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Re: WWE 2006 by Renegade™

HBK vs. Maven starts the show, and there is a huge surprise, as Maven gets the win due to HHH costing HBK the match. Huge springboard for Maven here, and I see a little mid-card push coming from this for him

Cabana is next, and Carlito and Haas have a war of words, which was a solid promo from haas, whose new character I am liking. Out then comes AJ, who takes down Haas, who got beaten down tonight. Carlito vs. Haas though has to be planned for some point. Shane comes out, and we have a tag team match

AJ gets the pinfall on test, and once again, he is looking a bit threat to the title. Haas needs a good week next week though I feel, just to give him some momentum back

Austin is about to be interviewed, but Cena breaks it up, and we get another brawl from the two of them. No contact rule is enforced on them for the next 2 shows, which will be interesting to see what they do, and is probably a good thing, as they have brawled a bit too often I feel

HHH cuts his normal promo before his match, and then gets the win over A-Train, which keeps him looking strong, and gets the momentum back before his title match. This could do with a big push next week though, just to keep the feud running

Christian does his usual arrogant promo, claiming he is better than his team, before Shelton confronts him, and someone stands up for themselves for once. Looks like the break up of the team is imminent, and could happen in the next few minutes. One problem I have had with this feud though, is it is all about Christian… and that is it. The whole deal with Bischoff and Foley feuding has kind of been forgotten, so I would like to see a long promo between those two, and those two only next week, just to get the feud back on track

Raven cheats to get the win over Rhyno, but a rematch is booked for Summerslam, this time in a bar room brawl, which will be a good match to have, and allows them to take it to the extreme

Solid Cena promo, which allows him to get his viewpoint across, and the debate next week is going to be good, although I’m not too sure what will happen

The Outlaws get their title match for Summerslam booked, before making a few jokes at the McMahons, who I think with the corporation will screw them at the ppv

Shelton beats the Rock again, in what has to be considered a huge shock, as once again, Christian proves to be the difference, tripping the Rock so Shelton can get the win. Faces have been buried a bit in this feud, so I am pretty sure that they will be left standing at the end of next week
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