild as Austin now throws Coach out to the floor and Austin climbs the turnbuckle taunting Cena and making a motion that he'll do the same at Summerslam, Austin calls for a few beers as the two stare down and we go to a break


JR: Welcome back to Monday night RAW folks, alot's already gone down tonight, and here we are, ready to witness AJ Styles in action!

King: This guy has been a huge addition since he came to RAW JR, and this Sunday he's got a good chance of beating Chalie Haas for the IC title!

JR: Remember earlier tonight, AJ proved to be the deciding factor as Maven defeated Charlie Haas.

*I Am* hits and the crowd erupts with a huge ovation as AJ Styles heads to the ring, he extends his arms out as the golden pyro falls behind him and he flips his hood up to a big pop. Styles now hops onto the apron and climbs the turnbuckle and once again extends his arms as the crowd pop again

*Hello Ladies* plays to a nice pop as Val Venis swaggers to the ring, the crowd happy to see Val back on RAW, he throws his towel into the ring and shakes hands with Styles before the bell is rung

Match 2
Singles Match
AJ Styles vs Val Venis

A shortish contest, obviously just used to showcase AJ Styles ahead of his Intercontinental championship match this weekend, but still Venis gets in some good offense, showing he can still hang after all these years.

Venis sets up Styles for the Blue Thunder, but Styles counters with a headscissors take down! Venis gets back up a little dazed and Styles connects with the Pele Kick!
Styles now mounts the turnbuckle and the crowd pops as he plays to them, before leaping off and hitting the Spiral Tap! Styles covers for the win and the crowd erupts

Winner @ 6:34 - AJ Styles

After the match Styles climbs the turnbuckle and plays to the crowd, then hops down and helps Val Venis to his feet and the two shake hands in a good sign of respect as the crowd applauds the sportsmanship of both men. AJ now goes back to playing to the crowd, when Charlie Haas runs down the ramp with his IC title and clocks Val Venis as he gets out of the ring!

Haas now slides into the ring and when AJ turns around, Haas blasts Styles with the IC title too! The crowd gives major heat as Haas pulls Styles back up and then plants him with the T-Bone Suplex!

Haas isn't done now as he stomps on Styles' forehead, causing blood to flow from AJ. Haas now drops down and locks the Haas of Pain on AJ Styles, who yells out in pain and taps but Haas keeps the hold on until a bunch of referees and security staff pull Haas off Styles

Haas now grabs his IC title and taunts with it on the outside as we are shown a shot of Styles out cold and bloodied being checked on by referees inside the ring

JR: What a dispicable act by our Intercontinental champion Charlie Haas, assaulting AJ Styles and leaving him bloody and battered ahead of their match in six days time!

King: Haas has just let all of his frustrations that have occured in the last month around AJ Styles out, and I like it JR! It's a side to Haas I didn't think he had!

Todd Grisham is standing by

Grisham: Shawn Michaels, in tonight's main event you team up with the Corporation's Cade & Jindrak, and A-Train to take on D-Generation X, and more importantly, their leader, your opponent this weekend at Summerslam, Triple H!

Crowd erupts for the mention of H

Grisham: And I just wanted your thoughts.....

HBK: Thoughts? Thoughts. Hmm. Well Todd, my thoughts are this, and I mean exactly this. I don't like Vince McMahon or his damn Corporation, I don't like A-Train, I don't like DX at all, I hate Triple H, I don't like you either. This Sunday, I'm taking the title from Triple H. Tonight, I'm putting someone down with Sweet Chin Music. I don't care who it is. All I'm gonna say now is Cade, Jindrak and A-Train better do what they're supposed to do.

Grisham: Is that all?

HBK: Well now that you mention it....

HBK takes a few steps back and nails Todd Grisham with Sweet Chin Music! The crowd is surprised and boos HBK who smirks and walks off

JR: Shawn Michaels has changed so much these last few months, he's cold, anc calculated. He doesn't have a heart anymore, it's like no matter what he does, it doesn't effect his concience!

King: It's odd JR, Michaels is like a walking souless man!

JR: Very true King, very true.

We now switch backstage and see Mick Foley, aka Cactus jack walking around when he stops as Monty Brown is in front of him. Foley then looks behind him as Masters, Shelton, Edge & Christian all stand in a line, not letting Foley through

Foley looks to walk away, when we hear a loud noise and turn to see The Rock, Scott Hall, RVD & Sting pull up alongside Foley, and the two teams stare down, both looking like they are itching to go for round two tonight after their brawl to kick the show off

However, Shane McMahon arrives and quickly steps in between the two teams

Shane: Gentlemen, after what went down earlier tonight, I don't think any of you want to get any sorer ahead of this weekend. So, I'll ask you to follow the security guards instructions and walk away! I am not having a huge brawl in my halls when I'm in control!

