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Re: WWE 2006 by Renegade™

Milwaukee Arena, Milwaukee; WI

*Opening Video*


JR: Welcome to Monday Night RAW everyone, from the sold out Milwaukee Arena and we are in store for one hell of a night!

King: That we are JR, all the fallouts of Saturday Night's Main Event!

JR: Announced earlier today on WWE.com, Carlito will be hosting the Cabana with special guest Charlie Haas, after Haas found out that AJ Styles will be his opponent at Summerslam after AJ
won a triple threat at SNME!

King: That's not all JR, what about our main event?

JR: Not many bigger than this one, it's The Rock vs Shelton Benjamin, but the remaining men
from Team Foley & Team Bischoff will act as lumberjacks! Just huge!

King: Shelton picked up a surprise win last week on RAW over The Rock, and I have a feeling
that he might do it again!

JR: And the Hardcore title will be on the line as Raven defends against Rhino following their scuffles on SNME!

King: The funniest thing to come out of that night was The Coach losing his Hardcore title,
funny. So funny.

JR: Coach is not here tonight recovering from a slight concussion, but the good news is that
he'll be back in time to host HEAT next weekend before Summerslam.

King: That's not good news.....

JR: And finally HHH & HBK will be involved in matchups as both men compete in "Pick Your Poison" matches, who will they choose for each other to face?

King: I don't have a clue JR, they can pick ANYONE!

[I]*HBK* hits to huge heat as Shawn Michaels dances out on stage, taking the piss out of a few fans at ringside and then gets into the ring, and looking out into the crowd, awaiting his opponent

*Tough Enough* hits to a small pop as Maven runs out on stage, and we see a shot of HBK inside the ring smiling. Maven pumps the crowd up at ringside, while Michaels is clearly pleased with HHH's selection

Match 1
Pick Your Poison Match
Maven vs HBK

Fast paced opening match kicks off with Maven showing good signs of improvement,
as he fires an array of quick moves and high flying attacks on HBK, scoring a close fall after a crossbody.
HBK's experience however takes over soon as Michaels counters a suplex attempt with a DDT, although Maven kicks out.
HBK now rebounds off the ropes and both men hit a double clothesline, as both men hit the mat.

Both men get to their feet at the same time, and begin trading blows, Maven wins the fist fight,
but HBK raises a knee to his mid section, then whips him to the ropes and takes him down
with a flying elbow smash. HBK then nips up, feeling the momentum shifting his way to heat
from the fans. HBK scoop slams Maven down, and then heads to the corner and begins to
tune the band up slowly to more heat when

*The Game* hits to a HUGE ovation, and Shawn Michaels immediately turns to the stage,
looking for HHH, but HHH doesn't step out, and Maven rolls up Michaels 1.....2.....3!

Winner @ 4:56 - Maven

The crowd erupts as Maven rolls to the outside with a huge victory, and HBK is stunned inside the ring, he stares at the mat in shock, then looks at Maven who is celebrating with the fans in the front row, and he slaps the mat, before looking to the stage and nodding, as if to acknowledge that HHH got him that time

JR: Maven just beat Shawn Michaels!

King: What the hell? That was a pure fluke! If Triple H's music hadn't played, then Michaels would've planted Maven with Sweet Chin Music!

JR: But what happened has happened, and that was some happening! What a win for Maven!

We go backstage now and we see Carlito bouncing an apple in his hand, and he seems to be making his way to ringside

JR: Folks don't go anywhere, coming up after the break it's Carlito's Cabana with Charlie Haas!


We return as *I Spit in the Face* hits to a good pop as Carlito makes his way out grinning
with a mic in hand

Carlito: Milwaukee, now das cool!

Crowd pops for the hometown mention

Carlito: But what's not cool, is what happened on Saturday Night!
On Saturday Night, Charlie Haas was refereeing my match with AJ Styles & Test, and Haas' refereeing, well,
das not cool.


Carlito: Carlito had the chance to win a title shot against Charlie Haas at Summerslam, but Carlito didn't win. AJ Styles did.

Crowd erupts for AJ's name, and a big *AJ* chant begins

Carlito: So now at Summerslam, Carlito has nothing to do, thanks to Charlie Haas. And well, das just not cool at all...

