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Re: Being The Booker

WWE Raw - January 23rd 2006 - Review

Flair/Batista/Cena Promo
I got into this promo right from the start. Cena was very much in character by cracking jokes and such. Batista versus Cena for the title later on tonight should be pretty good. Flair as the heel GM is interesting.

Hurricane vs Rob Van Dam: Squash match. All there really is to say, only there to put Van Dam over.

DX Promo: Decent promo, could have gone a little longer. Ah yes, a Rock/HBK feud should be great. I cannot wait for this to unfold Wolfy.

Six Man Match to Enter Gold Rush Tournament: Pretty good match here, seemed like the action was good in this and looked like a fun match. Glad to see Booker win and get into the title scene.

RVD Promo: Van Dam face turn I see. Good decision as him being a heel just didn’t feel right. Van Dam was very in character, saying all of his catchphrases and his sayings. Good job with this promo.

E & C vs Rob Van Dam & Rey Mysterio: Great tag team match. I like this Christian/Mysterio feud and I love Mysterio on Raw. Good choice of having the heels win, though I don’t think we’ve seen the last of Mysterio for the night.

Flair Promo: Hmm, Linda urgently wants to speak to Flair. Someone’s getting fired? Or maybe a Co-GM or something regarding Raw? Man the suspense is already killing me!

Candice/Kane Promo: Kane! I’m making my prediction, I believe Kane will return… at Saturday Night’s Main Event!

The World’s Greatest Tag Team vs The Heart Throbs: Decent filler tag match, good way of getting the Tag Champions on TV though. Glad that the Tag Champs retained.

Christian/Tomko/Rey Promo: Christian starts the promo by talking crap about Mysterio, in character to say the least. There’s Mysterio! Exactly like I thought. Rey vs Christian should be good in two weeks, hey are you writing that Raw in full length?

John Cena vs Batista w/ Ric Flair as the Special Referee: Great match, Cena seemed to have it all going for him, but no! Batista wins the title! I can’t believe it. What’s this!?!? HOGAN!! He’s the Co-GM!? No wonder Linda wanted to urgently speak to him. He restarts the match! Cena is fired up from the get go and reclaims his title!! Excellent way of ending the show.

Matches/Booking: 5 matches is good for a regular two-hour show. The recaps were good in length but could have been slightly longer. 8/10

Promos: Really your strong part on this episode. All the promos were great and everyone was in character, something I myself have to work on. 10/10

Spelling/Grammar: Saw no mistakes. 10/10

Realism: This definitely could have been a real show, nothing farfetched or unrealistic about this show. 9/10

Entertainment: I was entertained while reading this show. Only real dry spots were the two squash matches [WGTT vs Heart Throbs; RVD vs Hurricane] 8.5/10

Length: 12 pages is pretty good for a regular two-hour show. 9/10

Overall: 91/120 = 90% = A. Great show Wolfy. Really thought the promos for this week’s show were excellent. The matches were pretty good, and loved the dramatic sequence of events with Cena losing the title but then regaining it. The Hogan promo was meh but everything else made up for it. Other than that, excellent show and can’t wait for the next one.

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