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Re: This is the worst WWE has been... BULLSHIT!

Originally Posted by The Wrestling Junkie View Post
For the people who are claiming WWE is an shit state, did they watch ever 2007 - 2009? there was one pay-per-view where HHH had to wrestle 3 matches at No Mercy. The talent we have now is the best it has had in years, just WWE are not utilizing it.

WWE is in a shit-state at the moment without a question, but this is not the worst it has ever been. The only reason people say that is because HHH, Orton, Show, Cena are on top and the divas division is once again an embarrassment.

I could never imagine sitting through 2007 - 2009 again with the likes of Batista vs Khali, Undertaker vs Kozlov. Jeff Hardy and Punk saved me from boredom in 2009 atleast.

Don't even get me started on the Orton/Cena feud. 2008 was completely forgettable aswell. Nothing actually stands out in that year.
I guess you are right. The overall roster is the most talented since ruthless aggression era. The problem is how they use their talent...

...Its just, that back then modern era WWE was still fresh, and many people still remembered the time of Stone cold and the Rock more clearly. People were more willing to wait, and give it time. Now we have seen this same old shit for too long. That is why indie guys like Punk and Bryan are over. People want change, and they represent that. After reading few treads from beginning to end today, it seems, that more and more people are at their breaking point.

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