*World's Greatest* hits to heat as Charlie Haas heads to the ring, while Carlito takes a bite of
his apple and spits it out on the floor, mouthing "Das not cool" for Haas' interruption

Haas: I swear to God that was horrible, having to listen to you try and
string a simple sentence together, it was like watching the Milwaukee Bucks, but worse.

Massive heat to Haas

Haas: All you can say is "Das not cool" or "Carlito this". But this isn't about you, this is about the greatest Intercontinental champion in the business today, me, Charlie Haas!

More big heat

Haas: You are just what your haircut displays, a joke. You never had a
chance, neither did Test, and neither did AJ Styles. Unfortunately, someone had to win, and unfortunately, AJ Styles did and now has to wait 13 days to have his ass handed to him by me.
I'll out class him, out wrestle him, and make him look like the embarassment he is.

Crowd boos again

Haas: All these people out here are brainwashed because people like you and AJ Styles enjoy brownosing them for their support. And look where it got you Carlito, you lost. Again. Don't you get tired of being on the wrong end of things?

Carlito: Don't you ever shutup?

Crowd pops

Carlito: You've been on my show for about 2 minutes and you've turned it
into some kind of stupid quiz show.

Haas: Stupid? Stupid is your haircut. Stupid is carrying an apple with you, and spitting it in
people's faces.

Carlito: I spit in the face of people who don't want to be cool. Which reminds me.....

Carlito takes a bite of his apple, chews it up and spits it right in Haas' face! The crowd erupts as Haas wipes the apple off his face, and AJ STYLES SLIDES IN THE RING FROM BEHIND! Carlito socks Haas with a left hook, and Haas stumbles into a Pele Kick! The crowd goes wild,
until *No Chance* hits and Shane McMahon dances out on stage

Shane: Whoa! Whoa! Everyone just calm down, it looks like my two week stint as interim GM is off to a flyer isn't it? Already things look out of hand, but they aren't.
Because right after the break, you AJ Styles are going to team with Carlito, and face Charlie Haas and Test! And that's right after this break, so Test, get out here!

We go to a break as *This is a Test* hits and Test storms to the ring to alot of heat


Match 2
AJ Styles & Carlito
Charlie Haas & Test

As we come back from the break Haas is putting the boots to Carlito in the corner.
Haas then whips Carlito to the ropes and connects with a clothesline and tags in Test to heat.

Test gets in and measures Carlito, before nailing him with a hard right hand, taking Carlito down. Test covers for a 2 count, before he begins to argue with the ref, allowing Haas to drop off the apron and start choking Carlito out. Haas lets go after a few moments and Test pulls Carlito up, looking for the Sidesweep Powerbomb, but Carlito counters with a hurricanrana!

The crowd pops as Test stumbles around, looking dazed, and Carlito rebounds off the ropes and leaps back with a moonsault, taking Test down!

Carlito now reaches over and tags in AJ Styles to a giant reaction from the crowd as AJ leaps into the ring and takes Test down with a running dropkick.
AJ quickly rebounds off the ropes and takes Test down again with a flying shoulder block.

Styles gets back up and points over to Haas, who nods and gets into the ring and the crowd pop. Haas slowly makes his way towards Styles, but then smiles as Test clobbers AJ from behind
with a stiff shot to the back, and Haas now puts the boots to him with Test. Carlito regains his where abouts and pulls Test down with the Apple Splitter (Back Cracker) to a huge pop.
Haas quickly clotheslines Carlito out of the ring, but then turns around and AJ boots him to the midsection and hits a DDT.

Test now comes at Styles, but AJ ducks it and then nails a Pele Kick, before going upstairs and leaping off with a Spiral Tap, connecting to Test, and Styles follows up with the cover for the 1.....2.....3

Winners @ 10:01 - AJ Styles & Carlito

Styles celebrates his win as Haas is on the outside livid he was beaten so easily, Styles makes a mocking "That was tough" gesture to Haas who kicks the barricade, grabs his IC title and storms out

JR: AJ Styles has just pinned Charlie Haas!

King: That was a great match JR, and Styles has momentum at the moment going into Summerslam!

JR: He does King and I wouldn't be surprised if the IC title changed hands at Summerslam at this rate!

