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Re: Being The Booker

Rey gets the win in the opener against Christian, which now means Christian is free to continue his feud against Austin, leading to a mania match.

A-Train as Carlitoís partner is a solid choice, but there is no way that they will be winning the titles tonight

Edge beats Taker clean??? Taker just doesnít do losing clean, so I have no idea about how this happened. A huge win for Edge, and this puts him over as a huge threat to take the title, which could well happen soon

Edge and Christian??? Maybe he has recruited a favour from him to cost Rey the match in return for something later on

Orton has his match with HBK won, but DX come out to distract the referee, leading to the Rock coming out and screwing HBK out of the match. Orton wins and moves on to the next round, where he is looking a good threat for the title

Kaneís pyro goes off again, and it will be interesting to see what he has planned for Mania, if anything, but something is going down with him.

RVD beats Booker, which was expected, and now moves into the semi finals

HBK is now a lock to show up on Smackdown and cost the Rock his match with JBL

Kennedy gets his win over the Japanese wrestler, and Iím sure he will brag about this for quite a while to come.

HHH vs. Taker at SNME is an interesting match to have, and potentially points towards the two of them wrestling at Mania, as I donít see where else Taker can go at the moment with everyone else having a feud.

Edge does get the win over Rey, with a bit of help from Christian, which means there is at least one more match between them to come, maybe something like a no holds barred match is a couple of weeks on Raw

Hogan cuts a random promo, only for Flair and Batista to come out and go to beat him down, but Foley makes the save. Think this is leading to a tag match at mania, as that would make perfect sense at the moment

Orton beats RVD, which was expected, and now he gets his title shot as well. 6/6 so far, and now I need Edge to do what is right and beat Orton

Lita gets the win in the womens match, and now faces Trish, but I donít see the title changing hands

Cena cuts a promo, which was there just to keep him on the show, and keep him ready for his cage match at SNME

WGTT keep the tag titles, and I donít know where they are going towards Mania at the moment, but Iím sure you have something planned

Orton screws me by getting the win over Edge, and now he is going to mania for a rematch of last years main event, while Edge faces Cena at SNME. Looks like a triple threat is being planned, as I donít know where else Edge goes from here.
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