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Re: WWE 2006 by Renegade™

Renegade's Raw Review:

Huge element of surprise showing that anyone and everyone can be picked for Pick Your Poison huh? Maven gets an upset win, something that was taunted back in late 2004 whenever Maven got a small push but anyways, good job with HHH's interference.

Carlito's Cabana was ok but too short for my liking. Had to be short though due to the match which was coming up which of course seems very understandable. By the way, hope that the 7/8/06 show was a typo because SummerSlam in July doesn't seem right.

Austin and Cena have their restraining order now which seems a little too late considering this feud has been based around beating the hell out of each other as much as they can. Kinda confused me as to why to wait this long to see it happen.

HHH gets the win and over A-Train. Understandable since the other half of the Raw roster is locked in the War Games right now but hopefully they'll all break apart after SS. Anyways, H gets the win which is ok of course and surprise, no HBK!

Good promo until the end. I noticed you seem to use many name insults as such wrestlers like Storm and it happens often. Kinda gets old after awhile but other than that good segment showing Christian is indeed a degenerate towards Bischoff.

Raven and Rhino fighting in a match tonight? Kinda shocking as I thought the first match would be at SummerSlam but owell. Bar Room Brawl? Seems good but tbh, too many hardcore matches. There's this, No DQ, and War Games, enough violence!!!

D-X doing their normal jokes and pranks which makes me think one of two things, D-X wins the gold come SummerSlam and HHH retains or we see the downfall of D-X. Going to be interesting to see what goes down as really anything can right now.

Rock's interview was ok, nothing different from the normal. Christian helps Benjamin beat the Rock. Interesting because of the tension earlier on between both men but hey, there's a thing called teamwork! So, guessing what happens next week.
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