King: Don't get too far ahead of yourself JR....

Backstage now and Stone Cold is standing by with Todd Grisham

Grisham: Austin, on Saturday night you hit John Cena with a Stunner right in the middle of the ring and accepted the challenge his issued for your match at Summerslam, and it will be a No DQ match. What do you have to say?

Austin: We.....

Austin is interrupted by Cena, who leaps on him taking him down with a tackle and laying into him with right hands, but Austin fights back, and the two begin brawling around, as the two fight back to the wall, and Cena rams Austin's head into it, then Austin knees Cena in the ribs and rams him into it

The two continue to brawl until a ton of security rush to the scene and seperate the two, with Shane McMahon also there

Shane: I'm not having any more of this, we can't have you two destroying each other before your big match in 13 days, so, you have left me with no option but to put restraining orders on both of you. That means you Cena cannot lay a hand on Stone Cold until your match at Summerslam, and likewise with you Austin! Take them away!

Cena: I'm gonna kick your ass Austin!

Austin: WHAT?

Cena struggles free of the guards, but they catch him again before he can get to Austin, and they drag both men away in different directions as we go to a break


JR: Welcome back to the sold out Milwaukee Arena, and if you missed out on what happened before the break, Shane McMahon has slapped a restraining order on Steve Austin & John Cena, they cannot touch each other until their match at Summerslam!

King: But what about what went down during the break JR? Thanks to WWE unlimited, take a look....

**WWE Unlimited Footage**

Shane: Next week on RAW, we will have a verbal discussion between Stone Cold Steve Austin and John Cena, were both men will able to vent all their feelings and frustrations to each other, non physically, on the mic.

**End of Footage**

JR: Very interesting King, will they actually be able to keep their hands off each other?

King: I hope so, for the good of Summerslam. I don't want to see these guys suspended, they'll just take each other out outside of the WWE!

*The Game* hits and the crowd erupts with a HUGE ovation as HHH makes his way out, WWE title slung over his shoulder. HHH throws his water bottle into the crowd and grabs a mic, forgoing his usual entrance

Triple H: Milwaukee, Winsconsin, ARE YOU READY?

Crowd erupts

Triple H: I said, ARE......YOU......READY?

Crowd pops even louder

Triple H: Just 48 hours ago, I went through a brutal Streetfight, I bled, the McMahons bled, Test got involved, the tag champs Cade & Jindrak got involved, and still, I was this close

The Game makes a gesture with his index finger and thumb

Triple H: To winning the match, until, as always, Shawn Michaels decided to get involved....

Crowd boos the mention of HBK

Triple H: So Shawn, take heed of this advice. Tonight, leave me to fight this one, and see what is gonna happen to you at Summerslam in 13 days time. Earlier on, was payback. You lost Shawn.

Crowd cheers

Triple H: To, no offence, Maven!

Crowd erupts as HHH cracks a smile

Triple H: And now, for the thousands in attendance, and the millions watching around the world, let's get ready to SUCK IT!

Crowd pops

Triple H: And Shawn, if you ain't down with that, I've got two words for ya, SUCK IT!

Crowd erupts again

Triple H: Ah that's a classic. Alright, bring it on, whoever you are!

HHH drops the mic and hands his WWE title to Mike Chioda and gets ready as *Train Wreck* hits to heel heat as A-Train storms to the ring, looking in a typical bad mood, while HHH's smile vanishes to a look of concern as the mammoth 350 pounder steps into the ring, to *Shave Your Back* chants

Match 3
Pick Your Poison Match
HHH vs A-Train

HHH brings all his offense early on, trying to finish A-Train off, but A-Train continues to kick out.

HHH tries to plant him with the Pedigree, but A-Train counters and elevates HHH over the ropes to the outside as we head to a break.

We return and find A-Train stalking HHH, who is down in the corner holding his back, trying to plead with A-Train to back off, as A-Train nails a big kick right to the face of The Game, and then uses his boot to choke out HHH.
We are shown what happened during the commercial, with A-Train whipping HHH into the steel steps, and after breaking the count, scoop slamming him down on the outside floor.