Both teams continue to yell at each other, before they die down

Bischoff: We'll see you at Summerslam.....

Foley: I'm sure you will.

Bischoff and his team turn and walk away while Team Foley talk amongst themselves as we go to a break


We come back and *This is a Test* hits to heat as Test walks to the ring, looking ready to settle the score with Carlito tonight

*I Spit in the Face* and out comes Carlito to a good pop, he juggles his apple in his right hand and points to a bunch of hot women at ringside with a "Carlito - Put us on the Spit!" sign, which Carlito smiles and nods to. Carlito gets into the ring and Test smacks the apple out of Carlito's hand, Carlito looks at the ground then spits the apple from his mouth into the face of Test and we are underway

Match 3
Singles Match
Carlito vs Test

Very good match in which Carlito brings it all early on scoring mutiple close falls on his larger opponent, out wrestling Test with a combination of atheltic moves and counters and also a bit of chain wrestling in the mix too.

However, as we head to a break, Test nails a huge Powerslam to Carlito and begins to take control.
When we return, Test is working on Carlito's back with hard clubs across it, before scooping Carlito up and driving him into the corner before hitting some stiff right hands to the ribs and face of Carlito.
Test now runs in looking to squash Carlito into the corner, but Carlito gets an elbow up, and Test staggers backwards for long enough as Carlito leaps onto the ropes and jumps off with a Moonsault! Carlito hooks the legs for a 2 count.

Carlito hits Test with a couple of left hands now, beginning to rally back. Carlito tries to whip Test to the ropes, but Test reverses and goes for the Big Boot, but Carlito ducks it and rolls up Test for another 2.
Carlito goes for a suplex, but Test counters by slamming Carlito onto his stomach. Test now pulls Carlito up and loads him up for a Pump Handleslam, but Carlito gets out the back and nails the Apple Splitter! Carlito covers and hooks both legs 1.....2.....3!

Winner @ 14:11 - Carlito

The crowd erupts as Carlito rolls to the outside and drops to his knees, winning a physical fight against Test and finally settling the feud. Carlito then slaps hands with a few fans at ringside before heading backstage

JR: Carlito has just won a great match and put an end to this feud between himself and Test!

King: Well JR credit where it's due, Carlito was too good tonight, although Test was very good too. It really could've gone either way!

JR: It could've, but in my opinion it went the right way.

King: Your opinion is always biased JR!

JR: And your isn't?

King: Ye....um.....no.

JR: My thought's exactly.

Backstage now and The Coach, who is filling in for the concussed Todd Grisham, is with Charlie Haas

Coach: My man Charlie Haas, what do you have to say about your actions earlier tonight when you assaulted AJ Styles?

Haas: He deserved it. All that annoying punk has done is piss me off and send my patience through the roof, and after he cost me the match tonight against Maven, which I had in the bag, that was it. I snapped! And Styles, I kicked your ass. That's just a little taste of what's going down this weekend, because I'll make you bleed, I'll make you hurt, and I'll make you tap like a little bitch! When I hit you with the IC belt, that is as close as you'll EVER come to having it.

Haas walks off

Coach: Well powerful words there by Charlie Haas, back to you guys, and I'll be back at the commentary table next week on RAW. I'll look forward to seeing you guys then.

King: I wish we could say the same.....

JR: Charlie Haas has turned into a psycho lately, and he's gonna have his hands full this weekend.

We now switch over to the locker room of DX, where Triple H is taping up his wrists ahead of tonight's main event. Billy Gunn is strapping his boots on, while Road Dogg is sitting down, drinking from a bottle of water, as X-Pac walks into the room

X-Pac: It's like I walked into the wake of a funeral.

Triple H: Not quite. Are you guys ready for tonight?

Gunn: You kidding Hunter, we were born for this. This is what we do. DX is always ready, it's normally the crowd we have to ask.

Road Dogg: And then we tell the other guys to suck it!

Crowd pops

Triple H: Tonight, we do this. Then, on the weekend, I need to know, you guys have my back right?

X-Pac: Of course we do Hunter, why the long face. We're so tightknit you couldn't fit us around an anorexic pencil.

