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Should more title changes occur at house shows?

I'm going to have to reply with a strong no, I'll also add that in my opinion, this is possibly one of the worst times for either TNA or WWE to start having title changes at house shows. Firstly, I'll start with the potential problems of TNA implementing this.

It almost goes without saying that TNA is in severe financial trouble, with house show viewing figures to match. At an El Paso house show 2 months ago, TNA only drew 200 people, ROH and many other indies routinely draw more than this. Bear in mind that all 4 major titles were defended. A big title change on a house show will probably lead TNA to showing the title match on Impact. For a company the president perceives to be a strong number 2 to WWE, it will make TNA look so amateur having a title match in front of sub-400 people. It will just make it look like a glorified indie promotion. There is even a possibility that after seeing how few people turn up to house shows, some people may be less inclined to go to house shows, sort of like a cycle.

Secondly, TNA is only doing 4 PPVs a year, so they feel more special. When you think of it the big drawing factor of a PPV is that it is the start/culmination of a feud and a possible big title change. Given the lack of big varying characters in TNA it is less of the former and more of the latter. But, why would someone part with their money on watching title matches, which don't even merit a spot on TV to crown a new holder.

Now to WWE, at present, I can't think of a time when the titles have meant any less to them. With the dull Del Rio having shrouded the World title, as well as The Big Gold Belt constantly opening PPVs. After Barrett and Cesaro ended up losing in a large amount of non-title matches since winning the Intercontinental and United States title respectively, WWE has almost been looking at them like an inconvenience. In my opinion WWE needs to build up its midcard titles, having people drop them at house shows will only make the titles depreciate in value. WWE needs to book the midcard titles in intense feuds with fresh rivalries, as opposed to the same matches against the same wrestlers.

Theoretically speaking, the only scenario where a title change could/would work for would be if a hometown wrestler were to capture a belt for a hometown pop and then drop it back to the original holder before there is a live showing of the programme on TV. Even then, this would present difficulties for WWE, as it would further devalue the midcard titles. By passing the titles from person to person, it can reduce the prestige of a title, especially as WWE needs to desperately try and build up the credibility of their titles.

For TNA, this would manifest difficulties of its own, it could lead to TNA having to cram house shows. This is one of the last things they want to be doing, they want to reduce the amount of them, to increase the demand and ticket sales, to get out of embarrassingly low attendances. All in all, I see very little point for title changes at house shows in 2013.

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