A-Train now whips HHH to the corner and follows in with a body splash, squashing HHH into the corner. HHH stumbles out into a running axe kick from A-Train, connecting with the jaw of HHH, who flops to the mat and Train covers for a near fall.
A-Train now gets HHH up and goes for the Train Wreck, but HHH slips out the back and takes A-Train down with a neckbreaker! Both men get up, and HHH begins to get a second wind as he unloads with right hands, then whips A-Train to the ropes, only for A-Train to reverse, and duck his head too early, as HHH nails the facebuster! A-Train staggers backwards, and HHH drills him to the mat with a AA Spinebuster! The crowd erupts as HHH fires the crowd up, waits for A-Train to regain his footing, and kicks him in the gut, before planting him with a Pedigree and following up with the count for the 3 count!

Winner @ 11:31 - HHH

The crowd erupts as HHH has his hand raised, and The Game climbs the turnbuckle and plays to the crowd, while we are taken backstage and shown a flash shot of HBK watching on a monitor, viewing in a trance

We now cut to the car park as Christian shows up to a mixed reaction from the fans, Christian heads through the double doors and Todd Grisham notices him and tries to get an interview

Grisham: Christian, how come you're so late in tonight ahead of your team's big main event?

Christian stops and looks at Grisham as if to say "What a dumb question" and snatches the mic from him

Christian: You wanna know why I'm late? Because Odd Todd, I'm not booked in a match, therefore, I don't have to be here before the show starts. I run to my own timetable, not Eric Bischoff's, I hum my own tune, not Team Bischoff's. Who cares about the main event really? If Christian's name isn't in it, then no one should give a damn. Everyone knows I'm the main draw these days.

Crowd boos

Christian: Shelton Benjamin in the main event? The guy has the charisma combined of Lance Storm and Chris Masters. Yeah, go figure. Yet, because he knocks up frequent flyer miles in every damn match he's in, he gets booked ahead of Captain Charisma. Eric Bischoff, it's an injustice and you know it. All this crap about staying on the same team, and knowing my place, I know my place, and it's at the top of the summit, and your's is down on your knees begging me not to boot you off the edge.

Crowd pops

Christian: Does that answer your question Todd?

Grisham: Um not really....

Christian: For God's sake your hopeless. Look at you. You don't get anything, a simple question, a girl, hell you probably couldn't even catch a cold if you were stripped down to your underwear and thrown into the Arctic Ocean!

Grishams head drops

Christian: And you call yourself an interviewer. Here's a tip, act like your idol Captain Charisma, and you'll go far in this business.

Christian goes to walk off, but stops

Christian: What the hell do you want?

The camera spins around to see Shelton Benjamin glaring at Christian

Shelton: The charisma of Lance Storm?

Christian: And Chris Masters, put together. It's true.

Shelton: Well that may be, but you have the in ring skills of a drunk version of Doink the Clown!

Crowd pops as Christian looks taken aback by Shelton's call

Christian: Ahahaha, you're a funny one Shelton. Atleast you can still make a good joke.

Christian goes to walk off, but Shelton steps in his way

Shelton: O no, no one makes the jokes like you Christian, or should I say, like yourself....

Crowd "OOO's" in the background as Christian quickly loses his smile

Christian: You know these past few weeks I've tried really hard to keep myself from beating you senseless, but you're pushing me Shelton. You're really pushing me.

Christian & Shelton lock eyes, and then Christian pushes past Shelton looking in a sour mood, as Shelton continues to stare at him as we go to a break

JR: Just when it looks like Team Bischoff will be able to get along, these two bring their huge ego's into it, and all of a sudden Bischoff has once again another big problem, just 13 days out from Summerslam! Folks, coming up after the break the Hardcore title is on the line as Raven defends against Rhino, don't go anywhere!


*What About Me?* hits to heat as Raven wheels a shopping cart full of weapons out on stage and poses, but the crowd comes alive as Rhino runs out and takes Raven from behind, lifting him into his shopping cart and wheeling him at a great velocity down the ramp, with it crashing into the ring and spilling Raven and the weapons everywhere, and the ref calls for the match bell

Match 4
Hardcore Championship
Rhino vs Raven (c)

Rhino immediately makes a cover for a 2 count, as Raven stumbles to his feet and Rhino whips him into the barricade, then goes to follow up with a clothesline, but Raven gets his foot up to the face of Rhino.