Triple H nods his head and the four men slap high fives with each other as the camera fades out

JR: What a main event that's going to be! A huge 8 man tag!

King: DX seem closer than ever before JR, these have been tough times for them lately, with all the McMahons have put them through, and tonight it might be a time for redemption!

JR: You'd think so. Triple H can't wait to get his hands on Shawn Michaels, the guy has caused so much hell for him lately, it's gonna be an explosive preview of Summerslam!

*French Resistance* hits to heat as Rene Dupree & Rob Conway make their way to the ring waving the French & Quebecan flags to more heat

*Drop The Bombshells* hits after the pyro crashes into the stage and the crowd comes alive with a big pop as the Dudley Boyz pump the fans up as usual, then roll into the ring

*Two J's Are Better Than One* plays to heat as Johnny Parisi & Johnny Jeter, better known as the Johnnies make their way to the ring, taunting the fans

*Child's Play* follows up to a light pop as Eugene & Goldust run out, with Eugene acting happy to be here, and Goldust having to calm him down

Match 4
4 Corners Match
Dudley Boyz vs Eugene/Goldust vs La Resistance vs The Johnnies

Fillerish match just booked to give some exposure to the RAW tag team scene, giving us a reminder to the other teams in the division, as all four teams put on an entertaining matchup with all 8 man getting time in the ring, the crowd thoroughly behind the Dudleyz throughout with *We Want Tables* chants circling the arena.

Eugene has a typical comic spot in control of Conway before he is taken down by both members of La Resistance and an all out brawl ensues, and Bubba tags in from Eugene blindly.

During all the action, the Dudleyz manage to get away from the brawl and await Conway to get up, before drilling him to the mat with a 3D! Bubba covers for the win, with Parisi too slow to break up the count, arriving after the 3

Winners @ 7:45 - Dudley Boyz

The crowd cheers as the Dudleyz celebrate with the fans and we head to a commercial


As we come back *Break It Down* hits and the crowd goes wild with a HUGE ovation as Triple H, the WWE Champion makes his way out on stage with X-Pac and the New Age Outlaws by him. They line up on stage and raise the X symbol above their heads by crossing their arms, while HHH sprays his water up in the air. DX get into the ring and the Outlaws climb the turnbuckles while HHH stands in the middle of the ring raising the WWE title high and X-Pac gives 4 crotch chops as the pyro shoots off behind them to a huge cheer from the fans. HHH gets a mic

Triple H: Layafette, Louisianna, are you ready?

Crowd pops

Triple H: I said, ARE.....YOU.....READY?!?

Crowd erupts with a loud response

Triple H: Then, for the thousands in attendance, and the millions watching around the world, for Vince McMahon and the Corporation, and indeed for Shawn Michaels, let's get ready to SUCK IT!

Crowd comes alive again as HHH passes the mic to Road Dogg

Road Dogg: Ladies and gentlemen, D-Generation X proudly brings to you it's future Tag Team Champions of the wooorrrrlllld, the Road Dogg Jesse James, the Badass Billy Gunn, the NEW....AGE....OUTLAWS!

Crowd erupts

Road Dogg: And, your WWE Champion, The Game, The King of Kings, TRIPLE H!

Crowd erupts again as HHH plays to the crowd. Road Dogg stops as X-Pac points to himself, mouthing "What about me?"

Road Dogg: O..... and X-Pac!

The crowd laughs as X-Pac plays to the crowd, and they give him a loud pop in between the laughter, as X-Pac nods and smiles

Billy Gunn takes the mic off Road Dogg

Gunn: And if you ain't down with that, DX has two words for ya...


Gunn drops the mic as *Reflection of Perfection* hits and the Tag Team champions Cade & Jindrak make their way to ringside, stopping on the outside and waiting for their backup

*Train Wreck* plays as the heat continues and the 350 pound A-Train heads to the ring to *Shave Your Back* chants

*H-B-K* plays to extreme heat as a flood of boos greet Shawn Michaels, who dances out on stage pretending he gives a damn about the fans reaction before heading down the ramp and joining his team mates for tonight

JR: It's coming up right after this break folks, the main event, IT'S NEXT!


