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Re: WWE 2006 by Renegade™

Robo reviews Renegade's Monday Night Raw

Nice opening to the show and good to see the Pick the poison match come up and not just a show opening promo like always. It was a bit of a good move in some ways to have HHH interupt and cause Michaels the match. Wish it would of been someone else but Maven to be honest though. as there are more wrestlers that could do with the win maybe. Also kudos on using HHH as the face as it proves to be a good move im sure and good to see a different mix of things going on to open the show. Kudos to you.

Nice Cabana and it is good to see that you are able to use some of these characters and have them in thier persona as well. Carlito was a bit out of persona in someplaces but you are lucky because it ended up that Charlie Haas was able to carry the promo once he got out there with some nice smart lines, taking his character on which is needed as he isint the best promo wise. Good brawl as well and it leads to a tag team match which will no doubt be interesting to say the very least.

Good match with the 4 and it was good because Styles and Carlito won and this gives Haas more incentive to try and win back "His" title at all costs. I would of liked to see a stare down between some of the men though rather than just Charlie Haas and AJ Styles but really there was no reason but it would of added an extra something for a fued between 2 of the men months down the line maybe.

Now we are backstage and a little segment with SCSA himself. I liked the brawl because it addes more to the fued than a simple promo with just Stone Cold trashing Cena. Both of these men are not great wrestlers but they are good entertainers and good brawlers and that will make for a great match at Summerslam. Nice restraining order made by the seen of the egotisitcal owner. Good to see as it will prove to make this match even better with both men wanting to get thier hands on eachother. Good move once again.

Good promo before the match from HHH and it was amazing and purely in character. Good to see him mentioning Michaels as well because this hypes it even more as Michaels didnt get any mic time to hype it up himself. Interesting that it was A train but im not happy Trips won as the fact is, he has got much more out of the fued tonight and i would of liked to see either a brawl or staredown again like earlier with Michaels able to exact a little bit of revenge on Trips.

Good start to the promo from Christian and he mocked Todd a little and then went onto talk about the Bisch for a bit. Im not liking near the end though as Christian was out of character and then Benjamin came in and he murdered the promo. Good to see you trying to funny im up but it didnt really work for me at least. It pushes this mind fued on a little bit more though and i suppose that is the main thing. Half decent promo but could of been better.

Im not happy tht you had Shane come out again after the match where Raven retained. A good announcment none the less though and im expecting a good write up for that match at SS. Good length for the match but it could of been a little longer for what it was though.

Im sorry but the Cena promo was so out of his persona that it isint even funny. I was expecting a really intense promo but i didnt get the feeling from this promo that he was intese to be honest, it may of been the length as it wasnt great length but meh, i dont really know.

Decent promo in the GM office as a huge main event, i presume it is going to be main event, is booked for next week. Great hype and that will be a great match to turn up the hype for the PPV and it caps the road to SS off really well. Good funny lines from the Outlaws who were out of character for one line at least but it didnt hurt the promo so much i suppose. All in all it was an ok promo but it felt like a bit of a buffer with the Outlaws going in there for no real good reason.

Another promo, third in a row? The first bit that Rock said wasnt in character but the promo got better with age, i hope that is true when i go into my 30's. Good hype for the main event and again just a buffer with no reason behind it but it dids its job which was hype again so goodd job on that Renegade.

And now after the commercial and we are now onto the main event. Nice main event and i think you did a good job using the Lumberjacks in the match. All this just adds to the War at Summerslam and good to see Benjamin win but it would of been good for him to win clean in some ways because it would give him much more credability but being a hell it wasnt possible. Brilliant end to the show all in all though with the hells getting the momentum this week in the main event and team Foley is under pressure and has got some work to do next week.

Overall a good show from you, being a first time reader im impressed and im wanting to see what happens next week in paticular with the whole HHH/Michaels situation at least. Had its strong and weak points but overall it was a decent enough show and did its job. Next week will have to be good to hype SS up to its fullest potential.

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