Rhino backs off holding his jaw, and Raven picks up a road sign and blasts Rhino over the head with it, and again, and again, and again, as Rhino finally falls over and Raven covers for a near fall.

After a few moments inside the ring of brawling, Rhino sets up Raven for the GORE, but Raven pulls a bag of powder out from his jean shorts and throws it in the face of Rhino, blinding him and Raven plants him to the mat with the Evenflow DDT! Raven then covers for the 1.....2.....3, using the ropes for extra leverage!

Winner @ 7:34 - Raven

The crowd boos as Raven looks pleased he's once again gotten the better of Rhino, and as Raven gets on the ramp however, *Here Comes the Money* hits and Shane O Mac dances out on stage with a mic in hand

Shane: Nice to see you're once again doing anything nessecary to win Raven. So, at Summerslam, we're gonna have ourselves another Hardcore title match.

Crowd pops

Shane: And you will be facing Rhino again...

Crowd cheers, while Raven doesn't seem to happy

Shane: In a Bar Room Brawl match!

Crowd erupts as Raven looks shocked and Rhino has now heard the announcement and is grinning his evil smile inside the ring looking at Raven who tries to plead with Shane O Mac as we go backstage

We are now in the presence of John Cena

Cena: Austin, tonight, you were lucky Shane McMahon put that restraining order on us, otherwise I would've beaten you to within an inch of your life, and just left enough for me to pick up at Summerslam and slam down with an FU for the win. You're lucky right now that I can't come after you, with these hands, and wrap them around your neck, use them to bloody you like a pulp. At Summerslam, you'll find out that no one makes a fool of John Cena in front of a nation and worldwide audience and gets away with it.

Crowd boos Cena

Cena: You better believe I'll be there next week, for our sit down debate, where I can vent the rest of my long, pure hatred for you out, and then it won't be long for me to wait, so I can kick your ass all over the Phillips Arena in Atlanta! You wanted to see what it's like when John Cena snaps? Well this is just the start what's happened these last few weeks, and at Summerslam, the peak of the beast within will be released, onto you! WORD LIFE!

Cena does his "You Can't See Me" taunt to the camera and heads off as we cut to Shane McMahons office, where he is on the phone, when his father Vince McMahon walks in

Shane: Dad?

Vince: Hows it going son? Enjoying your brief stint as General Manager?

Shane: I'm fine, and yes I am. What's up?

Vince: I wanted to check up on things around here after what happened on Saturday, and let you know, that I think HHH could do with another test before Summerslam, if you catch my drift?

Shane: I'm already ontop of it dad. Next week, the main event, will see Triple H, X-Pac and the New Age Outlaws, "DX" take on Shawn Michaels, Cade & Jindrak and A-Train!

Crowd erupts for the match announcement

Vince: That sounds very, very good.

All of a sudden the New Age Outlaws burst through the office door to a big cheer from the crowd

Shane: What the hell do you two want?

Road Dogg: O you didn't know?

The Outlaws share a chuckle as Shane & Vince look unimpressed

Billy: If we're correct, we still have a Tag title rematch, don't we?

Shane: Yes, unfortunately, that's true.....

Road Dogg: So, go ahead, and book our match against your chumps Cade & Jindrak for Summerslam!

Crowd pops

Vince: Just who the hell do you think you are, coming in here and demanding that kind of offer to be accepted immediately?

Road Dogg: O you're here too? Sorry I didn't see you, I mean you're so old you just blended in well with the wallpaper....

Crowd erupts as Vince looks ready to explode as the Outlaws slap each other high fives

Billy: All jokes Vinny Mac, all jokes. Show us a smile?

Vince snarls at the Outlaws, who then give a crotch chop to the McMahons and head out as we go to a break and Shane holds his hands out as if to say "Damnit"


We return and find Todd Grisham standing by

Grisham: I am standing by with one of the men about to be involved in tonight's main event, he is The Ro....

The crowd explodes with a huge ovation as The Rock puts his hand up in Grisham's face

Rock: Finally, The Rock has come back to Milwaukee, Winsconsin!

