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Topic: Would WWE benefit from an increased focus on managers with wrestlers?

I think the WWE would in fact benefit from an increased focus on managers
Now, the art of professional wrestling goes back hundreds of years, but I want to focus on one specific time period in its storied past: the 1970s and 80s. Back then, almost every heel had a manager. Think about the great names such as Nikoli Volkoff, the Iron Sheik, Bob Orton, Harley Race, Randy Savage, King Kong Bundy, and Andre the Giant, all these men had managers to make sure that they would get good heat. Hell, even Hulk Hogan had a manager, Jimmy Hart managed him during his final year in 1993, although he was a face then. Back then, heels used to get so much more heat then they do today. Who is the most over heel in the company today? Probably trips and Steph, who aren’t even competitors and are simply flashbacks to the attitude era. Who’s left? The top 2 heels in the company in ADR and Orton come out to indifference often, and the Shield actually comes out to CHEERS, mainly because they are great in the ring, but they do virtually nothing to get heat. If you look at WM 3, Andre the Giant is actually getting trash thrown at him, something that couldn’t be fathomed today was actually common back in the eighties.

This brings me to my first point: Mangers help the heel get over. Back in the heyday of mangers, heels and faces being over was most likely the least of the WWF’s and NWA’s worries. People like Andre and Flair were being booed out of the \building nightly. The main issue was what the competition was doing right and wrong, and of course that isn’t an issue now. It is obvious that faces are still over, but have faces ever needed a manager? People like Chris Benoit, The Rock, Stone Cold, and John Cena managed to go without managers and consistently stayed over. However heels do need a manager, and its quite obvious. Look at the Real Americans and Brock Lesnar as an example. All three of these men absolutely SUCK on the mic, are they over as heels? I think they are, and all three of these men happen to have awesome managers, and that’s a plus. Basically these guys do the wrestling, and Paul E and Zeb get them heat, its simple. Guys like Ryback and ADR are wallowing with indifferent reactions and cutting bad promos. If ADR had a manager not named Ricardo Rodriguez, he’d get over. Ryback just sucks and even having the GOAT manager didn’t work for him, so you at least need to be good in the ring, we’ve certainly learned that.

My second point is as follows: Managers create stars. We’ve already established that a good manager can most certainly help get a heel over if they don’t have the mic skills necessary for this. People like Brock Lesnar and Andre the Giant just don’t have the mic skills to cut a good promo out, so people like Paul Heyman and Bobby Heenan do it for their “clients” as their called in kayfabe. Now how does this benefit the WWE? Well, it makes it easier for the WWE to push new stars. Here’s a great example, where would Brock Lesnar be without Paul Heyman? He would be a big guy who can work but can talk shit, basically, a midcarder. Now, with managers you get that promo that further pushes a feud and in turn, makes it easier to push someone talented in the ring because theirs almost a guarantee that if they have the right manager, and the right in ring skills, they’ll become big. Brock Lesnar revitalized wrestling and basically started the Ruthless aggression era. Before Lesnar won the WWE title and HBK came back at Summerslam in 2002, the WWE was in a bad place business wise. By the time Lesnar left in 2004, we had stars such as Benoit and Eddie to take his place.

In summation, managers add to the WWE product because they can get stars over, which is obvious the WWE has an issue with( see ADR, Ryabck, ETC). Secondly, it helps push new stars, as WWE has also had an issue with outside of maybe Punk and the Shield. All in all, the WWE has brought more managers back in the past year or 2, but the more managers there are, the more money the WWE will make and the more success they will have, as its been proven countless numbers of times over pro wrestling’s history.

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