Match 5
Main Event
8 Man Tag Match

Triple H, X-Pac & New Age Outlaws (DX)
HBK, A-Train, Cade & Jindrak

We join the match in progress with Triple H teeing off on Cade in the corner, before tagging in Billy. The two now whip Cade to the ropes and connect with a Flapjack as Cade returns! Billy covers for a 2.
Billy brings Cade up and places him in the corner and nails a sharp chop across the chest, before holding open his ribs and exposing them, tagging in X-Pac, who leaps off the top rope with a fist into the exposed rib area.
Cade backs off, but X-Pac nails a flurry of kicks, backing Cade into the corner before nailing a spinning heel kick to the jaw of Cade, who flops down into the bottom of the corner. X-Pac now comes in and brings some nostalgia back, hitting the Bronco Buster to Cade!

Cade stumbles out, and Jindrak is distracting the ref, as A-Train comes in and flattens X-Pac with a jumping front kick! The crowd boos, and HHH comes in, but the ref tells HHH to get back into his corner, as Cade tags in Jindrak now, who stomps on X-Pac.
We go to a break with Jindrak isolating X-Pac in the opposing corner and putting the boots to him while A-Train uses the tag rope to choke X-Pac, and HBK temporarily distracts Mike Chioda.

We return and see the mammoth A-Train throwing X-Pac across the ring with a big throw. X-Pac tries to battle back, hitting a few shots to the gut of A-Train, who grabs X-Pac by the head and slams him into the mat again. A-Train casually covers for a 2 count. A-Train now tags in Jindrak again, who comes at X-Pac, but X-Pac gets a kick to the ribs, only for MJ to catch it. However, X-Pac thinks quickly and nails an Enziguri! Both men go down and DX gets the crowd to rally X-Pac on.
Jindrak tags in Cade, and X-Pac leaps across the ring and tags in HHH!

The crowd comes alive as HHH gets in and knocks Cade down with a right, then another. HHH then scouts Jindrak's clothesline attempt and clotheslines Jindrak out to the floor. A-Train now clubs HHH from behind, bringing in the Outlaws, who nail a double back suplex to A-Train! HHH brings Cade up and sends him to the ropes and catches him on the rebound with an AA Spinebuster! We now cut to the apron as X-Pac leaps off with a suicide dive taking out Jindrak.
HBK thinks about getting into the ring, but HHH and the Outlaws stand, daring him to come in, HBK thinks better of it and stays on the apron, while Road Dogg boots A-Train in the gut and Billy Gunn comes through and plants him with a Fame Asser! HHH pulls Cade to his feet and points to HBK, signalling him to watch, as HHH plants Cade with a thunderous Pedigree! X-Pac rolls back into the ring and joins the Outlaws watching for a fight back from Jindrak or HBK on the apron while HHH covers Cade 1.....2.....3!

Winners @ 15:01 -D-Generation X

The crowd goes wild as HHH stands up and is handed his WWE title, and he tells HBK to suck it, while Michaels shakes his head and stares back at HHH with a cold, blank expression on his face. DX stand tall, and HBk is backing up the ramp, while Cade & Jindrak get their tag belts and try to taunt the Outlaws, who say "Those are ours" to the champs, who look upset at ringside

JR: What a main event! DX gets some revenge, and some much needed redemption!

King: HBK refused to get involved in the match JR! He cost his team the match, after what he said earlier about having them do their own jobs, Michaels didn't even do his own job!

JR: Michaels is a cold, calculating snake and a horrible excuse for a human being these days!

We are now shown a live shot of the parking lot, and Mick Foley is at his ute, ready to get in, when he is blindsided by Monty Brown with a trash can! Brown clocks Foley over the head with it, and begins to put the boots to Foley, as the rest of Team Bischoff show up and join in

We now cut to a shot of Team Foley, who notice this on a monitor, and run down the halls, turn left and bursts through a double door set into the parking lot, and pulling Team Bischoff off them as the two teams erupt into a full scale brawl!

We see Rock laying the smack on Edge, while Masters tackles Scott Hall onto the hood of a limo. From no where, Christian goes flying off the top of a car onto the floor, as we see Sting push him off, while RVD smashes Shelton's head into a garage door, denting it! Monty Brown tries to piledrive Foley on the floor, but Foley counters and elevates him onto the cold concrete, as the two teams continue to brawl it out, as we spin around to the double doors as Shane McMahon ushers a ton of security, officials and referees out to break up the fight, and we go off air with a giant scaled riot taking place in front of our eyes between the 10 superstars and all the officials

JR: Good lord it's absolute pandamonium! The parking lot has turned into a pier six brawl!

King: Look at this JR, it's like riot control here!

JR: We've gotta go everyone, what a night it's been, we'll see you on Sunday for Summerslam!

The show ends with more security rushing out into the parking lot to help break up the big brawl


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