Crowd erupts

Rock: Tonight, in front of the millions and MILLIONS of The Rock's fans, The Rock goes one on one with Shelton Benjamin, the man who last week, got a win over The Rock. Is The Rock upset? Damn right he is. So tonight, The Rock makes up for it, by whippin' Shelton Benjamin's candy ass all over the arena....

Crowd pops

Rock: Todd Grisham, don't you think that's a good fix for last week?

Grisham: Um ye....


Crowd laughs

Rock: The Rock gives a monkey's nutsack about your input, because tonight, The Rock is gonna walk down the People's ramp, step into the People's ring, and whip some candy ass! IF YA SMELL WHAT THE ROCK, IS, COOKIN'!

Rock drops the mic and heads off as *Ain't No Stoppin' Me* hits to heat as Shelton Benjamin makes his way out looking confident, with Eric Bischoff by his side, and then Chris Masters & Monty Brown by Bischoff's side. Edge and Lita are behind them, and finally Christian trudges out from the curtain, looking at Shelton and not seeming too happy

The crowd dies down and a huge *Rocky* chant begins, yet still Rock's music doesn't hit, and then as the crowd quietens down *If Ya Smell* rocks the arena to an electric ovation from the fans, definately the loudest ovation of the night, as The Rock heads to the ring with Mick Foley, RVD, Scott Hall & Sting with him. Rock mounts the turnbuckle and soaks up the tremendous ovation the crowd gives him before getting into the ring

Match 5
Main Event
Lumberjack Match
The Rock w/Mick Foley, RVD, Scott Hall & Sting
Shelton Benjamin w/Bischoff, Christian, Monty Brown, Masters & Edge w/Lita

Excellent main event that runs well close to the 20 minute mark, as the opening exchanges are evenly contested before The Rock gets some time in the driver's seat heading into the first break.

As we return, Shelton is now on top unloading with right hands in the corner to The Rock, and then follows it in with a Stinger's Splash, Shelton the points to Sting as if to say "I just stole your move"

As Rock staggers out from the corner, he is met with a sharp kick from Shelton, who's heel connects with the side of the head of Rock. Shelton covers for a 2 count.
Shelton tries to hit the T-Bone Exploder, but Rock counters with a People's DDT!
Both men down. The ref begins his count, and at the same time, BOTH MEN NIP UP!
They aren't sure of what to do, as Rock takes a swing at Shelton, who ducks it and takes Rock down with a German suplex and bridges it for a pinfall 1.....2....NO! Kickout! Shelton asks the ref for a 3, but the ref ignores the protest. Shelton now mounts the turnbuckle and leaps off with a Crossbody, but The Rock rolls through the pin and covers Shelton 1.....2.....NO! Bischoff put's Shelton's foot on the ropes! The crowd boos as Mick Foley runs around to scare off Bischoff, but is taken down by Chris Masters with a stiff shot, which brings in Scott Hall who hits Masters, and all of a sudden, a huge brawl has broken out at ringside between the lumberjacks, while Bischoff cowers behind JR & The King at the commentary position.

Back inside the ring, Shelton goes to hit the Rock Bottom to The Rock, but Rock counters and plants Shelton with a Spinebuster! The crowd erupts as Rock throws his elbow pad into the crowd and rebounds off the ropes, then over to the other side, but Christian grabs Rock's foot! Rock swipes at Christian, freeing himself from the grasp, but Shelton uses this distraction to pull Rock down with a school boy rollup and hook the tights 1.....2.....3!

Winner @ 20:45 - Shelton Benjamin

The crowd boos heavily as Shelton gets out of the ring with The Rock trying to grab at him in frustration, while Christian pounds on his chest and looks at The Rock with a devious smile, as The Rock glares back at him, and the rest of Team Bischoff celebrate and taunt on the stage, while Team Foley stand in the ring looking at their opponents with seething dislike as the show comes to a close

JR: Shelton gets another win over The Rock! Thanks to Christian!

King: O boy what a win JR, things are not looking good for Team Folet at the moment!

JR: We'll see you next week folks!

**I'm aware this show is fairly poor as far as promo's go, I was pressed for time, and thus next week's RAW will be a recap so I can start early on Summerslam and have as many weeks as I need to complete it, so this will be the last full show you see for a while**


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