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Post Re: What is your dream stable?

Mine is easily a super mega heel diva Stable.....

The Black Widows

Stable Type: An all Chaotic, Psychotic, Dirty, Anti-Authoritarian & Rebellious Sisterhood Mega Heels Divas Stable

Stable Alignment: Crazy Psychotic Heel/Chaotic Evil

Symbol/Logo: A Black Widow Spider

Colors: Pink & Black

Tactics: Warlike/Dirty/Chaotic/Sisterhood

Mottos: "Love Bites" & "Order comes from Chaos" & "When you are with the Black Widows, you are never alone!"

Goals: Be the longest running and most dominant Stable of all time, have all the power and female belts and belts females can win, No Rules, Shock & Awe, Surprise, Gain More Members, Make more Victims, etc...

Structure of the Black Widows:
Queen/Leader/Founder: AJ Lee
Co-Leader/Co-Founder/Second-in-Command: Kaitlyn
Princess: Bayley
Enforcer: Aksana
Pet: Poison
Commentator/Announcer: Renee Young

*AJ Lee (Queen of the Black Widows/Leader/WWE Divas Champion-TNA Knockouts Champion/Co-Founder)
*Kaitlyn (AJ Lee's Bodyguard/Second in Command/Co-Leader/Co-Founder)
*Aksana (The Enforcer of the Black Widows)
*The Bella Twins
*The Blossom Twins
*Eva Marie
*Midaja (The Female Scott Steiner from WCW Days)
*Renee Young (Infiltrator & Spy, Black Widows Commentator, Announcer & Interviewer on behalf of the Stable!)
*Bayley (The Princess of the Black widows)
*Mickie James (Legend like Ric Flair was to Evolution and DX)
*Taeler Hendrix
*Lena Yada
*Amazon Annie
*Lacey Von Erich
*Tiffany/Tarryn Terrel (Heel Smackdown GM)
*Charlotte Flair
*So Cal Val
*Traci Brooks
*Carmella Descare
*Poison (Formerly Victoria/Tara's pet, now the Black Widows Pet after it betrayed her to join the Group)
*Female non WWE Athlete like WNBA's Becky Hammon
(Insert other Divas)

NOTES: They will both be on WWE and NXT/They can attack anyone regardless of Gender, Females and Males, etc...

Finally, the Female version of The nWo/Aces & 8s/Immortal/Main Event Mafia/Degeneration-X/Ministry of Darkness/Nexus

P.S.: If You have any more Divas you think should/would join this Stable, lemme know and reply on here, also if there are any other pics you could think of or have, feel free too add, and also any comments, ideas, thoughts, music videos, titantrons, etc...you may have.....

Banner by why2cj

New Checklist as of 12/18/2015
The Dollhouse regain the TNA Knockouts Championship, preferably Taryn Terrell OR Jade( )
Bayley vs Asuka for the NXT Womens Championship ( )
Asuka wins the NXT Womens Title ( )
Charlotte v Becky Lynch for the Divas Title @ WM 32( )
More NXT Callups to the Main Roster, especially Divas ( )
The Authority is out of Power for Good ( )
A 16 Seed BEATS a 1 Seed ( )
An Asian Diva wins the WWE Divas Title ( )
New GMs for RAW & Smackdown! ( )
The Tennessee Lady Vols Women's Basketball team finally loses an NCAA Tournament game at Home ( )

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